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Sony Xperia
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Own the World's first smartphone with a 4K OLED display* and a pro-quality triple lens camera, all in Xperia 1: bit.ly/Xperia1_
Designed with technology used in professional Sony monitors, cameras and audio, to deliver the best experience in a smartphone, immerse yourself in the 21:9 CinemaWide™ 4K HDR display of Xperia 1 and enjoy a pro-quality triple lens camera system.
Made for the movies, the World's first smartphone with a 4K OLED display* delivers exceptional entertainment. Bringing colour, contrast and detail to life, the all-new BRAVIA X1 for mobile ensures a breathtaking experience with every scene for truly captivating viewing. Additionally, “Creator mode” uses industry-leading technology to ensure consistent colour reproduction, so your movies and TV shows are as the creator intended. Designed to enhance your entertainment, Dolby Atmos® creates a multi-dimensional cinematic experience to put you at the centre of the action.
When it comes to photography, the pro-quality triple lens camera system of Xperia 1 is perfect for exploring your surroundings. With a 16mm super wide-angle lens, 26mm lens and 52mm lens for portrait and 2x optical zoom, you can create beautiful visuals like a pro. With Sony’s Alpha technologies, the World’s first smartphone with Eye AF* and up to 10FPS AF/AE bring you precision focus and high speed shooting. Beautiful video with incredible colour and accuracy is yours to capture with “Cinema Pro”, powered by CineAlta™. Plus with 21:9 Movie recording in 4K HDR, you’ll achieve beautiful results - even in backlit scenes or low light.
Available in four elegant shades, Xperia 1 is secured in Corning® Gorilla® Glass 6 for both beauty and durability. With AI in Xperia, intuitive Side sense displays your most favourite apps as and when you need them the most. With Hi-Res Audio bringing sounds from the studio, DSEE HX™ technology lifts every note while LDAC makes streaming your music a breeze.
Enhanced by a high-capacity 3330mAh battery, enjoy more of what you love from a smartphone with staying power. Expect an industry leading performance with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 Mobile Platform, perfect for browsing your favourite content, gaming and more.
Enjoy expert multi-tasking and movies the way they were meant to be seen straight from your smartphone - all on Xperia 1.




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Comments 80
José Pedro Barbosa
Danger comments brought me here...
Jayant Balyan
Jayant Balyan 16 days ago
Sony is the best..
Babli Verma
Babli Verma 29 days ago
Seriously no one make ad better than Sony
Jeremy Delbart
Jeremy Delbart Month ago
Magnifique sony le maître de la technologie
420々DELTA Month ago
Anyone here after Xperia mark 1 || release?
게임누리 Month ago
This bgm is better.. Danger 9:00
Dwayne Hamblin
Dwayne Hamblin Month ago
Still no slide out controller pad? Chant with me everyone: Bring back controller pad! Bring back controller pad! Bring back controller pad! Bring back controller pad! Good job everyone. That got their attention.
Dio Hanafianto
Dio Hanafianto Month ago
4k editing on yout phone? What the hell
Mohammad Rio
Mohammad Rio Month ago
This phone is amazing... I want it so baaad.... But my XZ1 is still good... Sorry for now Xperia 1... I have to pass you on... 😅
Dương Phạm
Dương Phạm 2 months ago
I think. Xperia failed because the company's advertising campaign was so poor that most people were unaware of the existence of xperia. Camera is not good in the segment. And poor performance is not stable and the price is expensive. I see that in Southeast Asia. A perfect failure of a reputable corporation like SONY MOBILE GLOBAL. Sincere suggestions
Matthew Swanson
Matthew Swanson 2 months ago
These are the ads that should be on tv.
Faort One VAV UI
Faort One VAV UI 2 months ago
But batería de 3000mAh. :V
Skuill bound
Skuill bound 5 days ago
Mark 2 has 4000mAh
Naveen Smart
Naveen Smart 2 months ago
Come back to INDIA
kenshin himura
kenshin himura 2 months ago
Finally, I bought it!!!!! Love it so much, Sony!!! 😍🥰😙
Mar Jun Amistoso
@kenshin himura okay thanks.. maybe I will buy in Amazon!!!
kenshin himura
kenshin himura Month ago
@Mar Jun Amistoso I see. If you are not living in Japan, you must get the sim-free version. I wonder if the next models are better then Xperia 1. I compared all the specs and Xperia 5 or 10 have lesser specs than Xperia 1. By the way, Xperia 1 is not perfect; there are some lags, but I love the maturity of the phone compared to other makers. Maturity in terms of UI, functions, and everything. The Wide-Angle camera is also great. My Japanese friend after seeing me used the Xperia 1, she said she will get Xperia 10 too. And she did.
