Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 review

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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7's top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.
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Feb 8, 2019




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Comments 80
Ayy Duno
Ayy Duno 11 days ago
Xiaomi is trash when its used for 3months its already lagging dont buy it.. when u buy it ur just buying it for lag
umair khan
umair khan 20 days ago
I am using Redmi note 7 around a year and it was good at whatsapp video calls.But yesterday it suddenly became blurry and darker than usual.I thought its about my connection (I had internet issue),changed wifi to phone data one but it didnt fix either.And today its still same for both internet.I didnt download or did anything new and I checked phone's update if theres something new that i should download,theres nothing.Why it happened so sudden,does anybody have same problem and solved it ? And i should've mention that back camera is normal at call.And front-back camera is working good aswell for photos.Problem is just video call and front camera.
Sammy B
Sammy B 26 days ago
Anyone that still has this phone? mine keeps rebooting. I have no idea what to do because pushing whatever button does not make a difference.
Queen Nugget
Queen Nugget Month ago
does anyone know if this is compatible with cricket?
Grant Cai
Grant Cai Month ago
Your voice is as soothing as Mrwhosetheboss
Peter McIntyre
Peter McIntyre Month ago
Hi cisco
aKo si jOh
aKo si jOh Month ago
,sir hope you will also kick my house you know what i'm telling?.pls support me also.
aKo si jOh
aKo si jOh Month ago
nice content sir keep it up.
Nishi Akter
Nishi Akter 2 months ago
Xaiomi Redmi note 7,Redmi 7 ,Redmi note 7 pro ,Redmi note 7 s.ai 4 ta phone mottha kon phone ta best hoba ??? Amer ai question ar Answer niya 1ta video banan plzzzz
GALACTIC M 2 days ago
Note 7 pro best......ai channel ta english.. ...tai bangla bujhbe na kew
paola jimenez
paola jimenez 2 months ago
i went to mexico last summer and literally everyone has this phone
Radith Rathnayake
Radith Rathnayake 2 months ago
I bought this phone it doesn't worth the money. Further xiomi doesn't provide android 10 upgrade for the phone atleast not yet. The pictures I got in the night are nothing like that are in the video. Even in day pictures are soft in the low light
Saiyajin Lazy
Saiyajin Lazy 2 months ago
*Redmi note 7 + Pixel Experience rom = amazing performance*
pressefr 3 months ago
3:39 What game is he playing?
JOR BUR 3 months ago
2020 nose inglés
Dario Mazzani
Dario Mazzani 3 months ago
comes with wi -fi calling option? please let me know
3 months ago
I can't stop comparing Redmi note 7 and Mi A3. Aaaaaaaaaa
JT Manuel
JT Manuel 3 months ago
I splurged a bit and got the pro version with the 6/128 GB, SD 675 configuration and bought a xiaomi QC charger.
张铁牛 3 months ago
I thougt its the bomb.
Y U 3 months ago
Nice Redmi 7 Pro 👍😘
Anje Pascual
Anje Pascual 3 months ago
5:41 I saw this somewhere.. idk where
saruul saruul
saruul saruul 4 months ago
Stanislav Vladev
Stanislav Vladev 4 months ago
My phone
Sun Set
Sun Set 4 months ago
Single sim?
jonnyhead 4 months ago
Don't be impressed by whistles and bells it's a terrible phone! Worst volume controls ever designed!! Terrible camera quality, horrible microphone and many more problems. Going back to Samsung far better quality, don't do false economy guys!
Emmanuel Chiemela Philemon
What's the name of the game you were playing on this video?
Vice08 4 months ago
I watch this video on a Redmi note 7
Ali Nawaz
Ali Nawaz 4 months ago
Note 8 came out with SD665 and it sucks
Trump Jong Un
Trump Jong Un 4 months ago
Just got my new Redmi Note 7 (4/64Gb. For the price it has great camera (48mp), high quality screen, fast processor and many good features like fingerprint scanner. Huge upgrade from my 2015 Samsung Galaxy J5. By downloading the Google cam app the photos are even better.
