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Yellow · Coldplay
℗ 2000 Parlophone Records Ltd, a Warner Music Group Company
Guitarra: Chris Martin
Assistant Engineer: Andrea Wright
Engineer: Barny
Mixing Engineer: Chris Allison
Recording Engineer: Chris Allison
Producer: Chris Allison
Guitar, Piano: Chris Martin
Producer: Chris Martin
Lead Vocals: Chris Martin
Producer: Erik Lloyd Wolkoff
Mastering Engineer: George Marino
Bass Guitar: Guy Berryman
Producer: Guy Berryman
Backing Vocals: Guy Berryman
Engineer: Inger Kvalvik
Assistant Engineer: Jon Coles
Electric Guitar: Jonny Buckland
Guitarra: Jonny Buckland
Producer: Jonny Buckland
Backing Vocals: Jonny Buckland
Mixing Engineer: Ken Nelson
Producer: Ken Nelson
Producer: Mark Phythian
Mixing Engineer: Michael H. Brauer
Mastering Engineer: Morton Lund
Engineer: Nikki Rosetti
Producer: Nikki Rosetti
Assistant Engineer: Paul Read
Drums, Percussion: Will Champion
Producer: Will Champion
Backing Vocals: Will Champion
Engineer: Øystein Halvorsen
Writer: Chris Martin
Writer: Guy Berryman
Writer: Jonny Buckland
Writer: Will Champion
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Nov 19, 2015




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Sarah 14 hours ago
To those who lost their yellows: What was the last thing you guys said to each other? I'll go first: "I just need a break" "I'm not gonna wait on you to decide whether or not you love me. Bye."
Helena Pires
Helena Pires 14 days ago
I hate myself they deserve so much better
Ryleesgayvodka 16 days ago
When someone who is in a different reality is your yellow :')
ivory4dawin 23 days ago
if your not from tiktok like my comment n your a legend!
Taryn Demers
Taryn Demers Month ago
I hope i am the yellow for my yellow. :)
the cuck shed
the cuck shed Month ago
i love you, mackenzie.
holly Month ago
i wish i was able to fall in love. it’s weird and dramatic and i’m probably out of my mind but i’ve never experienced a ‘proper crush’. they’ve always gone away after a week at the most. there’s him, i’ve kind of been interested in him for a year or so but we never really talk anymore. i don’t hold any emotion over him and he holds no emotion over me, but i always need his validation of sorts, just to see if he looks at me, i’m always checking. it’s weird because i honestly don’t care about him but for some reason he’s always in my mind? i mostly like women but he’s someone i can’t get over, even though i’ve never liked him. i want someone to be my yellow so badly, but it will never be him and none of my friends care enough to be there for me. for them i’d give the world, but as soon as i’m crying for help or even need a hug, they don’t care. am i doing something wrong? am i unworthy of love?
Javier Fortuna
Javier Fortuna Month ago
No you are more then enough. You are loved by everyone whose seen this and understands what you've said like me.
xie hua piaou piaou salim
Dear best friend, i rlly like you. I like like you. I cant ask you out because im scared that you wont say yes and we wont ever be best friends again. Im also scared if you say yes because if we break up, we wont be as close as we used to be. And if we stayed best friends, you'd abandon me eventually just like every other friend i had.
CRAZY _BOICH Month ago
Yellow is the term to describe the mood of the band
miaa avilaa
miaa avilaa Month ago
when your not his yellow 😜💔
Lord Momo
Lord Momo Month ago
not me thinking about a FICTIONAL CHARACTER i-
Isabelle Michel
Isabelle Michel Month ago
i wanna have and be someone’s yellow
Julieth Castillo
esta canción es simplemente perfecta :c
j30n jun9k00k!
j30n jun9k00k! Month ago
yellow (lyrics for those who need 'em) look at the stars; look how they shine for you and everything you do yeah, they were all yellow. i came along, i wrote a song for you and all things you do. and it was called 'yellow'. so then i took my turn, oh, what a thing to've done and it was all yellow. your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones turn into somethin' beautiful. you know, you know i love you so. you know i love you so. (instrumental until 2:13) i swam across, i jumped across for you oh what a thing to do 'cause you were all yellow. i drew a line, i drew a line for you oh what a thing to do and it was all yellow. your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones turn into somethin' beautiful. you know, for you i'd bleed myself dry. for you i'd bleed myself dry. (instrumental until 3:35) it's true; look how they shine for you. look how they shine for you, look how they shine for look how they shine for you. look how they shine for you. look how they shine. look at the stars; look how they shine for you. and all the things you do. (end.) if you made it this far, just know you're someone's yellow. and if not, you will be. you are enough. please stay. and while you're at it, be your own yellow. it will take time but it's worth it. stay for me.
