Your Boyfriend Is Right Here-Me!!! (Goblin ep5)

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Jun 6, 2019




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Comments 45
Hannah Cruz
Hannah Cruz 2 days ago
babay shark
babay shark 8 days ago
movie was gud
cinta dobob
cinta dobob 16 days ago
the ackward moment..🤣🤣🤣
3K Reality
3K Reality 19 days ago
Watch this ruvid.net/video/video-Ybtdjw7pyMU.html
The Enemy In Music
The Enemy In Music 23 days ago
hahah cute!!!
E.E 25 days ago
2:14 The way Grim Reaper just flipped that basket "I'M SO DONE THIRD WHEELING IN THIS HOUSE"
ktgirl 75761
ktgirl 75761 24 days ago
Mr zack
Mr zack Month ago
Mai Sarah
Mai Sarah Month ago
Good ep😁😂😂😂😂
watch tv
watch tv Month ago
You can watch goblin on youtube full episodes with eng sub on this link ruvid.net/video/video-VgNPByMlWTg.html
You got no JAMS
You got no JAMS Month ago
2:15 the feeling of being single😂
Jayify2000 Month ago
I thought this was a Sulli song it said Korea? Idk
Haneeyhaslinda  Chua
Auxdrius Month ago
1:52 *what's it like to be the 3rd wheel*
Krizie Month ago
Sorry Goblin, but you don't look like her boyfriend, rather a much older brother. Too bad the chemistry is off...
Krizie 22 days ago
@Sharmin Akter No matter, I still don't like their chemistry. And I don't like the fact she's "born to be his bride" it's like you're saying "I don't have a choice because you're my destiny". I prefer a romance in which the couple genuinely enjoys being with each other, can't stand not being together despite the bickering, being together because it's their choice, not just destiny. I'm talking about coffee prince by the way.
Sharmin Akter
Sharmin Akter 27 days ago
@Krizie she was born as the goblin's bride and he'll always stay in his 30s so she'll grow old but he'll not later in that drama when she grew a little old they looked good :-)
Krizie Month ago
@IzzyKawaiichi Well that's not my point. I'm talking about how old they look, not the age.
IzzyKawaiichi Month ago
Krizie Well, he is several hundred years older than her...
Jessie Lanzo
Jessie Lanzo Month ago
Where can u watch this
Viki rakuten
alessia ale
alessia ale Month ago
Kissasian ( free ) site with English sub !!!!
Phern Ann
Phern Ann Month ago
sum_nie Month ago
참나, 내가 누구 때문에 이 점이 생기고 누구 때문에 귀신을 보는데요? 낙인 뭐 예쁘기만 하구만. 어머, 아저씨 지금 내 머리카락 쳤어요? 아, 그러니깐 가슴에 검이 꽂히지. 사람이 이런 게 꽂히는 데는 다 이유가 있다니까요. 너 어떻게 이렇게 사람 아픈 데를 콕콕 찔러? 사이코 패스야? 아저씨는 뭐 처음부터 안 그랬는 줄 알아요? 넌 도깨비 신부가 아니다, 소문에 살지 말고 현실에 살아라, 자긴 콕콕 안 찌르고 되게 푹신푹신 했는 줄 아나 봐. 너 위해서 이야기 한 거잖아, 너 위해서! 나 위할 거면 남친이나 내놔요. 알바, 이모네, 남친. 무슨 수호신이 이래? 안 이루어 졌잖아요, 남친! 여기 있잖아, 니 남친! 여기 어디에요? 여기 어디? 여기 네 앞에 나!
Nurul Naisha
Nurul Naisha Month ago
Herw i am again. Cant get enough of them n cant remember how many times i watched this drama
Luv Xris
Luv Xris 2 months ago
that level of awkwardness lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Ester Siregar
Ester Siregar 2 months ago
Ngakak woi
xX kim Rina Xx
xX kim Rina Xx 2 months ago
reaper is just sitting and looking at them😂😂😂
virgo 02
virgo 02 2 months ago
Ahahhahaha. LDW 😂😂😂😂
vee bm
vee bm 2 months ago
That goblin are jealousy
syxwxnxx 2 months ago
Look at his sassy smug face 1:10 lol
mushroom cactus
mushroom cactus 3 months ago
God I loved these three XD
Jinnie 3 months ago
Am I the only one that can't get enough of dokkaebi reaction at 1:08 . 😂
shiitakemushreums 2 months ago
jimin has a jam
jimin has a jam 3 months ago
Jakiya Sultana
Jakiya Sultana 4 months ago
All of they're amazing....
chillidogg74 4 months ago
Love this drama. And R.I.P. Dramafever :(
Elizabeth Darcy
Elizabeth Darcy 4 months ago
I bet the reaper's reaction was an ad lib. He loves ad libs🤣🤣🤣
?! Lorenzo
?! Lorenzo 5 months ago
R.I.P dramafever
Luna Sagarika
Luna Sagarika 24 days ago
what's that?
S .b
S .b 5 months ago
The reaper reaction tho 😂
Binal Doshi
Binal Doshi 2 months ago
Lol I love how every thing in this drama eventually becomes about GR or GR and Sunny... Don't get me wrong I love goblin and his bride, but GR is just GR...
Mister Say
Mister Say 5 months ago
@Nadia Small Typical Cuteness KDrama 😁😁😁
S .b
S .b 5 months ago
Nadia Small SAAAAME
Nadia Small
Nadia Small 5 months ago
I've lost count on how many times I've watched this. Lol
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