Ylvis - Jan Egeland [Official music video HD]

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Watch I kveld med Ylvis on Dplay: bit.ly/IKveldMedYlvis
Polish and italian subtitles.
Ylvis - [Official music video playlist HD]: ruvid.net/video/video-jofNR_WkoCE.html
Music video from the Norwegian talk show I kveld med YLVIS.
Music by L.Devik/V.Ylvisåker/B.Ylvisåker
Lyrics by V.Ylvisåker/B.Ylvisåker/C.Løchstøer
Produced by Lars Devik -- PhatCat Studios
Directed by Ole Martin Hafsmo
#ylvis #janegeland
SBS Discovery © 2013


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Sep 30, 2012




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Comments 100
Kajsa Larsson
Kajsa Larsson 23 hours ago
I just can't, 2:16 is the sexiest thing I've seen!! Keep looping from 2:13 cuz you never say no to a hot Vegard on a motorbike just before sharing mic with Bård and maximizing their sexiness! I'm melting!
constipados 2 days ago
To me "he's a peacekeeping machine" is the best line --- it makes me think of Terminator.
Insanos .Gaming
Insanos .Gaming 5 days ago
Hong Kong protesters calling for a Janny-Boy ;-;
Mango Man
Mango Man 7 days ago
I just noticed that Ylvis at the time of when they played live in this video, that’s the very same stage that Queen played on during “Live Aid” July 13th 1985 😧
Christopher Reelsen
This is the most badass parody I've ever heared!
Sam Liška
Sam Liška 12 days ago
Norway should send Ylvis to Eurovision.
Finom Punci
Finom Punci 13 days ago
Guns and roses Norvegian style Werry good
Manchester .Comedy
Manchester .Comedy 14 days ago
Love this group... some questionable lyrics this time tho :-/
Adrian brady
Adrian brady 14 days ago
when he's sad he goes to funeral ?? lol bit odd. *jan egeland feels sad and goes to a random funeral* everyone there just dafuq is jan egeland doing here
JD S 15 days ago
Jan Egeland is the real deal; so is Ylvis.
Thor Knai
Thor Knai 19 days ago
There is now a cocktail in Hollywood called "Jan Egenland: Peace Keeping Machine". Just saying.
Gator Productions
Gator Productions 20 days ago
Love how the chorus is filmed at the wembly
Sandroinorge 9 days ago
It's in Stavanger, Norway
UnknownSubscriber 20 days ago
It's like a mix between Metallica and Iced Earth
Julian Perez
Julian Perez 23 days ago
Me gusta Ylvis
Thomas Petersson
Thomas Petersson 25 days ago
Otroligt kul.
Твоя Совесть
Mad dictator with a son! 🇧🇾
Einaras K.
Einaras K. Month ago
Can someone send Jan Egeland to Belarus?
panda4247 Month ago
Bård on the stage looks like Sam Winchester.
Maria Malinowska
When you wanna sleeping but you can't do it, you watch this song
Ferro Month ago
Nice legs🤣
Mr. Damian
Mr. Damian Month ago
really guys, every time I listen to this song I want to protect some human rights.
amirul anuar
amirul anuar Month ago
Wtf why I just found out this song.
Natalie Dennings
What would Jan Egeland do if he were here today? He would kick a Trump or two that’s what Jan Egeland do.
Nicky Nustar
Nicky Nustar Month ago
I have a grievance with this video. It is superbly cool... Very wonderful, very well done, very funny... Yet the Norwegian (I presume they're Norwegian) crowd look very much like an English crowd. Not very exciting. (Unless it's the Prodigy crew, and then, it's a mix of exciting and absolutely fecking terrifying). Just see the unease of them in front of these princes of wit... I find myself in an unfortunate position, where the man on RUvid I've fallen in love with viacriously, is not only Norwegian (Nothing wrong with that as far as I know), but I can't remember, nor pronounce, nor spell his name. However... For Norway, he's the true prince.
Kyle Cantu
Kyle Cantu Month ago
America needs Jan Egeland!
Stephen Albright
this has been stuck in my head for 8 years now
Jason Tran
Jason Tran 2 months ago
well, we need Jan Egeland now!
Comeback Show
Comeback Show 2 months ago
What a plan
citizen erased
citizen erased 2 months ago
Vegard has a really good voice! Amazing!
Enrique Yervez
Enrique Yervez 2 months ago
My country, Venezuela, needs Jan Egeland.
RPG Source
RPG Source 2 months ago
Jan Egeland we need you now more than over. the world needs saving from 2020!!!