Molly Peach
Molly Peach Month ago
this song reminds me of my dad
brianna clementz
when hes your yellow but your not his.
Daniella Mariz Celestino
He's my yellow, but I'm not his yellow.
Flying Pigs
Flying Pigs Month ago
everyones talking about their yellow and how their yellow doesnt know they exist or how their yellows not real well i dont know what its like to have a yellow ive never felt love real love not just "i love you ive said that plenty of times but have i ever truly loved someone? no. no ones ever truly loved me either cause ive never felt love ive been taught love is presents and gifts i dont think it is ive been reading all these people talk about their yellows and how happy they make them i havent felt happiness in so long so. long. so i would like to hear about your yellow how do they make you feel are you their yellow do you love them tell me everything i want to know - a person who cares about you
naira Month ago
he will always be my yellow , i hope no one can replace him..
Hamboga Month ago
wishing i'm her yellow too:)
georgia :D
georgia :D Month ago
i miss you, kylie. thank you for keeping me sane for all that time. thank you for being the only person who understood me. i really need you right now, but i know i cant talk to you. i love you.
ashley Month ago
dedicated to my nephew :)
Khaos Month ago
I wish I was someones yellow
Gxjd Nzgx
Gxjd Nzgx Month ago
The cheerful step-sister bilaterally long because tornado apically arrange worth a rough kilogram. nutty, quickest plant
Zellanova Month ago
I’m just jamming to music having a panic attack. I just don’t understand why nothing I do it enough for anyone or myself. My depression has taken over my life and I hate it!!🥺
Analucia Gomez
Analucia Gomez Month ago
mom if u ever find this video somehow i wanna tell you that i ove u and that for u i'd bleed myslef for u to tia and grandma whatever happenes i love everyone.
qlonesick 2
qlonesick 2 Month ago
thank you for being my yellow.
Monserrat Rodriguez
my yellow
marilyn daoud
marilyn daoud Month ago
tina, my yellow i love you so much, we've been through so much, but all the problems couldn't take our friendship away. after 5 years, we started talking again and now we're bestfriends again. Tina i just want you to know that now that we're reunited, nothing and i say NOTHING can tear us apart. I'll be there whenever you need me i'll support you whatever decisions you'll make. The only reason i didn't do it that night, is you. You saved me, and tina you're my savior, without you i'll be gone. I love you so much.
Maria Month ago
a boy i had a crush on told me this was one of his favourite songs and said if i was a colour, i’d be yellow. he introduced me to this song. i thought he was mine but he actually was with someone else. my heart breaks every time i hear this song and i’ve never had such painful heartache in all my life.
ramen noodles
ramen noodles Month ago
My cat is my yellow💛
ssscrm Month ago
when you feel like you dont have a yellow anymore
Liepa Steponėnaitė
My yellow don't even exist.. good day to live i guess..
Dieu Ai
Dieu Ai Month ago
Yeri Cordero
Yeri Cordero Month ago
I was her yellow but I slowly started not to be anymore..
roxyy Month ago
my mum listened to this album in the car all the time when I was younger and now I love it it's like my favourite album ever
Keith casares
Keith casares Month ago
i’m really sorry i’m not the best boyfriend sometimes. my emotions overcome me and i say and do things i don’t mean on purpose. i’m just scared one day you’ll just leave me and ill mean nothing to you. my biggest fear is losing you. i cant afford to lose you. i’m trying i’m really trying but it’s so hard. i want to marry you one day but i keep fucking up. i’m such a horrible person for you. i’m doing things to push you away when that’s the last thing i want. i’m sorry for wanting to leave you by ending it. i’m sorry i really am. i’m struggling to stay alive. if i ever do go just know you made my time here better even with all the crap that’s happened to me. i really don’t want to leave you i’ll try to stay as long as i can. i love you more than anything even though you piss me off a lot. i’m sorry i mess things up all the time. you definitely do deserve better you may not think it but you do. i’m terrible and you just don’t see it. one day you’re gonna realize it and then regret everything and i’m scared for that day to come. i’m sorry if i’m not your muse anymore. i’m sorry i can’t be perfect and keep you interested for so long. i try but it’s never enough i’m sorry . you don’t need me. you say you do but you really dont. i wish i could tell you all this myself. i just wouldn’t know how. you’ll deny everything but it’s true.
