YOU CAN'T TRUST THE TWIN SANTAS! - Fortnite Battle Royale

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The santa skin in Fortnite can't be trusted! Especially when there's two of them!
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Dec 4, 2019




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Comments 1 251
Jaydin Chris
Jaydin Chris 5 days ago
Ninja please 1v1 me my epic is Gabled-peel
Hamdia Mudassar
Hamdia Mudassar 6 days ago
Drystone_TTV 6 days ago
i have a twin
XX FOURS 17 days ago
Wow very nice😎
Manjit Singh
Manjit Singh 22 days ago
Ninja you are the best player on planet earth
Mike Thompson
Mike Thompson 24 days ago
I love Ninja. Ninja is the best. DriftRyderThomo Epic ID.
David Blain
David Blain 25 days ago
In your next video get a sniper kill
nick colburn
nick colburn 28 days ago
........ yes their paying you to play this ass But stand up for your heart and show your community that fornite doesn’t compare to any halo game
Cristangelo 7
Cristangelo 7 29 days ago
Ninja still did not bit my ricordo if 249m snipe in seanson3
sheena barnes
sheena barnes Month ago
That was one of the most craziest cracked snipes I’ve ever seen
Riti Chona Mehta
Hey know like a rockstar and k know
Krish Mehta
Krish Mehta Month ago
Shit y’all tfue fans
Krish Mehta
Krish Mehta Month ago
Riti Chona Mehta
Kathleen Marie
Kathleen Marie Month ago
Every game u wack bots lol 😝
Blerton Tarashaj
o noob
Not Gaming
Not Gaming Month ago
Jir jago
Anthony shakur
Anthony shakur Month ago
11-33 seconds hahahahahhahahahahahahahaha
TTV Split
TTV Split Month ago
Ninja you could get clapped by my friend sean
ROY_ロイ Month ago
NINJAが楽しんでる 元に戻った☺️
Isaac Gamer
Isaac Gamer Month ago
Tfue is better than Ninja
Kellen Lacayo
Kellen Lacayo Month ago
Ninja. Add me it snowdragon045
shayelad shayelad
Use salt in water then snif im serious dont use thous drugs Clean with toilet if it drips
gamer kan
gamer kan Month ago
recarga 200000 pavos
Yojack87 Month ago
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DeSavage Playz Minecraft And More
Ninja’s average views per video makes me sad
Veljko Gejmer
Veljko Gejmer Month ago
Usually Kids
Usually Kids Month ago
Ninja is best
GV_ sweat
GV_ sweat Month ago
Friend me my user is Springy54120
pisi pisi
pisi pisi Month ago
Oh man
Chonden Norbu
Chonden Norbu Month ago
Rip juice wrld
Jorge Loco
Jorge Loco Month ago
Ninja can you add me in fortnight and Michael
Tyler Hunt
Tyler Hunt Month ago
ninja is an asshole to his teammates nowadays, buddy’s not even relevant anymore. he’s entitled and a dick
Kenan Laurencis
Kenan Laurencis Month ago
Salut salut
Ibaca Bahah
Ibaca Bahah Month ago
how many frames does he have at least?
Amy Ehrne
Amy Ehrne Month ago
Ninja is a massive bot
Mystery Mystery
Mystery Mystery Month ago
I love your video
zexoz Month ago
He freaking santa
Mason Outdoors
Mason Outdoors Month ago
how do you land with everybody
Flareparkerjojo Month ago
Leonel Acosta
Leonel Acosta Month ago
Mel Bucketz
Mel Bucketz Month ago
11:33 made my day😂😂😂😂
Khalifa Khalfan
Khalifa Khalfan Month ago
Reboot:Rebooting trash teammate Revive:Reviving trash teammate 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Strix Month ago
Subscribe to arya chatterjee you little shit
Rob Molstad
Rob Molstad Month ago
“I blew my nose this morning and I almost died” LMAO
Evelyn Malabe Connell
You are very very cool
interceptor5. XbOx1
Smack dat ass. 😎
Ninja_high_ Month ago
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Rob Molstad
Rob Molstad Month ago
More like a giveaway for lies
Thomas Raymond
Thomas Raymond Month ago
Pomegranates WHAT NO WAY
Katie Moran
Katie Moran Month ago
Nice headshot ninja
Katie Moran
Katie Moran Month ago
Ninja did you know that if you fall and then fall into a bush you don’t take damage
Katie Moran
Katie Moran Month ago
Play ninja if you have a chance shout me out
Thomas Raymond
Thomas Raymond Month ago
Katie Moran he won’t
Katie Moran
Katie Moran Month ago
Ninjas you have a chance shout me out on recomment
Katie Moran
Katie Moran Month ago
Ninja if you have a chance to make a video of you try making a haking video and try not to get Banned
michelle fetveit
michelle fetveit
you toxic ninja
michelle fetveit
pls friend me my name is giovanni4414
Hylas Month ago
This game is soo nostalgic now but it's trash also
Tamjid I
Tamjid I Month ago
Juice wrlrd rip
Dr smoke2
Dr smoke2 Month ago
Dude howd you miss those shots sad bro missed 2 snipes after the revive and he wasnt even that far. How can you miss I just dont understand there has to be thousands of players that could hit those shots. I guess that means you suck and are dumb but actually think you're smart
BlackWolfGaming YT
Ninja Their,z And Animation About You Called When Ninja And Dr.Lupo Play Fortnite Made by Toom
Vinayak Gupta
Vinayak Gupta Month ago
His views have reduced drastically.
John- Gaming
John- Gaming Month ago
0:48 i mean how stupid can you be its fortnite all your job is to shoot the head. Wow FYI this comment is from the tweet ninja made so don't be angry at me
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