Nicky Nustar
Nicky Nustar 2 months ago
I would call the singer in this band a world saviour, if only I could pronounce and remember his name in English.
xPaulinhaKawaii 2 months ago
can someone recommend me some bands that sounds like this? I NEED it
wheelcha1rman2 2 months ago
Not only is this hilarious, but it's also one of the best composed power ballads in years.
corina cutii
corina cutii 2 months ago
Vegard's vocals amaze me everytime ❤
Firebird 2 months ago
What i like about this is that 200-300 years from now (assuming we last that long) some random kids on the internet will rediscover this video and be so damn curious about who this person was that they'll look him up. All the other politicians and world leaders will be relegated to literal history books and for the most part lost to history. But because this guy's done such a good job that comedians made an epic song about him that's not just them ripping into the politician (which face it, most deserve...), the kids'll either look him up, or bring it up with history teachers just out of curiousity.
Sabrina Coleman
Sabrina Coleman 2 months ago
it is my favorite song/album i listened to everyday :)
Kristina 3 months ago
Nicky Nustar
Nicky Nustar 3 months ago
This is better than Guns N Roses at their peak. Rock on.
dsds 3 months ago
this is a legitimately good song and the video is epic as well
S K 3 months ago
Awesome song. One thing got my ear: do norwegians really pronounce his name like that? As in english language they would. I would have thought it is said similarly to "yawn".
KwickThaBoi 3 months ago
Nick Torchio
Nick Torchio 3 months ago
This is unironically a good song.
Queen Bitch KaNoMiko
"What a plan!" They forgot to put an "awful" before the "plan," but I guess they tried, just like Jan.
Nico Avetikian
Nico Avetikian 3 months ago
This didnt age well
Makayla Olive
Makayla Olive 3 months ago
Is it gøod tunes Ylvis so great
jcmds2 3 months ago
his mother didnt see this coming
Aaron Tharp Productions
Wanna see something interesting? For just a single frame at the end of this shot 3:45 you can see the screens disappear. It's a VFX mistake that happened when they replaced the screens with the motorcycle footage.
Aaron Tharp Productions
Not that there is anything wrong with that at all. I do them all the time for work, and I n ow personally the agony of stuff like this falling through the cracks
Aaron Tharp Productions
Krozmar go frame by frame until the very last frame of the shot and you will see what I mean. The show was real, I’m just saying they did a screen replacement to insert the extra shots from the music video.
Krozmar 3 months ago
Not sure what you are talking about.. they did the live consert in Norway as a warm up for another band with the audience and the big screens... There is nothing fake about it..
Faycel art
Faycel art 4 months ago
Sean Kenji Lacandazo
I don't know why but I actually love Ylvis' songs. Weird, funny but lit 🔥
munirah ̮̈
munirah ̮̈ 4 months ago
Scream. 4 months ago
Abel Lavieri
Abel Lavieri 4 months ago
Who listens to this in 2020?
Cerutear 4 months ago
Where is Jan Egeland in 2020, save us pls 😔
Shannen Libres
Shannen Libres 4 months ago
Didn't I hear this song on guitar hero? Jk
Joyería Pepe Lozano
is this a real concert? XD
Amphibiot 4 months ago
vivek rakshit
vivek rakshit 4 months ago
Now I m convinced only Jan Egeland can save us from coronavirus . Where is he
Gert Hauan
Gert Hauan 4 months ago
He is the leader of the Norwegian refugee council
Ark Xerxes
Ark Xerxes 4 months ago
When my older brother made me listen to this, at first I thought he was saying John Eagleland. Lol, I thought for the longest time that this song was kind of about making fun of those cheesy super-powered American -themed heroes.
Jotta H.
Jotta H. 4 months ago
Jan Egeland is one of those Human beings worthy of admiration.
RATNA SHEKHAR 4 months ago
Maybe....just maybe...we have found the man who can find a cure for Coronavirus....Jan Egeland.....
leticia mariano
leticia mariano 4 months ago
sempre quis ir em um show deles
dncarlo24 5 months ago
That guitar solo is so 80s rock ballad. Epic shred: ☑️ Guitar amp: ☑️ Black and white: ☑️ Rain: ☑️ Semi formal attire: ☑️ Guitar smash: ☑️
9911brian 5 months ago
one of the best songs ever
Blust GT
Blust GT 5 months ago
The music in this one is actually pretty lit
Peg 5 months ago
Expendables 4: Jan Egeland Edit- autocorrect hates me
Peg 4 months ago
@Amphibiot Autocorrect will be the death of me. I'll fix it. Tusen takk.
Amphibiot 4 months ago
I think it's facinating that his actual name is literally the name of the song, his real name is mentioned REPEATEDLY over and over again thougout the entire song and you STILL manage to spell it incorrectly. I'm not even mad. That's amazing!