Mar Jun Amistoso
@kenshin himura ok I am planning to buy there next flagship this year...
kenshin himura
kenshin himura Month ago
@Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites I'm from Southeast Asia. Lol
real cartoon girl
real cartoon girl 2 months ago
i want xperia 5 😭
Adonis Top of Men
Adonis Top of Men 3 months ago
Great Phone ……..
bhairappa moradi
bhairappa moradi 3 months ago
India ke online store par nahi milata kyu
Marie josee Barohouan
J'ai trouvé sympa que free lance ce jeu pour faire gagné ces clients je trouve cela renforce l envie de resté à free c'est mon avis
Hakki Yayla
Hakki Yayla 4 months ago
SONY is full dissappoitment - Albert Einstein
Pawan Kumar
Pawan Kumar 4 months ago
Why this tvc is in 16:9 it should also be in 21:9 aspect ratio! 😅
Some Weeb
Some Weeb 4 months ago
lets record a video about 21:9 phone in 16:9
Aman jarwar
Aman jarwar 4 months ago
where is i buy this mobile.. i am live in dubai
Aman jarwar
Aman jarwar 4 months ago
Himanshu Thakur
Himanshu Thakur 5 months ago
Very good performance
Matthieu Derveaux
Matthieu Derveaux 5 months ago
Waaaw this feeling of POWER felt through the music !
Fathan.muhammad 4 months ago
Thats wow!
Shim FL
Shim FL 5 months ago
Really a good phone! Worth to buy!
鋼彈 Gun-dam
鋼彈 Gun-dam 5 months ago
Forced to buy black color because they didn't bring the white one to my country. Sad
Gino Guillermo
Gino Guillermo 5 months ago
As someone who's owned countless Sony Xperia devices in the past from the very first Z1 phone to the newer Xperia XZ I would like to make some very serious and urgent plea to make our devices even more better for the Xperia XZ3 and especially the Xperia 1. 1. Display - Screen looks cooler to the eyes. The dynamic range/colour/sharpness/contrast/temperature/Gamma/sRGB calibration could be better and should be updated to reflect a more natural, warmer tone + more options to customise what i have mentioned above 2. Dark Mode - UPDATE to include full systemwide dark theme including the Settings menu (this is possible even in non-OLED displays as more and more apps are embracing dark mode. And it helps save battery life too) 3. Audio - Not much complaints. More optimisations for more louder/clearer audio thru the speakers and faster connection to devices via bluetooth 4. UPDATE to include Dolby Audio in Xperia XZ3 PLEASE! 5. Camera - since we cannot install a GCam apk for some reason... UPDATE for higher audio bitrate when video recording on both the front & rear cameras Update for enhanced stabilisation when recording 1080p/30fps, 1080p/60fps & 4K/30fps on both front & rear cameras UPDATE for enhanced noise reduction (i.s. lossless zoom) especially when zooming in on subjects on the rear camera UPDATE for enhanced macro modes (especially when taking photos of foods) on the rear camera UPDATE to include Night Mode OR enhanced Auto HDR+ mode when taking photos during the night on both cameras UPDATE for overall better dynamic range and contrast with the selfie camera 5. Speed & Performance - Admirable performance but could be better especially when opening apps, camera, reloading of apps and web pages, rebooting, faster fingerprint sensor, etc. 6. Gestures - UPDATE to implement a back and forward gestures (similar to Huawei's implementation) OR a back and a small pill system on XZ3 (similar to Pixel devices) 7. Option to Turn off Slide Sense (as it is almost useless) 8. Ability to record a slow-mo video at a precise time or time of your choosing in real-time 9. Vastly improved battery life (common complaint of long-time users) PLUS: Maintain monthly security updates & emergency/necessary bug fixes and other enhancements. If you want our custom and to retain our devices PLEASE MAKE THESE HAPPEN ASAP. The competition is getting better than you. Especially with the "price for specs" ratio. Fed up of complaining and telling you what to do. Cheers.
