You're Not Ready For These Scary Games

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Are you ready for more 3 scary games. In this lets play we take on the otherworld which is the stuff of creepypasta nightmares. Im home will give you the jumpscare you've been waiting for. Topped off by Sinistria, a scary game about witches. These indie horror game let's plays will jumpscare the pants off you!
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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 80
Estefy 2 days ago
6:33 It was Bach
Kate Waller
Kate Waller 4 days ago
Tip for long videos: go to the end and press replay= no ads
Luna Ross
Luna Ross 5 days ago
jack:my pets upstares tehe tehe uwu -oct 9 2019
pineapplegng 7 days ago
Voicesfromthedark sent me here
Tom Trudeau
Tom Trudeau 7 days ago
I nearly died watching this 💀😂
RogueChris 12 days ago
my pets upstairs tEEhEE UWU xD xD xD
that scared me so badly i covered my face out my fear
Lennon Wakeford
Lennon Wakeford 16 days ago
I threw my phone at the first scare🤣
lysandra peacock
lysandra peacock 16 days ago
i spilled all of my coffee on the first jumpscare... :') you owe my more coffee Sean😤
Arxi3_ 19
Arxi3_ 19 16 days ago
Ah yes Jack singing this is gospel my ears have been blessed-
the second game reminds me of when you played Fran Bow
Jaira M
Jaira M 18 days ago
What's the real name of the song at the end? It's not actually an original song, is it? The one at 30:59?
Aurora Brockett
Aurora Brockett 21 day ago
Jack, looking around a completely trashed room: What a mighty room. Also Jack: Ooh, a key!
Lora Schaus
Lora Schaus 22 days ago
Schneep Appearances: 5:55-5:58 8:22-8:24 34:04-35:53
Liliana Scudder
Liliana Scudder 24 days ago
6:39 "Pretty sure that's Mozart." All in favor of roasting Seán? *deep inhale* (Yes, I am aware of the possibility of being roasted myself. I can't remember where the accent goes.)
Liliana Scudder
Liliana Scudder 24 days ago
OR IS IT? Someone help... help me please lol
Liliana Scudder
Liliana Scudder 24 days ago
AHA! Tis the other way. *****Seàn
Jared likes music
Jared likes music 24 days ago
The last one gave me serious amnesia vibes.
わたし わFerdaev
The "uwu" lol
Kade Clown
Kade Clown 25 days ago
The first jump scare made me deepthroat my icecream
Sweet Heart
Sweet Heart 25 days ago
10:30 hay I'm not completely worthless! I can be used as a bad example :D!!
CommanderBLITZ 25 days ago
Spookiest are you around? Jacky boi has come to town
scoey plays
scoey plays 26 days ago
Me seeing the thumbnail and seeing the title and thinking, "oh, so the games will be commentary on the coronavirus. Naaaaaaaah
k h o k h o n u t
k h o k h o n u t 27 days ago
This video is very s p o o p y
Y e e
Y e e 27 days ago
I'm sorry, did I just hear jack sing part of this is gospel? Because it sure sounded like it and now I'm happy
Puppy Player100
Puppy Player100 27 days ago
Dr. Snipplesteane?!
INeedCoffee 28 days ago
Why have i only seen, like, 2 comments about this whole Schneep thing
Hazmatx 28 days ago
It would be cool if you didn't mess with brightness or contrast in post so we can experience the same thing as you.
Grady Franco
Grady Franco 29 days ago
5:50 I just spilt my fucking beer all over me
Grady Franco
Grady Franco 29 days ago
I just heard a grown man *_uwu_*
dottislame 29 days ago
Seáns shirt is the one who wins :)
Kelley Gieger
Kelley Gieger Month ago
An apple a day will keep anyone away, if you throw it hard enough
Nope-Negatory Month ago
I just realized that the sound at 35:47 is the EXACT same sound that can be heard in "CHASE" right before Chase teleports...
Curtis Beauchamp
Does anyone know the name of the piano piece?
