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Take me to Russia I wanna drive a tank
Drink and have some fun
Until we see the dawn.
Take me to Russia
Soviet K.G.B.
Vodka’s almost free
Hard bass’s motherland.
Take me to Russia I wanna drive a tank
Drink and have some fun
Until we see the dawn.
Take me to Russia
Gansta, K.G.B.
Russian bear’s gonna set you free.


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Mar 21, 2017




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Comments 80
Vek D
Vek D 2 hours ago
yo lmao wtf was that last one the guy running as fast as car wtf! only in russian eh ahhahajaj
gus361 12 hours ago
Russia has beautiful women
FeX 17 hours ago
0:55 it was Polish
DoBrYk 21 hour ago
Неужели я один русский
Elton Jaupi
Elton Jaupi Day ago
Nobody: The boys bathroom during lunch break:
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis Day ago
2:13 is my favorite part
Suki Blyat
Suki Blyat Day ago
Yea so.... i have a problem... i was playing this in a BT7 but now its a T-100 LT... what do i do
Music is Everything
i showed this to my dacia duster now its a russian uaz
Maninskie The coconut
Amiriki Day ago
Ireland has more potatoes but good song still
марат хакимов
ахуенный клип
Milka Jevtovic
Milka Jevtovic 2 days ago
4:20 rare footage of harry potter in russia
Jarrod DOUGLAS 2 days ago
what do people think first when the word russia is said comment me ur answers ps if ur wondering why i don't have a youtube channel it's because im too poor to afford good equipment
im 101% finnish
im 101% finnish 2 days ago
1:32 was lit part
Meno Nerieš
Meno Nerieš 2 days ago
Kto je tu zo Slovenska? ozvite sa
Alex Starodubov
Alex Starodubov 2 days ago
Here is a video from all over the former Socialist Camp, and not just from Russia (Ukraine, Poland, Belarus). Yes, we are all weird. What to explain? You are strange too.
sab sab
sab sab 2 days ago
4:29 police in russia after vodka be like:
sab sab
sab sab 2 days ago
3:07 well i mean, that scene didnt happend in russia, also the in the tank is just 1 guy and he dosent have maybe 2 more ppl in the tank to control the turret and reload lol
Alex Starodubov
Alex Starodubov 2 days ago
San Diego, California en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shawn_Nelson_(American_rampager)
sab sab
sab sab 2 days ago
2:14 xDDD
#4EPL GAME KING 2 days ago
me: i wanna go russia 2:28 : *plays* me: nvm
#4EPL GAME KING 2 days ago
@Alex Starodubov oof russia is *hell*
Alex Starodubov
Alex Starodubov 2 days ago
Relax) This movie is about the 90s which were dark times in the history of Russia.
#4EPL GAME KING 2 days ago
first i thought they were naked on the thumbnail
Creepyslacker boy
~ 3:00 is San Diego, California...
Pierrick 3 days ago
Absolutely no one:.. Russia: 3.44
Bush Hider
Bush Hider 3 days ago
Red bulls are red, Torro Rosso are blue, When Kvyat pass you, The hardbass kicks in
FM blenk
FM blenk 3 days ago
Corpus Gaming
Corpus Gaming 3 days ago
uamee is superior
GottaGoMusic 4 days ago
EXTREME bass boosted version ruvid.net/video/video-RJaLNM57C7U.html Hit it!
Андрей Казанцев
It's gorgeous)))
AT_ Gerison
AT_ Gerison 4 days ago
Ammettiamolo nessuno ha cercato sto video
rurku z TVN xd
rurku z TVN xd 4 days ago
One meme is poland
Назар Величко
И там показано украинские танки и БМП-2, пиздец чё за хуйня при чем тут рашя???🤦🤦
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 5 days ago
This is our favourite video.
Пауло Энрике
Greetings from Brazil!
Noked-Lee 5 days ago
1:35 is actually in USA
Anne Crundell
Anne Crundell 5 days ago
In 🇷🇺 Russia Car is tank Tank drive you You Don’t drive tank
vad petrovich
vad petrovich 5 days ago
Это ещё цветочки!
Mihkel Tikk
Mihkel Tikk 5 days ago
0:49 video name?
