Yesterworld: The History of Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, Astro Blasters and Planet Rescue!

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Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is an attraction rich in theme park history! The attraction has locations in Disney Resorts around the world, from Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters in Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast in Disneyland Paris, Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue in Shanghai Disneyland, and the original Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, it’s a Disney attraction that has been thrilling theme park fans for years!
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Jul 10, 2019




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Comments 469
Something Sketchy
Something Sketchy 11 days ago
5:55 but by the end of toy story, buzz and woody are friends. This doesn’t make sense
ajzeg01 11 days ago
The ride photos you get at the end of Astro Blasters at Disneyland are so shitty, omg.
WYATTMAN HABEL 17 days ago
11:07 I think his name is Doctor Z. *_What Da Flick?!?!??!?!_*
Meme Machine
Meme Machine 17 days ago
Galactic hero is ez my 4 year old brother did it lol
Dave Chandler
Dave Chandler 21 day ago
I always feel like I'm taking crazy pills when people talk about Astroblasters. Why do people like this ride so much? It's a cheap knockoff of laser tag rides you find at most county fairs. I legitimately don't get it.
computerkid1416 22 days ago
Interestingly, the email you get when you request your ride picture looks to have not been updated since the early 2000s. It's actually kind of a cool time capsule. I remember going to WDW in 2006, pre-smartphone, and having to wait until I got home to open up the email and see my ride photos. Good times.
R KegIII 23 days ago
Eastern/Delta ride was fun....
Led Grayson
Led Grayson 23 days ago
@11:17 I thought the kid said "We blasted the sh!t a lot" XD
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson 16 days ago
I've Never Seen Woody In A Suit Before He Looks Very Good In That Suit
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Month ago
Jardex22 Month ago
This brings back fond memories. My parents and I would sign up for a FastPass slot, then get in line to pass the time. I swear we went through it 4 or 5 times in a row. Another note about the ride/game interactivity mentioned at 13:31. There was another ride that used a similar concept. The exit area for Mission Space in WDW had a game where two teams would complete tasks and race rockets. This tied into an online game that could be played on Disney's website. It looks like Space Race is still in the post show area, but I can't find a trace of the online game.
Jen M
Jen M Month ago
Great video! Now... Space Ranger Spin in WDW is in definite need of an update. Not even a full overhaul, but I think just updating the guns/targets would go a long way. Those guns are the absolute worst; half the time they barely work. The tiny red laser dots are almost impossible to see where they're aimed. Was probably great back in 1998. Really just a button masher now.
Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson Month ago
It was a fun ride
Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson Month ago
Ass Blaster
Moku Month ago
Buzz Lightyear's Ass Blaster is my favourite.
Otaku_GameFan Month ago
Why are the voices doubled at the end if the Video?
Aquatic Aries77
Aquatic Aries77 Month ago
Why Hong Kong had to get rid of such a great ride the toy story was much better I always look forward to that one but now have to wait till can afford to go to the other Disneyland parks to go:((
Arthur Amazons
Arthur Amazons Month ago
I love Ant man and the wasp that ride looks great
Arthur Amazons
Arthur Amazons Month ago
the one I have ben is the Paris one
Arthur Amazons
Arthur Amazons Month ago
I have been on this ride its great
Ben Weiss
Ben Weiss Month ago
"It's kind of like... a ride?"
Kelyaan Month ago
There was always a great way to get that 999,999 - If you saw someone in a wheelchair you go when they do ;) So when the ride stops to let them on you keep shooting.
Tony Negrete
Tony Negrete Month ago
14:39 my music
oof SabrinaBrite
Buzz:hmmmm stitch spin wuuuuut
Hazardous XD
Hazardous XD Month ago
Space Ranger Spin is og
Donut Dog19
Donut Dog19 Month ago
Plus I also got over a million on one
Donut Dog19
Donut Dog19 Month ago
When I was a kid I went on this around about 30 times in a row it was the one in Paris btw
Rhettorical Month ago
About 8 years ago, at the Disneyland version, someone told me about the special target on Zurg that was worth a ton of points, and that day I scored almost 2 million points. It was the highest I ever scored, but it was only the third highest so far that day, and it was only around 1pm. Some folks could get absurd scores and it's always driven me to go back and try again. I heard they were considering removing it recently, but thankfully that seems to have not been the case. It's an incredible ride and one of the best Disney's ever created.
Courtney Seymour
Now that California Adventure in Anaheim has Toy Story Mania I feel like they've let Astro Blasters go. Its kinda dirty and definitely needs new paint and updates... the ride is just out of date and not nearly as fun as Toy Story Mania.