CHARLIE BRAVO 4 months ago
Im confused. I have a redmi note 7 with 4gb ram and 128gb rom but its not a redmi note 7 pro, but if i search on variants of the normal note 7 theres no 128gb rom. Only on pro. And if i look at my settings on phone model it says redmi note 7, im confused. Someone know anything about this?
Jason Jones
Jason Jones 4 months ago
I love this phone. It has so many features such as radio, IR blaster, compass, and recorder.
DJmiserableCunt 4 months ago
That's a notification led? Thats fucking tiny. Hows any1 gona c that?
Paimyoulser 5 months ago
Watching on redmi note 7
C Russon
C Russon 5 months ago
I don't understand why phones put 48mp sensors on the phones when the image still comes out at 12mp..
Kim David
Kim David 5 months ago
Should I upgrade redmi note 7 to redmi note 8? Is it huge difference?
Blue Atlas
Blue Atlas 5 months ago
Is this phone good for gaming?
Md. Jiaur Rahman
Md. Jiaur Rahman 5 months ago
network problem
Chuck 5 months ago
Just got the Global version with 128gb/4gb with MIUI 11 update. Wow! battery life is amazing. No problems. Comparing it to the Nokia 7.2 , it's mucha faster even though it has the same processor and I love the MIUI skin. A lot of themes to customize with. The screen bleed is not even noticeable. Colors are actually good and I'm comparing to my Samsung 10+. Definitly a great phone to buy. Oh and the notification issues have been fixed. All notifications now show on the status bar and the lockscreen. I paid $179 on ebay brand new. Definitely download Gcam for this. Super easy to install and works like a charm.
Emil Tsekov
Emil Tsekov 5 months ago
Mate are you based in Sofia, Bulgaria? Some of the pics from the video are made there?
Hasni Hussain
Hasni Hussain 6 months ago
Wooooow nice ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Choudhury Ashfaque
Choudhury Ashfaque 6 months ago
Best budget phone ever ....... Watching the video on redimi note 7
walter'o brien
walter'o brien 6 months ago
3:59 what game is that?
CreamDeal But not the cringy one back from 2015
I got really lucky when i bought this phone. I got a 128GB version with the fast charger and a free case for only a 180 euros
K-PAX 6 months ago
Having redmi note 7(64x4) more than 2 months and problems have already raised. 1.System UI is not responding 2. Slow system generally. 3.Screen freezes week to week, that's annoying. But i am not surprised, low price means low device
Jossalyn Shover
Jossalyn Shover 6 months ago
my dad got me this for christmas as a joke, so what we were going to do was return it an buy an apple phone, but now im questioning it. is it really that good?
LARRY ONE 2 months ago
Very good
Kosausrk 6 months ago
Lets be honest. We all know this is a better phone but we buy iPhones just to flex. Why would anyone want to carry an android?
Funny Subject
Funny Subject 6 months ago
me i prefer android
RAX 2.0
RAX 2.0 6 months ago
Still Worth right now ??
salman malik007
salman malik007 6 months ago
JTN TV 6 months ago
yeah you rigth i drop my phone.
wabamfmlic 6 months ago
Have bought it after this review, and it's a very very good phone indeed. If you're unsure which phone you should buy, this phone is the absolutely right decision and you won't ever regret
Med Tounsi
Med Tounsi 6 months ago
Which is better, this one or the Samsung a30, please help.
sтеаlтн 6 months ago
That android skin on that phone is really nice.