Leo Raunio
Leo Raunio 6 months ago
this is almost looks at very good
Yang 6 months ago
param shah
param shah 6 months ago
I wish I could have seen it before buying note 10...sony please do some brand awareness...I am sorry I have to stick with note for 3 years ..sad :(
Darshan Rangani
Darshan Rangani 6 months ago
Launch in India
Stella ステラ Lelion
rajendran chinnakulanthai
still old design not full screen.sony smart phone loud speaker too less sound and also hearing speaker very less if i travel or on road i cannt ear anything. i using long time they didnt change them traditional.i dont know they know or nt this issue?.i wanna to switch over others brand.
Linda Bergman
Linda Bergman 7 months ago
you've convinced me I'm getting this phone
sri s
sri s 7 months ago
We are missing Sony phones iam using Sony Ericsson C510 around 3 years after that i upgraded to sony xperia ion. but my mom using that Sony Ericsson C510 mobile till now its around 10 years Completed but phone is still working Condition one problem we faced with c510 recently with its battery and it's not available in the market.i love phones especially for its high resolution surrounding effects in its earphones.its an amazing experience when i listening music's on Sony phones.and i also tested with other brand phones for listening music but Sony is always best...pls launch your new products phones in India at affordable price...it will give you more positive result to get more customers. we are waiting for you Sony♥️👍👌
Jasmine udochi
Jasmine udochi 7 months ago
Please I would appreciate if you can help me fix this, I use Xperia Z3 Dual sim, and within intervals, my phone will display # unfortunately your system UI has stopped. Whenever this pops up,I have to restart my phone before it starts functioning again. I need to fix this.
Nivek luk
Nivek luk 7 months ago
Ray 7 months ago
[Timeless Jaydz]
[Timeless Jaydz] 7 months ago
Sony fan here.LCD, Xperia , Vaio, to MDR-xb550 super base headset. nice VIDEO~
Rony Benny
Rony Benny 7 months ago
Smartphone of the year
Aapik Jensen
Aapik Jensen 7 months ago
Small Battery capacity, too little Ram and internal storage , lack of Wireless charging and lack of 3.5mm earphone jack, No 5G. Same price with Note 10 plus😢
Steve Channel
Steve Channel 7 months ago
Battery life still as good as other flagships. 6gb ram is enough for sony, sony always good in performance though. Note 10+ does not hve CinemaWide 21:9 4K HDR OLED, CineAlta, Eye AF, etc..
trash Destroyer
trash Destroyer 7 months ago
It's just trash, Samsung phone is best
张然旗 7 months ago
Marwan pm
Marwan pm 7 months ago
Rekomendasi harga
adminswap 7 months ago
Hi Sony, when are you going to launch new phones in India?
Alpha 7 months ago
The Alpha Phone
fitri z
fitri z 7 months ago
This ad really impress me
Joanna D.
Joanna D. 7 months ago
3.3A Battery for 1T$??? Its not good....
Abdullah Al Foysal
Abdullah Al Foysal 7 months ago
This kind of tvc is harmful for all of us, becase this tvc taught us to how to increase Mobile phone uses.
Mig 29
Mig 29 7 months ago
Bad software alot of freez and problem with fingerprint
Rain Spray
Rain Spray 7 months ago
Devid Sagor
Devid Sagor 7 months ago
why better no good
Baharul Islam
Baharul Islam 7 months ago
Anyone knows the background music?
Baharul Islam
Baharul Islam 7 months ago
With bazzels it looks even more gorgeous
Yashwanth Yashu
Yashwanth Yashu 7 months ago
Please give me solution for Sony xperia xa ultra dual notification bar is not pull down and screen isn't working properly
Muhammad Sega
Muhammad Sega 7 months ago
Finally you made a curved screen
We don't want frames and android operating system
Foeg Oipas
Foeg Oipas 7 months ago
If Nokia and Sony cant beat Samsung Huawei and iPhone in making smartphones then why they (Nokia and Sony) dont create a word of basic phones competition. Imagine the Walkman (of Sony) and Xpress Music (of Nokia) basic phones powered by Android compete in 2020 for the toughest, most creative & entertaining designs, equipped with the most durable hardwares. If there will be Sony Ericsson Play and Nokia Ngage successors in 2020 that would surely generate high revenues for both cellphone manufacturers. Remember not all buyers are addicted with smartphones, some buyers preferred basic smartphones with customizable hardwares.
