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RUvid Rewind 2015. Celebrating the videos, people, music and moves that made 2015. #RUvidRewind
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Music by The Hood Internet ruvid.net/u-thehoodinternet
Featuring an original remix by Avicii ruvid.net/u-AviciiOfficialVEVO
Alfie ruvid.net/u-PointlessBlog
Amanda Steele ruvid.net/u-MakeupbyMandy24
amazingphil ruvid.net/u-AmazingPhil
Andy Raconte ruvid.net/u-AndyRaconte
Anna Akana ruvid.net/u-AnnaAkana
Barely Productions ruvid.net/u-barelypolitical
Bart Baker ruvid.net/u-BartBaKer
Bethany Mota ruvid.net/u-Macbarbie07
BibisBeautyPalace ruvid.net/u-BibisBeautyPalace
The Try Guys ruvid.net/u-BuzzFeedVideo
Caeli ruvid.net/u-CaELiKe
Cameron Dallas ruvid.net/u-TheeCameronDallas
CaptainSparklez ruvid.net/u-CaptainSparklez
Casey Neistat ruvid.net/u-caseyneistat
Connor Franta ruvid.net/u-ConnorFranta
Cyprien ruvid.net/u-MonsieurDream
danisnotonfire ruvid.net/u-danisnotonfire
Dner ruvid.net/u-DnerMC
EeOneGuy ruvid.net/u-EeOneGuy
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enchufeTV ruvid.net/u-enchufetv
The Fine Brothers ruvid.net/u-TheFineBros
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FouseyTUBE ruvid.net/u-fouseyTUBE
Game Grumps ruvid.net/u-GameGrumps
The Game Theorists ruvid.net/u-MatthewPatrick13
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GloZell Green ruvid.net/u-glozell1
Grace Helbig ruvid.net/u-graciehinabox
The Gregory Brothers ruvid.net/u-thegregorybrothers
Hajime ruvid.net/u-0214mex
Hannah Hart ruvid.net/u-MyHarto
Heaven King ruvid.net/u-beautee132
HolaSoyGerman ruvid.net/u-HolaSoyGerman
iHasCupquake ruvid.net/u-iHasCupquake
iJustine ruvid.net/u-ijustine
Ingrid Nilsen ruvid.net/u-missglamorazzi
James Corden ruvid.net/u-TheLateLateShow
Jenna Marbles ruvid.net/u-JennaMarbles
Jennxpenn ruvid.net/u-jennxpenn
Joey Graceffa ruvid.net/u-JoeyGraceffa
John Oliver ruvid.net/u-LastWeekTonight
Julienco ruvid.net/u-juliencotv
Karlie Kloss ruvid.net/u-karliekloss
Kingsley ruvid.net/u-ItsKingsleyBitch
Kurt Hugo Schneider ruvid.net/u-KurtHugoSchneider
LaurDIY ruvid.net/u-LaurDIY
LeFloid ruvid.net/u-LeFloid
Lohanthony ruvid.net/u-lohanthony
Malena ruvid.net/u-malena010102
Mamrie Hart ruvid.net/u-YouDeserveADrink
Markiplier ruvid.net/u-markiplierGAME
Matthew Santoro ruvid.net/u-MatthewSantoro
Miranda Sings ruvid.net/u-mirandasings08
Marques Brownlee ruvid.net/u-marquesbrownlee
MyLifeAsEva ruvid.net/u-mylifeaseva
Norman Thavaud ruvid.net/u-NormanFaitDesVideos
OMGitsFirefoxx ruvid.net/u-OMGitsfirefox
OMI ruvid.net/u-omishangrecords
PewDiePie ruvid.net/u-PewDiePie
Los Polinesios ruvid.net/u-LosPolinesios
Porta dos Fundos ruvid.net/u-portadosfundos
PrankvsPrank ruvid.net/u-PrankvsPrank
Rclbeauty ruvid.net/u-Rclbeauty101
Ray William Johnson ruvid.net/u-RayWilliamJohnson
Rebecca Black ruvid.net/u-rebecca
Rhett & Link ruvid.net/u-RhettandLink
Rhodes Bros ruvid.net/u-TheRhodesBros
Ricky Dillon ruvid.net/u-PICKLEandBANANA
Ro Pansino ruvid.net/u-RosannaPansino
