Yesterworld: The Downfall of Mickey’s Toontown & Magic Kingdom's Toontown Fair

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Take a deep dive into the History and downfall of Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland & Mickey’s Birthdayland, Starland & Toontown Fair at The Magic Kingdom, and what led to their eventual demise. The Evolution & History of how Mickey’s Birthdayland at Walt Disney World evolved into Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland.
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Jul 17, 2019




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Comments 1 744
Sara B
Sara B 11 hours ago
My sisters and I used to take a photo sitting in the chair in Minnie's house in WDW every year. We were so sad to see it go and the loss of a tradition!
jesleighart 23 hours ago
i would love a video on the circus
- Jennatiedye -
I can still remember going through Mickey and Minnie’s house at magic kingdom. My family loved taking pictures in the houses. I can Rembrandt being so sad going back the year it closed and it not being there. The most vivid thing I can remember is the big yellow heart shaped chair in minnie’s house. I wish this was still there, but I love new fantasy land too❤️❤️
Ashley Kavanagh
I knew I wasn't crazy! My friends have all said the only ToonTown was in Cali, but I vividly remember going to one on Florida because we never ever visited California! I don't know how it took me so long to find proof but here it is lol
deltafltsgt 2 days ago
Mickey mouse club circus ? I would love to hear about that!!
RedwoodTheElf 3 days ago
Wait...Corners with curves? Toontown is Rl'Yeh!
A.M. 3 days ago
Minnie's house in Toon Town was one of my favorite things when I went there as a kid in '95. Those holographic cookies blew my little MIND.
Tanya Wurl
Tanya Wurl 4 days ago
OMG!!! I also have that fear of mascots...i cant stand them!
bren lc
bren lc 4 days ago
Ngl, at 3:49 I thought that said Goofy's beer shop.
MissMisnomer 5 days ago
It's always saddened me that every time I go to toontown, it looks like they've taken something else away. My favorite was Goofy's bounce house, I loved that place.
ExplorerDS6789 5 days ago
I was never comfortable with the name Mickey's Toontown. When it was first announced, I assumed it would be based off the Toon Town from Roger Rabbit. Also, Mickey's name isn't in any of the other lands, so it felt needless to include it here.
Carter M.
Carter M. 6 days ago
They should've done something like this for Mickey's 90th.
Euan Abandoned
Euan Abandoned 6 days ago
I wish we can turn back time time to the good old days
It appears that the 2018 Mickey Mouse short “Surprise!” is based on Mickey’s Birthdayland. ruvid.net/video/video-yJErPi2Tq0U.html
Kevin the2nd
Kevin the2nd 6 days ago
Anyone else remember watching the ToonTown Kids
Bridget Ryan-Samonte
I work in Toontown now. And I am currently watching the construction of the mine ride happening.
Alaina Schneider
Alaina Schneider 7 days ago
That lil stitch “mah” sound effect makes this entire video perfecf
Koi Boi
Koi Boi 7 days ago
Toontown was a game, too
MadCatMaddie 7 days ago
0:30 wth was that sound XD "meh"? it sounded like "mmine" what did you hear?
James Simmons
James Simmons 7 days ago
I hated Toontown from the first day it appeared. Before that area was open and undeveloped. On the train ride around the perimeter we used to hear about how this part of the park would someday see an expansion. After it opened I took my kids there and was sickened by the cartoon noises which were very annoying. Noting was real. I looked around to see how others were reacting. Imagine zombie kids with E coupons in hand. Disneyland used to have a real animal petting park where kids had tons of fun interacting with real live sheep or goats etc etc.... But, alas, there was no room there for the shops which sell made in China crap to tourists so it was closed. My favorite memories of Disneyland come from around the tenth anniversary. The day Toontown closes will be the best day Disneyland ever had. Roger Rabbit is NOT a classic Disney character. Retire him.
the Lylah and Zoe show
OMG! Your afraid of mascots too! I thought I was the only one. Thank god!....
Angel Covarrubias
Angel Covarrubias 11 days ago
Even though there nothing in toontown fair and on 2 ACTUAL rides in toontown both of Mickey’s homes in both areas are way better than is house his house in the Paul rudish Mickey cartoons
Angel Covarrubias
Angel Covarrubias 11 days ago
P L U T O T H E R E A R E N O D O G B O N E S - goofy
Nade.Stoplight 12 days ago
10:10 i thought it was penywise no cap
snowyoreo663 14 days ago
I remember this land being my favorite when I was a kid. I just have a few vague memories of it, but I do remember that when I was old enough to actually start understanding and acknowledging things, Mickey's Toon Town was gone. I couldn't find anything on google, and I thought I had imagined the whole thing
Dreamwalker Films
Dreamwalker Films 16 days ago
Gummi Bears DuckTales Rescue Rangers Goof Troop Talespin Darkwing Duck Holy crap, let's get videos about all of those shows that I just remembered existed
Marlin Hart
Marlin Hart 18 days ago
Yes yes yes yes yes yes please mikey mose club crcis
Cesar Vera
Cesar Vera 19 days ago
Seems like literally everything was removed due to safety concerns
Lynne Teixeira
Lynne Teixeira 20 days ago
Elbo Pie
Elbo Pie 22 days ago
it took me way too long to realize that random person in the videos was you. May want to intro in person or something. It was really off putting in the first few episodes i saw. like who the heck is this random, did i miss something? good videos. don't be so timid, put yourself in the intro (actually film yourself), then when you put that awkward picture in everything we'll at least know who that is supposed to be. at least for first timers.