Rocio Angeli González Colón
Perdí a mi yellow...
Mystîque Gaming
I ain't his yellow anymore haha
Z Chowdhury
Z Chowdhury Month ago
To all my potterheads(and other fandoms), we'll meet our yellows one day, and I can't wait to see their face light up as I run towards them and hug them and just collapse in their arms, because we will see them one day. We have to.
Abby Trump
Abby Trump Month ago
This song reminds me of my boyfriend that I haven’t seen for 8 months🥺
Emma Month ago
Coldplay is so beautiful 💕
Abigail Thompson
I have just gotten broken up with. no one might care but this was my first serious relationship, my first love, my first yellow. it hurts to listen to this song it was our song. I can't stop thinking about them. I'm heart hurts I know I need to be my own yellow but she broke up with me saying "hey we need to talk you aren't good enough for what I'm needing" today is my birthday and our 1 year anniversary but ill be fine...also her yellow or love is "your best friend is the one for me it always has been and always will be shes my yellow" she said yellow because this was our song. and I just found out they have been seeing each other behind my back. ouch...
Arabella b
Arabella b Month ago
i am crying thinking of my dad. i love you so much daddy. i am a thousand miles away and this song hurts me more as the years go on because i get it. i was always a star in your eyes. this song perfectly correlates with the way that i feel
Akira Umemura
Akira Umemura Month ago
the song: yeah you're skin, yeah you're skin and bones no one: the ad that played after the lyrics: *HAPPY MUSIC* grammarly does more than catch errors*
Lucka Ponizilova
My gf said,, well you are my orange"since orange is my favourite color and i-😭❤️
karma Month ago
this reminds me on ashton. (my ex loll)
weird cookie
weird cookie Month ago
This reminds me of Aymie (my ex)
K Kapp
K Kapp Month ago
The swarm of tik tokkers talking about thier "yellows" lol lo lo l ololooloooolkolololkolpololomafisiudsibdsfsame
Selam _ThePerson
Look at the stars Look how they shine for you And everything you do Yeah, they were all yellow I came along I wrote a song for you And all the things you do And it was called, "Yellow" So then I took my turn Oh, what a thing to have done And it was all yellow Your skin Oh yeah, your skin and bones Turn into something beautiful You know You know I love you so You know I love you so I swam across I jumped across for you Oh, what a thing to do 'Cause you were all yellow I drew a line I drew a line for you Oh, what a thing to do And it was all yellow Your skin Oh yeah, your skin and bones Turn into something beautiful And you know For you I'd bleed myself dry For you I'd bleed myself dry It's true Look how they shine for you Look how they shine for you Look how they shine for Look how they shine for you Look how they shine for you Look how they shine Look at the stars Look how they shine for you And all the things that you do
Asa. Month ago
I want a yellow I want to be someone's yellow. god how badly I ache for it, yet I feel I don't deserve it at all.
tiny kiwi
tiny kiwi Month ago
Same, but dont worry god has someone for us :>
Meh Month ago
No words can explain how the guitar intro makes me feel
Dev ESJ Month ago
Is this about Asians?
taylor Month ago
Shannon UwU
Shannon UwU Month ago
I just want my yellow back so badly, I miss her.
Courtney Womack
Courtney Womack Month ago
i miss my yellow.
carissa Month ago
i should chose myself.
Vhea Mendoza
Vhea Mendoza Month ago
I may not be a yellow but atleast I've got red in me. Ps. Blood stains hahaha
lily yh
lily yh Month ago
i am my own yellow, although i am nobody's yellow i am fine.
p ingarage
p ingarage Month ago
her hair are yellow
cerys robertson
cerys robertson Month ago
i wish i had a yellow
Marilia Pinheiro
Where´s my yellow?
iheartcchan Month ago
brother, she left... ¿cry or cry?
