YouTube Rewind 2019, but it's actually good

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In 2018, we made something you didn’t like. For Rewind 2019, let’s see what you DID like.
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Dec 29, 2019




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Comments 100
Emiliano Frezza
I hope pewdipie puts cave update reveal in the next youtube rewind with etika reacting it?. That wuold be nice
N1TRO Hour ago
Rewind 2020= COVID-19 COVID-19 COVID 19.
Flitz 2 hours ago
Imagine youtube takes some inspiration fro this video and makes a meme RUvid rewind, then we drop 100 mill likes but it has to have pewds wedding in it.
cezz 2 hours ago
I wonder if RUvid is gonna let these 3 (Dolan, Granday, Kitty) gonna edit the 2020 rewind.
Mixytey Playz
Mixytey Playz 3 hours ago
the 50k dislikes are dis-i-like
Falcon Fire DBS
Falcon Fire DBS 3 hours ago
Alternative Title: pewds messing with memes and green screen
PΔRADIGM 4 hours ago
I swear to god this years rewind is gonna be a pixelated animation random youtubers fighting coronavirus particles with BLM chanting in the background
Grunge Yos
Grunge Yos 4 hours ago
5:58 song?
Amber Javaed
Amber Javaed 6 hours ago
RUvid rewind 2020 be like: tiktok
XxKevGodxX 8 hours ago
We need a rewind like this. The fellas at youtube don’t understand that memes are what people are interested in these days and not this potitical bullshit.
JUST c h i l l i n g
Wow this always remind me of good old days
5000 Subscribers challenge with video
People who liked this comment "May God bless you"
M J 9 hours ago
Wow, the end . I also wonder. 💕❤️ and take good care
flying OSTRICH
flying OSTRICH 10 hours ago
I hope COV*D will be at rewind 2020
M J 9 hours ago
flying OSTRICH 😂 take good care
Ray 11 hours ago
People we lost in 2020: Everyone
Ray 11 hours ago
Special one for Sushant Singh Rajput
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck 11 hours ago
2:02 holy shit when I first this video I didn't know charlie like now and this completely passed over me damn Thank you Among Us
PE 25_PSIK_ Jane Amanda R P
seriously, what happened to Dillon the hacker?
wosh 15 hours ago
we're not sure, he passed away last year people speculating suicide or maybe a seizure but his parents dont want to reveal his death, so its best to leave it at that for respect.
TiephenGD 18 hours ago
Everything was so great back then now the worlds gone to shit
Can’t wait for 2020 rewind and there kid friendly motivational speech
Mehmet Alacatag
Mehmet Alacatag 21 hour ago
for 2020, they should just add in the memes from the subreddit for the events in that happened(from ww3 memes to australian fires) and they should play "hide" by juice wrld in the background or smth
Thiccochet 23 hours ago
youtube rewind 2020 is gonna be all corona and politics, three things that we've had enough of. And it'll begin with some bullshit like "2020 is different. So we're making RUvid Rewind different too."
AKillzx Day ago
final boss of 2020 is youtube rewind
Mighty Elf
Mighty Elf Day ago
I like that Donald dark always puts pyro in the video
Soso Candy
Soso Candy Day ago
What the hell. This is horrible
merch that's colyn
When you realize 2021 is almost 3 months away
Silas Echo R
Silas Echo R Day ago
ok boomer
Deepak Dev
Deepak Dev Day ago
4:12 Grant Thompson 😭
Jason ricks
Jason ricks Day ago
Christopher B. Kundiman
"can't what u do next year RUvid goodluck " me: **sweats intensifies**
Killswitch YT
Mad respect for adding the GTA SA theme in the bg.
Killswitch YT
2020 gonna end with a most painful of all year thing. RUvid Rewind 2020.
David Ganimations
This feels like a watch mojo of all the things that happened last year
Niye Geldin
Niye Geldin Day ago
Sufyan Mahmood
I am bald guy comment gone but its rewind time everybody😂😂😂
J emerson Harris
I can’t wait for the next one 🥳
AZF Royal
AZF Royal Day ago
J'attend le REWIND 2020🤯✨✨
Just a regular Commenter
This is actually the rewind that actually makes it an actual rewind. It takes you back to what memes that came and went.
Haydn Poole
Haydn Poole Day ago
At least two mad was in it
lisa lai
lisa lai Day ago
Considering how shit 2020 it's not gonna end on a high note cause of rewind
Knight Lancern
This is better than the real RUvid rewind!
stephanie eller
CHAnky ChumSway
Man I wonder what rewind 2020 is gonna be like.
Krishna Suhrut
Please keep references from the first presidential debate
Just a college student
rip juice :(
caleb kurt
caleb kurt Day ago
i like meme mashups its kinda like youtube rewind but i call it memewind
SavageChoco Day ago
Why is quarantine here
SEWAmusic Day ago
Deep in my heart there lies the satisfaction that, when youtube messes up this year's rewind, we'll get a better one from Pewds :)
Lemon Playz
Lemon Playz Day ago
This was recommended before the actually rewind. Finally, some justice in 2020.
DIO 😈😈
DIO 😈😈 Day ago
Pewds fixes everything like crazy diamond.
