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Your eyes tell · BTS
℗ A Vergin Music release; ℗ 2020 UNIVERSAL MUSIC LLC
Released on: 2020-07-15
Associated Performer, Choir Arranger, Vocal Arranger, Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Pdogg
Associated Performer, Vocal Arranger: Supreme Boi
Producer, Associated Performer, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Guitar: Gustav Mared
Associated Performer, Vocals: RM
Associated Performer, Vocals: Suga
Associated Performer, Vocals: JIN
Associated Performer, Vocals: J-hope
Associated Performer, Vocals: Jimin
Associated Performer, Vocals: V
Associated Performer, Vocals, Background Vocalist: Jung Kook
Associated Performer, Synthesizer, Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Editor: Uta
Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Yohei
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Supreme Boi
Studio Personnel, Editor: Keita Joko
Studio Personnel, Mix Engineer: D.O.I.
Composer Lyricist: Gustav Mared
Composer Lyricist: Jung Kook
Composer Lyricist: Uta
Composer Lyricist: JUN
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Jul 14, 2020




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Comments 100
Onceu Jjang!
Onceu Jjang! 6 hours ago
I didn't know BTS had this type of songs. Wow, I just missed a lot.
Neni Ami
Neni Ami 10 hours ago
Can cancannn
Can cancannn 12 hours ago
내가 한 번 더 울어도 될까요?
Raina Anitsuga
Raina Anitsuga 15 hours ago
Soo Beautiful Song, Beautiful Voice, Beautiful Lyrics, Beautiful at it all, i Can't stop listening this song...
Its_Caraina 15 hours ago
if you think the studio version is good, you gotta listen to it live
Kend'y Manzanare's
Kend'y Manzanare's 16 hours ago
this song is too cool
Maryam Sheikh
Maryam Sheikh 16 hours ago
Jungkook sorry for being demanding But can we have this song in your voice only please T.T T.T
Asude Enise Kılınç
I love BTS because they say everything that crosses my mind 💜💜💜💜 TURKISH ARMY
Asude Enise Kılınç
it was so beautiful that I tried hard not to cry.💜💜💜 TURKISH ARMY
anushka rotkar
anushka rotkar 18 hours ago
14 th july is my birthday best birthday gift hankyou bts
lovely 123
lovely 123 18 hours ago
jay hobie
jay hobie 21 hour ago
This song is just so beautiful...
옌전 22 hours ago
I think JK wrote this song while watching the movie Titanic 😐
Midari Yumeko
Midari Yumeko 23 hours ago
This song is ....magical I feel like I'm in anime world ✨
Isabella hennies
aaaaaa meu coração :(
chari dipali
chari dipali Day ago
people who are still streaming this masterpiece can like my comment..
CHA YO HAN Day ago
ruvid.net/video/video-KVAt8jwUobI.html pls saved this playlist, ARMYs. It means a lot.
Jazmin Jade
Jazmin Jade Day ago
Maggie Olmos
Maggie Olmos Day ago
Maggie Olmos
Maggie Olmos Day ago
Vengo de escuchar Spring day y ahora voy a pasar por Life goes on..cortenme las venas por favor lloro con las 3 :(
Maggie Olmos
Maggie Olmos Day ago
Sus voces tan dulces y perfectas
Maggie Olmos
Maggie Olmos Day ago
Amo amo amo
Yomairislol Day ago
This song makes me cry..... wow you voices, amazing
Mane Day ago
kim yeon ah
kim yeon ah Day ago
My heartuu....
THIS IS WONDERFUL its so sweet This is really the most beautiful moment I love it THANK YOU BTS YOU ARE SO SPECIAL TO ME I PROMISE ILL ALWAYS BE BY YOUR SIDE WHEN YOU NEED ME I hope to meet you at the UAE after COVID-19 your ARMY -Aya
Aulyana Febry
Suka beud sama suara ini tuh ademm gitu
serba kw
serba kw 2 days ago
나는 방탄을 사랑
Parth Joshi
Parth Joshi 2 days ago
who else feel army is bit toxic towards bts , like they want to keep track of bts related to everything like bts have no personal life they are human too let them have personal life
my name is vincent
sorry stay gold, but THIS IS A MASTERPIECE. your eyes tell and blue & grey will be my new anthems.