Adrianシ Month ago
after everything ive done for them they told me nothing made them happy, i tried so fucking hard yet failed once again :'))
CRXMSON Month ago
Ciara Hernandez
Ciara Hernandez Month ago
i miss him..
straw berry
straw berry Month ago
I dedicate it to my best friend and now I do not stop listening to this little song gem
ね こ り ふる 、!!
my yellow is not real and he's dead lmao
grenadierful Month ago
For all whos listen this song now..your`e not alone
Patrycja Kus
Patrycja Kus Month ago
And I broke up with my Girlfriend and just realised she's my yellow...
Mc Nugget
Mc Nugget Month ago
@depressed aizawa as they say tho love always finds its way back. One day in the future if it was meant to be y’all will meet and talk again
depressed aizawa
@Mc Nugget Felt that, I miss her so much, she made me feel like I was important for someone for the first and last time in my life
Mc Nugget
Mc Nugget Month ago
Me too I regret it. I regret it and every night I go to sleep knowing I left the one person I shouldn’t have, the only person who actually loved me for me but I was selfish and now I lost him.
depressed aizawa
I feel you. I did the same stupid sh!t and now she won't talk to me ever again
Katalin Kovács
Katalin Kovács Month ago
[Verse 1: Chris Martin] Look at the stars Look how they shine for you And everything you do Yeah, they were all yellow I came along I wrote a song for you And all the things you do And it was called "Yellow" So then I took my turn Oh, what a thing to have done And it was all yellow [Chorus 1: Chris, Jonny & Will] (Aah) Your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones (Ooh) Turn into something beautiful (Aah) You know, you know I love you so You know I love you so [Verse 2: Chris Martin] I swam across I jumped across for you Oh, what a thing to do 'Cause you were all yellow I drew a line I drew a line for you Oh, what a thing to do And it was all yellow [Chorus 2: Chris, Jonny & Will] (Aah) Your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones (Ooh) Turn into something beautiful (Aah) And you know For you, I'd bleed myself dry For you, I'd bleed myself dry [Bridge: Chris Martin] It's true, look how they shine for you Look how they shine for you Look how they shine for Look how they shine for you Look how they shine for you Look how they shine [Outro: Chris Martin] Look at the stars Look how they shine for you And all the things that you do
jay supe
jay supe Month ago
you know, it's kinda crazy, once you see this comment, it's the first and last time you meet me in your life. i'll disappear as you close this page. i'm moving to a different age, bye!
Ashley Soto
Ashley Soto Month ago
My yellow forgot about me
katarina telhiard
This goes out to my only one, goes out to my love. I know you left. I promise not in this lifetime but another I’ll be with you. This is not the end of our story. I won’t allow it. I love you! I know I’m a coward, I I wanna tell you how I feel. I just know your going to say something stupid back. But I can’t get rid of you in my head. You were once mine. I wanna go back to when it all started. You were my first. You improved me in so many ways. I always wanted to be my best for you. I still think about you. It’s been 6 months. I miss you so much. Eveything aches. I know this can’t be the end of our story. Bc my love for you has grown, it can’t be. We are going to meet again, I j know it. You were my yellow but now my gray. I’m sorry I should’ve told you sooner. I’m so sorry. I promise for you, I’ll do better. You were once apart of me, but I needed this. I needed you. So thank you. This is to a goodbye. I’m done with feeling this way. I’m sorry. Goodbye my love.
katarina telhiard
@Evie ! I needed that more then u realize. Thank you. I really really needed that. This point in my life I don’t really have any emotion to any thing. And you saying that really made me tear up. I so needed that. Like really needed that.
Evie !
Evie ! Month ago
Hey, are you doing okay? I know everything hurts right now and I can say I feel the same as well but, as cheesy as it sounds all will get better. You just have to let time do it's thing, it can take awhile yes but eventually everything will get better. Stay safe man.
Nicole Month ago
Baylie Azura
Baylie Azura Month ago
He's my yellow. I may be young and dumb but i love him. he's the first person who's actually took time to get to know me and stay after hearing how broken i am. he always makes sure i'm okay and has physically wiped away my tears. he talks about his future and includes me in it as if it's just going to happen. please God, don't take him away from me.
Mayra Isarraraz
Mayra Isarraraz Month ago
My uncle recently passed away due to a heart attack, but the sad part is that my last memory with him was when we went tho the flower shop to buy flowers for my cousins and aunt. While he was asking for my opinion i was looking at a yellow rose and i wanted it but i didn´t have enough money he decided that for my 16th birthday he got me yellow roses and a letter. so everytime i listen to this song it reminds me of him and how i wish i could tell him thank you and how he means so much to me. And now i can´t tell him.
