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What Would You Do?
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Salon patrons react when a mother lets her son paint his nails pink.
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What would you do when you think no one is watching? What Would You Do? (WWYD?) explores the varying answers with the help of hidden cameras capturing individuals who have been placed within seemingly everyday situation that quickly go ary. The individuals on this hidden camera show are forced to make tough calls when directly faced with situations of racism, violence, hate crimes, and other hot button cultural issues. Catch John Quinones reporting on these individuals as they make split-second decisions to intervene or mind their own business. WWYD? airs Friday nights at 9|8c on ABC.
What Would You Do? (WWYD) is a hidden camera show, hosted by ABC News correspondent John Quinones, in which unknowing bystanders are placed in uncomfortable, and often compromising real world scenarios in public. WWYD’s hidden cameras focus on the average person’s responses and reactions to these issues of social responsibility. Topics such as gay couples being affectionate in public, date rape, racism and racial profiling, interracial couples, abusive parents, drunk driving, and harassment of the homeless are touched upon in this series. What will you do? Would you choose to intervene in these situations? Watch and join the discussion.


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Jul 17, 2019

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Comments 34 608
purple Princess
purple Princess Minute ago
This video made me sad because people actually agreed with the lady that boys shouldn't wear nail polish like seriously? IT.IS.PAINT that is so stupid my brother likes nail polish and he is a fine! WHY AM I SO ANGRY
daniela !
daniela ! 7 minutes ago
boomers b like
Øñłÿ Hëłłëñä’ś Łïfë
Damn people are so sexist
Angelina S
Angelina S 12 minutes ago
uhhh putting on nail polish doesn’t make you gay idiot 3:20
Nehemiah Howard
Nehemiah Howard 17 minutes ago
If my son ever wanted that shii Oh naw
Thanh Dinh
Thanh Dinh 21 minute ago
Wow, even now in 2019 people still judges like that. I really thought we were going somewhere in the world, but maybe i was wrong 😞
Zac The corgi
Zac The corgi 27 minutes ago
I’m so glad they didn’t blur out their faces so I know the assholes that said that “In my religion” it’s nail polish chill wth
reinamila 39 minutes ago
This makes me so sad.
Sushi lover
Sushi lover 40 minutes ago
I can imagen myself being like “MIND YOUR MOTHERFUCKING BUSINESS BITCH”
Shanice Zofia
Shanice Zofia 42 minutes ago
I was so happy when I saw this and then people started to be sexist and I was so happy that the boy was an actor, people are so awful
Miahh Melon
Miahh Melon 43 minutes ago
To Each Is Own.. If You Don’t Like It Don’t Let Your Child Do It, If You Don’t Mind Then Let Them‼️ But At The End Of The Day No One Can Get Mad Because It’s THEIR Children Not Everyone Believes In The Same Things & They Don’t Have To 🤷🏾‍♀️🅿️ Just Don’t Stop Loving Them..Simple
JustRose 44 minutes ago
This gets me so mad! Boys should be able to get their nails done as well
Yui Tachibana
Yui Tachibana 51 minute ago
As a person who’s dad goes to the nail salon with me to get manicures for work, who used to let me paint his nails pink when I was little, these ignorant people really disgusted me.. he’s a kid. He’s learning about himself. Support kids when they’re doing something that isn’t dangerous and makes them happy. Is that so hard to understand?
kaatenurii in the stars
the first person was an asian woman who agreed with traci, and i think that's very important. asian culture especially is so toxic with gender roles and sexism. not that i expected it, but i wasn't surprised to see an asian person shaming a boy doing something feminine. thankfully, my parents are of a younger generation so they don't have as strong judgement, but their parents and culture has still impacted them so much that i'm sometimes scared for my brother and that he won't be able to express himself freely if it so happens that he wants to do that with something traditionally feminine. so this episode kind of hit close to home, and while not the best reactions, it was cool seeing traci being the bad guy again
Herro It Me
Herro It Me 59 minutes ago
All I could think was: Harry Styles gets his nails painted 🙊
Kayla snow
Kayla snow Hour ago
“You cant put that on a child” acting so serious like its going to change his life. Just look at all the eboys we have 😳. They seem perfectly fine
Jay Parrilla
Jay Parrilla Hour ago
What's wrong with that
Vizen Senju
Vizen Senju Hour ago
Urgh this episode makes me upset
aya hamze
aya hamze Hour ago
This is just sad because one, you don’t get fucking involved in someone’s life two, you act like you support gays but do you really? Besides you dont have to be gay to put damn nail polish on stop being sexist nth is for girls or guys only just because most girls put nail polish on and most guys dont that doesnt make nail polish for girls and just because most guys play football and most girls dont that also doesnt make it for guys just mind your own damn business. When you have an opinion abt someone you either keep it to yourself or say it out loud if its nice but let me tell you something dont be too full of yourself when you’re rude to someone because when you do that you’re not achieving anything you’re just hurting your pride and someone that has done nth wrong to you so in the end just keep your opinions to yourself period.
