YBN Nahmir - 2 Seater (feat. G Eazy & Offset) [Official Music Video]

YBN Nahmir
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Stream/Download: YBN.lnk.to/2Seater
Directed by: Arrad
Video Commissioner: Joseph Boyd
Executive Producer: Andrew Listermann
Producer: Kevin Boston
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Mar 25, 2020




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Comments 80
Maysoon Mousa
Maysoon Mousa 4 hours ago
Offset part is fuckin lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
SHAPE CSGO 5 hours ago
I'm here cause of e_ought lol its nice seeing a rapper into Japanese cars and drifting etc, not the same old rapper shit bout the bently and lambo and what not
SLXMED 8 hours ago
Benjamin Wilmot
Benjamin Wilmot 16 hours ago
Only here to dee the cars
Robert Benjamin
Robert Benjamin 17 hours ago
for everyone says he's falling off stop it views are views
alayode iyiola
alayode iyiola 18 hours ago
are we not going to talk about how nahmir snapped on his second verse
Emilio Jimenez
Emilio Jimenez 19 hours ago
Billcosby Bootycrumbs
Offset really be reaching Goat level without trying nowadays
Kozmo yt
Kozmo yt 20 hours ago
Song was wack tbh
AGaming Amo
AGaming Amo 20 hours ago
Your are good at drifting in gta 5 5m. Do another video with slaptrain
Андрій Рубан
тусітер ран віз йо біч, ранін ту бенз Ама річь
Immie Givency
No one gon tell me the @ of the girl with the lollipop
Vfxswagg Day ago
Anyone know who the models are in this video? They bad af!
Claudine Williams
H.G matimeme1
dude G eazy ruins every fucking songggggggg
Anonymous Hippopotamus 69
He looks exactly like wiz khalifa
Zay Gaming
Zay Gaming Day ago
Can't Catch Me
Can't Catch Me 2 days ago
Scuse me people but I think that this white soft a lil boi G-eazy, destroys literally every song, every verse etc. like damn it
Ben Kroko
Ben Kroko 2 days ago
Who else here just tryna spot freshkick’s z
狐 UndeaD BaN
狐 UndeaD BaN 2 days ago
This song makes me wanna eat dinner before breakfast
Kelahz 2 days ago
Ybn the only rapper that has taste for jdm cars respect from the car community
hely hernandez
hely hernandez 2 days ago
Lit as fuck
Wyatt King
Wyatt King 2 days ago
Who else came to see freshkicks
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 2 days ago
Hit 5mil
Laura Pawlowicz
Laura Pawlowicz 2 days ago
Purge Blaze
Purge Blaze 2 days ago
ybn where is black jeans at you said when this song hits 5 mil that you was gonna drop black jeans where is it
XxFourmix OnellxX
🔥 fire
Yen Lo
Yen Lo 3 days ago
this is the only video clip on america with japanes cars ! only JDM
Hunter Glory
Hunter Glory 3 days ago
G eazy goin broke if he feature on ybn
Hunter Glory
Hunter Glory 3 days ago
You know offset goin broke if he feature on ybn
Barbara Leon
Barbara Leon 3 days ago
Yay namhir had a goodback
brokeeen 3 days ago
OFFSET is like animal in the wild
sweezy 3 days ago
ddg woulda went hard on this beat
Yogirl Mymy
Yogirl Mymy 3 days ago
What is Your TikTok
Lil Seafood Stick
"High as an Einstein iq" I will just let them figure that out
Lil Seafood Stick
@Sagar Goyal then they have Einstein iq
Sagar Goyal
Sagar Goyal 3 days ago
if anyone takes more than 2 seconds to "figure that out", then their iq is lower than a chicken nugget
Alvaro Esteban
Alvaro Esteban 4 days ago
g eazy i like him but i prefer his “these things happen” vibe more
Gavin Brown
Gavin Brown 3 days ago
I don’t listen to his music but he wasn’t it in this beat bruh
Lightning McQueen
Wow they got JDM and not rolls royces.
