Ylvis - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) [Official music video HD]

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#ylvis #thefox #whatdoesthefoxsay
Music video from the Norwegian talk show I kveld med YLVIS.
Music by M.Eriksen/T.E.Hermansen/V.Ylvisåker/B.Ylvisåker
Lyrics by V.Ylvisåker/B.Ylvisåker/C.Løchstøer
Produced by Stargate
Choreographer: Thea Bay
SBS Discovery © 2013


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Sep 3, 2013




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Comments 919 665
TVNorge 6 years ago
Wow! Thank you all so much for the amazing feedback we've gotten from you on "Ylvis - the Fox" the passed days guys! Keep on viewing, the fox is still out there! Also feel free to tune in to the Ylvis - [Official music video playlist HD] for more Ylvis moments! Enjoy!
Rubí Pérez
Rubí Pérez Month ago
Mazen Mady
Mazen Mady 2 months ago
Anna Gutrov
Anna Gutrov 2 months ago
Sylvia Bryn
Sylvia Bryn 3 months ago
TVNorge o
Jana Honsová
Jana Honsová 3 months ago
TVNorge njdjdhducj&hurufhfgj💋
It's Izic
It's Izic 9 minutes ago
Who else misses the Simple world Of Music
Simple Drawz
Simple Drawz 11 minutes ago
Scott Lyons
Scott Lyons 18 minutes ago
why am i back?
paved w good intentions progress not perfection
That sound is the sound of a million Furries all over the world climaxing at the same time😬👋😰😭💟😱☔😌
owen johnson
owen johnson 49 minutes ago
Who else does this bring back old memories too ?
Sarrinah Safaa
WTF , i still love it tho
FullOfSplash Hour ago
Furries favorite song
Maggieplayz Li
Thi- nvm
Alyssa C
Alyssa C Hour ago
To this day I still actually don't know what a fix actually says😂😂
riley buteau
riley buteau Hour ago
It literally sounds like it screams for help- they were in my backyard ;w;
Justin Hollern
Justin Hollern 2 hours ago
Léo Charpentier
Léo Charpentier 2 hours ago
I had a sudden flashback for this song. Wasn't disappointed.
Curlyhead 11
Curlyhead 11 2 hours ago
2013 kids 2005
DG gamer
DG gamer 2 hours ago
Vai toma no cuuuuuu
Harvv 2 hours ago
i miss this
Bruv 2 hours ago
Isn’t this just a furry pride song
RockinRob69 3 hours ago
*Dropped by to see the old guy scatting in the woods....oh, and the fox rapping too!!*
RockinRob69 3 hours ago
Juh Zerbe
Juh Zerbe 3 hours ago
Que brisa é essa mermão KSKSKSKSKSKKSISIS
Lazar Zdravkovic
Lazar Zdravkovic 3 hours ago
Alba gómez grobas
Alba gómez grobas 3 hours ago
Amal Trab
Amal Trab 4 hours ago
I’m discovering this today 16/11/2019 after being lost on RUvid at 4AM and I don’t know if I’m as much stupid as this song but I’m absolutely so in love with it
Turma do Cueio React & Outras Coisas interessantes
I just come here cuz I forgot what the fox say
Pawel Sieracki
Pawel Sieracki 4 hours ago
NoName 4 hours ago
sammy holdem
sammy holdem 4 hours ago
This took over for like 3 months. Huge amount of views
Pamela Toole
Pamela Toole 4 hours ago
Was this meant to be a meme or a real song
Tippy 4 hours ago
My ears are bleeding Lol
Filippa Bøttger
Filippa Bøttger 5 hours ago
EasyReturnZ 5 hours ago
And idiots say first.
w_dream 5 hours ago
ya une différence quand jecouté sa quand jetais petite par rapport a maintenant mdr
Aymen Tertag
Aymen Tertag 5 hours ago
What does 2020 say ?? 😂😂
Jonathon Horning
Jonathon Horning 5 hours ago
Still listening to this song haha. Never gets old
TRV YEET , 5 hours ago
Sound like what dose the FUC say
CrAvE Rain
CrAvE Rain 6 hours ago
how tf did this bs blow up
Guest666 Ahnemiller
it actually goes.. BARK
Azhar 6 hours ago
GAMER FOXY4335 6 hours ago
Iam a fan of this like if you are
Trefix 6 hours ago
Are you in the Furry Fandom?
Rei Sophia
Rei Sophia 6 hours ago
Não falo ingles mas essa musica é uMaçimo
Falcon 9
Falcon 9 6 hours ago
I only came here for stress reliever
Ram Gupta
Ram Gupta 6 hours ago
I have no idea why I am watching this but ok
busayo olowoyo
busayo olowoyo 7 hours ago
No a fox is orange
jugglnhoes 7 hours ago
me i came back
j a m o n e
j a m o n e 7 hours ago
Who else came back on an accident I’m 13 this came out 6 years ago
kate elliott
kate elliott 8 hours ago
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そら 8 hours ago
JAPAN MB 666 8 hours ago
そら 江口
そら 8 hours ago
Nabs 2099
Nabs 2099 8 hours ago
What the fuck sake!!
Ар К
Ар К 8 hours ago
Боже , Ваня ,зачем ты вернулся в мою голову?!😂💙
Familia Guzman
Familia Guzman 9 hours ago
Soy el unico que cuando niño decia: What The Fuck say
La Bestia Politica
La Bestia Politica 9 hours ago
Pretty odd story I heard this song a long time ago. My girls are in kindergarten now and the eldest was asking me what different sounds animals make, well wouldn't know she asked me what sound the fox makes and I was stumped. So I pull this gem of a song out and now it's my girls favorite song, we jam out to it. Thank you Ylvis.
The Oncorming Storm The Bringer Of Darkness
Odd indeed my friend
531. philipp
531. philipp 9 hours ago
Just came back haha
marco reus
marco reus 10 hours ago
Que feo
pisikopat oyuncu
pisikopat oyuncu 10 hours ago
kate elliott
kate elliott 10 hours ago
When you give birth, if you smoke your placenta can get calcium crystals on it that appear as white spots.the midwives like to look at it and say whether or not youve smoked. They said it looked like I hadn't, also asha was 2 weeks late (not premature as is often suggested) and she was almost 9lbs, not underweight. I did take subutex for the first month or so, but remained sober throughout the pregnancy xxx
ShiningStar4Y channel
Actually, without these stupid lirycs and fox's sounds it a nice bop to dance to at the club.
kate elliott
kate elliott 10 hours ago
I read at school that cigarettes can be split into 3 basic parts, the first third dosnt have so much tar in it, the middle bit is middling and the last third is really bad for you. So I hardly ever smoke more than half my roll up, besides I drool over them cause I'm doing other stuff too. It's a built in saftey mechanism xxx
Azzam PLG
Azzam PLG 10 hours ago
Everyone hears: What the fox say Me hearing : What the f*ck say
Aiden RBLX
Aiden RBLX 10 hours ago
What the fu*k gay?
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