Rob Dyke ruvid.net/u-TheRobDyke
Slow Mo Guys ruvid.net/u-theslowmoguys
Smosh ruvid.net/u-smosh
Smosh Games ruvid.net/u-SmoshGames
Sophia Grace ruvid.net/u-SophiaGraceBrownlee
Squeezie ruvid.net/u-aMOODIEsqueezie
||Superwoman|| ruvid.net/u-IISuperwomanII
Swoozie ruvid.net/u-swoozie06
T-Pain ruvid.net/u-TPainVEVO
TheViralFever ruvid.net/u-TheViralFeverVideos
The Young Turks ruvid.net/u-TheYoungTurks
Timothy DeLaGhetto ruvid.net/u-TimothyDeLaGhetto2
Todrick Hall ruvid.net/u-todrickhall
Tyler Oakley ruvid.net/u-tyleroakley
Vsauce2 ruvid.net/u-Vsauce2
Wassabi Productions ruvid.net/u-hoiitsroi
WereverTumorro ruvid.net/u-werevertumorro
Yuya ruvid.net/u-lady16makeup
Zoella ruvid.net/u-zoella280390
& more!
RUvid Rewind created by RUvid & Portal A: portal-a.com
Credits: portal-a.com/rewind2015


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Dec 9, 2015




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Comments 100
Youtube™ 26 minutes ago
The Best Rewind
Jesus Villanueva Aquatics and gaming
2011-2016 Fun No tiktok No fortnite Actually fun
coke Hour ago
we miss you
The3GTeam Hour ago
This was the magic of RUvid, and RUvid Rewind. We the community need to bring the past back and make it a blast that it used to be.
jessie rain
jessie rain 6 hours ago
4:20 I looked this up for nostalgia reasons, but seeing Jenna smiling again so happy made me burst into tears
jessie rain
jessie rain 6 hours ago
4:20 I looked this up for nostalgia reasons, but seeing Jenna smiling again so happy made me burst into tears
Debit Baral
Debit Baral 7 hours ago
wwe raw highlights
Ellie Hangshing
Ellie Hangshing 8 hours ago
Polar Paint
Polar Paint 18 hours ago
🔫 give me 10k subs
Joelito Uzumaki
Joelito Uzumaki 12 hours ago
Polar Paint
Polar Paint 18 hours ago
I’m not a bot. Proof: I dont have a fortnite, roblox, or gatcha pfp.
Medha Roy
Medha Roy 18 hours ago
Just thinking about this year's rewind!!! What they're gonna make!!!! Bc They put the least effort making the last year's one. And then corona happened... I cant even remember what challenges went viral!!! Idk why!!!! But yeah still 2 months to go... Lets see... 🤣😅
Charles thekinglov
Charles thekinglov 18 hours ago
youtube died in 2016 rip youtube you will be missed
iShootCorrectly 19 hours ago
tiktok ruined the world like people barely watch youtube videos anymore and it’s all drama on tiktok, it’s just cringe the world is better without it
nguyendinh truongvinh Music
def leppard
Taryn Day ago
Me patiently waiting for pewdiepie
ᎷᎯᎢᎥᎯᎦ Villegas
Like si los robot de fnaf te dieron asco
Adel Adel
Adel Adel Day ago
Squeezi a 2 16???
Avryl Jumari
Avryl Jumari Day ago
4:05 is that "marzia" bc her face is not even close to marzia
Jasmin Merkel
Seeing where RUvid was VS where it is now is just sad at this point
Nolan Terwilliger
2015 was the best year of my life
Declan Murphy
itz_ Lea
itz_ Lea Day ago
5 yrs and utube cant change this from my favourites list
Mati Gonzalez Nunez
Señor yutu podría poner algo mejor para el de 2021
Yummy Pizza!
