YouTube Rewind 2019: The Musical

Michelle Khare
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The "unofficial" musical retelling of 2019.
See how we made the musical: ruvid.net/video/video-NejdIws9TY8.html
Listen to the songs on Spotify: distrokid.com/hyperfollow/alexwinkler/rewind--the-musical-original-cast-recording
Donate to #TeamTrees: teamtrees.org/
Directed by Garrett Kennell & Michael Thomas-Visgar • instagram.com/garrettkennell/
Produced by Michelle Khare & Michael Thomas-Visgar • instagram.com/mtvisgar/
Lyrics by Steve Greist
Music by Alex Winkler • www.alexwinklermusic.com
Choreography by Joseph Corella • ruvid.net/show-UC5c9Z3QsloqOsb5HS_R5RrA
Director of Photography - Kevin Stiller
Edited by Madeline Puzzo and Garrett Kennell
Ryan Castellino • instagram.com/ryancastellino/
Steve Greist • instagram.com/stevegreist/
Cornelius Jones, Jr • instagram.com/corneliusjonesjr/
Julia Aks • ruvid.net/u-juliaaks
Lacey Beegun • instagram.com/shoelaceybee/
Steven Agdeppa • instagram.com/stadam_/
Desiree Gillespie
Christina Licarione • instagram.com/christinalicarione/
Jasmine Vinuya • instagram.com/jkvee/
Spencer Ramirez • instagram.com/nyspencerramirez/
Olivia Marie • instagram.com/olivia_marie_makeup/
Emily Price
Leasa Hood Shuklar
Danielle Powell
Dani Johnson
Camera Operators - Matt Sweeney, Mark Christian, Erik Deutscher
Lighting Designer - Bill Wilday
Stage Manager - Drew Lake
Production Coordinator - Iris Sullivan
1st AD - TJ Marchbank
Assistant Choreographer - Anna Hiran
Recording Mixer - Christina Gonzalez
Hair & Makeup - Olivia Marie
Costumer - Alison Boresi
Still Photographer - Tony Moux
Motion Graphics - Taylor Dolniak
#RUvidRewind #RUvidRewind2019 #TeamTrees