A Hour ago
Both written by TAEKOOK (no not in a ship way if y'all start assuming)
Kaezerin Bonifacio
BTS FOREVER army 2 days ago
A alguien mas le hace llorar esa cancion?
Geraldyne Rivera
Geraldyne Rivera 2 days ago
Felicidades por su nominación a los grammys 🥺🥺✨✨
Arushi Gupta
Arushi Gupta 2 days ago
whos still listening.... I CANT GET OVER IT its so soothing
Marina Cordeiro
Marina Cordeiro 2 days ago
Não existe música perfe......esquece
Lizeth Viviana Taborda Peña
que linda cancion me hizo llorar
Tr.Tae'nin Coco Colası
Bu sarki benim icin cok degerlii...
Hoseok's Sprite
Hoseok's Sprite 2 days ago
Buradan cevap alsam sevinirdim
Hoseok's Sprite
Hoseok's Sprite 2 days ago
Şimdi gidip Dynamite' sorucam
Hoseok's Sprite
Hoseok's Sprite 2 days ago
Galiba şeyden bahsediyor fotokartlı olanlardan yani sadece CD li değil galiba.
Hoseok's Sprite
Hoseok's Sprite 2 days ago
Bt21 store'da albüm satılıyor mu ?
Tr.Tae'nin Coco Colası
Bilmiyorum kii cnm
Hoseok's Sprite
Hoseok's Sprite 2 days ago
Selam Hâlâ buradamısınız bilmiyorum ama burada geçen onca zamandan sonra buraya geldim çünkü benim sevdiğim ve güvendiğim kişileri ilk burada tanıdım burada gördüm. Bu mesajı görüyorsanız size arkadaşımın sormamı istediği bi soru var.
Başlık Parası -İpi
Sor sprite
Peace Lee
Peace Lee 2 days ago
Bts giving me another reason to shed a tear 😢❤️
Ali Ackerman
Ali Ackerman 2 days ago
My best friend dedicated me this song. Rosa, I love you :')
XxBts_mega fanxX
XxBts_mega fanxX 2 days ago
I cry
☆ k00ka!ne ☆
☆ k00ka!ne ☆ 2 days ago
People often say to me it's just music, but I don't think they understand that they're more than just a "band" they let us into alot of their life which obviously allows us to form a sort of bond with them as fans, one most western artists don't have, and it upsets me when people say it's just music because THEY are the reason I'm alive. I'm so grateful for them it's unbelievable, they kept me on my feet in the darkest points in my life so far
Camila Andrea Mendoza Torres
reflejará la historia de una chica que pierde la vista luego de un accidente, pero su encuentro con un ex luchador le mostrará que siempre hay esperanza, aunque tendrán que enfrentar un gran error del pasado para encontrar un futuro mejor.
Citra Faradillah
Citra Faradillah 2 days ago
I like this song so much.
Citra Faradillah
Citra Faradillah 2 days ago
This song always make me cry, now im crying because i hear this song
anne marie
anne marie 2 days ago
Have you listened to any songs that made you forgot to breath because it was very good? It happened to me when I listened to this song. It was like my soul travel to other dimension.
anne marie
anne marie 2 days ago
@i'm hyeojin!!! Nope. i'm very far from German
i'm hyeojin!!!
i'm hyeojin!!! 2 days ago
Are you german?