Ahmed Maher
Ahmed Maher Day ago
Why do i feel like this was made yesterday
DJ Flapjack
DJ Flapjack Day ago
Maybe 2020 will have The Less I Know The Better & Sexy Back meme edit
Túrin Turambar
We are like the faithful in the silmarillion...
Peyton Weber
Peyton Weber 2 days ago
I’m waiting for the 2020 from pewds
Aditya Tewary
Aditya Tewary 2 days ago
Lets hope there is a you tube rewind 2020 sO tHaT wE caN DiSlikE thE vIDeO aNd eNJoy fOr a mINuTe or so in 2020
JoeplayzRoblox 2 days ago
Once 2020 rewind comes it's gonna be fucked up. But pewds got us covered!
Sleepless Dragon
Sleepless Dragon 2 days ago
Seriously, i don't wanna see in RUvid Rewind 2020 BLM, politics and Coronavirus 'cause that's IRL, i don' want to see what happened IRL, i wanna see what happened on the Internet. No politics, violence, just funny videos, good youtubers and memes. Maybe if Rewind 2020 will fail, that would be the last Rewind we will see from RUvid (sry for my bad english)
Jakob Hallberg
Jakob Hallberg 2 days ago
The shittiest year in recent history; 2020 YT rewind: Dame da ne
Loop 2 days ago
Ty Etika...
I'll eat your kidney
Damn boiiii
Feels good to be part of history
The Hot Cheeto bag
Pewdiepie gives me homocobic vibes 😐
Keedy 2 days ago
homophobia is awesome
Im___Nate 2 days ago
Anyone know the music from the tribute part of the video
fk prsn
fk prsn 2 days ago
Im scared of the 2020 one..
Picoides 2 days ago
I hope youtube rewind 2020 is bad
Milez 2 days ago
the revenge meme was really last year? wh- how?
Milez 2 days ago
Twoogie 2 days ago
whenever pewds releases another rewind, I watch it so much for like the first two months after it’s released, and then when a new rewind is coming up, I just think back to the most recent one hes made
Makememod YT
Makememod YT 2 days ago
See you guys after the 2020 rewind
ARPiGe 2 days ago
Demon Kid828
Demon Kid828 2 days ago
Can we get more people in on this?? It doesn’t need it. But it’d be even better with more people on it. Jack, mark, Wade(lordminion777) Corpse husband, and obvi Mr. Beast.
ping pong wonton
ping pong wonton 2 days ago
For now on i will trust the bois to make the real rewind instead of youtube
Martian 2 days ago
I’m so ready to see the 2020 Rewind. This one was amazing!!
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 days ago
Of course the fucking goose lives.
Allen Wilk
Allen Wilk 2 days ago
Little did he know...
TatterCat 2 days ago
*hopes fortnite will be in 2020 rewing but is scared to say it in fear of being judged*
BatedGosling 2 days ago
3:44 lol
Sir Geo
Sir Geo 2 days ago
It feels like this was made years ago. Man 2020 sucks
We should let youtubers do the rewind
Omar Bin Shiraj
Omar Bin Shiraj 3 days ago
I wonder how 2020 rewind is gonna be like...
Jalynn’s TV
Jalynn’s TV 3 days ago
Make it better
MHS _YT 3 days ago
Even pewds had the decency to reference Sonic. RUvid is officially unreliable.
MD saiful
MD saiful 3 days ago
If you go go on 1:48 at 0.25 speed u can see ray william Johnson
Hernes Poldsamaa
Hernes Poldsamaa 3 days ago
When RUvid Rewind 2020 comes out, im sure people will dislike the shit out of it so the boys could make a new one
Barqa Mikhail
Barqa Mikhail 3 days ago
Next: RUvid Rewind 2020, but 2020 is Trash
2silk 3 days ago
i feel like youtube should make a video saying that this years rewind is in quarantine. that should literally be this years rewind and it'll still be better than the previous 3 years
Grumpert 3 days ago
i think is veri kool feliks
Bad 3 days ago
How possible
Gdo Liljr
Gdo Liljr 3 days ago
after 2017 hell came to earth
Epic Slav Guy.
Epic Slav Guy. 3 days ago
Just watched it again after all this time, and the people we lost made me tear up
Debbie Owers
Debbie Owers 3 days ago
Jojo reference
Dabi دابـــي
50k dislike its from youtube team
Shaeq Gabol aka reverse flash and flash
Why didn't stranger things got added in rewind
Shaeq Gabol aka reverse flash and flash
Atleast this didn't get 18 or 9 mil dislikes
Marcelobsky 3 days ago
I cant wait 2020 Wait... 2020 covid...
COD Gameplay
COD Gameplay 3 days ago
This was fantastic
Jerross Clarito
Jerross Clarito 3 days ago
We should just consider Pewd's rewind and schmoyoho's rewind the official ones, and youtube is just making a parody of it
Whited 3 days ago
Rip etika
Ak_ Jc999
Ak_ Jc999 3 days ago
R.I.P juice wrld we miss u juice u made good music bro 😔🕊🕊🕊
Daddy Hitler
Daddy Hitler 3 days ago
1:48 hidden ray William Johnson lol
Cody Jackson
Cody Jackson 2 days ago
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