You Season 2: Penn Badgley REACTS to That Killer Twist and Season 3 Secrets! (Exclusive)

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Spoiler Alert! Now that you've finished 'You' season two, only ET has Penn Badgley spilling exclusive secrets about THAT crazy ending!


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Dec 27, 2019




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JayR 44
JayR 44 20 days ago
Everytime i sees him i just get a feeling that he might be thinking i should wrap this up quickly so i can see her
miranda cooper
miranda cooper 22 days ago
y’all when i saw the ending...“see you soon, neighbour” like? he went through all of that just to start over again?? he has a pregnant gf i’m dead
Warmindking 28 days ago
Well he’s wrong. Sociopaths are made, psychopaths are born that way.
He needs a podcast I just love his voice, and he’s such a great actor too.
Giannis Pallas
Giannis Pallas Month ago
Christina Stachurski
It's like Seinfeld, "I can't be with someone who's just like me, I hate myself!"
Dolores Medina
Dolores Medina Month ago
"What would you like to see happen to Joe?" Dead lmaooo
Karl-Kristoffer Johnsson
Throughout season 2 Joe was constantly thinking about how he wants to be a better person. I kept thinking that if he truly wants to redeem himself, he should turn himself in. There's still an innocent guy in prison for murders he committed!
HI HEY HELLO 2 months ago
when he said that no one is born a psychopath...well there is definitely a gene that has to be activated through particular circumstances...such as neglect or abuse. but the person is still born with the gene.
Extraordinario !!!
Carly Coppi
Carly Coppi 2 months ago
Penn Badgley is so hot!!!
Hashwant Sriram
Hashwant Sriram 2 months ago
Police women warned Candace to stay remain dead as Joe thinks she is dead , the same scenario with forty ,Nicky warns him to stay away from joe.
Nicole Shabazi Abajlou
This takes so much from Dexter
iba mahin
iba mahin 2 months ago
I have seen him as Joe, and I can't UNDO it... He was so convincing as the psychotic dude that like Daniel radcliff will be Harry potter for me whatever character he plays , this guy is Joe n nothing else...
VEDANT KADAM 2 months ago
Joe is the person who is trying to find a cure for coronavirus😂 Way complicated , but everyone claiming they got it
Stefanus Emmanuel
Stefanus Emmanuel 3 months ago
maybe the neighbour is his mom? judging from the skin and the wrinkle. and maybe love dont actually wolf joe and pretend that her child is joe's, and its actually milo's and love killed her late husband james, discuss for more theories!
Hannah Louise
Hannah Louise 3 months ago
I don’t know what it is about Love but her face just really really annoys me
Shehzadi Aziz
Shehzadi Aziz 3 months ago
I can see him doing some great movie/film work in the future
Tonia Saunders
Tonia Saunders 4 months ago
He is absolutely brilliant!!
The Movie Spoiler TMS
You saeson 3 trailer ruvid.net/video/video-b1_JXBb7mwU.html
Carlos Valdez
Carlos Valdez 4 months ago
I’m watching all these videos of the cast, giving their thoughts and views on behind the scenes of the show. I don’t normally do this. If I do, that goes to show how great this series is. It is quite the masterpiece.
FAA 4 months ago
I'm in love with his voice 😍
Daniyal Ahmed
Daniyal Ahmed 4 months ago
Penn as Ted Bundy is what i want to see👍👍
BlueBot Livingston
BlueBot Livingston 4 months ago
Fantastic actor, I'm not too fond of his interview personality tho. Not gonna lie
Kiss Cheww
Kiss Cheww 4 months ago
His the skinny version of Jamie Dornan
dhwani anand
dhwani anand 4 months ago
spotted : dan doing an interview
alesiaangel 4 months ago
Am i the only one who wants a psychologist or therapist to actually diagnose joe and help him with his mental health. Like I'm always trying to diagnose him (i want to be a therapist lol) Also i wish they exposed more of his childhood because everytime it comes up I'm like "ohhh that's why he's like that"😂
pritam N
pritam N 4 months ago
Joe & love the sick psychopath killers ! probably the neighbor is gona die But Im dying to see joe in season 3! So what that make me
Vacuum Sensation ASMR
I can’t wait for season 3 💯💯
Katy K
Katy K 5 months ago
His confidence makes me feel hot I'm out I can't handle
Rechie Teatro
Rechie Teatro 5 months ago
Penn the way he act joe, its like so real,like so natural,hes gesture so natural 👏👏👏 joe hes a serial killer with a big good heart.. he kill for something for good, Penn❤
Sharron G.
