Yesterworld: The Downfall of Mickey’s Toontown & Magic Kingdom's Toontown Fair

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Take a deep dive into the History and downfall of Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland & Mickey’s Birthdayland, Starland & Toontown Fair at The Magic Kingdom, and what led to their eventual demise. The Evolution & History of how Mickey’s Birthdayland at Walt Disney World evolved into Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland.
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Jul 17, 2019




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Comments 80
Ryce Gabriel Major
Ryce Gabriel Major 11 hours ago
Toontown fun parts: exist "concerned" parents: **N O**
theshevirgo Day ago
That’s the song Trevor Noah was talking about lol.
Daniel Lopes Lima
Only to be disrupted by a pandemic and closing down less than a month after being opened. What a way to start the decade. I bet humanity will face extinction next year. Say your prayers, motherfuckers.
Trey Artson
Trey Artson 4 days ago
When you hear "Safety Concerns" it is codeword for sh*tty irresponsible parents who don't monitor their children or teach them to not be little sh*ts. It always has to ruin it all for the rest of us, especially these days we live in, where cellphones have become much more important to so many "parents" than watching and disciplining their children to teach them right behavior and wrong. "You gotta love how far our society has fallen in 30 years" (enter sarcastic voice).
weedle is op cute
0:35 When you were played without knowing it
Ran Says Love Yourself
Pluto looks like the dog from open season 3:12
My Chemical Romance Will Pierce The Veil
I remember going to toon town as a little kid and then returning later as a teenager because I had such fond memories of it. I became quickly confused and even more so irritated when I found basically EVERYTHING that was fun had been taken out. I mean I ran in there so excited to relive memories and walked out of there like a sad puppy with its tail between its legs
A Navarrette
A Navarrette 15 days ago
Mark has masklophobia
Altmetalpunk 17 days ago
i really dislike the circus. It just doesn't fit at all
DW3010 17 days ago
Back to the future score playing behind Michael Eisner? That’s random.
DW3010 17 days ago
I remember that happy bday song on tv special for Donald’s 50th bday celebration.
maeganmonster 18 days ago
Reddit ama request: kid who broke his leg on the decorative acorn
Aly 20 days ago
mickey: alright stich he gone stich:mine
LittleMei 24 days ago
Toontown was and will always be my favorite part of Disneyland (Anaheim). It was so magical to me as a kid and I just love everything about it. Especially the houses. If only the passes weren't so expensive. I'd love to see it again. I don't even live that far! Only maybe 30 mins.
The Lost One
The Lost One 25 days ago
I remember going to Toontown as a little kid! When they changed it to Fantasyland/Storybook Circus 6-year-old me was so upset lmao.
Chevy 25 days ago
Toontown Fair was one of my favorites as a kid, along with the Honey I Shrunk The Kids play set. I honestly miss them both so much, I wish my daughter would have been able to enjoy them like I did. I remember the giant pumpkin and thought it was so cool when I was so little lol
Liam's Animation world
Roger's Rabbit Car Toon Spin is not going to close because it is a classic Disneyland ride similar to a fantasyland ride also they need to refusbish the attraction so it could have projectors screens in the plate shop scene, the scene where we exit the plate shop to the town area that should have projector screens the scene where we exit the power house, into a room were we get dizzy should have projector screens, the scene were Roger is in the stairs that should have a project and the scene where we see the jack in the boxes that should have projectors. Also they should have a easter to animator RICHARD WILLAMS who passed away last year of August 2019
Actinium Anarchy
Actinium Anarchy 29 days ago
I absolutely love the toontown art style... very biased because TTO was my entire childhood, but I think you have to admit it’s very different and attractive art style
Bunny Tsukino
Bunny Tsukino 29 days ago
So it was like animal crossing
thundercaya Month ago
I'm sure they could have made those play areas safe if they wanted to put money and manpower behind it. You can have slides and stuff if there's a cast member watching them, like at the Challenge Trail at DCA. And, well, post-covid a ball-pit probably wouldn't fly, but I'm sure they could have worked out a system for sanitizing the balls at the time. But slides and ball pits don't bring in money so they don't want to pay more employees to make it work.
Brendan Geier
Brendan Geier Month ago
Steamboat Willie wasn’t Mickey’s first short! Plane Crazy was!
Metal Trenches
Metal Trenches Month ago
Or the story of gentrification XD Bunch of rich, white princesses pushed out the townsfolk to expand their kingdoms.
Colette Muir
Colette Muir Month ago
Dominick Baltierra
I feel like people in Disneyland always got something to get mad over
The barnstormer is my favorite roller coaster at Disney. It has been since 2008.
Lukas Patrickson
Imagine living in Mickey’s Birthday Land and not knowing you’re gonna get a birthday party.