Nyein Chan Thu
Nyein Chan Thu 5 months ago
2020 anyone???
Can Çelik
Can Çelik 5 months ago
This sounds like an anime oppening lmao
Thea Bruun
Thea Bruun 5 months ago
I know this is a parody song, but it's actually a pretty catchy song, if you look away from the lyrics😂
Redha Al-Obaidy
Redha Al-Obaidy 6 months ago
Greetings from NRC employee in Iraq... Big regards to Mr. Jan Egeland
Ahnya Christieson
Ahnya Christieson 4 months ago
Redha Al-Obaidy Hi from New Zealand. You are destined to be single for the rest of your life.
abcd 6 months ago
omg this is so good
Mystery Egg
Mystery Egg 6 months ago
George Cloon hahaha
Ali 6 months ago
1:00 to 1:30 is the best part.
Wicked Wicked
Wicked Wicked 6 months ago
Hard to believe this song has only 18mln views...
Ivar Choi Espedalen
Ivar Choi Espedalen 5 months ago
Yeah, it us rare to find reactors reacting to them as well
kevinkeith RB
kevinkeith RB 6 months ago
Honestly this much better song than the songs today.
Lunar Trooper
Lunar Trooper 6 months ago
Someone please make a power metal cover of this song\
Jiří Waleczko
Jiří Waleczko 6 months ago
When there's virus outbreak and all is hell... Bring in JAN EGELAAAAAAND!
pelin g
pelin g 6 months ago
I love how that guitar doesnt break at the end 4:19 and that sound lol
Percy Walt
Percy Walt 6 months ago
Yeah soo great song!!!
Ahnya Christieson
Ahnya Christieson 4 months ago
Percy Walt Your future wife's name will be Annabeth, and together, you will have a son called:Grover.
Mike Bergmann
Mike Bergmann 6 months ago
we need Jan more now than ever
Eeyore Piglet
Eeyore Piglet 6 months ago
1:49 I'm so glad I got to see that😏
MC Rich - IG: officialmcrich
You’re legends 😂💙
Colin Palmer
Colin Palmer 6 months ago
Such great artists, what a rockin' song! Tusan talk
Tom L
Tom L 5 months ago
Tusen takk ;-)
4570 _Rico
4570 _Rico 7 months ago
Please collab with jens lekman :v
Coleman 7 months ago
A wordpress default link brought me here.
Alex Garay
Alex Garay 7 months ago
Does anyone know what the original song is from 0:01-0:25, it's haunting me!
Metiental 😼
Metiental 😼 6 months ago
I thought it reminded me of something aswell, so I went looking back in my spotify list with a specific song in mind. It's not as similar as I first thought, though. But it was Dream Theater - Wither.
Jared Fredrickson
Jared Fredrickson 7 months ago
We need Jan Egeland to solve Coronavirus
kblr2028 7 months ago
Ahh yes the UN greatest war generator ever
Salah Anadi
Salah Anadi 7 months ago
Raise ur hands if you belive he will find a cure for the coronavirus
corina cutii
corina cutii 2 months ago
Greenbluescreen 2 months ago
Mr Emil
Mr Emil 4 months ago
copykon 7 months ago
He was educated at the Berkeley in Cali. That college only produces SJW's these days.
Слоны Идутнасевер
как это охуенно
SuperWilima 7 months ago
on se kova ---
WaaDoku 【和ァ独】
I would say this is way over the top. But no. This is perfect. Just... *perfect.*
Max Kaldager
Max Kaldager 7 months ago
goddess of conquest
goddess of conquest 7 months ago
It's just dick shit
Anna Appleing
Anna Appleing 8 months ago
w t f
David Crawfurd
David Crawfurd 8 months ago
Råeste låta noensinne
Zofia Zofia
Zofia Zofia 8 months ago
Polska jesteście tu ??
Mariusz Parker
Mariusz Parker 8 months ago
Pfff Pudzian go zjada na śniadanie
P Pond
P Pond 8 months ago
This is most funny metal song ever lol
Grrr Brrr
Grrr Brrr 8 months ago
I understand they want to be edgy, but the music isn't interesting enough to meet the ambition.
dncarlo24 5 months ago
@NOAH GOTM it's still relevant to me damnit! 😂
NOAH GOTM 7 months ago
If you're just watching it now, 8 years later then maybe so. It was , however, relevant and interesting at the time.
腓特烈·路德維希· 克里斯蒂安 • 6 年前
A man named Mr. Toot living in a cabin in Massachusetts invented Stonehenge-shape yogurt and shared it with Jan Egeland
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