Sharron G. 5 months ago
Anyone else think Candace will not age well? lol
TheDarkDoughnut 5 months ago
Season 3 : Joe kills a few more people paco is fully grown up and he comes back and realised that what joe is doing is bad so paco kills joe
zaki rezaiguia
zaki rezaiguia 5 months ago
Penn looks exactly like jose mourinho wow!!!
Maria Amr
Maria Amr 5 months ago
I'd shit my pants if I was sitting next to him
PLANE JAIN 5 months ago
Glad to see he put on some weight
Y0UNG GVTS 5 months ago
So joe is gonna cheat on love in s3 then is that whats really gonna happen??
Mateoneyse 5 months ago
So umm theoretically if i watching this show like on fucking god 20 times atleast am i crazy or a fan. Theoretically
double trouble
double trouble 5 months ago
Did anyone else feel so sorry for this poor guy Forty??
Petra Clark
Petra Clark 5 months ago
Thing is human blood can be sticky too then not for long once it dries
john johnny
john johnny 5 months ago
They ruined his character. Focus on Love now. Just keep the main character revolving. You can’t keep a consistent crazy and do character growth, it just doesn’t work.
Pacific Pain
Pacific Pain 6 months ago
I can say for sure this is the most intense show I’ve ever watched. I have never experienced the level of anxiety that I have while binge watching this show in one day up to 6 am. Then all of season 2 the next day. What do u guys think?
Anne Cglnse
Anne Cglnse 6 months ago
I wolf you, Joe.
Mehak Ali
Mehak Ali 6 months ago
His voice is so soothing to hear ♥
Malfunctioning Universe
A guide on how to talk and sound smart when you literally talk a bunch of nonsense stuff, here its folks thats the guide there, watch it and practice yourself
Manasa Prasad
Manasa Prasad 6 months ago
He's creepy and adorable at same time in YOU ♥️
zahra abbasi
zahra abbasi 6 months ago
I really liked season 2, but why they killed forty, i mean there were so many ways to get rid of a character , he shouldn't have died that way.
ColdBNoob 6 months ago
So who's gonna Kill who In season 3? Joe kills love? Or love kills Joe?😳
Jody Simmers
Jody Simmers 6 months ago
Hearing my name out of Joes mouth is a gift and I just want to thank my mom and the writers of poetic justice💀♥️
Samuel Ling
Samuel Ling 6 months ago
Tiro 6 months ago
I hope Paco and his mom come back, i think she said they will move to california ? so;)... Imagine Paco starts acting weird at school and home, aggressive behavior and things and then he will slowly become like Joe. At the very end of the whole series, Joe gets murdered and Paco will continue.
The Lyons Legacy
The Lyons Legacy 6 months ago
I think we can 100% agree that Joe can do no wrong, in our eyes. He's the criminal/bad guy but we/'re root/ing for him. 😂😭
Márcia dos Santos Silveira
Que homem lindo !!! Amo de paixão !!
Arafaat Shaikh
Arafaat Shaikh 6 months ago
Lil superman
inkagiz 7 months ago
Mickey and Malory Knox anybody?
tanha sudheer
tanha sudheer 7 months ago
Cathryn Symmons
Cathryn Symmons 7 months ago
He doesn’t seem sober in this interview 😂😂
Unknown Stranger
Unknown Stranger 7 months ago
Man this guy should stick to serial killer roles or dark roles he clearly looks like a serial killer Ps: No offence just prazing him He is the Man in this show 10/10 for me 😎🙏🥰
OxxxyMoron 7 months ago
Here's a fact: Candace was the good guy.
siusi 7 months ago
Tóth Franciska
Tóth Franciska 7 months ago
Maybe in the 3rd season he will realize that Love is his soul mate and love her 😌💞 Ok this show is too fucked up in a good way that will never happen
Jessica A
Jessica A 7 months ago
SynneDennis 7 months ago
I thought she was a psychopath in episode 3.
LifeOfRy 7 months ago
Penn should’ve played Ted Bundy.
Dakota Needham
Dakota Needham 7 months ago
Still think he should’ve kept beck
kinyua Peter
kinyua Peter 7 months ago
we all know Joe is bad and dangerous but in some way we are rooting for him to find love be loved and redeem himself
Honey Gold Jasmine
Honey Gold Jasmine 7 months ago
No lie it broke my heart when Delilah was murdered 😓
Bryan U
Bryan U 7 months ago
Penn is the mirror of Joe. 😃
Kaelee Rose
Kaelee Rose 7 months ago
I've dated someone similar to the character Joe. Sociopathy is a very real thing. And its terrifying.
