YouTube Rewind 2019 failed and its my fault!

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Why did youtube rewind 2019 flop? #rewind2019 fail epicly
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Dec 11, 2019




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Comments 48 798
Jada Aflaha
Jada Aflaha 7 hours ago
*we need more memes!!*
hory 21 channel
hory 21 channel 8 hours ago
What? 👾
LUCI FER Day ago
GAyRana Lmao
Cậu Rồng
Cậu Rồng Day ago
MD Samiuzzaman
Felix Hazel
Felix Hazel Day ago
maybe they should let mr.beast, pewds and others like grandayy, dolan dark to make rewind 2020 lol
Jason Lane
Jason Lane Day ago
Crazy Average Asian Bitch
*RUvid Rewind 2020 :* a Koala wearing mask and Lakers 24 jersey on USA tank in middle of burning iran flag and australia forest
Sudais’s Vids
Sudais’s Vids 2 days ago
angie nenass
angie nenass 2 days ago
the youtube rewind 2018 was actually good but the producer didnt understand want we wanted and made it a fucking compliation . why didnt they just make it like 2018 but actually add pewdiepie .
Antonio Yousif
Antonio Yousif 2 days ago
My favourite part of RUvid rewind was the wedding. I was honestly surprised u weren't already married lol. Btw that suit was fly as shit.
DaGaminDude 2 days ago
Bruh, y u change da music in the vid?
Keilan_ MS
Keilan_ MS 2 days ago
3:30 song
2 days ago
Imagine getting 20 billion views in 2 months
KaffFoufou 2 days ago
3:53 It's the french PewDiePie !
Valdas V
Valdas V 2 days ago
Lol watchmojo got some ads
Lester Abel
Lester Abel 2 days ago
6:39 sorry to inform you pewds but that's not drew gooden
J R 3 days ago
What's the name of the music at 3:30?
Keilan_ MS
Keilan_ MS 2 days ago
Don't know
Meme_god Uchiha
Meme_god Uchiha 4 days ago
I really do hope the pewdiepie makes it in RUvid rewind 2020 ( if they even make one ) I’m just so disappointed with RUvid at this point tbh rewind in 2015-16 was way better
Ozon Gamerz
Ozon Gamerz 5 days ago
Hadeh gaming kok mencaci maki game payah
Mr. J
Mr. J 5 days ago
5:40 Poor Moment
HAFIDZ MONROW 6 days ago
Indonesia atta halilintar 7:16
Justin Bonoyer
Justin Bonoyer 6 days ago
I havent looked into who is "mixing" the music for rewind now, but it used to be DJ Earworm, and honestly that used to be the BEST part of the rewinds. The older rewind music gave a platform where they couldnt screw it up and they had to just put random stuff over the awesome music!
Drink'n Lime
Drink'n Lime 6 days ago
When you realise there is no T-Series here
seokjinism cult
seokjinism cult 5 days ago
There is tseries in the actual rewind though
The Fancy cuber
The Fancy cuber 6 days ago
But what they fail to realize the whole purpose of you to rewind is to see popular popular people now I’m not talking about Casey I’m talking about Coryxkenshin Gloom Kube Scouts because even though we’ve seen the same people in every rewind and they gets tired it’s time to see new people in rewind
Hustensohn 6 days ago
Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall 7 days ago
f XD
Hero Jellyz9
Hero Jellyz9 8 days ago
The ratio is more important than the video
-H I K I K O M O R I -
*You know there's something wrong with the world when Despacito has more views than Pewdiepie's channel*
theundiscovered 1987
He give me big brain
theundiscovered 1987
I'm sad he's on break
Lyy 8 days ago
Kkkk os gringos nem sabem oque fere fire
RoyG 1
RoyG 1 9 days ago
He just skipped lazarbeam ☹️
Health And Weight
Thank you
Napstar Craig2
Napstar Craig2 9 days ago
U Didn't React To Lazarbeam That's Why I Am Unsubscribing
NA Gaming
NA Gaming 10 days ago
You dog
nizam ahmed
nizam ahmed 10 days ago
Kath Leen
Kath Leen 10 days ago
Jason Baxter
Jason Baxter 10 days ago
pewdiepie needs to make the next new youtube and make it like the old youtube when they use to care
Ath Al A
Ath Al A 10 days ago
Don't blame it on RUvid
Niamh Games 2
Niamh Games 2 10 days ago
"I don't care about music videos" Me: But there was BTS 🥺
anitin 34
anitin 34 11 days ago
Send nutes
Karla Gonzalez
Karla Gonzalez 11 days ago
the first rewinds were literally like 2019's tho
Staked Vieira
Staked Vieira 11 days ago
My favorite part was that an actuall good rewind existed in the good ol days
Isaac Avila
Isaac Avila 11 days ago
It fail cause you not there
نيمار /❶ NYMAR
TheEuphoriaPhilic 12 days ago
RUvid rewind 2016 is extremely better than this trash rewind
Chikin 12 days ago
How much did they pay you for the things you said FELIX??
velizia avanza
velizia avanza 12 days ago
Hata halilintar is the indonesia people
thicc boi
thicc boi 12 days ago
i think the tital for youtube rewind 2020 should be back to the past or something like that
Trevor Wylie
Trevor Wylie 12 days ago
its not your fault its youtubes fault
Nicolas Willy Pretko
I have came from the future
Mr . frog
Mr . frog 14 days ago
Ass noodles
Natalia Salazar Cavazos
PewDiePie si my GOD
name 14 days ago
I love your vids Pewds
Quentin Vo
Quentin Vo 14 days ago
pewdiepie’s rewind was kinda bad
Fryan Ridallah
Fryan Ridallah 15 days ago
05:39 What Is Game,That's My Favorite Game And You Can't Mock Our Game I'm From Indonesia
Ayddare 15 days ago
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