A Hour ago
Why are they airing old episodes
Empiritis Hour ago
Yo Christianity is fine with people who are gay but don’t support being gay these people should be fine with the little boy he just wants to be himself
Stella Esther
Stella Esther Hour ago
I just think they are pushing this homosexual/transgender agenda way too hard. Its everywhere, forcing it on children, in schools. Stop sexualising children, its disgusting and robes CHILDREN of their innocents. I'm not discussing gender roles with a CHILD.
Nguyet Phung
Nguyet Phung Hour ago
How many manicure did david have that day lol
Kailee B
Kailee B Hour ago
There’s worse problems in this world than boys who wear makeup and dresses and people who love the same gender. You know like fucking school shootings, massacres, and concentration camps making a reappearance....
Jack Appleby
Jack Appleby Hour ago
As much as I disagree with the second woman I respect her for not changing her story and sticking to her belief
The Uzumakikay
Literally had a scenario like this when I was kid. I used to climb trees and play football and my mom would always tell me no and yell at me “Those are boy things. You’re a girl you shouldn’t do that” but people would usually side with me on it
Lily Johnson
Lily Johnson Hour ago
It’s stupid when parents let their kids change gender when they’re 5, and they don’t know what sex is. It’s not how life works. You do you, as long as it doesn’t bother me, but as soon as you start to mess with a child and how he would grow up.
zane vongola
zane vongola Hour ago
Pink is a girl color And blue is a boy color...im a girl.. * looks up at walls, clothes, mini fridge, lights, turtle tank* all blue.... 🤔Well then 😂 Edit: even my water bottles are blue.
Kate Bunn
Kate Bunn Hour ago
My boys used to make pinkie promises at that age. They'd pick a colour & I'd paint their pinkie nail & mine to match we'd link pinkies to make the promise official. Like to not annot their bro, tidy their room, not answer back. Left pinkie for eldest as he's left handed & right for youngest as he's right handed. Even my hubby did it, all 6'2" veteran that he is. Nail varnish isn't a big deal FFS .....
Noah Geebs
Noah Geebs 2 hours ago
These women are straight toxic
King K. Rool
King K. Rool 2 hours ago
Didn’t know colors had genders?
Davanti OwO
Davanti OwO 2 hours ago
Some guys at my school wear black nail Polish and it looks sleak ass hell
HONEYSIMS YT 2 hours ago
“you could confuse your child” ... but it was the child’s decision ? how is he confused if it was what HE wanted lmao this video shocked me
TAMMY TBH 2 hours ago
These bigots smh
it's me
it's me 2 hours ago
In Arab if a boy did that he would probably get killed and iam proud of that 😁
Spxgetz 2 hours ago
That kid looks like @faze rug
TSM_Chungus 420
TSM_Chungus 420 2 hours ago
I would never allow my son to wear pink nail polish
kindatrashlol 2 hours ago
it’s really not that serious....it’s nails....it’s seriously not a big deal. this makes me sad. guys get their nails do their nails. mainly black but what’s the problem with that??? i’m actually getting emotional and hella pissed off
cheyenne taylor
cheyenne taylor 2 hours ago
I would love to have my son at the nail salon and him look at me and ask if he could get his nails done bc I would automatically let him bc its adorable
Hamid Hasani
Hamid Hasani 2 hours ago
I went w my sister and got a manicure lol but without any color just cleaned up my nails lol
Bri H.
Bri H. 2 hours ago
it’s a fucking color and just a goddamn manicure. holy shit
Alex Lowe
Alex Lowe 2 hours ago
Kids aren't confused by these things. Kids aren't born with understanding of gender roles. When I was a kid we didn't care about "girl things" or "guy things." Toys were toys, clothes were clothes, etc. It wasn't until the adults started to disapprove did we start to view these things as gendered. Shaming boys over liking "feminine" things because you're scared it'll "confuse" him as he grows up is a poor view point. The kid isn't confused about what they like, but it will make them feel ashamed and insecure as they grow older.
Text story Writer
Text story Writer 2 hours ago
I’m so shocked that the first two people agree with the mean one
Tabby Cat
Tabby Cat 2 hours ago
Honestly, it’s temporary. It’s nail polish. Who gives a fuck? It’s not your kid, and it’s not you either, so WHY do you care? Plus, it can show them that they shouldn’t care what anyone thinks! You like it and you have fun, and people can be confused but in the end it’s not their decision and their opinion should not affect you.
Tabby Cat
Tabby Cat 2 hours ago
This reminds me of a story I saw! There was a study group at an anonymous school and some girls offered to paint a guy’s nails and he was totally fine with it because they wanted to, so some other guys were shocked and he expressed that it was no big deal. Guess what happened? They all joined in. They were so excited to paint each other’s nails and that there were so many colors to pick from and they had so much fun. When their parents came to pick them up, they wiped it off and said their parents would kick their ass if they found out. Then they came back next week and did it all over again! 😊
dat pig pignesscool5
This is why gay ppl are still in the closet
Sophie Tomkinson
Sophie Tomkinson 3 hours ago
Boy: puts nail varnish on Random woman: iM aGaInSt HoMoSeXuAlItY Wtf does that have yo do with anything sis 😂
Fishy 魚っぽい
Fishy 魚っぽい 3 hours ago
Big sad
naffa 12
naffa 12 3 hours ago
Do u want ur son going around with a dress and nail colour when he grow up, thats not the right way. And we still pushing this agenda, in about 10 years guys is gonna wear makeup and beign gay, If thats what u want u can keep support this piece of shit
Ulises Bravo
Ulises Bravo 3 hours ago
I wouldn’t even let my mom speak. I WOULD POP OFF.
