You've Got a Friend In Me - LIVE Performance by 4-year-old Claire Ryann and Dad

The Crosbys
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We have a studio recorded version of this song, but wanted to do a LIVE cover of it!
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Jan 17, 2017




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Comments 16 410
강강강 Hour ago
She is so cute
Gang of Eagles
Gang of Eagles 4 hours ago
This is so great.
ratel7305 4 hours ago
so cute^^
Alex Peters
Alex Peters 7 hours ago
She’s actually surprisingly good at singing being that young
jonah schow
jonah schow 14 hours ago
A video that actually deserves 28 milion veiws
Madhavi Tembe
Madhavi Tembe 15 hours ago
Claire has the blues face to go with her lovely pipes!💜🙌😂
Boxes Bins & Lids - The Clutter Cube
I love that he slows down to play at her pace of singing. So sweet. ❤❤
Thdxbll3 17 hours ago
She’s even got that Randy Newman nasally high range. Friggin adorable.
Elif Özvariş
Elif Özvariş 19 hours ago
Redouane 20 hours ago
OMG who Can dislike this !
amazonefurieux 21 hour ago
So sweet!! Hope her talent won t steel her childhood! Take care of this precious little human
Gatcha_wolfie 1123
Gatcha_wolfie 1123 23 hours ago
Wow he is good at singing!
めありー Day ago
気持ち良さそう~😌😌❤️ 私も聴いていて気持ち良い
csaba. fasteddie narone
Simply beautiful
Michael Andersen
pull the capo off, it would fit her voice better
Citizen of the world
Bung Khus
Bung Khus Day ago
Forky and Woody love you
kim michaud
kim michaud Day ago
She's better than her dad
Susanne Blochberger
Lynda Baker
Lynda Baker Day ago
Wow Claire you have a beautiful voice! So does daddy. 👍
Annamária Ivàn
Isten áldja meg Őket, hogy még nagyon sokáig énekelhessenek együtt
ᄒᄆ Day ago
서동현 라방보고 온 사람
Haeun Kim
Haeun Kim Day ago
저요 ㅠㅠ 동현님 요즘 너무 힘드신것같아요...너무 걱정되네요ㅠㅠ
Melissa Schmid
Melissa Schmid 2 days ago
Sweet !
J. Sáez
J. Sáez 2 days ago
Shari J
Shari J 2 days ago
That was so beautiful and refreshing. The way they looked at each other and sang was heartwarming. Loved her tone, love the words, the father daughter bond......❤❤❤
spice latè
spice latè 2 days ago
to all those people that disliked this (6.4K) HOW COULD YOUUUUU 😢😒
la divercion de anita y lulu team lulu
The girl i so cute 😍😍😍
Jenn elaine
Jenn elaine 2 days ago
Aww i love this!:)❤️❤️
ben han
ben han 2 days ago
She is awesome 😍
L Eggleston
L Eggleston 2 days ago
uğur aydın
uğur aydın 3 days ago
what can ı say.So beautiful :D
Ron Marsh
Ron Marsh 3 days ago
Oh WOW way to cute!
24jkerr 3 days ago
Nice reminds you there is still some beauty in this world.
Nic V
Nic V 3 days ago
MrTactikewl 3 days ago
I liked even before I heard the second verse
Evka Kristofova
Evka Kristofova 3 days ago
So cite and inpression. It completly brought me back to my childhood
lucas 3 days ago
Oooooo soooo cute😍😍😍😍😍
Petr Vlach
Petr Vlach 4 days ago
Super !!!!!
ItsMehReluke Gamer
When I heard I voice I died IT’S SO CUTE 😭
Redneck Girl
Redneck Girl 5 days ago
This video cracks me up. She is so expressive. Strong gene pool in your family.
Antonio Di cuonzo
Un abbraccio di cuore grande papà e piccolina. 💞
cliftonsuber 6 days ago
6,400 meth heads who lost their kids disliked this video.
socorro joy hualde
When you found yourself comfortably and enjoying their duet, aww, so adorable😍😍❤
Jay Freese
Jay Freese 6 days ago
Relationship goals.
Foster Matthews
Foster Matthews 6 days ago
Oh my god, is amazing the fact of this girl with 4 years old sings much better than other peoples, with a age more elevated, it's freaking fantastic!!
Imran Sabo
Imran Sabo 6 days ago
Hein Htet
Hein Htet 7 days ago
she can sing way better than me
Jacky K.C
Jacky K.C 7 days ago
GentsClubG TV
GentsClubG TV 7 days ago
Wholesome ❤️
Trevian Aka Swagg Williams
Too cute....👍🏾
Maria Acosta
Maria Acosta 7 days ago
Thank I love Toy Story.
K N Chakradhar
K N Chakradhar 7 days ago
What a lovely girl! her cute gestures. Love Love Love ❤️❤️
Saner Kaya
Saner Kaya 7 days ago
You are so good at sing and the litle girl❤️
DylanDinosaur 8 days ago
This is amazing
Peachy ASMR
Peachy ASMR 8 days ago
People that disliked are jealous
Gil Alvarado
Gil Alvarado 8 days ago
Who's here after watching Randy Newman on the Oscars?
Kandy Kane
Kandy Kane 8 days ago
I use to do magic tricks with my girls because I'm musically disadvantaged. I made videos though.
Dominique Gonzalez
Dope dude My daughter love this song 2
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