"Young Forever/Halo" #OnTheRunHBO

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Thank you for making the On The Run Tour an unforgettable experience.
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Sep 21, 2014




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Comments 80
Hellen E.
Hellen E. Hour ago
Me hace llorarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr siempree.
Margherita S
Margherita S Hour ago
I will never get tired of this video
Bart Czechu
Bart Czechu 4 hours ago
coś niesamowitego ... !
Çiğdem Avcı
Çiğdem Avcı 7 hours ago
Someday i will watching this video and i'll be with my husband and my baby...
Trudian Smith
Trudian Smith 8 hours ago
They got this through hard work, and a choice to be togather, it wasn't easy alot of silent tears. Trust me Becky you will burn if you try again!
iamvalmira 15 hours ago
i’m dancing in style during this quarantine time. who else?
rd 19 hours ago
this is beyond beautiful :) too bad he cheated on her lol
Tsengel Tsogt
Tsengel Tsogt 21 hour ago
VFR 32
VFR 32 Day ago
i love jav-z!!
Steve Sunday
Steve Sunday Day ago
Mr Hudson all the way
Ssenfuka Marvis
Who else cried like how I did, am here in my room dropping tears en I fil lik don't wanna stop
Derrick Ojuok
Hola... I wanna live forever young.. Yea i wanna live forever young
Caleb Stephen-Kofi Eshun
Dani GR
Dani GR Day ago
Esta es la mayor fantasía que te puedes encontar jamás
Tacool DNA
Tacool DNA Day ago
Many don’t understand the excitement whenever these two takes the stage like its whole race🙌🏽
Katie Powell
Katie Powell Day ago
I love this so so much always makes me tears run down my cheeks. Would of loved to have been there life long fan of Beyoncé & JAY-Z !!!!😘😘💋
What is this beat from? I've heard this before but not from this song... 🤔
Marimat André
Marimat André 2 days ago
I love you
soldado de Cristo
Love you to 👊🇺🇸💯
Çiğdem Avcı
Çiğdem Avcı 2 days ago
This give me feeling that i can't handle alone..
Vily Andreeva
Vily Andreeva 2 days ago
Zaka Kazmi
Zaka Kazmi 2 days ago
danna maree
danna maree 2 days ago
Still the most beautiful video eveeer!❤❤
Leilanne Santos
Leilanne Santos 2 days ago
nina Diouf
nina Diouf 3 days ago
Love is beautiful omg
Suelem Magalhães
" Life is a short trump!"
alexz p.o.
alexz p.o. 3 days ago
Remmonye Morupisi
Am stl here today 3rd June 2020 love this🥰🥰🥰
Mimie Ntleki
Mimie Ntleki 3 days ago
Love is beautiful😍😭❤️
Arachno- Bella
Arachno- Bella 3 days ago
looks just like Lana del rays "national anthem" ..."footage"
sherelle willis
sherelle willis 3 days ago
Sharifah Pramheda
I just need the good vibes from this performance while all of this racism and police brutality that is happening in America mostly and around the world🥺😪 may all of us reach peace amongst every race in our life. No more pain pls God. Just peace and contentment🦄🕊❤ Rest in peace Ahmaud Arbery Rest in peace George Floyd Rest in peace Breonna Taylor Rest in peace to many more lives that are lost because of police brutality and injustice towards the black lives🙏🏿✊🏿
Treasure Uniqué
Seriously 😩💙
Marimat André
Marimat André 2 days ago
Sheelah Aulet
Sheelah Aulet 2 days ago
I feel the same this video brightens up my day 🙏🏽
Shonz Sup
Shonz Sup 3 days ago
I were there 5 years ago. It was great and awesome.
Josefa Salobo
Josefa Salobo 3 days ago
Paola Andrea Bacca Herrera
Twinkle Toes
Twinkle Toes 4 days ago
yürüteç zararlı diyorlar beyonce hanım ama yine de siz bilirsiniz tabi en iyisini
Sunshine Gal
Sunshine Gal 4 days ago
Grand Trine Tarot
And they lived FOREVER eternally happily ever after.... that’s LOVE for ya! Stay safe and keep the faith everyone. 🤟🔮💯🙏❤️👸🏻🔥
Mo'Champagne Lives
It trips me out how jay don't know the words to halo lol
Lila 5 days ago
this is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen and heard, here i am in my room crying to this beautiful video.
wisdom_anyah 2 days ago
this video is so sweet 🥺 they are so happy together and they finally have what they wanted in life and are so successful i hope i can be like themm❤️❤️i love bey
nina Diouf
nina Diouf 3 days ago
Same too omg
Salma Awadelnour
Salma Awadelnour 5 days ago
I adore you queen B 😘😍😘
Mira Balani
Mira Balani 6 days ago
Joash Negi
Joash Negi 6 days ago
I am grateful I got to watch this while I am alive. Period.
