YBN Nahmir, Stefflon Don and Wifisfuneral's Cypher - 2018 XXL Freshman

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YBN Nahmir, Wifisfuneral and Stefflon Don get to work over a Sonny Digital-produced beat in this 2018 XXL Freshman cypher.
The nine rappers in the 2018 XXL Freshman Class are Ski Mask The Slump God, Lil Pump, Smokepurpp, J.I.D, Stefflon Don, BlocBoy JB, YBN Nahmir, Wifisfuneral and Trippie Redd.
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Shot and Produced by Shot To Kill NYC.
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Jul 11, 2018




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David Hurrle
David Hurrle 2 days ago
Stefflon Don Sounds like Big Saqs Sister, and Wifis Funeral looks a little like Lil peeps brother
20kgold 3 days ago
*Who else wants to see Juice WRLD use this beat?*
Ivan Munoz Hernandez
unpopular opinion- wifisfuneral had the best cypher out of the 3
Trick SFL
Trick SFL 4 days ago
WiFi’s own was trash and fire at the same damn time
Jonathan Ciesla
Jonathan Ciesla 6 days ago
YBN Nahmir is overly obsessed with me so he used hidden GTA 5 quotes by me and hidden video game quotes by me that went against the real people naturally not knowing I might have been talking directed message quotes to real women and men. Stefflon Don is understanding the gender difference between women and men that YBN doesn't understand. Wifisfuneral is understanding that Wifi can cause females issues so he makes fun of all of them by going to classes he doesn't enroll in just to secretly record them and research them for experimentation and actually tests it out on other people. He shows that guns can scare people the right way through intelligence and Euron Greyjoy tactics which he is. He makes fun of autistic people in this cypher.
acesatina 7 days ago
Why does nahmir's freestyle sounds like Da baby's?
Smitherz 9 days ago
[Intro: YBN Nahmir] Ayy, huh, huh, ayy, ayy, haha Ayy, gang [Verse 1: YBN Nahmir] Not really with talking, not really with sparking These bullets be coming through brick house A nigga gon' shoot and then try to run Like hollow tips won't blow his back out You go through the back, you get hit with this MAC Lil bro said "We emptying this bitch out" If they acting froze, then we upping poles Lil bro said "We clearing this bitch out" I just hit a stain and I'm in my lane So please do not tweak with the gang This .40 go bang, it's hitting your brain Don't breathe or you won't feel the pain I'm still on the block with thirties and Glocks Whenever I'm not in L.A A nigga gon' speak on Lil Valley and wanna beef So he gets shot in the face Still on the block every day, tote Glock, those black AK's Came off of Flock, AK, the plug got four AK's You know I might buy that, turn a block in to a whole pack Take you down for them racks, if you down we need that Ain't no nigga made me run, even if they had a gun I was out here shooting shit for fun, R.I.P. that nigga Pun And girl punching on a mac, lil man he push a nigga back Glizz, you know I keep a strap, ah, I'll put us on the map, bitch Ayy, I said I'll put us on the map, if a nigga talking crazy Glizzy finna knock 'em back, I ain't really with that talking Yeah, I'm finna grab that strap, if you ain't finna grab that strap Glizzy gon' push 'em back, ayy
Lil MC
Lil MC 10 days ago
no one: Nahmir: aaaahhhabbaaaa
Mj Pearce
Mj Pearce 11 days ago
Trippie Redd: I didn’t do a cypher Gunna: I didn’t do a freestyle or a cypher Lil Skies: I didn’t even show up
Young Intellect
Young Intellect 12 days ago
Psychotic Maniac
Psychotic Maniac 13 days ago
I wouldnt even be able to focus without wanting to clap Stefflon's cheeks
Diego Oliv
Diego Oliv 13 days ago
Ybn basically told a summary about gta online 😂
sora uzumaki
sora uzumaki 13 days ago
It's funny how this how i got obsessed with wifi
Woody Headass
Woody Headass 16 days ago
Nahmir: 4.5/5 Stefflon Don: 4/5 Wifi: 3/5
When Nahmir finshed Gta V
Brandon Toledo
Brandon Toledo 26 days ago
She said girl get wet up like she just pissed That's fire
Kenarie Moore
Kenarie Moore 27 days ago
If your watching this in 2019 like and subscribe
Boyyy y
Boyyy y 28 days ago
wifisfuneral is dog SHIT
Raku 28 days ago
Stefflondon: popular girl Wifi: future school shooter Nahmir: obvious crackhead Lil pump: kid in the back of set 8 shouting Blocboy: kid who always taps his pencil Purp: the kid whos always sleeping JID: smart kid Ski mask: smart kid’s rival
Yongsleo supreme
Wifis got in with a cool Flow
JustinX Gamer6
JustinX Gamer6 Month ago
If x featured with stefflon don 🔥🔥 shit wouldve been fire
1:01 when you laugh at your friend's joke knowing it ain't funny😂😂
Lazy eye Bal2ckz
Stefflon killed it in every aspect...
