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YNW Melly ft. Kanye West - Mixed Personalities (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Lyrical Lemonade
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Check out the official music video for "Mixed Personalities" by YNW ft. Kanye West
YNW Melly feat. Kanye West - Mixed Personalities [Official Music Video] (Prod. C-Clip Beatz)
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Directed by Cole Bennett
VFX Supervisor/Lead Compositor - Sam Shea
Lead Animator - Marco Mori & Sam Shea
Director of Photography - Logan Meis
Steadicam Operator - Xavier Thompson
Executive Producer - Sal Tarantino
Line Producer - Jay Tauzin
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18 янв 2019




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Caco Mup
Caco Mup 31 секунду назад
3:45 that smile........
Akiem Lawrence
Akiem Lawrence 33 секунды назад
YMW MELLY: who ate my food FRIEND: YMW MELLY: murder on my mind 😐🔫
Quinton Robson
Quinton Robson 58 секунд назад
This songs trash
AshMain69 Минуту назад
One days he’s happy then he kills his two homies
Clutch Boy
Clutch Boy 4 минуты назад
Ugly ass dude killed his homies
nu nu
nu nu 5 минут назад
Yall leave melly along he didnt kill them he loved them
Terry Freeman jr
Terry Freeman jr 8 минут назад
2:16 boy almost got messed up tryanna do a backflip
Colton Crawford
Colton Crawford 8 минут назад
Free melly
Trout 98
Trout 98 15 минут назад
Melly sacrificed 2 of his "friends" for a weak ass Kanye verse
Nezzy Gang
Nezzy Gang 15 минут назад
My fav
hyperbeast datman
hyperbeast datman 16 минут назад
like if melly sing better than jacquees in this video and kanye
Zanny Manny
Zanny Manny 16 минут назад
melly: penelopeee (5 hours later double homicide)
Kris Ibarra
Kris Ibarra 16 минут назад
Why do people dick ride Cole Bennett so hard yeah his videos are dope but most of his videos the same af. There’s no versatility it’s always some trippy shit
Trout 98
Trout 98 13 минут назад
Victor O.
Victor O. 18 минут назад
Diego Estrada
Diego Estrada 19 минут назад
This song is trashh
Serqia 19 минут назад
man melly why you do this
Imran Ritchwood
Imran Ritchwood 20 минут назад
Gen Gen Doee
Gen Gen Doee 20 минут назад
Can yall leave my lul baby alonee
Nicole Christina
Nicole Christina 21 минуту назад
Free YNM Melly💔 gunna miss you’re music, sucks you had to fuck it all up.
Lvl 99. MaximiliunMus Soldier
Lvl 99. MaximiliunMus Soldier 26 минут назад
no autotune at all
Beauty with Jay
Beauty with Jay 27 минут назад
0:51 how to sweep 101
Joeyfridays 29 минут назад
JESUS that was painful to listen to
Justin Vigilante
Justin Vigilante 29 минут назад
KharonNoButler 32 минуты назад
Kanye satanic ass prolly made him sacrifice his friends🤔🤔
Thanya Hernandez
Thanya Hernandez 35 минут назад
I want someone
FrostDeezAKA 40 минут назад
Shit so glad he got this banger off befote he caught the case
David Atkins
David Atkins 42 минуты назад
Jingle 43 минуты назад
Don’t press read more 👌
Anthony Lacey
Anthony Lacey 45 минут назад
3:40 when your mixed personalities giving you 47 years
David Soria
David Soria 46 минут назад
Thank you Kanye
AngeJJ21 51 минуту назад
kanye a fed
lebron Rose
lebron Rose 53 минуты назад
So nobody seen him fall at 2:15?
MLG Vincent101
MLG Vincent101 56 минут назад
1st time listening to this its eeeehhhhh Second hey its ok 3rd hey its actually fire dammmm 🔥
Yusif Al-dabbagh
Yusif Al-dabbagh 56 минут назад
Who is watching because YNW Melly turned himself in and their sad!
Dominos Час назад
Imagine knowing your recording with a killer...
Aubrey BlackFace Adidon
Aubrey BlackFace Adidon Час назад
He’s gonna kill the girl that blocked and ignored his calls...
jared gaming madness
jared gaming madness Час назад
Hi person scrolling through the comment section.
Khahil Hepburn
Khahil Hepburn Час назад
His smile creeps me outttt
Mimiyo Час назад
Dude already seemed a bit psycho in this one
Takeoff Час назад
Melly has mental disorders so if he really did kill his best friends they should be taking that in account because when you listen to this guys lyrics he definitly has mental issues
Miraculous Phenomenon
Miraculous Phenomenon Час назад
This joint jammy asf ✍🏾👩🏽‍⚖️great collabo MELLY&YEEZY🤝..lord knows this song describes mi LOFTLY 🤦🏾‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️
Pizza Час назад
When you just wanna kill yo homies but accidentally kill your career at the same time
Justine Huff
Justine Huff Час назад
Best raper in 2019
kyah prince
kyah prince Час назад
Damn Melly wtf
kyah prince
kyah prince Час назад
Damn Melly wtf
Mikey T
Mikey T Час назад
Who’s here before he murdered his friends?