ZoeyC Month ago
It’s so weird that one thing I noticed is that the Tokyo disneyland and Disney sea in japan tend to have a lot of the older rides and attractions compared to the states.
Kyle Gildersleeve
Idea for me or micky There should be a stage for the bands like ringo, paul, or any band that is good for kids I mean disney UK could make a yellow submariane ride WITH THE TwO LEGENDARY PEOPLE IN THE BEATLES!!! BUT sadly the other two john, george are dead but it will be a good idea for disney UK disneys YELLOW SUBMARINE RIDE!!!
Kyle Gildersleeve
Everytime I always wonder if the beatles would show up at disney land for a concert... they didn't.
markanthmore Month ago
I miss the toontown section so much
Sir Cophagus The Third
Nobody: Mickey at 2:57: *Anybody for a cheese sandwich*
Josiah Smith
Josiah Smith Month ago
9:49 I did the same thing when I was a little lad...
Sandy Pinetall
Sandy Pinetall Month ago
7:58 are those the Olsen twins?
000bluebird000 :D
I should play epic mickey again
Sam Goes to Hollywood
Your intros are so interesting and your videos are very engaging! Keep on keepin on. :)
Thumb Egg
Thumb Egg Month ago
I remember as a child the tents were like a big playground. And I loved Disney’s fair play ground but after the expansion I thought I was imagining the tents but nope.
Rachel Pastor
Rachel Pastor Month ago
lol is that the who framed roger rabbit office? XD
Alayna Zevallos
Alayna Zevallos Month ago
My Tata was a carpenter for Disney world and one of his projects was toontown 😢
King Dre
King Dre Month ago
Wait is toon town in Disney land still a thing? It better be.
Omega Ruiz
Omega Ruiz Month ago
Am I the only one who thinks the original Mickey animatronic was creepy
strangerkiwi11 dustin
Let me save 18:15 minutes of your life. *safety hazards*
Angelina Pace
Angelina Pace Month ago
Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway is gonna revive toon town. Get hyped!!!
Quality Shitposts
When a cartoon looking anthropomorphic mouse asks you if you want a cheese sandwhich 2:57
ilikeredheads Month ago
"safety concerns" is lawyers's code word for not want to get sued
Alternative Artist
9:46 Oh god I feel that man, when I went to disney world as a kid I was so scared of the mascots I only got one picture with one in the end. It was tinkerbell because I really liked tinkerbell at that time.
Chris Cat
Chris Cat Month ago
Toon town is gonna get Mickey and Minnie’s runaway train now, so it won’t be so sad anymore...
Angelina Pace
Angelina Pace Month ago
Chris Cat, been watching footage from Walt Disney world and I am SO HYPED
Chris Cat
Chris Cat Month ago
@Angelina Pace same
Angelina Pace
Angelina Pace Month ago
Chris Cat, I’m SO EXCITED! Do you realize how much attention toon town is gonna get for this? Besides, I visit my grandparent a lot and they live right next to disneyland
Moonlight _wolfyy
Damn DISNY what is your problem with safety conserves
betelman Month ago
The "Happy Birthday " song came from the album Mickey Mouse Splashdance-1983...You're welcome.
Caitlin Abbott
Caitlin Abbott Month ago
Mickey: Alright Stitch, he's gone Stitch: *Steals something * Mah
GioTheVax Month ago
The memory of Mickey and Minnie's houses are faint, but this video brought that back. Not the rest of the land, just their houses and Minnie's kitchen in particular. There's a circa-2004 picture of myself and my sister with Minnie Mouse somewhere, which is one of our only physical proofs of early childhood Disneyland trips.
Colonel Mustang
Colonel Mustang Month ago
When I was a little kid, my parents took me to Walt Disney World. Toontown Fair was definitely one of the highlights of that trip. I remember being so excited to meet Mickey Mouse, I ran up to him and ended up knocking him over. 😂 It honestly upset me to hear that it wasn’t going to be there anymore. I actually visited the park while it was being turned into Storybook Circus. And seeing everything walled off and in the process of being dismantled...it felt like watching a piece of my childhood vanish into the ether. Don’t get me wrong, Storybook Circus is a great addition to Fantasyland. I just wish it didn’t have to come at the cost of losing Toontown Fair.
Angelo Mendez
Angelo Mendez Month ago
Did you mention about the incident that happened in toontown in 2000 when 4-year old Brandon Zucker fell out of his car in Rogers ribbit ride he stuffed brain damage and he never recovered from his injuries and died in 2009 at 13 years old
Shelby Beeimus
Shelby Beeimus Month ago
I remember the first time I got the courage to walk up to a costume character. It was Minnie Mouse at Toon Town Fair. I stood frozen waiting for the picture to be taken while Minnie tried to interact with me.
Drew Ochoa
Drew Ochoa Month ago
was that the looney tunes song at 7:20 ?
