Xperia 1 Review: Sony's biggest, tallest, best flagship!

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Sony isn't exactly a major player in the smartphone space anymore, but that doesn't mean you should immediately count it out when the company releases a new flagship.
Buy the Xperia 1: www.amazon.com/dp/B07PHQ7FBP/?tag=androidcentralb-20&ascsubtag=UUacUdUnU76544

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Jul 9, 2019




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Comments 80
Shane P.
Shane P. 16 days ago
I came over from wathcing Michael Fisher's videos. You two would look so good together Y'all dating?
Jacob Aglipa
Jacob Aglipa Month ago
waiting for the sony xperia 1 ii review
I got it, its a fantastic phone, would never change it as of now :)
Review Therapy
Review Therapy Month ago
I want it
Romeo Miguel Manlangit
Register the same finger twice for consistent reads of your finger 👌
Beast Sajeeb
Beast Sajeeb 3 months ago
Like this All Sony fans #BeastSajeeb
taufik hidayat
taufik hidayat 5 months ago
Nice review, from Indonesia 👍
Jaya Vinu
Jaya Vinu 5 months ago
Actually the last 25 secs is exactly where xperia is.. Such beautiful looking device with an overall premium build quality covering all the top end features of an android smartphone.. Hugely underrated flagship.!
The Malice King
The Malice King 6 months ago
Would you recommend me buying this phone for $644?
Fitri Zulkifli
Fitri Zulkifli 6 months ago
Rui 566
Rui 566 6 months ago
Is there gesture navigation for this Hayato?
Abdullah Chandiwala
Abdullah Chandiwala 6 months ago
When the intro music hit, I knew this was gonna be a good video
MurderOnTheMind 6 months ago
This is the worst review I’ve seen on this device yet. Dislike
The Golf Life
The Golf Life 8 months ago
I want one of these
Greg R.
Greg R. 8 months ago
I was at Bestbuy today checking out this phone and even though its little tall, the picture quality just snapping inside picture was amazing better then my iphone x or samsung galaxy s10e (i have both) I think I will be getting sony xperia 5 just because its little smaller.
Götze Manu19
Götze Manu19 9 months ago
One of the best reviews i ever seen,CHeers bruh,you've got a new subscriber and a big Sony Fan :)
Muhammad Fitri Idris
this happen when sony serious make a better phone
Rohit tammineedi
Rohit tammineedi 9 months ago
I own a xz premium and I'll upgrade to this. Love it
fab -
fab - 9 months ago
Today I managed a note 10 plus.... No way my X1 is definitely sexy.
Yabai Desu
Yabai Desu 9 months ago
that's how you review a phone if you got a phone you got to review to it's full potential and you did good reviewing this...unlike other reviewers they would just compare and talk shit about the device
El AZ 3 months ago
Elias Alqamar
Elias Alqamar 9 months ago
You made me subscribe for being honest and fair
kieran 10 months ago
Too tall.. Finicky side gestures.... Cameras good but not as good as apple, Samsung or Google. Pointless camera bump.. Could have made the phone half a mm thicker.
Joden Paolo Peroy
Joden Paolo Peroy 10 months ago
4:51 Damn straight. I love the Pixel 3 XL, but man is it abysmal in RAM management and battery life longevity. These are things I really did not have a problem with on my Xperia XZ1. Love the Pixel's camera, but Sony really does omptimization really well.
walter white
walter white 10 months ago
Mi 9T has a 48MP camera, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 4000 mA battery...for $300. Good luck Sony.
EdgeOfDarkness86 7 months ago
True. There is more than MP that makes a camera and the headphone jack sucks really hard on that phone.
The Truth
The Truth 10 months ago
You don't know anything about cameras, I gues.
Blamelouis 10 months ago
Shhhh don't tell everyone how good this phone is...it's our secret.
Sandy Sandy
Sandy Sandy 10 months ago
The camera's photo and video quality are disappointing TBO.
