Yesterworld: The History of Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, Astro Blasters and Planet Rescue!

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Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is an attraction rich in theme park history! The attraction has locations in Disney Resorts around the world, from Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters in Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast in Disneyland Paris, Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue in Shanghai Disneyland, and the original Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, it’s a Disney attraction that has been thrilling theme park fans for years!
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Jul 10, 2019




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Comments 517
Joseph Collareta
Joseph Collareta 2 days ago
Notice how Buzz Lightyear does not act like a complete idiot in this era at all
Stair Worse Studios
Space Ranger Spin needs the blasters from Astro Blasters
YRQRM0 3 days ago
I hope this ride sticks around, but it would be great if they updated the laser tech. It's kind of hard to see where you're shooting and doesn't feel all that accurate.
Kobe's Channel
Kobe's Channel 3 days ago
Why does Woody look like that in the thumbnail
Leila M-K
Leila M-K 5 days ago
I always score embarrassingly low. I can't hit a target on purpose to save my life.
The_Tarrin _Show
The_Tarrin _Show 9 days ago
Stop doing videos and delete all of them.
Kaycee Whitham
Kaycee Whitham 19 days ago
It needs a refurbishment Last time i was there it looked kinda crappy.
TheFalseKingslayer 22 days ago
Nothing like getting on space ranger spin with someone who has never been on before, putting a death grip on the joystick and continuously ruining any chance they have at hitting anything
weckar 23 days ago
If all but one are still around, what's this bad boy doing in yesterworld?
jandypimpson 23 days ago
I was SO impressed with this ride, and the animatronic Buzz Lightyear in the queue the first time I went on in waaaaay back in 2003. I still always do it once when at Magic Kingdom.
Jasmine Johnston
Jasmine Johnston 23 days ago
Whenever this ride breaks down and is able to restart, all scores get reset to 0 when the ride restarts
Alec Lozano
Alec Lozano 24 days ago
Rip Kobe bryant
Sivanah Barbee
Sivanah Barbee 24 days ago
Cute kids.^^
Elle’s Random Vids!
6:03 “What would Toy Story 2 be without _Buzz Lightyear?!”_ *”A good movie.”* Oof Size: _LARGE_
M Livehd
M Livehd 29 days ago
9:39 Sounds like the Death Star!
snarkus63 Month ago
My first visit to WDW was in '75; while riding the Peoplemover,we got our first glimpse of If You Had Wings,so we went there next. Despite positive memories of it,the ride really was little more than a ride-through commercial for Eastern Airlines,with no real special effects or animatronics. I rode Dreamflight a few times...despite the fact that a lot of thought clearly went into it,the problem I always had with it was that it felt a little disjointed,as if several different rides had been mashed together,with questionable success....one section looked like a cartoon world,another like a giant pop-up book,there were static realistic tableaus of a Parisian street scene and a Japanese garden,at one point you ride through an airplane dining room of sorts (with a mannequin seated at one table),while you also ride past a projected footage of turn-of-the-century planes flying over fields....the whole thing felt like they couldn't decide which visual style to go with,so they used them all.
cruz loera
cruz loera Month ago
Universal could use a Halloween themed shooting ride.
The Pal Gamer
The Pal Gamer Month ago
One kid said marsh mayos 😂
Starkiller362 Month ago
I thought I was going crazy when I hears Quinnknight XD
supee sanic
supee sanic Month ago
Hong kong's buzz Lightyear got replaced by ant man ride and it so sucks that no one ride it!!!!
Agent Silly Pink
Agent Silly Pink 2 months ago
I went on Astro blasters in Hong Kong Disney land! It was my favorite ride as it has the best animatronic i saw that day :D
TheBigBadTornadoBoy 2 months ago
11:17 is no one gonna question the fact that it sounded like the kid said a naughty word lol
Pate Saarinen
Pate Saarinen 2 months ago
”I shot one Z” -Aidan
Zoe Helmsley
Zoe Helmsley 2 months ago
13:30 I Remember that game a long time ago.
Joe Frew
Joe Frew 2 months ago
9:53 YOU... ARE... A... TOOYYYYYY!!!
Mokujo 2 months ago
My first trip to Disney World, I was terrified of animatronics and wouldn't ride anything. My dad always says, "On the first ride we went to there was a Buzz Lightyear with a hologram face- and it was all over right there". Some people were traumatized by actual scary rides. I was scarred by Space Ranger Spin.