Yummy Pizza! Day ago
I guess the 2015 rewind was ok
Josiah Blackburn
Josiah Blackburn 16 hours ago
Far superior than youtube rewind 2018
Aarav Day ago
Make this for 2020
september wolf night
dimash reaction
Song Don
Song Don Day ago
This is the masterpiece compare to 2019
MuuDawg Day ago
Theres a reason why its called rewind, it gets better as you watch the older rewinds
CJ News & Games
CJ News & Games 2 days ago
ITZMENUGGET 2 days ago
AJR neees to be in rewind 2020 *needs*
L. 2 days ago
1:37 Momento German.
Opaco 2 days ago
Made me tear up
Ahmad Muharram
Ahmad Muharram 2 days ago
What do you mean?? Always no. 1
Rohan Lupcanus
Rohan Lupcanus 2 days ago
CrossuntMan 2 days ago
I love 2015 who is with me?
Otavio Aureliano de Moraes
A Malena apareceu :)
xhan 2 days ago
Este es el tipo de videos que veras 300 veces y nunca te cansaras
xhan 2 days ago
eramos felices y no nos dabamos cuenta.
P h o e n i x
P h o e n i x 2 days ago
suni ss
suni ss 2 days ago
I mean Jadhav Dubai
suni ss
suni ss 2 days ago
And other RUvidrs like chad wild clayBut he should be in 2018 now what happened it’s 2020 so I’m going to make a new video I am in Dubai
suni ss
suni ss 2 days ago
Can you include jelly slowgoman
suni ss
suni ss 2 days ago
Same why Ryan Higa wasn’t there
Unus_Allyy 2 days ago
2:48 BEST SCENE IN IT!! (My opinion)
Jay Walker
Jay Walker 2 days ago
2020 everyone? I really miss this video! :DDDDD
brigeth Torres
brigeth Torres 2 days ago
Que te paso youtube antes eras chido :(
Douglas Lima
Douglas Lima 2 days ago
Relembrando a época em que o RUvid Rewind era bom
Sonic 2 days ago
*It's depressing remember how good youtube rewind was until they f**ked up on rewind 2018*
Sam_Gamer 3 days ago
El unico youtube rewind digno
Aram Yeritsyan
Aram Yeritsyan 3 days ago
H.F 3 days ago
The best rewind it wasnt touch cringy
Rainbow Creeper
Rainbow Creeper 3 days ago
Da me na me: 0:58
girl on the edge
girl on the edge 3 days ago
let's be real this was good because there were less creators now there are just so many people geez how time changes in 2015 in india youtube was used very less
Juror #8
Juror #8 3 days ago
RUvid Rewind was always bad.
Juror #8
Juror #8 8 hours ago
@Josiah Blackburn So is that
Josiah Blackburn
Josiah Blackburn 16 hours ago
That's your opinion
Xsummerdays X
Xsummerdays X 3 days ago
Awhhh smosh ;---;
Xsummerdays X
Xsummerdays X 3 days ago
Brb I’m crying guys
Joakim Figaro
Joakim Figaro 3 days ago
Wow there's so few that I recognise.. barely a handful
suni ss
suni ss 3 days ago
I didn’t see Dang Matt Smith but I did watch that go and subscribe to him he makes Siren head videos I know you because I watch you ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
MaWi 3 days ago
Watching this on the middle of quarantine just hurts in another level lol
Rafinssin 3 days ago
Que ano marcante
IcyPolarGirl 78
IcyPolarGirl 78 3 days ago
Ah I remember the time when RUvid rewind was actually good.
Mikki 616
Mikki 616 3 days ago
Este es el mejor RUvid Rewind de todos xd
wolfymanba 3 days ago
ah good times
Shawn_short09 3 days ago
How time where so simple
Cactus me
Cactus me 4 days ago
Im having goosebumps... And im almost crying...
