You've Got a Friend In Me - LIVE Performance by 4-year-old Claire Ryann and Dad

The Crosbys
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We have a studio recorded version of this song, but wanted to do a LIVE cover of it!
Studio Recorded Version: ruvid.net/video/video-Mzhk2aheNfI.html
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Jan 17, 2017




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Comments 100
Tony Drew
Tony Drew 8 minutes ago
@thecrosbys hey man shot in the dark, but what program did you use to record Little Mermaid for you and your daughter few years back?
Leah's wacky channel
So cute
Love you too 😍
Glug 2
Glug 2 8 hours ago
You’ve got a friEND in ME
Rosangela Nunes
Rosangela Nunes 12 hours ago
As beautiful as beautiful can né♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Lurrus 13 hours ago
Unas ganas de que mi papá me quiera.. Ahre
Fruit Green
Fruit Green 14 hours ago
she is sooooooooooo lovely😍
ThePeaceChannel 21 hour ago
Literal perfection.
SmileeS vR
SmileeS vR Day ago
thanks i need this
MsAirShot Day ago
Милота! хочу дочку )))))))
Ingram Kayben
This is nice
Jose Avila
Jose Avila 2 days ago
this is the cutest dad and daughter duo
Tom 2 days ago
Fenomeno, muy bueno😃
FPL Pillars
FPL Pillars 2 days ago
Making money out your children... hmm??
John Baker
John Baker 2 days ago
I'm not crying my eyes are just leaking
soakin bag
soakin bag 2 days ago
This girl at 4 : Singing Wonderfully. Me at 4 : Close the refrigerator door slowly to see the light go off.
Arundhuti 16 hours ago
Yep. Is it weird that i still do that? I'm 17 now.. eeks. 😅😂😂
Sara Pause
Sara Pause 2 days ago
jp jp
jp jp 2 days ago
Does anybody know where can i find the tabs?
Himangshu Sekhar
Himangshu Sekhar 2 days ago
the daughter-father duet... yt recommended me after 3yrs
KIRA BGM 3 days ago
She already knows groove of the song . Amazing !!!
Alvin D.
Alvin D. 3 days ago
I cannot believe that so many people could give this sweet video a thumbs down. I guess there really are a lot of cold hearted people in this world. So sad.
Craig Searle
Craig Searle 3 days ago
I love this my mates going through a very hard time at the minute I’ve just sent this to him and he just text me saying how much it cheered him up now I can’t stop watching it with a massive smile on my face
Jon Marzan
Jon Marzan 3 days ago
So beautiful! Precioso!
nádia maria Berendonk
Princesa linda.
Demigodz_365 3 days ago
Bro!!!.... I don’t cry for anything. But this makes me tear up! I can’t wait to have kids one day. Hopefully a daughter so we can sing this together too
Zelia Maria Barbosa de Oliveira
Muitas Saudades!!! Já faz um tempinho, mas eu recordo sempre. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💋
GLOBAL TV 3 days ago
She is so beautiful🤗🤗🤗😍
감자탕 3 days ago
20년후에 아기가 남자분한테 불러주면 개슬프겠다
thomas smith
thomas smith 3 days ago
Wish I had had a dad like you.
Diogo Leite
Diogo Leite 4 days ago
7K dislikes!? What a hell...!?
Adventures of TUTKU
Waton Konten
Waton Konten 5 days ago
SvendBosanvovski 5 days ago
Your little girl is beyond cute, Dad. She is right on with those Randy Newman vocalisations. I hope and trust the great man sees this. It would melt his big heart.
Marc Stone
Marc Stone 5 days ago
I almost forgot to watch this today.
Yasmin Barcelos
Yasmin Barcelos 5 days ago
Jamila Begum
Jamila Begum 5 days ago
Hi baby girl friend socutyouaresongvery greathappymoresongformebabygirlfriengonesongformeyesloveyou
Simon Masters
Simon Masters 5 days ago
Sidd Playzz
Sidd Playzz 5 days ago
Now i need a friend
CALVARY DHONI - Christian Messages & Songs
May God bless you all.
t mcgough
t mcgough 6 days ago
dad's got a nice singing voice. Claire is awesome! Bravo!
Person 6 days ago
I didn't bother to read the title so as soon as I heard the little girl sing I was surprised.
Lamar Bowers
Lamar Bowers 6 days ago
No way this looses in the history of ever...
Aécio Telles
Aécio Telles 6 days ago
by the likes and unlikes you can clearly see that we good people are the big majority of the ppl
Paulo Sampaio
Paulo Sampaio 7 days ago
Lovely ...
Filipa Marjanovic
Richard Steven
Richard Steven 7 days ago
She great
namcat53 7 days ago
Imagine 10 years later...20 years later...I hope she has a beautiful, happy life singing and playing. Good job, Dad. Thanks!