Guilherme Lima
Guilherme Lima 6 days ago
i miss so much OTR
Mutsi Soafo
Mutsi Soafo 6 days ago
yes my baby boy...I can't wait to hold him tight in my arms...and tell him that I adore him
Pascal Kabwit
Pascal Kabwit 6 days ago
Who is watichg in quarantine
Mutsi Soafo
Mutsi Soafo 6 days ago
I love u hassan
Jordan Manuelpillai
this is a song that left a mark that can't erase 💯
jessica carduz
jessica carduz 6 days ago
Diva linda poderosa 😍♥️👏👏👏
Wendy 7 days ago
Mawejje Tewelijja
Am watching again ,I ve lost count and I will be back soon 2020
Ayten Aliyeva
Ayten Aliyeva 7 days ago
2020 ❤️
Eduarda Helena
Eduarda Helena 7 days ago
tendai chimanikire
This marriage is like Mercedes & BMW merging together,,,🔥🔥
Sheelah Aulet
Sheelah Aulet 2 days ago
tendai chimanikire yasssss my hubs and I have both..I’m the Benz lol 😂❤️🙌🏽
Icy D
Icy D 8 days ago
Who comes back to videos just cuz her voice and presence
Miss Mends
Miss Mends 8 days ago
Im here 2020 🔥
Margielene Arceo
Margielene Arceo 8 days ago
I am crying watching this! They always asking Beyonce why she got married to this Jay Z . As you can see on their video clips they both so inlove and they do crazy and funny stuff together , not because of Jay z's wealth . 😍😍 #StayStrongTheCarters #BeyonceKnowlesCarter
Deanna Everhart
Deanna Everhart 8 days ago
Oh my gosh 😁 this is so beautiful.
Audrey Mims Pukka
Audrey Mims Pukka
Ça s'est un putain d'amour fou et longue vie a eux moi je les aimes plus que tiut
Audrey Mims Pukka
I love you sooo mutch💝💝💝💝😇😇😇💯💯💯💋💋💋💋
Sílvio Quissua Fernas
Amazing Amy
Amazing Amy 8 days ago
You look stupid
Meliyou Josephe
Meliyou Josephe 8 days ago
I love you Beyoncé ❤️❤️❤️
Trey 1
Trey 1 8 days ago
INTENSE chills. Every. time.
Raquel Moura
Raquel Moura 9 days ago
Perfect Y love
TKA Groupe
TKA Groupe 9 days ago
Jay z is a super genius whatever he touch’s turn to gold .musique.business and God really bless him with a beautiful and strong women
Elisabeth Altamirano-Smith
Beyonce is so beautiful, but the hope she gives the world is more beautiful. I love her, and I love that in this vid you can see her enjoying the empire she has built.
Edenrose Salvador
Now this is Life ! Pure Love always win.They both work hard for this moment. They deserve all the goodness life has to offer. Truly, life is beautiful when you do your best in everything you do and to be an inspiration to others. God! this video made me cry . Life is too short . Live life to the fullest . My Queen B :)
Alexa González
Alexa González 9 days ago
Son beautiful
Jailson Dutra
Jailson Dutra 9 days ago
Maravilhosa e (o).
Jailson Dutra
Jailson Dutra 9 days ago
Mr. HiGH
Mr. HiGH 9 days ago
Dpos d show bo da alta pissada ahn Jay...lol
Tynair K.
Tynair K. 9 days ago
im literally in tears rn during this quarantine wishing i was at a beyonce concert rn
Inspire Strength
Inspire Strength 9 days ago
I love this song and the chemistry between them. xoxo
Sharon Davis
Sharon Davis 9 days ago
This will always be FIRE .!!!!!! 2020 and beyond .
Katrina Wall
Katrina Wall 10 days ago
I love this song
James Mathu
James Mathu 10 days ago
Let me tell you a secret, "No one cares which year you watching "
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith 11 days ago
I think Jay-Z got goosebumps. I got goosebumps
LaToya Farrell
LaToya Farrell 11 days ago
Back here again. I just got engaged 5.20.20 to the man who IS my saving grace. Two kids later....it's our time!❤️
Edouard de Chambord
Beyoncé in Paris is always the best performances!!!
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