Buterra my croissant
this is my favorite ride EVER, fuck off if u hate it
Mres Redf
Mres Redf Month ago
11:14 did that kid just say shit?!
Makeda B.
Makeda B. Month ago
Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m on yesterworld or defunctland
rippetoe 38
rippetoe 38 Month ago
Is no one gonna point out that Woody looks a bit like Tim Allen on the thumbnail?
Inuranchan Month ago
I love this ride but it needs an update. Now that I've seen this video, I'm afraid they'd ruin it with screens rather than animatronics...Almost wish it wasn't located in tomorrowland so it could be rethemed around a character I actually like lol. How about that xenomorph idea, huh? ; )
Crash&SpyroFan Month ago
Jackie Gonzalez
Jackie Gonzalez Month ago
Crash&SpyroFan you are a sad strange little man. And you have my pity. Farewell!
Hunter Cummings
Hunter Cummings Month ago
Ive never once been to Disney World, why am i watching this?
isaac mercado
isaac mercado Month ago
hey i went on that ride
Chris Carmo
Chris Carmo Month ago
fun fact: the reason Zurg's voice sounds different on Space Ranger Spin is because that was his original voice - you can also hear it in a deleted scene from Toy Story 2 (an unused version of the Buzz vs Zurg fight scene, timestamped February-April 1998), which suggests they changed Zurg's voice for the movie after they'd already recorded his lines for the ride
Xantron Month ago
hillarious how bad they kept theming it to flight
znelson32 Month ago
Horrible red laser dot that’s barely visible. Horrible ride. Get rid of it already.
legoshowtv Month ago
my dad beats me every time on it
legoshowtv Month ago
do the history of the power rangers at Hollywood studios
Hayden Hornocker
11:17 I can't be the only one who heard blast the sh*t a lot
Spider_Boii Gamer Channel
11:17 The Kid Said The S Word Language
Everything Cool
Everything Cool 2 months ago
Laser blast is France
Nathan Cruz
Nathan Cruz 2 months ago
5:54 I remember watching this teaser trailer of toy story 2, when I was 2 years old.
ll L A T A T A ll
ll L A T A T A ll 2 months ago
I remember that ride, i was 5 years old when i rode it the first time.....i was hella scared and i cried, so i couldnt enjoy it ever again.
Blake Evans
Blake Evans 2 months ago
“ you are a TOY!!!!!!!” Sorry had to say it the scene got cut lol
Gotalive 2 months ago
great video but you kinda sound like a robot talking...
Christopher Carrion
Christopher Carrion 2 months ago
What was up with that double audio at the end of the video?? Lol
William Tao
William Tao 2 months ago
Woody the cowboy toy: now that's... unfair for me... >:( (After he react, about Buzz Lightyear's spinoff attractions in Disneyland). Buzz Lightyear the toy space ranger: I know, how do you feel about this Woody. :/
Boom Nation
Boom Nation 2 months ago
11:17 did I hear that right
Boom Nation
Boom Nation 2 months ago
If u think about it the ride just took the next natural step. It went from the sky to space
Life with Adam
Life with Adam 2 months ago
I know it was liked but what do toys fighting have to do with the future and what do talking monsters in monsters inc have to do with the future ? The rides don’t really make scense
Ansonchow 2016
Ansonchow 2016 2 months ago
To infinty and beyond
Greg Myers
Greg Myers 2 months ago
Just went to WDW for the 1st time last year. This ride was kool but the newer toy story ride at Hollywood Studios was way better!
Greg Myers
Greg Myers 2 months ago
What would Toy Story be without Buzz Lightyear?? It’d be called Toy Story 4!!
Miguel Diaz
Miguel Diaz 2 months ago
i went to the version in Orlando and dont get me wrong, its visually appealing to my 5 year old self, but it stopped every 1 and a half minuets for another 3 minuets and would reset your score, because the ride system was braking down and the guns weren't working properly so they just ran us thru as fast as they could and shut off the guns. i got soooooooo pissed. i hope they fixed it
Pastel Lover Potato
Pastel Lover Potato 2 months ago
I miss his old high voice.😔 I love his old voice so much.
Baby Raccoon
Baby Raccoon Month ago
Puberty doesn’t care who it effects just when it effects. Smh 😔
MACMETALFACE 2 months ago
Buzz lightyear sold space powder. My hero!
MegaDeathRay10 2 months ago
Ok would you rather fuck buzz or be fucked by woody?
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