Young Dolph, Key Glock - Back to Back (Official Video)

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Listen to the album "Dum and Dummer". Out now!
Stream: Empire.lnk.to/dummerYo
#YoungDolph #KeyGlock #PaperRouteEMPIRE
Official Music Video by Young Dolph, Key Glock performing Back to Back © 2019 Paper Route EMPIRE


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Sep 10, 2019




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Comments 2 328
El Pinche Rod
El Pinche Rod 42 minutes ago
Key glock is the younger version of young dolph🤣🔥 ig
Exauce Mayunga
Exauce Mayunga 4 hours ago
Dumb and Dumber🔥
Mr. Grey
Mr. Grey Day ago
Whats up very talented you are, very blessed. My name is Joey I have an artist that would love for you to shoot a video with BCM K3Y hit me up here or on my construction Instagram instagram.com/joeyturnerdetails for real my friend. New from Mobile, AL
Joshua Tucker
Joshua Tucker 2 days ago
Dolph is going Back to Back with these hits!,
Sleeperbeamer 2 days ago
This beat go hard asf when your blowed
letha jennings
letha jennings 2 days ago
McLaren Hellcat Mercedes Benz
Remon Warren
Remon Warren 3 days ago
1:19 was so hard 💰
Paulo Ferreira
Paulo Ferreira 3 days ago
Listening to this make me think I’m rich 💯
Antoine Hunter
Antoine Hunter 5 days ago
I play this join back 2 back let the paper route continue
Crazy Connect Visions
I'm starting to think it's the label that dislikes there own shii for more publicity. Cuz who tf would not like this crispy clean as duo. And the fuxing beat is off the hook!! Foh
famous cash
famous cash 5 days ago
Best duo
B. Thompson
B. Thompson 5 days ago
I just wanna know what kinda car that was growling in the first 35 sec
Lance Edwards
Lance Edwards 2 days ago
B. Thompson I mean there’s a lot of cars in the first 35 secs. Which car is it
B. Thompson
B. Thompson 2 days ago
Lance sure don’t sound like and 350z I’ve heard
Lance Edwards
Lance Edwards 3 days ago
A 350z
Raymond Morton
Raymond Morton 5 days ago
His whole style is hot
Komiyour homie
Komiyour homie 6 days ago
Much Love Mad Respect For Big Bros 100%
Akatsuki Leader
Akatsuki Leader 6 days ago
I’m Messican and dis one was harder than dat Messican one on set 👿
og 7 days ago
Nice Z’s shitty song tho, you can’t sing.
Branden L Diaz
Branden L Diaz 7 days ago
Dylan Jordaan
Dylan Jordaan 7 days ago
Leo ROJSS 9 days ago
Dat challenger 🥴
Colombiana 9 days ago
NetWork Production
Ok the store is korean he thinks its Japanese so what now bring y'all asses here 👉🏾ruvid.net/video/video-eoRLGNs9e4U.html
Trent Miller
Trent Miller 9 days ago
Young dolph needs a Lexus with that camouflage wrap 💎💦
Bradley tucker
Bradley tucker 9 days ago
It’s a whole new experience watching this stoned stg
Bradley tucker I STG!!!!!
Deborah Rankins
Deborah Rankins 10 days ago
Video Live Footage Movie With All Sides Coming Soon #LoyaltyGangEnt#CMG #Pre
Ej Martin
Ej Martin 10 days ago
A Giggs feature 🤔
LIL99 10 days ago
Cd of year migos x pre x bdb
eddy homand
eddy homand 10 days ago
very powerful, Mercy for video and especially the powerful sound, fire in the air
ROLL BEATS 11 days ago
i want my sassy happy Dolph..key glock facka u u illumaniti
ROLL BEATS 11 days ago
Dolph was my champ...until...he hated....anddidn't know he was was a superstar in the wa I look/..but since Dolph being a fucking looker...I WANT MY DOLPH BACK
corey hardisty
corey hardisty 12 days ago
This shit so fucking hard
Patrick Henderson
Patrick Henderson 13 days ago
“I wish all my old hoes the best. (Fuck y’all)”
Floko Luciano
Floko Luciano 15 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-TzQJC7Ma-cA.html 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
CHIEF MAZI 15 days ago
Terrell Hudson
Terrell Hudson 15 days ago
Real niggas
MEWE Chris C
MEWE Chris C 16 days ago
Hop out with the drugs out I ain’t rich but I will begin to plan it No I don’t hit licks Cause honestly I’m not good at that shit Right now my hand is in the pot , whipping it up like a Chef right If you are looking for clout, I will have doubts about you Don’t get me wrong back in the day I was a savage Now I live life well above average Howl at the moon like a wolf The pack is back Yes we attack in silence , that’s our violence Humble movements we screw chicks -Lil Chris
Cayden Cutshall
Cayden Cutshall 17 days ago
back to back to back
The Boss
The Boss 17 days ago
MyGlxzzyGetchu _
MyGlxzzyGetchu _ 18 days ago
Bruh I couldn’t tell them apart lmao 😂
Anthony Duarte
Anthony Duarte 18 days ago
This fuckn guy got me like, fuck y’all ima get my money!
Dunk Milk
Dunk Milk 18 days ago
When you can't afford a flight ticket to Japan so you're chilling in K-town 😪😪😂😂
Dunk Milk
Dunk Milk 11 days ago
@D’Angelo Baca what
D’Angelo Baca
D’Angelo Baca 16 days ago
Big Gomu u broke as fucc u can’t afford a two way to a 3rd world country
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 19 days ago
come shop dont hit my email if u didnt want a change
Lil Jeice
Lil Jeice 20 days ago
Grim Sniper
Grim Sniper 20 days ago
Drake back to back ft young dolphins and key Glock
Taesmooth 95
Taesmooth 95 21 day ago
Nasa Beats
Nasa Beats 21 day ago
Racks 🔥
Hunter Fraley
Hunter Fraley 21 day ago
Richard Romero
Richard Romero 21 day ago
My nigga dolph came into the game with heat n hasnt stopped yet ! #PRE
whatsyours1 21 day ago
Hot garbage
Larry Drake
Larry Drake 21 day ago
South Memphis niggas made it mane 🤙🏾
Shaw Howard
Shaw Howard 21 day ago
top underdog
top underdog 22 days ago
They say if u listen too Dolph for a month straight u increase your wealth.
Crazy Connect Visions
Joelzinho 14 days ago
top underdog Keeps you hungry, like every human should.
Erique Boss
Erique Boss 15 days ago
No cap 😆?
Garrett Little
Garrett Little 17 days ago
Not just what they say buts its fucking true.
Juni Mendez
Juni Mendez 22 days ago
Karie Maylin
Karie Maylin 23 days ago
What I wanna know iz what da hell happened to rappers like bonethugs 2pac spice1 ghettotwinz nolimitsouljahs mystikal gslimm that real shit Scarface OMG I can't I can't I can't...hiphop has turned into garbage.im a girl an I can do better SMH😧😘
TheReal Notez
TheReal Notez 24 days ago
🔥🔥🔥. I fuk wit dolph💯💯💯
Beth Johnson
Beth Johnson 24 days ago
like water on water XD
KiFlee 24 days ago
Im the only one who thinks that its gonna be featured in the new nfs game?
Edaproducer beatz
Edaproducer beatz 24 days ago
Bandplay did his thing 🔥🔥
Quilted Shark
Quilted Shark 24 days ago
How does he not have 1 mil yet
Moon Flames
Moon Flames 25 days ago
Nissan's 🤩
C-BO Heads
C-BO Heads 25 days ago
shit so wack
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