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Dec 8, 2019




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Comments 80
Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare 7 months ago
Hi friends! We need your help! We want as many creators featured in this to see this so we can bring awareness and generate as much traffic to the fundraiser as possible!! Be sure to tag any creator you see featured or mentioned in this on Twitter and Instagram so we can get everyone excited about this!! 20 MILLION TREES!!
zionah mosley
zionah mosley 2 months ago
it was so amazing to see you and all of those people go up there and sing and dance and act to a musical that was made in 6 weeks the courage an confidence, was breath taking and all of there voices were just, beautiful.
Monokunime 6
Monokunime 6 3 months ago
You are f*CKING amazing!
Sri Lankan Sway
Sri Lankan Sway 4 months ago
Michelle Khare have you checked this RUvid rewind edition ruvid.net/video/video-xlFd2b_x3K8.html
Free 4 months ago
YOUR SO TALENTED!!!! and the guy who played pew die pie woah
James . J . Beckham
James . J . Beckham 5 months ago
Beautiful work Michelle , i wish i could have seen this live
Gacha Gamez Edits
Gacha Gamez Edits 37 minutes ago
Me watching this in 2020 being like "2020 HAHA best year yet? Hell nah
Reddit tea
Reddit tea 6 hours ago
That last song aged VERY poorly.
Em Allen
Em Allen 9 hours ago
Little did they know 2020 was gonna be horrible
mia tsai
mia tsai 10 hours ago
Sasha Hamel
Sasha Hamel 10 hours ago
Hi Michele got a good challenge expected idea. Direct, write, and sing in the official rewind for 2020
ORPHĪC Music 17 hours ago
This shows off her singing voice waaaaay better than the training like a pop star video
Bernice Ng
Bernice Ng 22 hours ago
who watvh this in 2020 !!! me !!
Qhayiya Dywili
well trust me 2020 is not the best
Joshua Bergan
2020 best year yet didnt age well
ArtFreak Day ago
Honestly I LOVE THIS SO MUCH But I think we were jinxed
Jihane Amaoui
we rewind to look forward to our best year yet *2020*:(smirk)
Endijs Maskale
Loved it!
Slick Boi
Slick Boi 2 days ago
me in 2020... well you were on the wrong track
Maria 2 days ago
The 2020 part did not age well
Juliet Mitchell
Juliet Mitchell 2 days ago
Can we just admire the insane quick changes. Especially from the tap dancing number to Shane Dawson
Peter Chase TV
Peter Chase TV 2 days ago
I first saw this video a week after it was out and since then I've seen it at least 20 times and it is still amazing to watch. You're commitment and talent is something I truly aspire to have one day.
lil pineapple
lil pineapple 2 days ago
Them thinking 2020 is going to be a way better year 2020: yeah...no
Wonder’s World! !
This was wonderful! But lol imagine the rewind for 2020!
lia 2 days ago
Wait is that a N2N reference?????
Gu1v 3 days ago
trees are the least of our worries now
Amelie woc
Amelie woc 3 days ago
Yhea, our best year yet. Or so we thought...
Waterlily-Crystal Pearl
I can't believe you pulled this off with only 6 weeks are prep. It's amazing!
Marcos Campos
Marcos Campos 3 days ago
Well, i hate to break it to ya....
Racoon Land
Racoon Land 3 days ago
RUvid was like I know this year is bad so look at this 😂
Victoria Sophia
Victoria Sophia 3 days ago
I find this very inspiring, all the work put in this small musical was worth it! It's funny to watch as well, you and the crew did an amazing job
Elizabeth Winters
Should be the real RUvid rewind 🤣
Gemma Roetenberger
This year's rewind should be interesting 😶😶😶😶
Kailey Wong
Kailey Wong 3 days ago
THIS IS AMAZING I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR WORK. @youtube hire her for the next rewind please!!
Maggy Jo
Maggy Jo 3 days ago
"Hoping that next year may be our best year yet" ahah yeah not so sure abt that-
Satoka Yumi
Satoka Yumi 3 days ago
If they knew what was to come in 2020 really 😂
FavreMyMemers 4 days ago
4:34 So this is how pewdiepie became floor gang
Danielle Youie
Danielle Youie 4 days ago
rewatching this hoping you'll do a 2020 musical rewind
Ruchi Baid
Ruchi Baid 4 days ago
What a performance 💞
sunflower 5 days ago
This was incredibe! at this point what skill doesn't michelle have?
Orianna Reid
Orianna Reid 5 days ago
This gave me chills in the best way possible
Constanza Lerma
Constanza Lerma 5 days ago
ok but this is AMAZING
Aria-Rose Browne
Aria-Rose Browne 5 days ago
Best year yet🤣🤣🤣
Gps Gps
Gps Gps 5 days ago
Rachel Lyn
Rachel Lyn 5 days ago
*ఌCreme Meloఌ
The dislikes are from the people who thought this was RUvid Rewind 2018
JaySlayz Hey
JaySlayz Hey 5 days ago
Why arent more youtubers reacting to this!? This is absolutely amazing!!
Lee Crow
Lee Crow 6 days ago
Nope, not our best year yet.
Rebecca Anne
Rebecca Anne 6 days ago
next year will be the best year yet Covid-19-we don’t do that here Killer hornets-sorry no can do Racists- hit that fire exit door
Brytanee Guevara
Brytanee Guevara 6 days ago
Well you’re wrong 2020 is in our best year yet it’s literally the worst it’s the year we’re gonna die
Stephen Simmons
Stephen Simmons 6 days ago
Michelle jinxed this year low key
Sierra-Morena Bissell
I actually like the cell block tango. Nice
Rohit Chetry
Rohit Chetry 6 days ago
Next up Carryminati beating PewDiePie 😋😋🧡🇮🇳 We rule we conquer the world. Jai hind 🇮🇳❤️
Bianca PISANI 6 days ago
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooo hey so its 2020 and it got way way way worse looooooolllll ok now im ready for the hate about this comment
samantha sunbeam ramsay
I have wotched this over and over it is so amazing I love it your amazing 😉
arwyn dae
arwyn dae 7 days ago
this is what i call art
Axelfarmzy 7 days ago
Oh 2020 was definitely NOT the best year yet
Whitney Roberts
Whitney Roberts 7 days ago
Great job Michelle and everyone!!!
U Ugly
U Ugly 7 days ago
That pewdiepie with Steve's with 10 year old viewers got me tho
sakuracat23 7 days ago
They did a great job.....someone needs to make one for 2020...6 months in and its been a huge shit show. In fact 2019 seems rather quaint by comparison lmao.
Brooklyn Rose
Brooklyn Rose 7 days ago
See let theatre nerds do rewind. We know what the people want.
mischa Hawkins-Brien
Michelle:hope next year will be be the best year yet 2020:hahaha no
AClamInASea :3
AClamInASea :3 7 days ago
Cocomelon is climbing faster and faster
Mikaela Zanti
Mikaela Zanti 7 days ago
2020 is NOT the best year yet!!
Mikaela Zanti
Mikaela Zanti 7 days ago
Abi MacLaren
Abi MacLaren 7 days ago
This gave me goosebumps
sniper the love
sniper the love 7 days ago
Omg poor us what did we think is gonna happen in 2020
Ruhi Shahane
Ruhi Shahane 8 days ago
I'm literally watching this over and over again
Abbey Helmus
Abbey Helmus 8 days ago
7:00 Well...that didn't go as planned
DixieD Plays
DixieD Plays 8 days ago
2019:this year was a big noo it whould be beter next year 2020:WELL!!!.... maybe next year
Annabella 8 days ago
This is better then the actual youtube rewind
Miranda Dowling
Miranda Dowling 8 days ago
This was beautiful. Michelle has a really pretty voice and is one of the strongest women in the world.
Filbert 8 days ago
how come i just find this gold rn. smh
Rheyan Alwin
Rheyan Alwin 9 days ago
looking at this in 2020 is a little sad bc it's been kinda rough
Debora Ansone
Debora Ansone 9 days ago
is no one going to tapk about how amazing her voice is????
HappyHamsters77 9 days ago
"next year may be our best year yet" Me in june 2020: sis........ just you wait
Sarina Yorston
Sarina Yorston 10 days ago
Me watching this in 2020 thinking that 2020 is not even close to the best year ever
Alice Breazeale
Alice Breazeale 10 days ago
That was phenomenal! Thank you for sharing. 😀
jazmine barbouruuyytd
This is definitely not my ringtone-
Lili Epstein
Lili Epstein 11 days ago
That ad part is fun but also kinda annoying
bonk bonk
bonk bonk 10 days ago
> annoying Like, perhaps... an ad?
Marta Zilite
Marta Zilite 12 days ago
This was amazing!
yoi 13 days ago
Ive watched this dozens of times
OMAMA JOHNPAUL 14 days ago
7:07 Thought that was Wesley. ( Lol! Wesley Snipes the musical.)
OMAMA JOHNPAUL 14 days ago
This was quite entertaining.👍
Állat Tv
Állat Tv 15 days ago
Hey 2020 people who wish that those 2019's drama and s#it to be the worst thing this year?
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