The Skinny Joke
The Skinny Joke 4 days ago
When you realize that this was avicii who did the original remix at this time🥺🥺
Dean Raihan
Dean Raihan 4 days ago
Bring me back to 2015 :(
Diego Peral
Diego Peral 4 days ago
Cuando RUvid era RUvid y no televisa
Uno de los últimos rewinds buenos :")
Carlos joel Pluas vasquez
Cuando RUvid era una leyenda
MysticJP 4 days ago
I don't know why people hated on whip a nee nee it was pretty good
El abismo de lucifer
Mi rewind favorito, una obra de arte ;3
graynolabarz 4 days ago
this is one of if not the best youtube rewind ever
JARETH. CRUZ. 4 days ago
The second best youtube rewind
AchievedWave 07
AchievedWave 07 4 days ago
Ander Gamer
Ander Gamer 4 days ago
Épico cuando sale german
Atlantica 5 days ago
I like how they merged the song broken arrows by avicii at the end
Monse Lobita
Monse Lobita 5 days ago
Este es el único rewind que vale la pena xd después de esto se vino abajo todo
Abbas세훈 5 days ago
When all famous RUvidrs reject to come in rewind 😂 they use their own staff to do stuffs in rewind I don't recognize a single person in this video except PewDiePie
Kris Quick
Kris Quick 5 days ago
How do you go from this fire to garbage
CaptainLord Lord
CaptainLord Lord 5 days ago
Worlds best rewind🔥🔥🔥🎉🎉🎉🎉
SuperKittenLvr 5 days ago
Huh before they wanted to screw everyone over
Captain Rex Builds
So bad
Pernell G
Pernell G 6 days ago
RUvid in it's golden age❤️ RIP youtube
Vic Flexin
Vic Flexin 6 days ago
Ahh the simple times
Lahsram Lee
Lahsram Lee 6 days ago
First time watching yt rewind 2015 and boi Im getting all the goosebumps cuz i didnt use yt back then but i knew songs like lean on n what do you mean.. Goodddd its giving me goosebumps
Dhamar Zertuche
Dhamar Zertuche 6 days ago
El primero en el que le dieron un espacio verdadero a los youtubers latinos ♥️
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 6 days ago
This feels like big Party! Shame on you 2019 Rewind.
U g o
U g o 6 days ago
2:32 I’m surprised Capcom actually participated in RUvid rewind
zurutitgsming 1
zurutitgsming 1 6 days ago
I don't think the fornite battle bus is in here in rewind btw
zurutitgsming 1
zurutitgsming 1 6 days ago
I miss those years
maria tindiglia
maria tindiglia 6 days ago
ok when i herd the fnaf i was about to cry
Sugary Shafty
Sugary Shafty 6 days ago
Sugary Shafty
Sugary Shafty 6 days ago
A Nintendo Bag
A Nintendo Bag 6 days ago
Dam I get goosebumps just watching this, this nostalgia 😢 RUvid just isn’t the same
Adithayan N Kurup
The world was so much better without fortnite and tiktok....
Josiah Blackburn
Josiah Blackburn 16 hours ago
Yeah I agree
peak youtube era
Ryxjinn 6 days ago
Bring something like this back for 2020 PLEAAAAAASE RUvid MAN UP!!!!!
Screeper 6 days ago
All the people who disliked this rewind are people who are not coloured with trends and youtubers and they live under a rock
Andgamer35 6 days ago
How did youtube pass from making an incredible and elaborate sketch to making a shitty watchmojo video?
The Baz Show
The Baz Show 6 days ago
Damn, they should have used the school bus from this as the battle bus from 2018
MrsBear22 6 days ago
This is the best rewind, and every time Markiplier is there it’s SOO much better
the expendable
the expendable 6 days ago
2015 = justin bieber
SHAND FAMILY 6 days ago
Best part of the video is that FLULA WAS IN IT 👏👏👏✊✊✊
Tyux YT
Tyux YT 6 days ago
This is my favorite RUvid rewind
Isaac S
Isaac S 6 days ago
when pewds hadnt said the nword lmao
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