Your fingerprints reveal more than you think | Simona Francese

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Our fingerprints are what make us unique -- but they're also home to a world of information hidden in molecules that reveal our actions, lifestyles and routines. In this riveting talk, chemist Simona Francese shows how she studies these microscopic traces using mass spectrometry, a technology that analyzes fingerprints in previously impossible detail, and demonstrates how this cutting-edge forensic science can help police catch criminals. (Note: This talk contains descriptions of sexual violence.)
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Oct 8, 2018




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Comments 330
Weendy Lry
Weendy Lry 7 hours ago
What's her accent? It sounds like British but it's not really British
Weendy Lry
Weendy Lry 7 hours ago
Just finished my Chemistry Paper 4 (A-level) today and came across this video. Lulz
C N 4 months ago
How would that hold up on court ? Generating hundreds of images to create the suspects print
barry weber
barry weber 5 months ago
Awesome talk and very interesting.
ᖇᗩ乙0229 6 months ago
_"Yes. [We are] Able [even] to proportion his fingertips."_ *-Al-Quran 75:4*
Wanderer 7 months ago
thus video educates both normal people and criminal before doing any crime work XD
Ignis 9 months ago
The same tools that identify those who harm can also be used to frame the innocent. When crime is "cleaned up" how then would society define a terrorist?
Huseyn H.
Huseyn H. 9 months ago
In all my respect to lab workers, I don't understand why they're using Windows XP (very insecure system).
Tom Behrend
Tom Behrend 10 months ago
She did a chronological mistake in her talk: The overlapping fingerprints can only be visible as single fingerprings (by the software of the computer) BECAUSE those specific molecules found by MS identify the areas of each fingerprint! Only then the computer can compute both images of the fps. She first put the overlapping fp apart and then told us that those substances are only on the killers fp.... thats chronologically wrong!
Xolani Khumalo
Xolani Khumalo 11 months ago
That last WOW
EVA. 11 months ago
ليه مافيه ترجمع عربي ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ Why there is no Arabic translation????????
Rosa Frausto
Rosa Frausto 11 months ago
Too bad subtitles were not provided!
Angela Sealana
Angela Sealana 11 months ago
Wow. Fantastic tool for the justice system.
Xenopolis 11 months ago
Pfft...look at all that passion on catching some criminal. Too bad, the government is gonna exploit this tech for self gain guaranteed. The statistical possibilities for application lean towards malicious use.
Russell Badessa
Russell Badessa 11 months ago
As a HS teacher of Forensic Science, I really enjoyed this presentation. Is there a transcript available for it?
Andrea Carpenter
Mass and weight are not the same.
kloe klo
kloe klo Year ago
ted vancouver is weird. like almost stupid
Viet Quoc
Viet Quoc Year ago
Please. Vietnamese subtitles .I don't understand
SS DD Year ago
This will just turn into another mechanism to control the population. What a waste of time and money!
MrLoqy Year ago
I heard wow at the end! Haha! #feelingismutual
Mer Sin
Mer Sin Year ago
Niye ağlıyor bu abla?
Arcturusgold Year ago
That dress.......my mother had curtains like that....she gave them to a charity shop......must check for fingerprints. (very interesting talk by the way)
Cilok 8108
Cilok 8108 Year ago
Chinese contaminated advertisement~...
Sarah P
Sarah P Year ago
Wow I've most definitely learnt something new by watching this ~ thank you ~ seriously much appreciated ~ 😀
Kris Sunderlin
Male bashing bullshit!
John J
John J Year ago
What a milf 😘👌
Sunday Pie
Sunday Pie Year ago
What if the victim or the perpetrator comes from an area where amounts of pharmaceuticals (including antibiotics, hormones, mood stabilizers, and other drugs) are in the drinking water supplies???
Fabian E.
Fabian E. Year ago
5:33 2018, still using WinXp
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Year ago
Not hearing her say anything about precision, accuracy, limit of detection or interference. Forensic chemists are scary.
KA D Year ago
She did state the limitations at 5:51. In summary, shimmering mass spec requires skills to establish confidence
Ancient Mysteries & Modern Innovations
My brain automatically tunes this lady's voice out
Adrian Gray
Adrian Gray Year ago
wait till they'll reverse engineer fingerprint to a DNA segment...
surewinner Year ago
Characters in her case are fictional, and just made up to make her point. This is a bunch of BS.
KA D Year ago
The capabilities she speaks of is real, I've worked with mass spect even as an undergrad student and that was over 10 years ago.
Travis Ziolkowski
"Drink alcoal and consume cacane" lawls!..
mn m
mn m Year ago
149 dislikes , those dislikes could be from criminals coz they don't like this revealing technology
He Man
He Man Year ago
"Iv'e just left my fingerprints all over my wanglers" 0:18
Hanz Fenzel
Hanz Fenzel Year ago
Sallie Mae
Sallie Mae Year ago
No two fingerprints are alike.These advancements in analyzing fingerprints are much needed in a quicker identification of suspects in an alleged crime.If you are trespassing do not leave any fingerprints behind.