Rainbow In b.a.w
31:50 "Bun venit in Sinistria"... *happy romanian noises*
ramennoodles Month ago
5:51 Literally threw my phone
Jamie Frost
Jamie Frost Month ago
Omg, I screamed so loud, lol
Jennifer Crawford
THAT WAS SOOO SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jennifer Crawford
Jennifer Crawford
you are not scary
Jennifer Crawford
Jennifer Crawford
wah the
Person Month ago
Personal remimders: 5:55 8:22 34:04
Venonymous Games
That first scare got me lmao, I almost punched my phone
Janine moss
Janine moss Month ago
our character sounded like Fred from scooby doo mystery incorporated
Ulley God
Ulley God Month ago
Jack Month ago
no one: me: intensely concentrated pant shitting in progress
Josephine Lee
Josephine Lee Month ago
35:30 I'm sorry, did scheeplstein just get hypnotized by a screensaver what-
Wayne Stewart
Wayne Stewart Month ago
Dang! What an epic outro!
Sunset Shimmer Gaming
An apple a day can keep anyone away if you throw it hard enough
Isabel Tir
Isabel Tir Month ago
Marvin and Jackaboyman are left!😱
lyla gold
lyla gold Month ago
so I searched what was on one of the papers at the end and it pulled up august 26 I don't know if it means anything but i wanted to try
Regan Watts
Regan Watts Month ago
I think Jack would be good in a Haunted House dressed in a nice and scary costume with that voice he made at the begging
5:50 that legit scared the shit out of me i was falling asleep then that happened
Kitten's Carrie
Kitten's Carrie Month ago
31:46 * View written on tablet * Me: Cool, it's another different language, namely romanian
Zane Hankins
Zane Hankins Month ago
16:47 And this is why I'm still subscribed.
blooperss Month ago
27:10 Resident Evil 7 vibes, anyone?
KreatorOfWorlds Month ago
Offending all classical music lovers in a few seconds lmao
Spider-teen Month ago
good luck hiding in the comments now muhahahahaha
listir Month ago
5:56 I literally shit my pants here it feels like all of my organs jump at once dang
Norby Szabó
Norby Szabó Month ago
Wow, it's rare to see a game made by romanian people about romanian stories :O The sign "Bun venit in Sinistria" means "Welcome to Sinistria". Am I the only romanian person who saw this game? :D
aleister crowley
this is kind of like a first person fran bow a bit
mister_willson Month ago
I'm not ganna lie I threw my phone the first jump scare.
kees kees
kees kees Month ago
the first one scared the living f out of me
Phoenix Riggs
Phoenix Riggs Month ago
I know someone that’s skinny enough for that chair :T
Edge Month ago
If you feel uncomfortable at any moment, just watch Sean in the corner so you can still watch the video, but get less spooked whenever there's a jumpscare.
Edge Month ago
well, it did kinda work for me except I looked back on the main gameplay the moment there was a jumpscare.
Plebita12 Gaming
I have watched this so many times and never had that first jumpscare gotten me- BUT NOW I HAVE NEVER FLINCHED SO HARD
Camenball! Month ago
Me opening jacksepticeye playing horror game: ahhh these cheap made games aint scary Also me at 5.50mins : AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! * THROW MY PHONE * AND NOW ITS CRACKED 😭
Morgan Ratliff
Morgan Ratliff Month ago
I'm pretty sure Jack slams pre-workout before recording his videos.
Maggie MiniMix
Maggie MiniMix Month ago
You scared my dog xD
finkle and coriander
Oh hi Jack
melip 3114
melip 3114 Month ago
Ok, what was that thing at the end about?
Cassandra Connell
Classical music isn’t copyrighted. It is in the public domain.
Bloog Foog
Bloog Foog Month ago
Brandi Manley
Brandi Manley Month ago
Anyone else on a jacksepticeye/seán binge? edit: FUCK that first game sucked-
sam toons
sam toons Month ago
Josephine Brekker
The voice in the 3rd game is literally the guy from the haunted mansion ride
GhostlyCake Month ago
I spilled my tea T-T
Chaotic King
Chaotic King Month ago
Me watching this six months later:. . . 😨 Why was this scarier than the others especially the first game it starts with... I actually jumped I- 😐😶😨😱😱
Jade Demas
Jade Demas Month ago
The Chop Suey reference at 15:56 flung back in time
Lil Nobody
Lil Nobody Month ago
I threw my iPad at 5:51...
Fandomness Month ago
pension to give jack Cutest Person Ever Award *Raises hand*
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