Young Nudy - Shotta (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Young Nudy
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“Shotta" ft. Megan Thee Stallion out now
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May 8, 2019




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kelly baby
kelly baby 6 hours ago
Young Nudy] Uh hahahaha Huh (Yo, Pi’erre, you wanna come out here?) How you like it, though? [Young Nudy] He’s a shotta (Yeah) He’s a robber (Yeah) He’s a trapper (He’s a trapper) He’s a gangsta (Gangsta) Money-maker (Money) He’s a killer (Killer) He’s a realer (Uh) Real guerilla She’s a bad b---- (A bad b----) She so nasty (She so nasty) She so classy (She so classy) She so sassy (She so sassy) She so freaky (She so freaky) And she with the s--- (She with the s---) And she get that cash (Yo, Pi’erre, you wanna come out here?) And she ’bout that s--- [Young Nudy] I might trick somethin’ (Uh-huh) Put a b---- on your head, she gon’ trick somethin’ (Okay) For that money, she ain’t scared, she ain’t scared of nothin’ She’s a real go-getter, she gon’ take somethin’ (She gon’ take somethin’) Yeah, uh-huh Get you in the spot, she gave that dome dome (She gave that dome dome) Yeah, doorbell ringin’, I’m like dong dong Yeah, kick your front door down and you know its on Yeah, lay your a-- down, you know what we on (Yo, Pi’erre, you wanna come out here?) B----, get out, s--- finna go down, slap his a-- right now With that 30, stick it in his mouth, wet that s--- right now (Okay) I need that stash and I need that bag Ayy, n----, where that cash? (Where it at?) ‘Cause I’m slimin’, so I need this s--- Grimy with that s--- (Yeah) [Young Nudy] He’s a shotta (Uh) He’s a robber (Yeah) He’s a trapper (He’s a trapper) He’s a gangsta (He’s a gangsta) Money-maker (Money-maker) He’s a killer (He’s a killer) He’s a realer (He’s a realer) Real guerilla (Real guerilla) She’s a bad b---- (She’s a bad b----) She so nasty (She so nasty) She so classy (She so classy) She so sassy (She so sassy) She so freaky (She so freaky) And she with the s--- (She with the s---) And she get that cash (Yo, Pi’erre, you wanna come out here?) And she ’bout that s--- [Megan Thee Stallion] Mwah T-t-that street s--- make me wet (Ooh) Bae go get that check (Yeah) N----- want smoke with me (What?) Bae go get that TEC (Bow, bow) Ayy, load up the clip while I’m grabbin’ your d--- (Yeah, yeah) Give him a kiss on the way to the lick (Mwah) In on a pack so I’m gettin’ a split (Yeah) (Yo, Pi’erre, you wanna come out here?) F--- the police, I ain’t tellin’ ’em