蠍antares 3 days ago
金木犀の優しい薫り 凄く綺麗で切ない曲💜
さな 3 days ago
何故、こんなにも涙が溢れるの ねぇ、側にいて そして笑ってよ 君のいない未来は 色のない世界 モノクロで冷たい 見つめてる暗闇さえも so beautiful(あまりに美しく) 僕を信じて欲しい まっすぐに君だけを見て どこにも行かないように この先に何が待ち受けても 遠くまで見つめるその向こう 君がくれた場所は今も 心の拠り所でいるのさ 過去の影は何度も 追いかけてくるけれど 振り解くほどに がんじがらめで follow me(ついてくる) それでも掴みたいんだ どこへでも I’ll find you(君を見つけ出すよ) 君と歩む明日へ 終わりの始まりとなろうとしても 君の名を叫ぶよ 見つめてるその眼差しは so colorful(あまりに色鮮やかで) 全てを捧げるよ 叶わない、願いを胸に 言葉にできないまま 過去と未来、向き合うために どれだけ望めば手が届く こんな夜だけど思い続けるよ 黄昏のこの街で 愛されたい 愛せるよう 瞳になるよ これからの旅に 見つめてる暗闇さえも so beautiful(あまりに美しく) 僕を信じて欲しい まっすぐに君だけを見て どこにも行かないように 見守ってるその眼差しは so colorful(あまりに色鮮やかで) 教えてくれたんだ いつの日かその悲しみは 僕らを紡いでいく Your eyes, they tell (君の瞳が 教えてくれる)
Miyabi Suzumiya
Miyabi Suzumiya 3 days ago
BE: LIFE GOES ON 3 days ago
"Your Eyes Tell" [Romanized:] Naze, kon'nanimo namida ga afureru no Nee, soba ni ite soshite waratte yo Kimi no inai mirai wa iro no nai sekai Monokuro de tsumetai mitsume teru Kurayami sae mo so beautiful Boku o shinjite hoshī Massugu ni kimi dake o mite Doko ni mo ikanai yō ni Kono sakini nani ga machiukete mo Tōku made mitsumeru sono mukō Kimi ga kureta basho wa ima mo Kokoro no yoridokoro de iru no sa Kako no kage wa nando mo oikakete kurukeredo Furihodoku hodo ni ganjigarame de follow me Soredemo tsukamitai nda doko e demo I’ll find you Kimi to ayumu ashita e Owari no hajimari to narou to shite mo Kimi no na o sakebu yo Mitsume teru sono manazashi wa so colorful Subete o sasageru yo kanawanai, Negai o mune ni kotobani dekinai mama Kako to mirai, mukiau tame ni Dore dake nozomeba tegatodoku kon'na yorudakedo Omoi tsudzukeru yo tasogare no konomachide Aisaretai aiseru yō hitomi ni naru yo Korekara no tabi ni Mitsume teru kurayami sae mo so beautiful Boku o shinjite hoshī massugu ni kimi dake o mite Dokoni mo ikanai yō ni Mimamotteru sono manazashi wa so colorful Oshiete kureta nda Itsunohika sono kanashimi wa bokura o tsumuide iku Ah-ah-ah Your eyes, they tell Ah-ah
MON S 3 days ago
— kira
— kira 3 days ago
jungkook, this is so beautiful.
HP_07 3 days ago
indomy be like
HP_07 3 days ago
wow bagus banget lagunya sumpah !!
Alex Cornelio
Alex Cornelio 3 days ago
Bts is the Best
Hailey S
Hailey S 3 days ago
Crying to this song at 2am hits different
Alisson Briseth Olortegui Delgado
esta canción me llego al corazón..............
⟭⟬ JK KIM ⟬⟭
“Even if you’re not perfect, you’re limited edition.” - Kim Namjoon - "Your presence can give happiness. I hope you remember that." - Kim Seokjin - "Every moment is memorable to me." - Min Yoongi - "A warm smile is the universal language of kindness." - Jung Hoseok - "There is beauty in everything, just that not everyone sees it." - Park Jimin - “You are part of my story, memory and scenery, thank you.” - Kim Taehyung - “Life isn’t about being perfect, it’s about accomplishing your dreams.” - Jeon Jungkook -
Sky★Powers Dragoness
Did they all actually say this? Just wondering
Vaishya Pooja
Vaishya Pooja 2 days ago
Did they said this?.... Like each one of them... (I'm just curious) because each line is conveying it's own journey.