Hannah Miller
Hannah Miller Month ago
Omg I forgot all about toon town
Synonymous Legion
If disney had their way, they’d replace ToonTown with a Marvel-Themed land retaining the rights from Universal despite we shouldn’t expect 2C that happen anytime soon.
SpongeTheKid Month ago
I guess I found the inspiration for the Disney cast's homes in those House of Mouse shorts
TudorTurret Month ago
We need duckburg as its own park
•H A N N A •
Me who has never been to Disney land ;w;
Benjamin Ahlers
Benjamin Ahlers Month ago
Thanks dude! I know where that birthday song originated!
iam Month ago
That Pixie Hollow concept art is sooo cool
Serious Sarcasm
Serious Sarcasm Month ago
When I was a kid, I went through Mickey’s house and saw that Pluto had a bone in his bowl. I went to grab it as a joke and thought it would be bolted down or just built into the bowl. It wasn’t. I ended up lifting it up a tiny bit, an alarm went off, and I was spooked. Nothing happened, but learned to not do that again! Didn’t think Pluto would have some crazy security system for his bone!
tymime Month ago
I wish you'd include links to the sources of the artwork you use in these videos. I'm seeing some I can't find anywhere.
Catzoomies Month ago
goddd i have a weirdly vivid memory of that cake in Minnie's house lol
Help Me
Help Me Month ago
"Anyone want a cheese sandwich?" All dogs in the world: *Stares intensely at Mickey Mouse*
Crystal Fairy
Crystal Fairy Month ago
so Tokyo disneyland actually work very successful. The park is amazing, rides have a fun experience and many attractions that only exist in Tokyo.
Aegean Castaneda
Make a video on Mickey Mouse Circus!
CK - 16
CK - 16 Month ago
I wanna see an episode about the Mickey Mouse Club thing
Ashley Collins
Ashley Collins Month ago
i actually got stuck on the rollercoaster at Magic Kingdom my first time @ Disney! we were on a hill right before the ride really began for a good hour. 🤣
Pinkpixle Month ago
I went to the toon town right before it went away, but I was like, still under 10 so I don’t remember a lot
Kody Eldridge
Kody Eldridge Month ago
the hell is that goofy voice?
Kirsten Henry
Kirsten Henry 2 months ago
The new Fantasy Land isn't all that great. They should have kept Snow White. I was just at Magic Kingdom and I gotta say Disneyland's Fantasy Land is much better. Just the overall vibes are better. However, nothing beats Cinderella's castle.
David Burgess
David Burgess 2 months ago
The whole “meet and greet” shit takes away from the surprise of meeting a character at random for children. I remember as a kid looking for characters, and if I saw one it was a surprise!
Maike_ VanB
Maike_ VanB Month ago
Unless you where a rather fearfull and shy kid like me who was to scared to stop them in their track by screaming their name etc resulting in them just passing you by like an invisible turd lol
The worst camp camp memes ever
Well there is a reason that they have those, it’s pure chaos if you’re a parent and your child is screaming to meet one specific princess and you have to run around the whole park just to find her like your Prince Charming or something.
David Burgess
David Burgess 2 months ago
Not sure why so many have a hatred or dislike for Toontown. I love it and hope they update it.
Quanelia Lee
Quanelia Lee 2 months ago
Who knew goofy was a cow! 🐄 when I found that out I about lost me ears!!!
Quanelia Lee
Quanelia Lee 2 months ago
I love toon town at magic kingdom as a kid I was soooo upset when I started taking my own kids it was gone
Jesse Mask
Jesse Mask 2 months ago
I think it is a damned shame that the American Parks have to suffer for the expense and lackluster performance of the foreign parks, we pay the price they get the perks.
Kyra Murphy is cool
Kyra Murphy is cool 2 months ago
i remember when they redid the fantasy land and i was like 12 i went there and was like where tf is toontown bc thats always been my favvv
Pier Luc Côté-Rivard
Yey! I finally saw that famous inflatable cake in an oven that I heard about at elementary school in the 90's!
AKM221 k
AKM221 k 2 months ago
DisneyLand Paris for the 2020s: "We're going to add lands about Marvel, Star Wars and Frozen on Walt Disney Studios! Hope you're happy about it!" Me: "Can we just have Mickey's Toontown here?" Seriously, as an European, am I the only one who is kind of annoyed that Disneyland Paris is the oldest Disney park that lacks a ToonTown equivelent? Given how baren Walt Disney Studios was originally, and given Mickey's legacy on animation and movies, it would have been the perfect place for Mickey's Toontown in Paris. But no, they need to have an ENTIRE land dedicated to just one animated movie, and its sequel granted, despite not having the huge legacy that the Mouse himself has, and it only big claim to fame is being the highest grossing animated movie ever. (The Marvel and Star Wars expansions I'm fine with. Also, I don't hate Frozen. I just don't think it deserves an entire land dedicated to it.)
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