Music House
Music House 7 months ago
Where i can buy this phone
Shen Lim
Shen Lim 8 months ago
Good design and spec.When SONY Phone back to Malaysia market ?
Lyna F
Lyna F 8 months ago
pls we need compact phone of sony
YNA 8 months ago
Now, I am typing this comment with my purple Xperia 1. All I can say is SONY HAS MADE SUCH A UNIQUE PHONE EVER. It is so smooth and elegant. Good Job Sony!
Jas Munoya
Jas Munoya 8 months ago
Dónde está la contraseña de wifi en mi soby Xperia..el detalle lo uso sin chip pero igual sirve QUIÉN ME AYUDA 😭😭😭😭😭
Kaleem Mohammed
Kaleem Mohammed 8 months ago
Dear SONY please shut down your mobile production your devices really sucks
Roblox Firdaus Pro
Roblox Firdaus Pro 8 months ago
Xperia 1 Like Beautiful!
Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites
I really hope Sony starts to take their mobile division seriously, and makes a greater effort to make it successful
YNA 8 months ago
One day Sony will be in the top three on the smartphone market.
Ibraheem Hamdan ابراهيم حمدان
عندي تلفزيون اثري قديم جدا واعتقد انه يعود لفترة السعبينيات او الستتينات وموجود له فيديو على قناتي ..
Minar Mahmud Rafi
Minar Mahmud Rafi 8 months ago
Too tall!!!!
Fe Lamug
Fe Lamug 8 months ago
Without sony image sensor cannot work all of smartphones.haha
Pradeep Thangarajah
Pradeep Thangarajah 8 months ago
Sony is one of the best phone in the market.
João vitor Yoshio
João vitor Yoshio 8 months ago
When is sony xperia in Brazil... ( ; - ; )
Ahmed Omar
Ahmed Omar 9 months ago
Since z5 I quit Sony mobiles because of the bad software issues. Specially in answering calls
Mansurxuja Tuxtasinov
it`s sounds so great Sony was the best and will the best in everything
Thala SATHISH G 9 months ago
Sony Xperia my mobile XA1 plus touch not working over heating bad mobile ... X a1 ultra , XA2 ,XA2 ultra R1 and R1 plus all mid range mobile failure bad touch screen not working display yellow colour sad marketing level low the product service centre bad no responsebad ..,,👎 product
Houssam Homadi
Houssam Homadi 9 months ago
Wow that's really wonderful
Patriot Thinking
Patriot Thinking 9 months ago
To be honest service and warranty of Sony is worst even though they charge too much for their products, earlier I thought Sony was a good company and bought lots of Sony products in the past like Xperia Z, 55W950A, BDV-E4100, H900N, etc but after using them for long I can say they don't live to their expectation of quality or value. Some issues will come and they never cover it in there warranty and will ask to pay more money for repair like one time my phone's screen broke in warranty and there was a crack in middle of screen for that they were asking 90% the cost of my mobile just to replace the screen even though everything was working fine. They have silly reason to not cover in warranty, I even said I'll pay but when they gave estimate of 90% the cost of mobile I was shocked and when I said I can buy new mobile at the same price they replied it's a good idea as you'll get warranty as well with the new phone. Though I'm not a fan of Apple but atleast their product quality is far more superior at this price range compared to Sony and their service of warranty is also very good. No surprise why no one is buying Sony mobiles and why they are fading away in this market.
Geovanio Bosco Ribeiro
Sony you're in my heart forever
Mochamad Husairi
Mochamad Husairi 9 months ago
SONY Xperia ... 😂😆😀😜😃💜💟👍👍👍👍
Jonathan Gao
Jonathan Gao 9 months ago
Now watching on my Xperia 1.
Remy Ziro
Remy Ziro 9 months ago
Every one keep talking about this newest greatest Xperia1 all over the place..But common Sony there's a few minor bug abut camera you should to fix or make it much better...Jus give a Big push so every one will know Sony Xperia were come back...
Lucan LeBlanc
Lucan LeBlanc 9 months ago
Nice shot of Auckland City! New Zealand represent!
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