s--- (Ayy, ayy) B------ want my n----, but don’t know what to do with him (Yeah) You could f--- him, you could s--- him, but I’m the one get loot with him (Ayy, yeah) Ayy, yeah, lil’ b---- you ain’t like that (Uh) P---- come with a price tag (Yeah) Broke n---- take a look at me And understand he can’t afford that I’m a bad b---- and I’m classy (Ayy, yeah) Got some street soldiers that’ll blast s--- (Bow, bow, bow) Keep a big bust-it ’cause I’m nasty Pistol by the bed when we smashin’ (Yeah, yeah, ah) [CYoung Nudy] He’s a shotta (Uh) He’s a robber (Yeah) He’s a trapper (He’s a trapper) He’s a gangsta (He’s a gangsta) Money-maker (Money-maker) He’s a killer (He’s a killer) He’s a realer (He’s a realer) Real guerilla (Real guerilla) She’s a bad b---- (She’s a bad b----) She so nasty (She so nasty) She so classy (She so classy) She so sassy (She so sassy) She so freaky (She so freaky) And she with the s--- (She with the s---) And she get that cash And she ’bout that s--- (Yeah, yeah) (Yo, Pi’erre, you wanna come out here?)Young Nudy的Shotta(Ft。Megan Thee種馬) [楊Nudy] 呃哈哈哈哈 哈 (喲,Pi'erre,你要來這裡?) 你喜歡它,雖然? [Young Nudy] 他是一個鏡頭(是) 他是一個強盜(是) 他是一個陷阱(他是一個陷阱) 他是一個幫派(Gangsta) 賺錢者(金錢) 他是一個殺手(殺手) 他是一個真正的(呃) 真正的游擊隊 她是一個不好的b ----(A壞b ----) 她這麼討厭(她這麼討厭) 她這麼優雅(她如此優雅), 她這樣時髦(她這樣時髦的) 她這麼奇特的(她如此怪異) 和她用s ---(她用s ---) 然後她得到了現金 (Yo,Pi'erre,你想出來嗎?) 然後她用那筆錢- [Young Nudy] 我可能會欺騙某事(呵呵) 在您的頭上放一個b ----,她會欺騙某事(好) 為了那筆錢,她不會害怕,她不會害怕不是, 她是一個真正的傻瓜,她想拿點東西(她要拿點東西)) 是啊,嗯, 讓你當場,她給了那個圓頂穹頂(她給了那個圓頂穹頂) 是的,門鈴響了“,我很喜歡董 呀,踢你的前門下來,你知道它的 呀,把你往下A--,你知道我們在 (喲,Pi'erre,你要來這裡?) B- ---,出去,s --- finna下去,拍他的a--現在 用那30,把它粘在他的嘴裡,弄濕s ---(現在) 我需要那個東西,我需要那袋子 是的,那筆錢在哪裡?(在哪裡?) “因為我苗條”,所以我需要這個s --- 骯髒的s ---(是) [Young Nudy] 他是一個鏡頭(呃) 他是一個強盜(是) 他是一個陷阱(他是一個陷阱) 他是一個幫派(他是一個幫派) 賺錢(賺錢) 他是一個殺手(他是一個殺手) 他是一個真實(他是真實的) 真正的游擊隊員(Real guerilla) 她是壞b ----(她是壞b ----) 她好討厭(她好討厭) 她好優雅(她好優雅) 她很野蠻(她這樣時髦的) 她這麼奇特的(她如此怪異) 她用S ---(她用S ---) 她拿到現金 (喲,Pi'erre,你想在這裡出來了?) 她關於... [Megan Thee種馬] Mwah Tt- 那條街道s ---讓我弄濕(哦) Bae去拿支票(是的) N -----想要和我一起抽煙(什麼?) Bae去拿那個TEC(弓,鞠躬) 好吧,在我抓緊你的d的同時加載剪輯-(是的,是的)在舔舔 的路上給他一個吻(Mwah), 放在包裝中,這樣我就可以分開了(是的) (耶,皮埃爾,你想出來嗎?) F ---警察,我不會告訴他們-((是,是) B ------想要我的----,但不知道該怎麼跟他做(是啊) ,你可以F ---他,你能小號---他,但我是一個獲取戰利品與他(AYY,是啊) AYY ,是的,lil'b ----您不是那樣的人(呃) P ----帶有價格標籤(是的) 打破了n ----看我一眼, 明白他承受不起 我是壞人b ----而我很優雅(是的,是的) 有一些街頭士兵會炸開- -(鞠躬,鞠躬,鞠躬) 保持大胸圍-因為“ 當我們砸爛時,我在床邊是討厭的手槍”(是的,是的,是的) [CYoung Nudy] 他是一個鏡頭(呃) 他是一個強盜(是) 他是一個陷阱(他是一個陷阱) 他是一個幫派(他是一個幫派) 賺錢的人(賺錢的人) 他是殺手(他是殺手) 他是一個殺手真實(他是真實的) 真正的游擊隊員(Real guerilla) 她是壞人b ----(她是壞人b ----) 她好討厭(她好討厭) 她好優雅(她好優雅) 她好傻(她是如此野蠻) 她如此怪異(她如此怪異) 她用s ---(她用s ---) 她得到那筆錢 她用那s ---(是的,是的) (Y,皮埃爾,你想出來嗎?)