Young Dirty J
Young Dirty J Month ago
Why did da baby copy nahmirs flow
Superminidylan Month ago
Wow this was the 2nd best in 2018
Tshiamo Mosella
Tshiamo Mosella Month ago
Stefflon Don is way underrated her flow is too 🔥🔥
Had 2 find all the good XXL freestyle after hearing Lil Mosey
I try to play FIFA
Brooooooo I just got her bar “if my money come short like KONAN” not Conan 😂
Henry Garcia
Henry Garcia Month ago
Had to listen to my boy wifisfuneral after listening to lil moseys trash ass cypher
Guadalupe Gomez
Guadalupe Gomez Month ago
What’s Nahmirs sweater called
Vanessa Okonji
Vanessa Okonji Month ago
Stefflondon is toooo cooollldd
HelixorArts Month ago
why nahmir keep looking at his shoes tho
Yung Starr
Yung Starr Month ago
Didn't expect that from stefflon don seriously
LyricElan Month ago
Came back a year later just to hear Stefflon Don 💕
Dess Capalot
Dess Capalot Month ago
First look though she was Meagan the stallion
Ya Boy Hobbs
Ya Boy Hobbs Month ago
Damn nahmir
Dreq Month ago
dababy, comethazine, and nahmir think the same
BalZe The baller
Witch person had a better freestyle DA baby like YBN Nahmir Repely
BalZe The baller
S Rank agree
S Rank
S Rank Month ago
i like nahmir more ngl
till infinity
till infinity Month ago
It’s sad that all of them fell off.
6ix God
6ix God Month ago
Stefflon Don really made this cypher cuz they were hella shite😂
Jibs Month ago
wifisfuneral underrated
SnowyGrinds Month ago
If This Is Blue Your A OG XXL $ubscriber🤤💝 👇(You can Be An OG Of Mine Today😍)
13V 29 days ago
SnowyGrinds I swear ur on every video in existence
Daniyal Ghuman
Daniyal Ghuman Month ago
Nobody: Ybn Nahmir: Adhadahada put us on a map
Jay Month ago
Nahmir should’ve ended his freestyle at 1:04 no cap
Keshon Grant
Keshon Grant Month ago
Im finna take nahmir shit
Ethan Cabaza
Ethan Cabaza Month ago
1:20 When the teacher forgets to post the homework assignment on the school website
v1onealex Month ago
this beat fye as hell
Dean Albuquerque
This one really gives me calm vibes
Mj Pearce
Mj Pearce Month ago
WiFi’s is good but sounds like he gonna swallow the mic
c l o u d
c l o u d Month ago
0:50 “Ain’t no nigga made me run even if I had to cum”
Jonathan Franco
Jonathan Franco Month ago
Adriël. Month ago
YBN Nahmir, Stefflon Don & Jesus
Pleeplee Plee414
Nahmir:the kid who brings guns Stephlon:the foreign kid who was cool in her old school Wifi: the kid who doesn’t care about anything Pump & Smokepurp:the dumb kids who try to be cool Blocboy:the kid who hung out with the coolest kid (drake) and is now popular Ski and jid: the smartest kids in school Trippie:the kid who is always absent
Joseph Jordan
Joseph Jordan 7 days ago
true shit lamo
Brain Brown
Brain Brown 14 days ago
😂 😂 😂 😂
HIP-HOP TV Month ago
Sony digitale is good best béat
J B Month ago
Fuckoffffffff took much
Members Only
Members Only Month ago
savage bxi
savage bxi Month ago
1:stefflon don 2:ybn nahmir 3:wifisfuneral
CTlynx Month ago
Ybn: the one kid that big brother gang bang so he act tough Wifi: That kids best friend Steflon: the one thats dating the kid but lowkey wants his best friend
гелик stxr
гелик stxr Month ago
3.5/5 - Nahmir 4/5 - Don 5/5 - Wifi
Jacob Freeman
Jacob Freeman Month ago
And people say nahmir suck🤔
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