YouTube Rewind 2018 review

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We review the 2018 youtube rewind and its
Not good
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Dec 7, 2018




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Comments 80
NC Gaming
NC Gaming 4 hours ago
720p max ?!
Hello There
Hello There 17 hours ago
I have memes from the future pewds and I have just one question, "are ya winning son"
Get a Life
Get a Life 21 hour ago
For once a video where the comments section doesn't have bts although they where mentioned
Force4Nature Day ago
2020’s rewind is gonna be a disaster, just like the year itself.
broken trust
broken trust Day ago
Lilly Cringe! LMAO!!!!!!!
Arroiyatul Maflukhah
Saltwater Giants
Saltwater Giants 2 days ago
Can’t wait for rewind 2020...
Imyot Cartilla
Imyot Cartilla 2 days ago
Will Smith more like Will Sniff
Tae Lee
Tae Lee 2 days ago
you this read wrong.
류가은 2 days ago
죄송하지만 먹방을 욕하시는건 좀 아니신것같아요. 무례했다면 죄송합니다.
69k subs with 1 video challenge
The thumbnail: Me: NOT ENoUGh Of PeWdiPieS
Somebody Else
Somebody Else 3 days ago
Etienne Grignard
Etienne Grignard 4 days ago
Lmfao pewds has 2.3 mil likes and rewind has 2.8 mil that’s one creator vs the whole plat form
Ale does Something
and then they gave up
Yazan Alj
Yazan Alj 4 days ago
Markass Brownie
Yazan Alj
Yazan Alj 4 days ago
My favorite RUvidr Markass Brownie
RoxxFN 4 days ago
Pewds for 2020
Rafael Sem G '-'
Rafael Sem G '-' 4 days ago
mano o luba copia tanto o pewdiepie que eu vejo os videos do PRÓPRIO PEWDIEPIE achando que é um video do luba.
Julián Villegas
Julián Villegas 4 days ago
The subtitles are delayed >:v Who wrote them?
MSWAREZ 4 days ago
çeviri yi yapan elini seveyim kaymış
Jesus Xavier Santos Cancho
Alguien entendio que estaba diciendo
Julia McCoog
Julia McCoog 5 days ago
Trevor Noah John Oliver noooooooo
Leya Thomas
Leya Thomas 5 days ago
It has 17m dislikes now 😂
obopixel 5 days ago
I was watching him thanking Jaiden for the chair and an ad appeared ; - ; Good news is, the ad literally said "Humans love to help each other, it's what they do" and I smiled :)
obopixel 5 days ago
Did he say "If I control rewind" or "If I can troll rewind"... I'd prefer the later
やななつ 5 days ago
Sai Ay
Sai Ay 5 days ago
Update: it has 17M Dislikes
Unicorn_F_Arts 5 days ago
Can't wait 2020 rewind. Just a picture of a trash can for 10 minutes
j4ckjack247 5 days ago
the first pew vid i ever watch
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 6 days ago
PewDiePie why are you not... in.... HERE😭
Little Sphinx
Little Sphinx 6 days ago
At least Jaiden animations and TheOdd1sOut were in this rewind
Little Sphinx
Little Sphinx 6 days ago
This RUvid rewind was so bad that it got 16M dislikes the most disliked video in the history of RUvid
sfsf sfsffs
sfsf sfsffs 6 days ago
I knew it was bad but now I know its even worse
Happy Hannah 21
Happy Hannah 21 6 days ago
My respect for Jaden animations went up by 100 mil subscribers
Aazib ABDULLAH 6 days ago
When they first said K-Pop I straight up said that RUvid is doing this to ruin BTS's career and half of Korea is panicking. And why did they put Casey in there.
Emily Deck
Emily Deck 7 days ago
Most people being mad that Pewdiepie wasn’t in youtube rewind My reaction:Yay, Pewdiepie isn’t in the most disliked RUvid video ever🥳🥳🥳
Sleepyz 7 days ago
2020 anyone?
Shruthi Vivek
Shruthi Vivek 7 days ago
My respect to jaiden just tripled
Cara Z
Cara Z 8 days ago
He is like: I need more subs. But he has over 100 million subs and I have like 2. I still subscribed anyways.
F U B A R methink
i want to know why most RUvidr do the OK sign with there hands, is it ok all time? or are use just throwing the 666 up for your youtube masters.