Atwar Ahmad
Atwar Ahmad 10 months ago
5:03 yup that's the compliment that display needs,hope the camera Will be Better from the forward iterations
pop_ mu22
pop_ mu22 10 months ago
If this came out in 2017 It would made sony on the map Like i said with last year's xz3 The right phone in the wrong time and market Even if its awesome and powerful None will care cuz it doesnt follow the trend of (notches, motorized cameras or holepunches) that has become a thing now in the market Plus the price cant be justified since sony doesnt have that strong fanbase at all Wrong move sony You still have my respect But if you wanna continue making late moves in this market You'd better focus on playstation,movies and camera sensors than wasting money in a dead brand
Carlos Velasco
Carlos Velasco 10 months ago
How good is it in vr no body says anything about it
asdf1313 10 months ago
After seeing bunch of mad comments, finally I understood sony fanboys unsatisfied feelings that they could not say sony is the best because no one give a bit of interest to sony 😂
seydaömerfrk 10 months ago
Sony Xperia 1 world❤😎🌹
Recep Metin Erdem
Recep Metin Erdem 10 months ago
Screen is extremely bright?? And battery lasts double that of one+7??? Every other review : complaind about screen brightness and battery.
Das zwölfte Land
Das zwölfte Land 10 months ago
Watching on my Xperia 1. Who else?
JS MANA CHANNEL 10 months ago
Finally I find the channel never care about money ... And just fair review unlike another channel .
Bangtan Tea
Bangtan Tea 10 months ago
Sony please come back to India 🇮🇳.
Richard McClure
Richard McClure 5 months ago
I hope they do. They should be for everyone
Bangtan Tea
Bangtan Tea 10 months ago
@kapil busawah sony is not asking too much. tax is heavy in India.
kapil busawah
kapil busawah 10 months ago
Subha SN well India has to buy their phones but at the asking price no one in India in their right mind would
Fedrick Ding
Fedrick Ding 10 months ago
What about the heating issue?
Billy Hue
Billy Hue 10 months ago
I've been wanting sony to get to the level samsung and apple is at with their smartphones. Bring in some more competition so we all can get newer, more exciting features quicker. That, and a sony xperia with a full screen display, i think would look super premium.
Mr Comer
Mr Comer 10 months ago
Reviewing a phone with comparing it to another phone take skills..
tavolorgia 10 months ago
I have the xz2 premium and I love it. I can never go back to a phone that doesn't have 4k. I need 4k in my phone . So I want to buy this phone.
Karan Chawla
Karan Chawla 10 months ago
Am i the only one who noticed that he was wearing Mr. Mobile t-shirt?
Teshigi Smith
Teshigi Smith 10 months ago
Probably the most positive review of a Sony mobile phone that I've ever seen. Just goes to show that other people can have different experiences with phones given their eye sight and other features that could influence their time with the device. And you cant fault others for saying negative things about the phone if that's how their experience went. On every Sony mobile review, people get way too salty over hearing that the phone isn't as good as they'd hoped it be which is just ridiculous. They shouldn't let other people's opinions away there own so much.
yadukrishna cr
yadukrishna cr 10 months ago
Finally a review that this phone really deserves..👍🏽
Paul James
Paul James 10 months ago
Have just got this phone . And it is a massive upgrade on my iPhone X's . It will probably be over looked which is a real shame .
Syed Hoque
Syed Hoque 10 months ago
No one's saying it's a bad phone but what people are trying to say is that there's really nothing unique that stands out besides the display
Crow Migration
Crow Migration 10 months ago
Everything else is behind other phones. Poor dynamic range, no video stabilization, low speaker quality, top bezel, no jack... I wanted to like it but cant.
Jim McNevin
Jim McNevin 10 months ago
It's so tall, it can dunk a basketball!
Prathamesh Mawlankar
Prathamesh Mawlankar 10 months ago
One of the most honest review of xperia 1
rm 10 months ago
Nice review 👍🏽 About the fp sensor you need to change the position(like the images sugest) while setting them up to let it work correct. I've noticed that on the side mounted fp scanners settimg them up costs a little more effort as jou need to register more fingers. right thumb, left index/middle/ring finger for when holding the phone and left thumb, right index and middle finger for when on the ground or car holder (in 1 of those positions also)
John Rebeiro
John Rebeiro 10 months ago
Motion blur on so costly phone lol
君愷范 10 months ago
Sony is back!
Sv locker
Sv locker 10 months ago
Gandhi's Flip flops
Gandhi's Flip flops 10 months ago
Watching on my Xperia 1. Fantastic phone. Did side by side comparison with my brother's S10 plus. Any questions is welcome.