BaUntY _ Hell
BaUntY _ Hell 3 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-_LhDRHRq-Es.html -video name very bad music
SpyHunter623 5 days ago
4:30 If the police say they will run after you, *they fuckin mean it*
Steven 6 days ago
When you don't get sent to gulag after committing 69 cases of war crimes
stiven desantiago sarmiento
velocity 1.25 :0
james zawadiaka
james zawadiaka 6 days ago
0:54 He's polish
ÉWERTU DA MASSA 6 days ago
The effect of marijuana brought me here Isso foi efeito da maconha ou é só um vídeo?
MARCELO DJ 6 days ago
Wypierdala z butów, idealne na pumpingland
Renno606 7 days ago
the guy with the gasmask and vixa box was polish
NoodleBakeEllie 7 days ago
I feel proud to be Russian
Confusegamer 7 days ago
Western music MV:Bunch of money throw in there just for 4 minute videos Russian Music:Gimme DLSR and just do random shit
DFN Adixon
DFN Adixon 7 days ago
Chłopy z głośnikiem na plecach to tylko w polsce
руруруж ютаб
Это подборка видео того как мой батя отдыхал в этом году)
Rosie with guitar
Am i watching the deep web vids?
Killed by Killua
Killed by Killua 8 days ago
You must read the comments with a russian accent😂
M1S 8 days ago
2:13 that was badass
Alan Peterson
Alan Peterson 8 days ago
this was published on my bday :)
te4 8 days ago
Вот это годнота подъехала
Соитяollin' zToNes
Kempton! 🇷🇺
Александр Семенов
Европейские музыканты, бля. Привет из Ленинграда!
Maximus Y
Maximus Y 9 days ago
Well there are so many videos about slav Russia, that people forget that there is a lot of normal places in Russia, for some reason like all people think that it's the whole Russia being this weird, but forget that normal people are also there. And as I'm russian I know this and, there isn't a lot of other people (that rant russians) that know that Russia is a very normal place. That just feels not right.
Rodrigo Ott
Rodrigo Ott 9 days ago
puto quien lo lea
Spy from Team Fortress 2
In Russia a tank is just a direct upgrade of your normal car
kirilus 3000
kirilus 3000 10 days ago
Hello from Russia. Привет из России.
Jānis Rudzītis
Jānis Rudzītis 10 days ago
DeaD Clan
DeaD Clan 10 days ago
Russia is Minecraft with OP mods
el argentino 2.0 Corno
juan gonzalez
juan gonzalez 11 days ago
3:06 nah thats some good old 'Merican brand of meth tank driving right there.
The PlasMaster
The PlasMaster 11 days ago
xs= xtra slav???
Tanks Thomasthegamer
When your DNA test says You are 100% russain.
MrArbeter 11 days ago
If anyone want to see Moscow it's in 1:26
Adriana oh
Adriana oh 12 days ago
I love you Russia🇷🇺 even though I’m American 🤣 I love this country sooooo much more
Мафия Берез
We love yall too! :D
TheXoceSan 3 days ago
Mahesh M V U
Mahesh M V U 12 days ago
Here from Danil Kvyat Hardbass parody video 🤣
Rodrigo Bello Raposo
Why doesnt appear Kvyat in this video?
Lukasz Ciszak
Lukasz Ciszak 12 days ago
😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 Takie jaja tylko w sosji i w Polsce som
Юрій Вілінський
Не понятно от куда взялся БТР на 1,37 с Украинским флагом?
Олександр Єрмаков
Казалось бы причем тут Украина)))
RedboRF 13 days ago
2:14 whats the movie lads?
Евгений 13 days ago
причем тут раша и видео из других стран ?
Connor Hill
Connor Hill 14 days ago
Hardbass is the reason I became a leftist
miccc moebius
miccc moebius 14 days ago
Polski Polak
Polski Polak 14 days ago
0:56 - 1:00 That is done in my town .... (Its made in Poland)
Felipe neves
Felipe neves 14 days ago
I'm convinced that the Russians are the 40K Orks of our reality. Doesn't matter how stupid an idea it is, doesn't matter how much blunt trauma its going to result in; As long as there is enough Vodka and will, the soviets will make it work
Gaming Tools
Gaming Tools 14 days ago
Наши медведи пьют водку и водят танк
blessed_nowλi 15 days ago
0:56 walking on a street wearing hazmat before it was cool
Fleo 16 days ago
0:55 To było w Polsce przecież
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