Kaiser Bhat
Kaiser Bhat Year ago
"evolved from monkey "and have unique id assigned to every individual .....amazing
István Sipos
István Sipos Year ago
because no fingerprint is more or less effective than another fingerprint. so yeah, all these different variations survived our evolution. in other words: no matter how your fingerprints form those tiny patterns and loops and spirals, it is as good as mine, provides as much grip as mine. neither yours nor mine has any reason to disappear from the gene pool. fur colour can be a totally different story. the typical lion colour has evolved for tall grass ambushes. any variation (darker or lighter) and the predator is far less effective so all the other colours vanished from the gene pool (with the extremely rare exceptions of white lions who have serious difficulties in hunting ans usually don't survive as long as "normal" lions). Wolves on the other hand are long distance runners. In their case, even black is OK. A black specimen is not more or less effective because their hunt depends on their stamina, not on their stealth. thus many colours survived the process of evolution. Like fingerprints.
Шапагат Байтекеева
I really like this presentation!!! It is kind a scary story, but it is worth it. I think it is a new way to solve crimes. Crimes will decrease as they soledBy using right technology as she said. But everywhere we have two side of the coin. And of course fingerprints can be used as setup. Everyone should be carefully. And follow the recommendation,like “don’t touch anything in someone’s house”. I think it will help you to stay safe. Love yourself and your loved one!
James Humphrey
great but that dress is too much a fingerprint in itself - the obvious distraction and to what and statement all in one
James Humphrey
well she caught the killer so ok by me
James Humphrey
Ali Murteza Hyder
How about spy masters who kill others without being finger-printed.
Misti Roberts
Misti Roberts Year ago
raped and murdered she means?
István Sipos
István Sipos Year ago
POST mortem fingerprinting. yeah, it is safe to ssume that Katie was murdered, too. Fure sure, she is dead.
GITMO Holliday
I wonder if the pattern of fingerprints also can tell us something about the person.. maybe some patterns are more common among woman or maybe some patterns are linked to the skin color or hair / eyes etc.
Vishnu pratap
Vishnu pratap Year ago
Mine is no longer a dream it's a goal👌
Christopher Smith
Of course, that still isn't conclusive evidence that Thomson is the killer or even the rapist. It only proves that he handled the tape at some point. Sad for a hypothetical man to be convicted of rape and murder just because he stocks tape at a hardware store (for instance). That being said, mass spectrometry for fingerprint analysis is still cool.
epSos Premium
epSos Premium Year ago
Like a detective story.
trompacoable1 Year ago
They can also easily put something with a fingerprint on it into a crime scene. Like they do with DNA. As long as humans are involved it will never ever be airtight and there will always be innocent people who end up in jail to cover for the real criminal. It happens.
trompacoable1 Year ago
Now we need non-corrupt/non-corrupted police to profit from this technology.
Nishi M P
Nishi M P Year ago
one book is enough to write all the knowledge. even one subject eg chemistry is not able to write it in one book and lot of experiment going on.what a nonsense that every thing is available in one book.this is radical mind.syria people are trying to make like that
Nishi M P
Nishi M P Year ago
religion is one way science.all kowledge never ending.you can take a doctor degree in it .all people can take it.there is no big thing.
Jason Coomer
Jason Coomer Year ago
Fingerprint forensics is a complete joke and just a way to convince ignorant people to admit guilt... This is the 2.0 version of that. Dont believe people who tell you something and then benefit from you believing a lie...
matt prior
matt prior Year ago
I am not the criminal but I know one simple thing that do not ever leave anything behind when you commit a crime and concealing begins with hairs and fingerprints and from their list grows like CCTV capture from nearby or anywhere , cell phone location, car no. etc. ! If one is really desperate to get rid of somebody than these below steps one may wanna follow :- 1. Apply cream on your whole body and hair gel with minimum odor ! 2.Apply silver paint cream on your face ! 3. Leave cell phone or any other communication device but can take wireless if one is with accomplice ! 4. Take electric bike if one can otherwise prepare to do jogging through lot of shortcuts and may be for a marathon ! 5. Always take account of the security in the area of the crime ! 6. Disconnect relations or continue to maintain the close relations which depends on the state of mind of the criminal or the situation ! 7.Always wear black clothes and small cloth to cover properly the face if needed on the CRIME NIGHT ! 8. Chose only three occasions : Festival, carnival night or silent dark night or super stormy and rainy night ! 9. Always keep your watch and it will be best if watch is equipped with maps, compass ,timer, led light and other apps as well etc but should not able to receive or send any pings ! 10. Change most of your daily routine , outfits , habits of communication well before in advance or just make it confusing or unpredictable ! REMEMBER ...... planning, practice , observation, patience with commitment and discipline trumps everything !!
Nishi M P
Nishi M P Year ago
People always tell that it is found holy book in gita,quran,bible.please dont come with radical thought in this platform
Joao Nunes
Joao Nunes Year ago
IF they use this against criminals, is OK, but I am sure those MF, will be use this for social engineering and Social espionage and many many more commercial and social control applications...
DeepFryd Lizard
The past will show you the future. I used to look forward to the future, not so much anymore. Use your illusion wisely.
Karen Khoo
Karen Khoo Year ago
I'm going to wear gloves all the time.
Jeramie Curtice
Whoever Kate was, I can tell the speaker was close to her in some way as she teared up. Her passion seems driven in seeking justice and the result will eventually help many victims. May Kate's family and friends find peace.
steven holmes
steven holmes Year ago
Can this reopen old case's. Might help free some inmates that have been incarcerated without a proper trial.
David Mackie
David Mackie Year ago
Faint traces of washing up liquid, plus traces of nasal mucus, and decaying skin cells from my cat.
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