Ash. Aesthetics
Ash. Aesthetics 3 hours ago
Girl:treat him like a boy not a girl Me:treat him like he wants to be idiot duh
SammySamJo 3 hours ago
if your boy want's pink nails give them pink nails. Im a girl and my mother tries to get me a manicure but i hate that shit on me. But if you like it go for it. If you aren't hurting people then i dont care.
Edgar- O
Edgar- O 3 hours ago
So what is the problem here? The color or the fact that a BOY is getting paint on his nails? Because hard core rockers in bands get their nails painted black and 90% of the time they’re straight so what’s the problem? IGNORANCE!!!
cristian bello
cristian bello 3 hours ago
I hate this in so many ways
Mason Sanchez
Mason Sanchez 3 hours ago
Customers want, WHAT THEY WANT, give them whatever, they'll change your day FOR GOOD!
Mar Mar
Mar Mar 3 hours ago
This comes to show that parents will start losing control with their own children... if ppl like the big lady says “u can’t do anything about it” To a parent in front of a child they can become resentful. It’s already hard to raise a child / teens... why do society have to get so involved.??
Ariana Queen
Ariana Queen 3 hours ago
LET ME RECREATE A MEME WITH A MEANING! Society when girls wear boys clothes: 😴 Society when boys wear girls clothes: 😤😳😡 It’s just sadly a true fact :(
Mar Mar
Mar Mar 3 hours ago
What would I do? I’ll smack him lol no man in my household would be doing this girly shit!
Zachary Driscoll
Zachary Driscoll 3 hours ago
Wait y r people mad? What if he was trans?
Kermit the frog
Kermit the frog 3 hours ago
Zachary Driscoll wearing nail polish doesn’t mean your trans
readenta 3 hours ago
Now wwyd is taking side and supporting SJW lgbthdydbe agenda.
Bethany Earl
Bethany Earl 3 hours ago
Man if I had a son and anyone ever talked to him like that and told them “no color for boys” “that’s irresponsible parenting” I don’t think I’d be able to stay calm
Jazmine Banks
Jazmine Banks 3 hours ago
have anybody tried go puff
crazzi-j north
crazzi-j north 3 hours ago
Traci again 😂 she always plays the total bitch haha 😂
Wakiki Demore
Wakiki Demore 4 hours ago
I swear to god traci’s everywhere
IYang TF
IYang TF 4 hours ago
The Asian lady at the beginning shows the mindset of a lot of older Asians out there. Socially conservative.
It’s Gio
It’s Gio 4 hours ago
1464roach 4 hours ago
People are so IGNORANT! Let the kids be who they want to be, they need to figure out who they are on their own.
we j
we j 4 hours ago
this makes me sick. kid stop hanging out with your mom and grab a shovel and work with dad. painted fingernails, bust his ass and he will straiten up
Kermit the frog
Kermit the frog 3 hours ago
we j bloody hell its a bit of paint
Isa Silence
Isa Silence 4 hours ago
Clorox wipes
Clorox wipes 4 hours ago
What’s so wrong with a boy wearing pink nail polish, let him be who he is jesus christ.
we j
we j 4 hours ago
if the dad was there i'm sure that would not happen at all. moms don't do this innocent little play crap with your sons. YOU might think its ok but now you have to deal with him wanting make-up and a dress. you are the cause of half of this letting him do girl things. so grow up mom and get a little girl to do this with. morons
we j
we j 4 hours ago
and now at sixteen my son has come out to us. i don't know what iv'e done wrong.
Amaan Rafiq
Amaan Rafiq 4 hours ago
Nothing he is still the same son you raised its just he likes a different gender for love dont worry you havent done nothing wrong
BlackRoseZ3 4 hours ago
It's sad to see people so concerned about freakin nail polish on a boy instead of REAL issues in this world🤦🏽‍♀️
Paws and Claws
Paws and Claws 4 hours ago
“I am not laughing” *giggles*
Crystal Sora
Crystal Sora 4 hours ago
•Słeepy x Hėad•
Frigging straight people...
Scorpiona 4 hours ago
Bruh read captions 3:15
potato sack
potato sack 4 hours ago
but a girl can act boyish and be a tomboy ok...
Michaela O'Keefe
Michaela O'Keefe 4 hours ago
Okie let me tell you!You should shut your mouths people and let the kids be kids!OMG!Tell me.How does it affect you!Tell Me!!Please tell me how does it affect you!This bothers me so much when people talk bad about others!It makes me ahhh!I hate it soooo much!!😡🤯🤬
Bailey Falk
Bailey Falk 4 hours ago
There is a thing called “nail polish remover” everyone needs to chill. And if the kid “turns” gay, as they said in this video, so what? They are still the same person as they were before they came out.
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