Salimah Leilani
Can somebody find the white guy in this video ?
Poloboz3y 33
Poloboz3y 33 4 days ago
Forgot all ab this song 😭
Jack Gore
Jack Gore 4 days ago
Still my shit MEG ate this TF up 💃
Idc1234ish 5 days ago
Megan fine asf thick all over now that’s what you call Bad Bitch! She got the things & hips & big legs all match!
ATM Sed 6 days ago
She killed that man on his on shit omg 😱 he should stop rapping
gift from Virgo
gift from Virgo 7 days ago
This still my fucking song. Megan aaaaaaaaaate!! One of her top 3 features!!
Jessica Malave
Jessica Malave 7 days ago
Gen-x-4Life Smoker
why tf im jus now hearing this 🔥🔥™️
Keyondra Scott
Keyondra Scott 8 days ago
Tiffany Rahim
Tiffany Rahim 12 days ago
Destiny Roseman
Destiny Roseman 13 days ago
I just
Derreonteand jj jj dd
Drop top
Hailey Simone
Hailey Simone 15 days ago
Saw the 350z and screamed 😂
Allison Wilson
Allison Wilson 16 days ago
What white man agreed to act as though he getting shot close range in a rap video😫😫😫😫😫😫! had blood and everything at the end.
Star Willaims
Star Willaims 17 days ago
Carlton Reed
Carlton Reed 22 days ago
Get my uncle gunna on this
ANT - ROL 23 days ago
Szi szoł neszti
Nova RBX
Nova RBX 24 days ago
The moment I saw his fade I knew it was Pi'erre Bourne
LIT 26 days ago
1 YEAR AGO on my bd too lol
GOLDEN V 27 days ago
paul saha
paul saha 28 days ago
You stole the beat from an Indian Bollywood song 🇮🇳 "Khuda Jaane"
Mattia Leneveu
Mattia Leneveu 27 days ago
It's named a sample nigga and pierre Bourne is da producer so stfu
prod. projecthood
this was a year ago wtf??🤔
Britt Eshia
Britt Eshia Month ago
keylasha adams
keylasha adams Month ago
Shaney Cadet
Shaney Cadet Month ago
"Broke niggas take a look at me and understand they can't afford that"🔥🔥🔥
mulan guapo
mulan guapo Month ago
im just really sad that im just now seeing pierre on the piano
0:16 what is tha intro song man that went hard
YTN Sif Official
YTN Sif Official 19 days ago
One Dolla
MVPVGFX Month ago
Queen Erica Kane
Megan looks like a regular female. I don’t see anything different about her. I don’t see what everybody seeing.🤷🏽‍♀️
Sip Aquafina
Sip Aquafina Month ago
who else came bacc to this song in 2020 🔥🔥 ?
Tra. Christie
Tra. Christie Month ago
These song remind of 2 short
David Samano
David Samano Month ago
Cuz went in with that 30, Megan hot girl shit bad ass show off on this one 💯.
Malik Robinson
Malik Robinson Month ago
Lokesea Mariano
Lokesea Mariano Month ago
Honestly ima b real, megan the stallion sounds very corny lol, but she just Hot as fuck, just a super natural thick Bad bitch so nobody cares about her raps being wack lol, We just love her, thats it
Justin Augustin
Justin Augustin Month ago
He's gonna blow like Megan.
