YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind

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In 2018, we made something you didn’t like. For Rewind 2019, let’s see what you DID like.
Celebrating the creators, music and moments that mattered most to you in 2019.
To learn how the top lists in Rewind were generated: rewind.youtube/about
Top lists featured the following channels:
@1MILLION Dance Studio
@Ariana Grande
@Awez Darbar
@Billie Eilish
@Black Gryph0n
@Daddy Yankee
@David Dobrik
@Dude Perfect
@Felipe Neto
@Galen Hooks
@James Charles
@Kylie Jenner
@Lil Dicky
@Lil Nas X
@LOUD Babi
@LOUD Coringa
@Magnet World
@Nilson Izaias Papinho Oficial
@Noah Schnapp
@백종원의 요리비책 Paik's Cuisine
@Shawn Mendes
@Team Naach
@하루한끼 one meal a day
To see the full list of featured channels in Rewind 2019, visit: rewind.youtube/about


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Dec 5, 2019




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Comments 100
Uriel D dolores
Uriel D dolores 20 minutes ago
Boring as heck youtube better make somthing good me no like pewds might step u up
Velentinex 69
Velentinex 69 29 minutes ago
Can't wait for more disappointments oh wait they cancelled RUvid Rewind 2020. no more disappointment
SoldadoGamer07 41 minute ago
Y los hispanohablantes que
omg kween
omg kween 43 minutes ago
why tf is everyone hating so much on this y’all just hating on this for attention bc I honestly feel like this is a really good video
José Emilio Rangel Trejo
2018: Cringe 2019: WatchMojo video 2020:
Stephanie Kalantarians
Stephanie Kalantarians 53 minutes ago
youtube rewind 2020
Aeris Shame
Aeris Shame Hour ago
Suzan suzan suzan
Gingerbread Hour ago
William Daykin
I'm pretty sure this whole thing is a joke- Or just bad.
Chewie Dog
Chewie Dog Hour ago
This kind of rewind is understandable if they posted this this year
Yusuf karabulut
Yusuf karabulut 2 hours ago
the rewindin era is over
Tart :3
Tart :3 2 hours ago
A swedish man who plays minecraft still gets more views than a billion dollar company
Final Kill
Final Kill 2 hours ago
please take a step back at least similar to 2017, enjoy this year that I will have and rethink what you have been doing
EpiRad Gamer
EpiRad Gamer 2 hours ago
9.2m dislikes
Khushi goklani
Khushi goklani 2 hours ago
Name of the song?
Default 4 hours ago
RUvid Rewind 2020 be like : *The Jelly Beans Invasion*
aysegul 4 hours ago
Who is waiting for 2020 RUvid Rewind?
Default 3 hours ago
I love blackpink and bts 💖
Okay i only liked the... BTS and blackpink part , bye
Allison Williams
Allison Williams 4 hours ago
Who knows, maybe they'll get it right this time.
Default 3 hours ago
To be Continued
To be Continued 5 hours ago
Crash Crash
Crash Crash 5 hours ago
*watch mojo*
20s wolf gacha
20s wolf gacha 5 hours ago
who's here after youtube announced they've cancelled rewind 2020?
Amina Altaf
Amina Altaf 5 hours ago
5:15 omfg
wolf craft
wolf craft 6 hours ago
2019 same
Drakonus 6 hours ago
2018: Was so bad. 2019: Didn't even try. 2020: Gave up.
Pennywise The Dancing Clown
The only good parts where when pewdiepie was in the shot
Ayushi Chauhan
Ayushi Chauhan 7 hours ago
RUvid be like "I am not gonna put any efforts because you want like it anyway"
Bright Stickmin
Bright Stickmin 7 hours ago
Watchmojo this you?
panda kawai UWU
panda kawai UWU 8 hours ago
dónde está mi comedia RUvid,las canciones bien todo correcto pero que pasó con lo divertido,con efectos súper cool ¿an desaparecido? espero que este año no nos desepciones
Brooklyn Dixon
Brooklyn Dixon 8 hours ago
Well i mean is anyone ready for rewind 2020
Default 3 hours ago
Hamid Mehrdad
Hamid Mehrdad 8 hours ago
Are you guys even surprised. You disliked last years so much so why would they even try anymore.