Ariel Mancilla
Ariel Mancilla Month ago
My family are my yellows. :)
Aylin Walls
Aylin Walls Month ago
I can’t seem to find my yellow in anyone I’m starting tot hunk I’m not capable to love someone and hurts
Kerstine Alliah Cagas
oh to be her yellow.. :(
Paley thompson
Paley thompson Month ago
this was our song.
Katie Adams
Katie Adams Month ago
my yellow is gone for almost a year and a half, i always wonder if he’s watching over me. he really sang this song to me almost everyday and it amazes me that someone actually cared for me.
bae Month ago
i lost my yellow four months ago :/ life rly sucks rn
Natalia Gomez
Natalia Gomez Month ago
This has nothing to do with Hogwarts, but Ronald Weasley is my yellow. He's the one that stopped me from harm. He is the one who stopped the pain. He's the one who made me want to be myself. He's just so perfect, and Hermione is lucky to have someone so special. So if you started to read this I just want you to know that when you say that nobody's your yellow.. that's not true. Your yellow is your comfort character.🤍
Mia Franqui
Mia Franqui Month ago
My yellow is a fictional character It’s a good thing I can shift tho :/
Kristen Court
Kristen Court Month ago
I can shift too, i can see my only yellow again (:
2damn Month ago
Do u have your own yellow?.
aubrey nies
aubrey nies Month ago
i am so in love with him
Riley Anders
Riley Anders Month ago
on August 13, 2020, i lost my yellow to a drunk driver. i’ll miss you forever and always mackenzie💗
Gwynith Heiser
Gwynith Heiser Month ago
A moment of silence for the people who have tritanopia
Bella Stine
Bella Stine Month ago
Why do I imagine James Corden singing this 😭
InflatablePlane Month ago
This song reminds me of that weird blurry time between my epic summer of 2001 and September 11th, that warm late summer early fall time, when I was just starting back to my senior year of high school. I remember hearing this in someone’s car after playing a game of football in the late evening heat and haze. It gives me surprisingly calm memories and bittersweet nostalgia.
Mariam Adrian
Mariam Adrian Month ago
This song gives me warm fuzzy hugs that get me through life :)
Hollie Taylor
Hollie Taylor Month ago
I wanted her lol.
Joselyn Najera
Joselyn Najera Month ago
You know I use to imagine myself being in high school and singing this song in front of my yellow and said the following words "___ since the day I met you I knew you were my yellow, every day you made me feel an array of colors when you were around and I hope that I'm your yellow too"
SEA FIRE Month ago
Zoe Barrett
Zoe Barrett Month ago
TW: Suicide Every time I hear this song I just burst into tear, this was the song I was playing when I tried so k*ll myself. It was obviously I failed attempt but it just brings me back to those dark moments. It’s been almost a whole year since. I’m still trying to recover, it’s slowly getting better. And if you’re reading this and you are thinking of taking your own life please don’t. you may want the pain to go away but there are so many other alternatives, please I am begging you, you’re going to regret it I regret it everyday.. please remember you are loved you may not see that but you are you’re just not looking hard enough, and you may think that no one cares about you but I do and many other people do to please remember that. Please take care of yourself eat something drink some water, it may seem hard but you got this I believe in you💕❤️
Léa Mrn
Léa Mrn Month ago
courage omg...🥺you’re strong
lexi Month ago
i hope you all who are talking about “my yellow 💛” know this song is about cancer and maybe even liver disease right?
The end
The end Month ago
I like blue 🔵💙. Just like..l like 7, and 8. Jesus is.
Beatrix Mai
Beatrix Mai Month ago
only people not from tik tok can like this comment
Kristina Month ago
Fuck oh my god. I lost everything I ever wanted. God I wanted it to last so fucking badly. Why couldn’t he stick around. I’ve never been so fucking depressed in my life before dear god I fucking can’t do this
Potatoland 8680
Potatoland 8680 Month ago
a moment of silence to the people who can’t see the color yellow in general
Angel Weasley
Angel Weasley Month ago
I feel so mean...I fell in love with my best friend and we started dating. He messed up so we broke up and we were on good terms. I still loved him then by the time he tried coming back I had already fallen out of love. I was honest with him bc I didn’t want to hurt him worse. Now he won’t talk to me...I’d still do anything for him. I love him with every bone in my body but just not in that way. And because of my feelings, I lost my best friend..
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