Elmospipe Час назад
Damn bruh people be d
poop fart
poop fart Час назад
The high pitched part without autotune is interesting...
yuNg Kiko
yuNg Kiko Час назад
He look like yung bans n he built like Ybn Nahmir
Doel_Yt Час назад
Сема Егоров
Сема Егоров Час назад
Colby Paper
Colby Paper Час назад
Wtf is happening at 2:45
Scoo Glizzy
Scoo Glizzy Час назад
Don’t let this distract you from the fact his last name is demons
MrFluffls Час назад
This could have been so much better
World Record Egg
World Record Egg Час назад
Man I want someone but I don’t know how to approach them 😔 Any Pointers?
Perry DiMaggio
Perry DiMaggio Час назад
Free YNW Melly 🙏🏻☝🏻
christian Ruffins
christian Ruffins Час назад
Ynw melly is creepy. Haha he In jail
Wazzuuup GD
Wazzuuup GD Час назад
2:00 his god damn mug shot #FreeMelly
Løu Renzø V. Cachø
Løu Renzø V. Cachø 2 часа назад
Adaya Barnett
Adaya Barnett 2 часа назад
Lord 4 give me
Keith Hernandez
Keith Hernandez 2 часа назад
Weirdest video i'e ever seen
Nun'z 2 часа назад
His forehead is big
Nun'z 2 часа назад
He confessed to murder :) Ik u know
Angiee 2 часа назад
When you get a green-screen for Christmas😂
Alexander Anufriyev
Alexander Anufriyev 2 часа назад
Cole always make the weirdest videos but makes them lit at the same time
Linden Dykes
Linden Dykes 2 часа назад
There’s only one human in this video YNW Melly is a robot
ROBO SPIRIT 2 часа назад
Don 2 часа назад
“I think I got mixed personalities, capped both my homies faked a murder scene”
Emmett BTW
Emmett BTW 2 часа назад
2:55 Not your door, just your cell
Young Cam
Young Cam 2 часа назад
Michael Час назад
His name ain't melvin
Jake Fromm
Jake Fromm 2 часа назад
The words don’t line up at all
New Acc
New Acc 2 часа назад
2:19 Manz broke his neck, yikes 😩
Boy Yeet
Boy Yeet 2 часа назад
Is this rap or pop
eric. 2 часа назад
looks like he caught the felony
Mike 2 часа назад
He came out of a 14 year old pussy what do you expect
Christina Marin
Christina Marin 2 часа назад
Mellys part was good but Kanye messes it up frfr 😂
Chante Cole
Chante Cole 2 часа назад
I dont like the underwater sound.......good song tho
Jay Dynasty
Jay Dynasty 2 часа назад
The smile at the beginning/end is just creepy now knowing that He got killed 2 people
Saniyah Burton
Saniyah Burton 2 часа назад
Free Melly🤕💙
KayoDobroVevo 2 часа назад
He murdered two people he doesn’t get a pass cause he’s famous
Scottyboii T.V
Scottyboii T.V 2 часа назад
Hop off this man just here to hate y’all really tripping
Baraka 2 часа назад
3:38 when you dont eat ur icecream
Zach B
Zach B 2 часа назад
Guys it wasn't him that murdered his friends it was his other personality
Drïppy Wayne
Drïppy Wayne 2 часа назад
#freemelly 🤦🏽‍♂️💯💯
Trent Traub
Trent Traub 2 часа назад
free melly
howsway 2 часа назад
12: Smile for me melly
Amaya Duh.
Amaya Duh. 2 часа назад
"First Day Out - YNW Melly" More like "Going Back In" *ksksksksk*
Michael Christy
Michael Christy 3 часа назад
"i got the key to the lil bitch heart and you can't get the vault" i fucken love melly bro
George Griffiths
George Griffiths 3 часа назад
Why have I ONLY just seen that the thumbnail is him and Kanye combined, not just him??
Desiree Fulton
Desiree Fulton 3 часа назад
Damn, idc what he did he still fine af😩
Hunter SO SACEEY 3 часа назад
Sativa 3 часа назад
0:42 makes me wanna die
BothPalmsOut 3 часа назад
Kanye gives me chills in this with his voice. Melly just gives me chills because he a crazy mofucka
Lil Toddler
Lil Toddler 3 часа назад
Im so mad at myself for really liking the song, even after knowing what he did
Dkm Beats
Dkm Beats 3 часа назад
His forehead may be the runner up to KSI
Bryson rich
Bryson rich 3 часа назад
I had sent this to my girl😂😂
Slxmp Gxd
Slxmp Gxd 3 часа назад
Who else is here cause they watched this video then they saw that jelly killed 2 people?
Epicmelatonic 3 часа назад
Melly possessed fr, its a shame he coulda been legendary
AcVisuals 3 часа назад
This low key wasn’t bad though. Too bad he’s gonna go to jail for the rest of his life probably
brandon johnson
brandon johnson 3 часа назад
I like his jacket ynw melly i need one
brandon johnson
brandon johnson 3 часа назад
Free my nigga ynw melly
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