Default 3 hours ago
Its sad men
Andy Gage
Andy Gage 8 hours ago
I only liked because it had kurzgesagt
Weird Wertz
Weird Wertz 8 hours ago
Dream and techno will 100% be in in 2020 rewind
Default 3 hours ago
And jelly beans
•It'z Kayla Pastelz•
This yt rewind : No Minecraft yt rewind : *YES*
Joseph Sein
Joseph Sein 8 hours ago
RUvid is like that one teacher who tries to act cool but fails miserably.
abiyan aly
abiyan aly 8 hours ago
well their is a 4 sec part of pewds in this (well lets say) rewind so i liked it.
Galang Aditya Yuda Pratama
It's make me wanna threw up again
i am a fish
i am a fish 9 hours ago
Didn’t hate it, didn’t love it, meh.
Juan Avocado
Juan Avocado 9 hours ago
RUvid, the reason why people didn’t like this either is the 2018 one was cringy and annoying and too much fortnite and too many people nobody knows. This one was basically the extreme going in the other direction do something good where you put some effort in but don’t make it cringy. No cringy will smith scene look at 2015 or 2016 those were good 2017 was ok but it started to decline. If you read this just keep it in mind.
RazerPlays YT
RazerPlays YT 9 hours ago
Who are the Likers :Bad Guys Who Are The Dislikers:Bad Guys
thedrummerkid archives
I believe YT Rewind after 2015 started going downhill.
ChocoDubDud Simp
ChocoDubDud Simp 9 hours ago
Wai tho.....2020 i hope you break rhis cycle of bad rewinds
Cuteson11 10 hours ago
Why is this getting a lot dislikes I don’t see anything wrong with it 😂
El Goku Dios :〉
El Goku Dios :〉 10 hours ago
me sigue pareciendo una mrd este youtube rewind xD
Eagan The descendant
9.4 mil dislikes just turn of these commments cause you can do that right???? you will get to much hatep
Liveactionme 10 hours ago
He needed the video to be the second most liked!
Illignacio29 10 hours ago
DJ CREATIVE 10 hours ago
I like this hate me I don't care
Mariano Gonzalez
Mariano Gonzalez 10 hours ago
RUvid Rewind 2020? NO THANKS
Blake Clarkson
Blake Clarkson 10 hours ago
Please do this every year
DankEZ 10 hours ago
See if this was a watchmjo video, that would be fine. But they just gave up
Colors 11 hours ago
Tf there like oh you didn't like what we did last year well now we will do something almost as bad but not quite as bad
moshe lieberman
moshe lieberman 11 hours ago
I didn't hate RUvid rewind 2019 it wasn't great but it's very under rated considering how terrible 2018 rewind was
Of All My Intention
Of All My Intention 11 hours ago
No one: RUvid: Hey. Let's put ads everywhere! I LOVE MONEY!!!!! I mean.....I love the people who search on RUvid....
Cap.MacMellon 11 hours ago
try memes next time.
Tanya Mendez
Tanya Mendez 11 hours ago
I'm watching all the RUvid Rewinds in anticipation for Mr beast's this year (since YT isn't releasing one this year, Thank God) which is going to be a Zillion times better than anything RUvid could ever release. I hope they take notes when Mr.Beast's YT Rewind comes out
Just some frog
Just some frog 12 hours ago
Frog disapproves very bad unoriginal 0/10 you didn’t even try :/
señor corvusclan
señor corvusclan 12 hours ago
ni se les cruce por la mente hacer un 2020.
Vibzz Gaming
Vibzz Gaming 12 hours ago
So what I get from these comments are that any rewind they post is bad
Little Emerald
Little Emerald 12 hours ago
I saw just a little snippet of boy with luv that was ligit the only good part
luis 3298
luis 3298 13 hours ago
youtube you gave me pity with this rewind how is it possible that you admire that you didn't even put a Hispanic or a Latin American and that a Hispanic youtuber did a better job than you
Golden BisRuss
Golden BisRuss 13 hours ago
This is just a compilation of the most liked and viewed videos on RUvid... Absolutely lazy, and absolutely... unworthy of a video.
Zacmann 77
Zacmann 77 13 hours ago
This rewind wasn’t actually that bad
Thecosmojeff 13 hours ago
Thomas has never seen such bullcrap
richi 13 hours ago
I’m scared for this year’s rewind
Thomas Wild-edyvane
Thomas Wild-edyvane 14 hours ago
They were just getting ready for a budget covid 19 rewind
Alvaro Godos
Alvaro Godos 14 hours ago
I feel it coming, and i´m little bit scare...