Job Nienhuis
Job Nienhuis 8 days ago
This is the most amazing 4-year old ever!!!! The singing was literally perfect😍😍
Ma Ha
Ma Ha 8 days ago
wish I had a father like him! My father was a singer and musician, but instead of singing together, he would laugh at me and make fun of me, so for the rest of his life I never dared to sing when he was around..... he died 10 years ago, and only then I started to sing in front of other people.
ce collie
ce collie 4 days ago
Sounds like something for therapy and not RUvid
Andrea Colleoni
Andrea Colleoni 8 days ago
The ReDEEMer
The ReDEEMer 8 days ago
absolutely brilliant!
Riley Beck
Riley Beck 8 days ago
So precious
daniel fontes
daniel fontes 8 days ago
How can 7K people not like this??? What is wrong with Humans??? GOD Luv your Family Brother!!! :)
귀엽네.. 하아..
NoviceIL 8 days ago
Way too cute! Unbelievable
Tyler Garza
Tyler Garza 8 days ago
This little girl will have a solid video to play at her wedding one day
LordMcSizzle 9 days ago
The little constantly wriggly toes is what completely cracked me up! Awesome vid!!!
Saraia Turner
Saraia Turner 9 days ago
Saraia Turner
people1st 9 days ago
The swedish boy3
The swedish boy3 9 days ago
You sound like a old swedish Singer Ted Gärdestad and he are a legend
Xheni Mane
Xheni Mane 9 days ago
She sings more in style than her dad
Gil Lopez jr.
Gil Lopez jr. 10 days ago
Hey why does this have 666 likes😳😳
Justin Feldman
Justin Feldman 10 days ago
i'm not crying.... you crying
JackGames 10 days ago
shes good wow
Halo stop motion battle halo
Love it
Kevin Jacho
Kevin Jacho 10 days ago
I just wanna sing that song some day with my daughter 👌
Fizzy Zillion
Fizzy Zillion 10 days ago
my eyes are hosepipes right now.I DONT KNOW 7.4K PEOPLE DISLIKED THE VID THO!
FANG 10 days ago
Beautiful !
Sieglinde Losekamm
Sieglinde Losekamm 10 days ago
Super.. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Bimal Gaire
Bimal Gaire 10 days ago
Cute cute cute..she is so cute!!!!
GMP 10 days ago
Did the same with my eldest daughter when she was 4, but I wrote and played my songs on guitar and at times piano and she'd dance and sing along. She still has those memories and she's 37. Still knows some of the melodies and at times reminds me LOL. Did the same with my younger daughter and son. You know when you go shopping and at the checkout they ask you if you have a rewards card? I just say NO . . . . my children are my reward and they are to this day.
솔잎향산초 11 days ago
굿 ~~👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤
Lostdwarf 11 days ago
really 7k people disliked this????? really????????? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Claire Gayoso
Claire Gayoso 11 days ago
I miss my baby girl.
H Z 11 days ago
I want both.
배고프다 11 days ago
So lovely!
Airton Saraiva
Airton Saraiva 12 days ago
Eleven Eleven
Eleven Eleven 12 days ago
That little girl is far batter than his father.
ce collie
ce collie 4 days ago
Can't say something kind without being insulting?
My Name
My Name 12 days ago
I dont think i have ever related to anything more than I do this video. I love my daddy so much and he is my best friend.
My Name
My Name 12 days ago
I dont think i have ever related to anything more than I do these too. I love my daddy so much and he is my best friend.
Jotham NDAYIZEYE 12 days ago
So good and sweet to sing with your daughter
Always Ani
Always Ani 12 days ago
I love how she looks at her daddy! She really loves him !!
Always Ani
Always Ani 12 days ago
She is adorable!!!
Tracy Ellison
Tracy Ellison 12 days ago
Maimouna Parlby
Maimouna Parlby 12 days ago
bruh she's 4 and she knows about what a verse is lol
ermias taye
ermias taye 13 days ago
Random person in the commet section You got a freind in me
Rebecca Christine
Rebecca Christine 13 days ago
That moment when a 4 year old sings better than you
Zaubermann Inc
Zaubermann Inc 13 days ago
That's the cutest thing I saw on the internet. I'm dying over here...
Victoria Barton
Victoria Barton 13 days ago
For a for year old, her voice is amazing. Shes so cute
Drix 42
Drix 42 13 days ago
Such a smooth voice the dad has. ♪
Shaun Herson
Shaun Herson 13 days ago
Love this song so refreshing listen to it at least once a day
Uniform_youth UFu
Uniform_youth UFu 14 days ago
GOD BLESS YOU...!!!!!!!!!!!
Daad Turki
Daad Turki 14 days ago
you're baby is so cute
Ruben Araiza Porras
Este video lo conservo en mi galería del teléfono por años...bravo!
linda yamaguchi
linda yamaguchi 15 days ago
Claire is just so cute!
Sofia Fontes
Sofia Fontes 15 days ago
I saw u on the voice bro
Barbara 2020
Barbara 2020 15 days ago
Alessandra Ungareli
Alguém tá aqui pela aula de inglês?
kosmipologe 15 days ago
so sweet - you guys are awesome!
Bruno Januário
Bruno Januário 15 days ago
Que coisinha mais fofa do mundo essa menininha! Deus abençoe toda sua vida! 🙏🏻
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