JekaClover 25 days ago
For years I thought Goofy's bounce house must have just been some sort of fever dream, I feel so vindicated that it was at one point an actual thing that I actually went to!!
trtlgrdl 25 days ago
Check out Toontown Rewritten!! Its available to play now! (I am not a paid spokesman for TTR, I am only Adequate Al, the white duck) As Princess Leah said "Save us Adequate Al, you are our only hope.."
Diana Amodia
Diana Amodia 26 days ago
bouncy house to paint
Diana Amodia
Diana Amodia 26 days ago
this time i'll make downfall of storybook land and county bounty's gift shop disney fiary meetings
Inkan1969 26 days ago
Does Gadget's Go-Coaster still exist?
Apparently, playgrounds are too dangerous for children. Too bad, because kids love playgrounds....and they’re FOR children.....
Matt5 27 days ago
Mickey - Alright Stitch he's gone Stitch - MINE
JAY ARE 28 days ago
Great video💙💙💙💙💙. Makes me want to go back to Disneyland. Haven't been there in over 10yrs...😞
Jonathan 28 days ago
2:58 woah mickey don't get so violent dude! XD
trekkeruss Month ago
In 1993 I attended the second official Disneyana Convention. That year they held a party at the then still-new Toontown. They opened up the land to every attendee, so I able to enjoy the 'kiddie" attractions. Doing backflips inside Goofy's Bounce House was a lot of fun! 😁
slwalsh Month ago
The happy birthday song was a thing before Mickey's 60th....... it was used in 1984 for Donald's 50th.
Joseph Month ago
I'd love to hear about the Story book Circus in a future episode.
jgunner280 Month ago
I can only faintly remember Toontown fair from when I was a little tween in Disney World. I loved it so much though. All those old mickey cartoons, and you were basically able to now walk through and "live" in one for a moment. You could see the houses, the boats, its just felt amazing. Was real sad to find that its no longer around.
ysvry Month ago
great video thx.
theminecraftpro rewritten
2:58 made me laugh lol.
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Month ago
2:57 aNyBoDy FoR a ChEeSe SaNdWiCh
jopageri1964 Month ago
So, when does Star Wars Land meet the same fate? (Not soon enough.)
cindy Jenkins
cindy Jenkins Month ago
i wrote a letter to disney corporate when i was 10 telling them to bring back toontown fair lol
cindy Jenkins
cindy Jenkins Month ago
stitch: "Mah"
Missesbun Month ago
I ALSO HAD AN IRRATIONAL FEAR OF MASCOTS!!! The first time I actually took a photo with one was when I was 17!
Sparx632 Month ago
Never experienced Toontown irl but the online game was (and still is) amazing!
Elva Castaneda
Elva Castaneda Month ago
Is goofy sick 🦊🧞‍♂️🍰😆
反社会的クマAntisocial Bear
Um so I went on rogger the rabbits ride in toon town in L.A it had the goo but the things you said about the hous is true I saw the houses though but never saw chip and sales tree house
Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap Month ago
Ok wait how could you not mention the toontown internet game that came out in the 2000’s ?! I spent so many hours on it and it glitches so bad but so worth it.
James Duvall
James Duvall Month ago
When you've watched so much Yesterworld you get the inside jokes.
Vireo Month ago
I believe in WDW Mickey’s Runaway Railway will take the place of The Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios. The Circus area in WDW for me is the weakest area in the park with little to offer unless you want to buy snacks at Big Top. Barnstormer and Dumbo’s ride you can ride better versions of in other lands and people seem to forget that you can meet Donald, Goofy, Daisy and Pluto there because their wait times are always so short compared to everyone else in MK.
Vireo Month ago
What the heck is up with Goofy’s voice? Lol.
Lilly Spathelf
Lilly Spathelf Month ago
Not gonna lie, they can make a feature length film called “ yester’s book”
Melkor Morgoth
Melkor Morgoth Month ago
I remember toontown when i was a kid, it is probably one of my best memories there
Hallie Masterson
Yay justin scarred!
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