Your Boyfriend Is Right Here-Me!!! (Goblin ep5)

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Jun 6, 2019




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Comments 27
Jayify2000 10 hours ago
I thought this was a Sulli song it said Korea? Idk
Haneeyhaslinda  Chua
Clove 6 days ago
1:52 *what's it like to be the 3rd wheel*
Krizie 7 days ago
Sorry Goblin,but you don't look like her boyfriend, rather an older brother. Too bad the chemistry is off...
Jessie Lanzo
Jessie Lanzo 8 days ago
Where can u watch this
Phern Ann
Phern Ann 4 days ago
sum_nie 8 days ago
참나, 내가 누구 때문에 이 점이 생기고 누구 때문에 귀신을 보는데요? 낙인 뭐 예쁘기만 하구만. 어머, 아저씨 지금 내 머리카락 쳤어요? 아, 그러니깐 가슴에 검이 꽂히지. 사람이 이런 게 꽂히는 데는 다 이유가 있다니까요. 너 어떻게 이렇게 사람 아픈 데를 콕콕 찔러? 사이코 패스야? 아저씨는 뭐 처음부터 안 그랬는 줄 알아요? 넌 도깨비 신부가 아니다, 소문에 살지 말고 현실에 살아라, 자긴 콕콕 안 찌르고 되게 푹신푹신 했는 줄 아나 봐. 너 위해서 이야기 한 거잖아, 너 위해서! 나 위할 거면 남친이나 내놔요. 알바, 이모네, 남친. 무슨 수호신이 이래? 안 이루어 졌잖아요, 남친! 여기 있잖아, 니 남친! 여기 어디에요? 여기 어디? 여기 네 앞에 나!
Nurul Naisha
Nurul Naisha 13 days ago
Herw i am again. Cant get enough of them n cant remember how many times i watched this drama
Luv Xris
Luv Xris 18 days ago
that level of awkwardness lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Ester Siregar
Ester Siregar 22 days ago
Ngakak woi
xX itzAurora Xx
xX itzAurora Xx 29 days ago
reaper is just sitting and looking at them😂😂😂
virgo 02
virgo 02 Month ago
Ahahhahaha. LDW 😂😂😂😂
vee bm
vee bm Month ago
That goblin are jealousy
syxwxnxx Month ago
Look at his sassy smug face 1:10 lol
mushroom cactus
mushroom cactus Month ago
God I loved these three XD
Jinnie Month ago
Am I the only one that can't get enough of dokkaebi reaction at 1:08 . 😂
jimin has a jam
jimin has a jam Month ago
Jakiya Sultana
Jakiya Sultana 2 months ago
All of they're amazing....
chillidogg74 2 months ago
Love this drama. And R.I.P. Dramafever :(
Elizabeth Darcy
Elizabeth Darcy 3 months ago
I bet the reaper's reaction was an ad lib. He loves ad libs🤣🤣🤣
?! Lorenzo
?! Lorenzo 4 months ago
R.I.P dramafever
S .b
S .b 4 months ago
The reaper reaction tho 😂
Binal Doshi
Binal Doshi Month ago
Lol I love how every thing in this drama eventually becomes about GR or GR and Sunny... Don't get me wrong I love goblin and his bride, but GR is just GR...
Mister Say
Mister Say 3 months ago
@Nadia Small Typical Cuteness KDrama 😁😁😁
S .b
S .b 4 months ago
Nadia Small SAAAAME
Nadia Small
Nadia Small 4 months ago
I've lost count on how many times I've watched this. Lol
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