Young Dolph - Foreva (Official Music Video) ft. T.I.

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Music video by Young Dolph feat. T.I. performing Foreva. 2016 Paper Route Empire
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Nov 7, 2016




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Comments 1 607
Lorena La Reina
Lorena La Reina 3 days ago
“Wait a minute, hold up it’s me, wait a minute, roll up the weed, wait a minute, roll up my sleeves, gotta pocket full of BLUE CHEESE” Ayeee🔥🔥🔥
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 4 days ago
Damn wtf is tha chic name dolph on in da video. Wats her ig, snapchat, facebook? 🤔🤔🤔
Terp_God420 8 days ago
unani mous
unani mous 8 days ago
If you pay close attention the video reflected the lyrics while rewinding the story. Dolph was onto something with this one
Melvin Stewart
Melvin Stewart 13 days ago
TIP killed his 16 and ohhhhh THE BIHHES
Adolfo Salas Trevino
You cant tell me you dt miss me
Uncle Kyle
Uncle Kyle 21 day ago
Am I the only one that would eat all them girls ass from the back with a spoon?
Duval Mall
Duval Mall 21 day ago
schmitt schmitt
schmitt schmitt 21 day ago
T.i just smooth like a pimp
schmitt schmitt
schmitt schmitt 21 day ago
It’s like T.i just be talkinG and the shit be GoinG in
Joshua Adame
Joshua Adame 24 days ago
Ti aint about that shiet
Tomaka Youirs
Tomaka Youirs 25 days ago
Who still going to be listening to this in 2020 give me a like if you are💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Tomaka Youirs
Tomaka Youirs 25 days ago
I am gir yes💩💩💩💩
Matheus Araújo
Matheus Araújo 27 days ago
M DEAN 29 days ago
uuuuhhhh I dont wanna talk about that - change the subject real quick
Shontorio Fleming
Free lil Eddie. Adamvill3 shyt
RaulBoy 123
RaulBoy 123 Month ago
Ruping!! 🔥🔥💔🔥🔥🔥
ian phillips
ian phillips Month ago
wtf is clay dough?
CAfakmykak Month ago
Why the fuck does TI always button his shirt all the way to the top. Shit confuses me
Natasha H
Natasha H Month ago
PactolusC 2 months ago
This whole time I thought he was saying "celery" and not "salary.' oml
S C A 2 months ago
S C A 2 months ago
Dollf doing videos feds aka ti
fuck that
fuck that 2 months ago
Yung Trash
ElCompaYony 2 months ago
Ebony McCants
Ebony McCants 2 months ago
Look at my sis doing big things. I see u Renni Rucci.
Rik Broach
Rik Broach 2 months ago
Hahahahahahahaha hold up wait a minute its me Hold up wait a minute roll up the weed Hold up wait a minute roll up my sleeeves
king Ab
king Ab 2 months ago
One time for renni rucci..803 stand up
Eric Deshields
Eric Deshields 2 months ago
That beat in the zone!
Smurfito Brigante
Smurfito Brigante 2 months ago
Mizz twerksum 😍😍😍😍
jose vansco
jose vansco 2 months ago
The beat on this shit hard af!!!
James Dunbar
James Dunbar 2 months ago
Ummmm.... What happened to the amazing women at :03......
Kamarious Clark
Kamarious Clark Month ago
Wykeshia Davis
Wykeshia Davis 2 months ago
I was really feeling T.I. on this!!! Ayyyeeee😛
Matt Carter
Matt Carter 2 months ago
2:26 twerk team?
Yodaddyloco sneaker daniel
johnjohn8613 johnjohn8613
Rap today ant shit worth what it used to be only a few got ne thing
Rob Pac
Rob Pac 3 months ago
Young dolph savage
Tiffany Bailey
Tiffany Bailey 3 months ago
She kept it so real I can't say no...
Shady Plum
Shady Plum 3 months ago
Shady Plum
Shady Plum 3 months ago
Jennifer Lewis
Jennifer Lewis 3 months ago
I likes this 5 star i guess so
Diti Poka
Diti Poka 3 months ago
Beat legendary
Javier Gomez
Javier Gomez 3 months ago
2019 y me sigue encantando bro🔥
Mach Zakaria
Mach Zakaria 3 months ago
Sorry tip, but a bmw is a rolls. They have the same chassis
GAMER 55 DOOM 3 months ago
Lazarito El Retro
Lazarito El Retro 3 months ago
Wade James
Wade James 3 months ago
My wife black...neva goin back
jordan carter
jordan carter 3 months ago
Maxmilian Schönbäck
this motherfucker gotta be one of the realest out there. a woman gets the same amount as respect as anyone else: just the amount she deserve and if she a real bitch she earns loyalty.
Algaboski 3 months ago
country8 toes
country8 toes 3 months ago
Wonder if tiny will clap back¿¿¿¿¿
Rebecca Burton
Rebecca Burton 3 months ago
linda lang
linda lang 3 months ago
of coarse he does he's a crack baby and he's rich like me
Chicco chikaya
Chicco chikaya 3 months ago
Wtf this song is a bomb man... Shit I luv it
Nemanja Karac
Nemanja Karac 3 months ago
Wildcard 3366
Wildcard 3366 3 months ago
Who is the model in the video ?
basil babe
basil babe 3 months ago
..Tip's entire verse was for Tiny✨🙏😌✨
Kadow1984 Kear
Kadow1984 Kear 3 months ago
Young Dolph be having some fuckin bad bitch in his video damn there hot
Linea Oye
Linea Oye 4 months ago
I now love dolph
Alex Strauss
Alex Strauss 4 months ago
Ain’t they see that Young Dolph elbowed T.I at 3:38
Monique 4 months ago
Dolph fine
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