Vito 757 Ghost
Vito 757 Ghost 4 days ago
Offset fuckin slayed
CandidDocGaming 4 days ago
Just hear to see Freshkicks's Z
Tyler Costlow
Tyler Costlow 4 days ago
This better be in the next need for speed game💀
Luis Munoz
Luis Munoz 5 days ago
This song LIT 🔥
jungleboy tae
jungleboy tae 5 days ago
Cardi got offset pussy whipped
Judah Hendrix-Nepia
Nahmir prob had to sit on a car seat hahahahahahahaahahhahahahahaahhahahah
Justin T
Justin T 5 days ago
Offset really fuck wit G Eazy ?...
Nikko M
Nikko M 5 days ago
YBN nahmir looks like every high school girl with a hot Cheeto bag
Lucas Is My name
Lucas Is My name 5 days ago
Offset keeps on carrying
Sagar Shetty
Sagar Shetty 6 days ago
Offset was on a whole another league🔥
Supa Clips
Supa Clips 6 days ago
Good cars 👌👍even though I know none of his fans know what they really are
nihga 7 days ago
damn nahmir sound so grown havent heard his music ina year prolly
Steven Geda
Steven Geda 7 days ago
Godzilla good God is so good. It should be everywhere this is a hit
Anna 444
Anna 444 7 days ago
„I want Z3 that’s a 2 seater boy“ 🤪
Bae96 pimpin'16
Bae96 pimpin'16 7 days ago
k_killer 7 days ago
This beat is so unique
EXAZ 7 days ago
This is one of those songs that go hardcore with headphones
drift_boy 590
drift_boy 590 8 days ago
Its e_ought cars
Thomas Slusher
Thomas Slusher 8 days ago
It hit 5 million where's our new song nahmir You said this hit 5 million and we get a new song with old school nahmir vibes. I'm waiting
Dank Lad
Dank Lad 4 days ago
Exactly i am waiting for it too
Bizzy CruX
Bizzy CruX 8 days ago
Offset 🔥🔥🔥
A Robot Ostrich
A Robot Ostrich 8 days ago
I want to know the creative process behind this one because this is straight GAS
Angus Brett
Angus Brett 8 days ago
offsets verse kinda sounds like his verse on cross the country.
al04ha_ Howzit
al04ha_ Howzit 8 days ago
Offset carried with his verse
zay runde plays
zay runde plays 8 days ago
ybn nahmir realized he rapper in 2020
Rei Normani
Rei Normani 8 days ago
Offset really killed it one of the best verses I think
Tony S
Tony S 8 days ago
XxFourmix OnellxX
🔥 fire fire 🔥
Jessica Hernandez
Jdm all the wayy 😍
Mr4Step4 8 days ago
Offset залетел как боженька
TheTrashman 2 days ago
Hi Im Bird
Hi Im Bird 9 days ago
This the same dude who wore a pink bag aiming at everyone with a glock?
Dontkillmyvibe 9 days ago
If he realeased this song 2 years ago it would hit the 100 Million views
CacheGaming 2 days ago
Or even last year honestly
Dank Lad
Dank Lad 4 days ago
MonsterKat 9 days ago
I forgot this guy existed...
Chapo Guzman
Chapo Guzman 9 days ago
we just gon ignore that fire ass beat ?
Raymond Hernandez
Damn offset just murder this joint 🔥🔥
Robert Sofica
Robert Sofica 9 days ago
G easy looking like a young Vito Corleone 🤔
Joaquin Giron
Joaquin Giron 9 days ago
i been running running running running running running running
Fernando Jauregui
Fernando Jauregui 10 days ago
ybn kinda look like a lil offset
Cau Tillman
Cau Tillman 10 days ago
Dank Lad
Dank Lad 4 days ago
Goated OC
Goated OC 10 days ago
bro i gotta know that one girls @
Miranda Tweeton
Miranda Tweeton 10 days ago
G Eazy look like the cool uncle who showed up to the reunion flexin
egavbrtx 10 days ago
Is he gonna release black jeans or nah
Mix Nemo
Mix Nemo 10 days ago
Offset surfed this beat
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