⟭⟬ JK KIM ⟬⟭
*“You can hate us, but not armys”* *-BTS* *“You can hate us, but not BTS”* *-ARMYs* *BTS & ARMY = FAMILY*
winterbear 1013
winterbear 1013 3 days ago
I just teared up to this song
Jungkook Is My Euphoria
Friend: why are you crying it’s just a song? The song:
C B.P 3 days ago
When I listen to this song, I have mixed feelings between happiness and sadness. I really love this song😭
Katalina Gomez
Katalina Gomez 3 days ago
Barbara Boland
Barbara Boland 3 days ago
I don't know why but every time I listen to this song it feels like I'm in a k-drama as the main character who is falling in love. I don't know why but that's just how I'm feeling. 💜💜🤍🤍💓💓
Yukio 3 days ago
Bts is the reason why i sleep with no thoughts left or dreams and just peaceful. When the next day feels completely new and a fresh start...
Yu Ki
Yu Ki 3 days ago
pooja bhatti
pooja bhatti 3 days ago
Every song of BTS touches the soul..They are amazing❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Sara soso
Sara soso 3 days ago
استرم life goes on و dynamite فايتينغ ارمي
なるにゃん 3 days ago
•Kim Army•
•Kim Army• 3 days ago
كيم نامجون كيم سوكجين مين يونغي جونغ هوسوك بارك جيمين كيم تايهيونغ جيون جونغكوك بي تي اس
Leen Sy
Leen Sy 3 days ago
•Kim Army•
•Kim Army• 3 days ago
@Minju사랑해_방탄소년단 بوراهي آرمي بليز لا تحطي إيم*جي لأنه يج*د المش*هدات
أرمي 💖
•Kim Army•
•Kim Army• 3 days ago
سارانغهي بانغتان
Gana Mostafa
Gana Mostafa 3 days ago
i loove U.
Rabia Bydr
Rabia Bydr 4 days ago
I love this song. 2:46 I love this place
티티kim taehyung
Jungkook I love you so much you are talent .. I cried when listen it and I don't know what did you say .. jungkook and taehyung both of them talent their song very nice love them for best life :)
Jins Handsome FACEU and Jimins lost jams
This is so beautiful I am crying my heart out you just need to feel to understand the song your eyes do really tell they all did beautiful in this song 😭💜
Deijitheteabag 4 days ago
Just watched the movie, when I heard the song I cried ;-;
liza_r Randeri
liza_r Randeri 4 days ago
Life goes on era :-)
JR VK 4 days ago
*Only Indians can understand* *This actually sounds like a hindi song* **Starting** *Nazar*
nanette laurio
nanette laurio 4 days ago
Nice song
Yuni Ari
Yuni Ari 4 days ago
Thu-an Nguyen
Thu-an Nguyen 4 days ago
this song is sooo good
YU NA 4 days ago
BTSの中で1番好きな曲♡︎ でも全部好き♡︎
my wish is to be bts noona
yk? im scared of boys but this makes me feel safe
Ermayonnaise 4 days ago
my ears are blessed
Get well soon Yoongi
Somebody help me please, im in an ocean, ocean of tears
Sami Campoverde
Sami Campoverde 4 days ago
vamos si podemos
eleganttae 4 days ago
Now Playing - Your eyes tell 00:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 4:06 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻ reminder: ✰you are loved✰ stay happy
Yağmur Demirci
Yağmur Demirci 4 days ago
Türk yok mu hiç
Life Goes On or SHUTUP
A link for healing :) ruvid.net/video/video--5q5mZbe3V8.html
Gabi Aguacate
Gabi Aguacate 4 days ago
Alguien que hable spanish y siga escuchando esta joyita??🥺❤️? No? Soy la única? Ps vale uwu
Karla Bernal
Karla Bernal 3 days ago
TheGalacticCat 4 days ago
This song be bringing tears in my eyes bts ily
Nɪᴄᴏʟᴇ ᴀᴍʙᴜʟᴀʏ ღ
esta canción es tan hermosa, me hace llorar.
Jennet Macario
Jennet Macario 4 days ago
Genius writter.. Good melody.. Good voice.. Good people.. What else we can ask for.. It's so happy to live as an army.. Borahae
Rebeca Hernández
Love this song
GinTsuki Ókami
GinTsuki Ókami 4 days ago
People will be sitting at my funeral for days cuz my funeral-playlist is getting longer...
marcos rodriguez
marcos rodriguez 4 days ago
Life Goes On" Pre-Save 'BE'! November 20th, 2020
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