PuppyFace _
PuppyFace _ 8 days ago
lilly cringe lol
Hurricane Hubbs
Hurricane Hubbs 8 days ago
His list was spot on
MrThatGuy Bob
MrThatGuy Bob 8 days ago
PewDiePie be like M a r k e s s
Owen Anonymous
Owen Anonymous 8 days ago
0:10: insert bridge scene here
NPC 420
NPC 420 9 days ago
9:11 Foreshadowing
Ds_clutch 9 days ago
Look at pewd’s face. I’ve never seen him this depressed
Fraction YT
Fraction YT 9 days ago
daniel vanasewgen
daniel vanasewgen 10 days ago
now there is 16 mil dislike
The nameless one Who likes chicken
Let’s give the people want they want WE WANT YEAR REVIEW!
The nameless one Who likes chicken
“Was it that bad?” Me: yes yes it was
Waffle creeper26
Waffle creeper26 10 days ago
Favij TV gg
파루 10 days ago
한국먹방비하는건 아니지.....
OrangeKibaー食蜂 操祈
I have no idea what you said but I agree
U͓̽g͓̽l͓̽y͓̽ ͓̽ ͓̽r͓̽e͓̽t͓̽a͓̽r͓̽d͓̽
Also if you didn’t notice in the back there is a submarine, a peace hand, and a fist. *Sub to PewDiePie*
Panos #miaoufam
Panos #miaoufam 11 days ago
6:37 floor gang
rui xn
rui xn 11 days ago
You forgot my favourit youtuber itsfunneh...." jk
보물 11 days ago
감자는 위대하다
Mango_Fox_5 12 days ago
Yo, 2020 rewind is gonna be SH*T!
Kaneki Eto1000-7
Kaneki Eto1000-7 12 days ago
Mark ass brown 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
무면허라이더 12 days ago
이야 너 운좋다 한국인 찾았네
James Dereak
James Dereak 13 days ago
Uuugghhh *Disgust* 5:57
MANIALEG 13 days ago
Siba Bae
Siba Bae 13 days ago
اللي ترجم الفيديو عربي أتمنى تعدل التوقيت لأنه غلط مرره و يصدع أبدًا مو متماشي مع الصوت!!
Ava Romero
Ava Romero 14 days ago
RUvid: Let's not put Pewdiepie in RUvid Rewind Jaiden Animation: I will do what ever it takes to put Pewdiepie in RUvid Rewind. Also Jaiden Animation: 🖕
stacys world
stacys world 14 days ago
😭 I don't even know what 2018 is anymore last time I checked it was so boring Blended content with probably BTS the song
James Dore
James Dore 14 days ago
Why dose RUvid hate pewds
TrentoNosko 14 days ago
Why is Felix Kjellberg on the thumbnail and not Pewdiepie
Robert Debrah
Robert Debrah 15 days ago
this video could have gotten onto 2020 rewind for likes lol
COOPER JOHNSON 15 days ago
4:00 I disliked the rewind video and returned to watch pewdiepie video
Mina Akina
Mina Akina 15 days ago
You need many dislikes? We can obey it!
Tyler Cox
Tyler Cox 15 days ago
Thank you
박박 16 days ago
한국의 먹방을 비하 하지마라
로이드 17 days ago
한국의 먹방 을 비하 하지마라
Tomáš Verheyen
Tomáš Verheyen 17 days ago
Damn, it feels that shis video came out Just yesterday even tho its alredy 2020
나무살구 17 days ago
Don't waste your time on eating shows without knowing it.
오상호 17 days ago
하루살이 14 days ago
백은렬 17 days ago
CuteLettuce 18 days ago
PewDiePie : I don't need a chair *throws chair* PewDiePie : FLOOR GANG!!!
애플이와 롤리
이댓글을 퓨디파이님이보셨다면 한국말 자막을 넣어주세요
하루살이 14 days ago
애플이와 롤리
여기한국인은없나요? ㅠㅠ
최건우 18 days ago
한국 먹방 비하발언 오지네
누구새우 11 days ago
좀 그만합시다 공대생님도 하지말라 했고 퓨디파이도 원래 컨셉입니다
Ranveer Sharma
Ranveer Sharma 18 days ago
짜증난 알맹쓰
You're ignoring mukbang dogs. How can this be a content?That's hilarious.
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