Ansonchow 2016
Ansonchow 2016 3 months ago
In Space Ranger Spin, Zurg sound werid 😅
Galactic Mix
Galactic Mix 3 months ago
9:52 what does that say... rundemon
Galactic Mix
Galactic Mix 3 months ago
9:34 WHAT!!!
Galactic Mix
Galactic Mix 3 months ago
6:08 a good movie woody is a savage
The modron Clock work goof ball
This was a cool ride I miss it
Awkward Memer
Awkward Memer 4 months ago
Who else loved the feeling of getting galactic hero for the first time
Doctor Proteus
Doctor Proteus 4 months ago
Imagine if Emperor Zerg was Doctor Z.
Blackest Night Batman
Now that Disney owns Alien I REALLY hope we get some form of ride in the park.
1981deloreanfan 4 months ago
1:49 Is that Herbie chasing the guests?
PandaJax 4 months ago
Something Sketchy
Something Sketchy 5 months ago
5:55 but by the end of toy story, buzz and woody are friends. This doesn’t make sense
ajzeg01 5 months ago
The ride photos you get at the end of Astro Blasters at Disneyland are so shitty, omg.
WYATTMAN HABEL 5 months ago
11:07 I think his name is Doctor Z. *_IT IS NOT?!?!??!?!_*
Christian Dacanay
Doctor Z? You mean the Akibaranger season 1 big bad? Wrong property kid. XD
Meme Machine
Meme Machine 5 months ago
Galactic hero is ez my 4 year old brother did it lol
Dave Chandler
Dave Chandler 5 months ago
I always feel like I'm taking crazy pills when people talk about Astroblasters. Why do people like this ride so much? It's a cheap knockoff of laser tag rides you find at most county fairs. I legitimately don't get it.
computerkid1416 5 months ago
Interestingly, the email you get when you request your ride picture looks to have not been updated since the early 2000s. It's actually kind of a cool time capsule. I remember going to WDW in 2006, pre-smartphone, and having to wait until I got home to open up the email and see my ride photos. Good times.
R KegIII 5 months ago
Eastern/Delta ride was fun....
Led Grayson
Led Grayson 5 months ago
@11:17 I thought the kid said "We blasted the sh!t a lot" XD
THE ROCK Dwayne Johnson
I've Never Seen Woody In A Suit Before He Looks Very Good In That Suit
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 6 months ago
Jardex22 6 months ago
This brings back fond memories. My parents and I would sign up for a FastPass slot, then get in line to pass the time. I swear we went through it 4 or 5 times in a row. Another note about the ride/game interactivity mentioned at 13:31. There was another ride that used a similar concept. The exit area for Mission Space in WDW had a game where two teams would complete tasks and race rockets. This tied into an online game that could be played on Disney's website. It looks like Space Race is still in the post show area, but I can't find a trace of the online game.
Jen M
Jen M 6 months ago
Great video! Now... Space Ranger Spin in WDW is in definite need of an update. Not even a full overhaul, but I think just updating the guns/targets would go a long way. Those guns are the absolute worst; half the time they barely work. The tiny red laser dots are almost impossible to see where they're aimed. Was probably great back in 1998. Really just a button masher now.
Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson 6 months ago
It was a fun ride
Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson 6 months ago
Ass Blaster
Moku 6 months ago
Buzz Lightyear's Ass Blaster is my favourite.
Otaku_GameFan 6 months ago
Why are the voices doubled at the end if the Video?
Aquatic Aries77
Aquatic Aries77 6 months ago
Why Hong Kong had to get rid of such a great ride the toy story was much better I always look forward to that one but now have to wait till can afford to go to the other Disneyland parks to go:((
Arthur Amazons
Arthur Amazons 6 months ago
I love Ant man and the wasp that ride looks great
Arthur Amazons
Arthur Amazons 6 months ago
the one I have ben is the Paris one
Arthur Amazons
Arthur Amazons 6 months ago
I have been on this ride its great
Ben Weiss
Ben Weiss 6 months ago
"It's kind of like... a ride?"
Kelyaan 6 months ago
There was always a great way to get that 999,999 - If you saw someone in a wheelchair you go when they do ;) So when the ride stops to let them on you keep shooting.
doughnut_lord 6 months ago
14:39 my music
oof SabrinaBrite
oof SabrinaBrite 6 months ago
Buzz:hmmmm stitch spin wuuuuut
Hazardous XD
Hazardous XD 6 months ago
Space Ranger Spin is og
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