DasPikachu 7 months ago
I don't think I want death for Joe... I don't know what I want for him. I would've liked if he and Love would've just ended up in an actually good relationship - I thought that was possible, but apparently it's not. I also thought the self realization he came to in the cage in the last episode was quite a good path... Losing Love and going to prison wouldn't have been quite that bad either. Despite the terrible things he's done, I still hope that he will be loved by somebody in the end. He's sick but he's still very genuine in a way. I think what I hope most is that he keeps being confronted with himself, that happened quite a lot in season 2 already, and that he comes to understand what he actually did and why it is wrong. Death would mean he never truly understands his mistakes and that's not what I want.
jrlandry1410 7 months ago
Maybe Joe will fake his death and start a new life as a lumberjack 🙄
Claudio 7 months ago
My bro needs to keep this beard on season 3 no cap
alpha _theartist
alpha _theartist 7 months ago
He really hates his character lol
Cristina Sevgiliiglu
He looks so much like TED Bundy he woud’ve been great as him more than Zack Efron
Kadir R
Kadir R 7 months ago
Am I only the one mentally stable person and wishes that joe goes behind bars? Yes? F**k the world is truly fu**ed up.
x Fållen Angëł x
x Fållen Angëł x 7 months ago
Am I the only one who disliked Love? kinda wished Joe killed her 🤨
Matzi 7 months ago
Joe wasn't actually a ''murderer'' in season 2. Just a heavy stalker and criminal. I mean, he only killed 2 people, of the which in the first one he was in complete self-defense and the second one was accidental. Didn't anybody notice this? Compare that to the first season in which he killed 4 people, and nearly all were premeditated murders.
Gabe Mayo
Gabe Mayo 7 months ago
Ok but why does the interviewer look like the human version of a barbie
He should've played Ted Bundy instead of Zac Efron. He literally looks JUST LIKE HIM
Jadrien Javier
Jadrien Javier 8 months ago
Plot twist: Penn is a figment of our imagination. Joe did this interview to get close to the interviewer
A star Is born
A star Is born 8 months ago
I watched first season last year in 2 days, waited a whole year for season 2 then finished it again in less than 2 days. Now I have to wait a year and 2 months for season 3 god🥺🥱
Marlie Doucet
Marlie Doucet 8 months ago
anyone getting mad cause they shipped love and joe so hard and was so happy theyre having a child but then joe goes and sees the lady with the book >:(
Strawberry J
Strawberry J 8 months ago
Waitttttttt we never saw how beck died imagine he thought he killed her but she sat reading her book in the garden like OH HUN YOU THOUGHT
Tiana Herron
Tiana Herron 8 months ago
I love him 😍
R B 8 months ago
Does anyone think love looks like hillary duff and the girl from broke girls show with the black hair combined? That's a good thing of course I mean:)
Ciera n
Ciera n 8 months ago
I feel like Love is gonna end up trying to Hurt Joe or kill him
Salimah Rivera
Salimah Rivera 8 months ago
He’s so fine
Jaden 8 months ago
This dude could play a mean Ted Bundy I feel like.
Elina Filatova
Elina Filatova 8 months ago
he is so good looking .*
Lost Teen
Lost Teen 8 months ago
Most of us secretly liked or wanted joe to redeem himself right? Let's imagine all the serial killers had a story similar, and ofcrs "strong" excuses, explained in a convincing way like Joe's... will we think the same?
xvy 8 months ago
what would that be if love ends up killing joe and the show carries on from loves perspective..
BlueKnight001 8 months ago
He looks better without the beard
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 8 months ago
He wants wants to be the man his father never was. Mark my words he's gonna end up like or worse than him
Crystal Campbell
Crystal Campbell 8 months ago
Joe wants the Fantasy and once hes able to see the person who they truly are (flawed, not perfection) then the Fantasy is broken. He will always chase his "Ideal", what he cant have and never be happy once it becomes attainable.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 8 months ago
He's like a smaller version of Henry Cavill
Mechanika 8 months ago
There is a part of your brain that you're born without that creates a lack of empathy in seriel killers. But in the show Joe and Love always seem to throw up or cry after a tragedy. So they still have some form of empathy. I think it was the way they grew up that made them.
Saadia Tahir
Saadia Tahir 8 months ago
Why serial killers are always so hot 😫😫😍😍
EmtheGem 8 months ago
I feel like it's a lot easier to sympathize with Joe because the show is told from his perspective. Because for the majority of the seasons he thinks what he's doing is right and you really see how he thinks and how he views other people and his process I feel like it's easy to get mixed up with the highs and lows of his emotions and his infatuations and his own drive to "better himself" in season 2 for Love.
lily mcquaid
lily mcquaid 8 months ago
every time i hear his voice i get spooked
FilipiKnows 8 months ago
Blah blah you're gonna end up with Lori and your town is gonna turn into a zombie town
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