Gacha Cool
Gacha Cool 14 hours ago
I like the past rewinds but this isn't like the others and i'm very disappointed
Gacha Cool
Gacha Cool 12 hours ago
@Naail Manji Thanks for not blaming me
Naail Manji
Naail Manji 14 hours ago
I have ti agree with you why does it have to be like that i dont blame you
Infinite Productions
Ha more dislikes
Naail Manji
Naail Manji 14 hours ago
I know right
Diego LM
Diego LM 14 hours ago
Literal el rewind es youtube robándose los videos de youtubers
Miguel Cavalcante
Miguel Cavalcante 15 hours ago
There was animatoon in this one
Miguel Cavalcante
Miguel Cavalcante 15 hours ago
This was also realy disliked
audrey Salma
audrey Salma 15 hours ago
I feel kinda bad for yt for getting alot of dislikes on their video :
Naail Manji
Naail Manji 14 hours ago
Why there randomly giving people strikes and i have a strike that is gonna expire in a month of course they deserve it but i can handle your opinion if you like youtube
MrPritt420 15 hours ago
5:00 honestly I dont think T-Series should really count as the firts to reach 100 million since it's a company. Rewind should celebrate creators not corporations
Chantz Noel :D
Chantz Noel :D 16 hours ago
Can we get this comment to the same dislikes as this video.
Uma aleatória qualquer
RUvid ficou sem criatividade e fez uma lista de temas populareskkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Pure_legitness 69
Pure_legitness 69 16 hours ago
Erickson36 16 hours ago
Like this coment for more trash rewind
HIGH KING1 16 hours ago
No Dance Monkey No Like
Mateusz Rogowski
Mateusz Rogowski 17 hours ago
TT_NivNav 17 hours ago
Does RUvid earn money from it's own channel and views because umm, they created RUvid and gives money for views they get 100m+ views give themselves money or just doesn't have monetisation on?
Frank El Zorro
Frank El Zorro 17 hours ago
2020 rewind please Katie Angel
Frank El Zorro
Frank El Zorro 17 hours ago
2020 rewind pleasd put a Katie Angel with the Team Angel
Lucky Luck
Lucky Luck 17 hours ago
I love how youtube own channel have less sub than a lot of others channel
FluxoniX 17 hours ago
I still don't understand why is everyone didn't liked this rewind. Like 2018 one was cringy, alright, but what's wrong with THIS? (Sorry for spelling mistakes)
KBCats 17 hours ago
I’m only thinking of Grant Thompson not being here
Matthew Swidinski
Matthew Swidinski 17 hours ago
KSI's laugh at the beginning was the only thing that made me laugh
Ligma Nuts
Ligma Nuts 18 hours ago
Theyre making progress
-VSN ItsHydraa-
-VSN ItsHydraa- 18 hours ago
No etika.
Óskar í amma þín bíómyndum
40 m dislikes cool
Alfredo Junior Quiroga Paredes
Auronplay tenia razon mi idolo
Valen XD
Valen XD 18 hours ago
T.S.K 19 hours ago
Now look at it, it was not all bad...
Naail Manji
Naail Manji 14 hours ago
There disliking because of youtube giving them strikes when it was false or for no reason
Marco castellano
Marco castellano 19 hours ago
Y los hispano hablantes?me decepcionas RUvid,me decepcionas
Betzabe Bravo
Betzabe Bravo 16 hours ago
Valen XD
Valen XD 18 hours ago
BleiteR CS:GO
BleiteR CS:GO 19 hours ago
Я знаю что ты искал здесь Русский комент
Emps 19 hours ago
Huh I wonder how worse 2020 rewind would of been?🤨
DanishTheRadish *
DanishTheRadish * 19 hours ago
Top 10 videos: *exist* RUvid: write that down
Maxicon 3001
Maxicon 3001 20 hours ago
Why RUvid do this
Gautam Singh
Gautam Singh 20 hours ago
*Thinking what would've they made for rewind 2020* 😂
Dorian 20 hours ago
Came here just for noah schnapp
nicole kaufman
nicole kaufman 20 hours ago
this is literally just spiteful. just because we didn’t like the video last year doesn’t mean you should give us something back to make it look like it was our faults it was bad? so lazy. do better this year. this is even worse than last year
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