Young Dolph - Royalty (Official Music Video)

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Official music video by Young Dolph performing Royalty. 2016 Paper Route Empire
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Aug 7, 2016




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Comments 80
Cek Poen
Cek Poen 6 hours ago
Mickiyah Jackson
Mickiyah Jackson 3 days ago
Unadvised Meditation
shoutout Cam
Blonyene Howe
Blonyene Howe 7 days ago
I came to read comments by the butthurts.😒
Hanan Yamini
Hanan Yamini 16 days ago
The women are so pretty geesh
Jam Boss
Jam Boss 18 days ago
Gang shit ( Dolph )🔥🔥🔥2020 ( respect )
micah7817 18 days ago
I Love the way he Loves The Original Woman!!! Fine ass chocolate beauties😘👑🔥Love everything Dolph! FOEVA!!!!!
Yoo Daddy
Yoo Daddy 19 days ago
Ain't nun like seeing some fine Black queens 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Tyrone S.
Tyrone S. 25 days ago
Banged this in my charger it’s a hellcat now🗣️ 2020
Brandon Reynolds
Brandon Reynolds 26 days ago
Beautiful tiger. I heard they aren’t natural tho😱😭
drew23 Tv
drew23 Tv Month ago
Chad-Rick Grant
Chad-Rick Grant Month ago
Just gotta respect the Empress's
Bad bitches all thru this videos
shermane coble
shermane coble Month ago
I need a hundred
JAMES JOHN Month ago
April 2020 who's with me?
mrtubemembertrue10 Gabriel
Cobra tate and Tristan vibe to this
Amine bUggati
Amine bUggati 3 months ago
Om Om
Om Om 3 months ago
0:51 when you just finished getting heavenly head
eatdust13 3 months ago
Powerfull lyrics
Raheem Williams
Raheem Williams 3 months ago
Hello aye @youngdolph royalty my Babymama sister's amd brother's @youngdolph 😎 snapped while dranking @youngdolph
Samuel Jean
Samuel Jean 3 months ago
“My great great granddaddy use to be a slave.” 🔥 🎶 😞
The Sexeguru
The Sexeguru 3 months ago
2020 right here ! Who in here still on it ? #blackexcellence
DannyDan Carter
DannyDan Carter 3 months ago
2K20 and still here
Cityzen zen
Cityzen zen 4 months ago
2020 like if you still have this gem in your playlist🔥
Charles Mackatoni
Charles Mackatoni 4 months ago
God is Good. God Gota Be Dark Skin too. Dark Skin Woman from the heavens 👩🏿😍 Praise Black Jesus✊🏿💯💙
john kicqx
john kicqx 4 months ago
love ur music man
Harrison Jackson
Harrison Jackson 4 months ago
I can't lie I be looking for that (AAAHHHHHHH!!!) in every intro to Doulp songs..I guess I'm predictable 😏😏
flexmoney78 4 months ago
Black is perfect 👌🏾
Oh Mrdontplay
Oh Mrdontplay 4 months ago
Beautiful chocolate baddies yesss lord 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
hamlethopar 4 months ago
Dolph Why You So Real!!!! 🙏💯🐐🤙💥💥💥👌👌👌👌💯💯💯💯👀👀👀💪💪💪💪
Jose guadalupe Ramos huerta
B Chill
B Chill 4 months ago
Can we all just pause for a min and respect the fact this brother is walking a damn giraffe?
lucky biggbigg
lucky biggbigg 5 months ago
Merry Christmas Dolph..an The whole Paper Route family..2019
Mr 32
Mr 32 5 months ago
Real music by mark smith
Love how it feels))>
Real music by mark smith
No sleep)
Real music by mark smith
Real music by mark Smith)
Shane White
Shane White 6 months ago
This for all them royals out here. Royalty!! Simon city b****
James Morgan
James Morgan 6 months ago
From the south to th north then you know
James Morgan
James Morgan 6 months ago
Molotov With Lux
Molotov With Lux 6 months ago
Itsiwhatitsi 6 months ago
Your bitch looks like a drag queen ... lol best line
Nic Chan
Nic Chan 6 months ago
solange munezero
solange munezero 7 months ago
Oh my god
JP GRD 7 months ago
Mario Saldivar
Mario Saldivar 7 months ago
Yes sir
Christina Velasquez
Christina Velasquez 7 months ago
He díd ít in this one
Ol dirty Bastard
Ol dirty Bastard 7 months ago
2019...still listening
Donziggy23 7 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 👑 👑👑👑👑
Future 8 months ago
If i get one more trippie red album ad for dolphs videos im movin to spotify
Carolinas SweetTea
Carolinas SweetTea 9 months ago
Imma red bone and I love me some dam dolph 😂💯😩
Carolinas SweetTea
Carolinas SweetTea 9 months ago
Imma red bone and I love me some dam dolph 😂💯😩
Shalen Alen
Shalen Alen 9 months ago
Jesus Valenzuela
Jesus Valenzuela 9 months ago
This go hard 💯💯👍
Kimberly Nyenga
Kimberly Nyenga 9 months ago
I came for the tiger but dahm son
Grownman.com 9 months ago
Murcielago SV
Murcielago SV 9 months ago
All Israelite women in this video.
AR da Prince
AR da Prince 9 months ago
" my great great grandfather was a slave" ! on God. dat ain't ready fa ROYALTY
OGPhlexOfficial 9 months ago
That's a lotta chocolate!
Jarron Herndon
Jarron Herndon 10 months ago
Beautiful natural women in vid gotta love it .
Markell Suber
Markell Suber 10 months ago
Women's pretty music wack
Marco Castillo
Marco Castillo 10 months ago
This shit still banging rn 🔥🔥🔥🔥
The Gingerbreadman
The Gingerbreadman 10 months ago
only royalty I see is those queens!!
Benjamin Counter
Benjamin Counter 10 months ago
Royalty 💎🔌
Rock Lee
Rock Lee 10 months ago
Who else here from everyday struggle
M. A.
M. A. 10 months ago
Emmanuel Castelan
Emmanuel Castelan 10 months ago
Royalty Royalty 👑👑
Juan Bey
Juan Bey 10 months ago
One my fav song, I like ball, whatever, and snakes!!
mayor day
mayor day 11 months ago
Александр Вольный
телки ничего,а клип гавно
Priscilla Ventura Pri
2019 loyalty
Thank you for showing what a real queen looks like!!
One Man Army
One Man Army 6 months ago
The one true Queen🖤👑
Jeffrey Skudlark
He killed the end of that first verse. Damn.
Tatyana Jackson
This my SHIT!!!!!
Mr Clayton
Mr Clayton Year ago
Still bumping in 2k19
YM BAPE Year ago
That beat dope asf
Terrell Grace
Terrell Grace Year ago
Classic shit #Mem #TEN
Lexis Year ago
Royalty ayeee🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👑👑👑👑
Mark Cummings
Mark Cummings Year ago
He’s living the life 👌g work on everything
Pay her
Pay her Year ago
He like having reality tv chicks in his videos
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