Celina Rodríguez
On the Rocks with Jayda
Moneybagg got that Pistol by the Bed from Meg. She dat girl
ASAP Panda
ASAP Panda Month ago
Rose Petrillo
Rose Petrillo Month ago
I like music Videos
atm. ta3
atm. ta3 2 months ago
Tell my why I found this on a porn video smh😭😭💀
S Isk
S Isk 2 months ago
thank you Spotify, slaaaapssssss
Raheem Williams
Raheem Williams 2 months ago
@theestallion @youngnudy aye yeah yeah Yeah got ta wipe your Ah ha ha ha yeah Whew yeah whew @gwallasmash like
Reshad II'm i
Reshad II'm i 2 months ago
Teonia and jacari
Antonia Raychelle
Antonia Raychelle 2 months ago
Lil Phat reincarnation
Khairul Bashar
Khairul Bashar 2 months ago
Hey, Hi Betchaa actressswsd is gilrrrtl come to Our country at Bangladesh....please, then we go on to show youyoo something like that,
LIT 2 months ago
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liluzivert 2 months ago
To all the dumb bitches talkin bout “I’m only here for megan” stfu we only care about Pi’erre and Nudy
gift from Virgo
gift from Virgo 7 days ago
Stay mad bitch!
Tevin Hemmans
Tevin Hemmans 2 months ago
Nudy should be on this year freshman cover
jada jones
jada jones 2 months ago
pistol by the bed when we smashing huh 😂🙃
Jewlz XXX
Jewlz XXX 2 months ago
Shilita Clark
Shilita Clark 2 months ago
Period fuck a virus hot girl shit 😭😈👌🏾
Omandrea Bolton
Omandrea Bolton 2 months ago
Right here
iiPecan ii
iiPecan ii 2 months ago
This giving me Bonnie and Clyde vibes
Слава Слава
Качает супер👉👍👍👍!))) Крэш 🤗🤗🤗
JOBS TECHNO 2 months ago
NExt- Young Nudy - TOP
Joe Jas
Joe Jas 2 months ago
This Jam Is Tight.
damekia reese
damekia reese 3 months ago
I love you Megan ascaya my mama wants to meet you she thinks that you're very popular me to I'm I'm the only one who loves your music while I think I am I think thousand of people love your music but I love your music so much and I love you I hope you have read my comment I'm not sure if it's a comment but I just need you to to reply back.
damekia reese
damekia reese 3 months ago
Megan the stallion I love all your music all your videos and my mama loves you very and you're very popular
Edaniel09 3 months ago
Leonard Person
Leonard Person 3 months ago
She bad bitch that my favorite part and I'm gangster is my favorite part 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 🐍🐍 4 life
This ISN’T Josiah
This ISN’T Josiah 3 months ago
Megan ruined the whole song
3minati 3 months ago
93 premium
Slim Mtjoy
Slim Mtjoy 3 months ago
Esteban Fenty
Esteban Fenty 3 months ago
Megan 🔥😍
JOBS TECHNO 3 months ago
nuddy o.O).........TOP
0TF CHRIS 3 months ago
The song playing in the beginning is one dolla btw
Wave ferguson
Wave ferguson 3 months ago
Nudy snapped but Megan fucked up the whole vibe man
YH C 3 months ago
This beat go hard af
Lorese Fletcher
Lorese Fletcher 3 months ago
Pistol by the bed when we smashing..... ohhh that’s where Moneybagg got that song from... I’m starting to believe finesse2tymes 🤷🏽‍♀️
Igor Przybyłek
Igor Przybyłek 3 months ago
name music on the beginning ?
Trel Jack
Trel Jack 3 months ago
They should’ve replaced meg with carti💯💯💯
jhjs junior
jhjs junior 3 months ago
subscribe to our channel very good content ruvid.net/group/PLMnHO0-wz9hxQzFT6jYsAhweppeJXfVQP
slick dreams
slick dreams 3 months ago
Sheesh 🔥🔥🔥
blueberryboy 3 months ago
this beat is so fine
Aman 3 months ago
if youre gonna mug the crap outta me AT LEAST let me smash. smh
kelly price
kelly price 4 months ago
2:37 Pistol by da bed while I’m killin dat pussy
Celina Rodríguez
Celina Rodríguez 4 months ago
yess yess ⏯️💋💯💯💯⏯️💯🍺🥇🔥🏆
Ti Ruff
Ti Ruff 4 months ago
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