Hariz Nonis
Hariz Nonis 10 months ago
What is the camera performance like in detail? I have a Note 9, and I'm actually quite disappointed by the camera performance. I'm thinking of going for a Huawei phone next, but the Xperia 1 looks good.
Power Green
Power Green 10 months ago
But if you want buy Sony Xperia 1 with dual sim buy model j9110 and don’t buy model j8170 because single sim
Prakhar Adwani
Prakhar Adwani 10 months ago
A honest and perfect review! Hoping a true review fron unbox therapy ad well
niko stark
niko stark 10 months ago
Prakash M
Prakash M 10 months ago
Superb Sony
sergeh ava
sergeh ava 10 months ago
Sony 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌
Fantasytky 10 months ago
subscribed back again. Finally not a biased review for sony like all the other paid so called reviewer especially some supersafmmyboy.
Ryan LP
Ryan LP 10 months ago
Great review with unbiased thoughts.. 👍
Richard McClure
Richard McClure 5 months ago
One of the very few
Samier S.
Samier S. 10 months ago
I love this phone.. watching content in 4K HDR 60fps is incredible.... it has the fastest boot up time I've ever seen on a phone.. navigation is super fast.
Louie Fajardo
Louie Fajardo 10 months ago
Finally a reviewer who is not biased when it comes to Sony phone.
AMLAN 10 months ago
the last line was just mind blowing...thanks for the real review
Jamil Aboudaher
Jamil Aboudaher 10 months ago
I really like this design ! It's amazing especially on the back🔥
R808 Sphinx
R808 Sphinx 10 months ago
Love the Mr.Mobile shirt
Julian Salem
Julian Salem 10 months ago
This is the king.
Gigglelot 10 months ago
You are the only person who thinks the camera is better than the OnePlus 7 Pro. Also, are you sure about that battery life? Most other people say it's mediocre.
Gigglelot 10 months ago
@Fantasytky Nope, i mean actual people.
Fantasytky 10 months ago
by most people i think you mean those oneplus/samsung/huawei/xiaomi paid so called reviewers.
altmash mirza
altmash mirza 10 months ago
Very good review
MrMobile [Michael Fisher]
Lovin' dat shirt
Bash A.
Bash A. 6 months ago
His review was more optimistic than you Michael 😋 Sony Xperia 1 is a fantastic phone. Its biggest issue was the price, and now it dropped.
Saadiq Ganief
Saadiq Ganief 10 months ago
This guy knows how to review a phone.... Unbiased, facts! And this Xperia 1 is nothing short of Extraordinary.
Jerry Berglund
Jerry Berglund 10 months ago
This was a great review. :-) Sony Xperia 1 is worth it. :-)
JackOfAllBlades 10 months ago
No headphone jack means not for me, also the battery is a little lacking.
IceShieldGaming 10 months ago
I felt the same about the headphone jack, but on the other hand most headphones are wireless anyways now adays. And you can't tell the difference in quality. Battery wise, it keeps up with almost all the other phones with larger battery, check out phone battles ^^
TM Heretic Verethragna
are you japanese? you name sound japanese
delroythats Harding
delroythats Harding 10 months ago
That's how you do a goddamn review smh the verge review was sooooo garbage it's like they walk through the door biased 😂😂😂
HIếu KA 10 months ago
Anthony A. Ackah
Anthony A. Ackah 10 months ago
Watching your video, I get the impression that people were paid to give it bad reviews. Unfortunately for them, the world has seen the truth and Xperia 1 has run out of stock in most shops around the world. Good phones come from Sony.
Devrim Akinci
Devrim Akinci 10 months ago
Can you record videos in 4k 60 fps without a time limit?
jakilah moulien
jakilah moulien 10 months ago
it's so hard to find honest reviewers. Keep up with the good work!
Arthur Karlsson
Arthur Karlsson 10 months ago
A honest review of a very good phone. A great piece of kit.
Mohmed Saad
Mohmed Saad 10 months ago
Finally, Someone honest ❤️
Alvin Z
Alvin Z 10 months ago
Great review!
Daniel B
Daniel B 10 months ago
21/9 is ridiculous. 18/9 is already a stretch.
IceShieldGaming 10 months ago
Depends how you want to use the phone. I just got the X1 and oh boy have i never felt so good browsing social media, web articles etc. It is really comfortable to browse with it
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