Spade 6 months ago
Good video
Dashawn Bannister
Dashawn Bannister 7 months ago
This phone is good on "paper" otherwise wifi range and battery is terribleeeee Eighter way I've only been using it for a couple days
Dashawn Bannister
Dashawn Bannister 4 months ago
@Ibra Ben sorry for late reply but the rang of the Wi-Fi is terrible I would be about 25 feet from the router and the Wi-Fi would drop out and pick back up Battery, while it charges fast I can get probably 1 and a half or 2 days usage out of it
Ibra Ben
Ibra Ben 6 months ago
Explain please
alternative root
alternative root 7 months ago
Any suggestions on a "new" ish phone? Im between the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 and the Blu vivo Xl....
Edgar Anaya
Edgar Anaya 7 months ago
Does it works with metro pcs in usa?
Stan talent stan visuals btch
samsung a20 please
Zakariya 7 months ago
5:17, it's not a GSM Arena review if they don't have that snail in every video 😂
Magic Judilla
Magic Judilla 7 months ago
Shopee 11.11 brought me here
Alexandros Kostas
Alexandros Kostas 7 months ago
I bet this dude knows the flash😂
ShardMerald 7 months ago
Extreme zoom test on redmi note 7! ruvid.net/video/video-zXLMwNF7XW0.html
Joshua Allison
Joshua Allison 7 months ago
Had this phone after half a year the phone started to bring problems , my opinion only buy this if you switch phones every year
ShardMerald 7 months ago
Extreme zoom test on redmi note 7! ruvid.net/video/video-zXLMwNF7XW0.html
Rusticsegle92 7 months ago
I think I might buy it. I don't even use the camera so I'm perfectly fine.
QE ornotQE
QE ornotQE 7 months ago
I need a decent camera. Any advice between this and the Huawei P30 Lite?
ShardMerald 7 months ago
Go watch this video to the end (2min) it uses redmi note 7 48MP zoom camera. Extreme zoom test on redmi note 7! ruvid.net/video/video-zXLMwNF7XW0.html
Aaron Schmitz
Aaron Schmitz 7 months ago
you've made a great work. if you wanna steal price alert, then visit Couponsfromchina - that's how I bought it. cya
Mickey G.C.
Mickey G.C. 7 months ago
Great Vid ! Why do the call it a note if it has no styles?
ShardMerald 7 months ago
Extreme zoom test on redmi note 7! ruvid.net/video/video-zXLMwNF7XW0.html
Vimonish Kamalanathan
Can I charge the phone with 18w charger? Will it affect the battery?
ShardMerald 7 months ago
Extreme zoom test on redmi note 7! ruvid.net/video/video-zXLMwNF7XW0.html
TEM —Aki
TEM —Aki 7 months ago
how large is the storage?
Frank Mercer
Frank Mercer 7 months ago
32 gb or 64 gb depending on which you choose. 64gb will be slightly more expensive than 32
isioma jude
isioma jude 7 months ago
Everyone pronounces it as xiaomi but it's actually xiaomi not xiaomi 😎
QwertyxAvocado 7 months ago
Why is it called a note? 😂
Sxturnx 7 months ago
Because it has a better and bigger screen than redmi 7
Livin' The Dream
Livin' The Dream 7 months ago
This guy is good
Morganne Sawyer
Morganne Sawyer 7 months ago
This vs honor 8x?
ShardMerald 7 months ago
Go watch this (2min) and you will understand how powerful redmis 48MP Zoom camera is.Extreme zoom test on redmi note 7! ruvid.net/video/video-zXLMwNF7XW0.html
TheFourthWinchester 7 months ago
If all you do with your phone is browse social media and watch content on Netflix, RUvid, etc other than standard phone duties, then the Redmi Note series is all you will ever need.
Martin Minew
Martin Minew 8 months ago
Are you from Bulgaria by any chance ??? Cuz you showed a pic of Serdika at 5:34
Weston Bryan
Weston Bryan 8 months ago
Awesome video as always, yet when you're talking about the external SD card slot, let us know right away how much is the max size SD storage
Se 4n
Se 4n 8 months ago
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Review!!!
ABOUTHYE 8 months ago
I'm gonna wait til the day that I can say; watching this on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
Elroi Albahari
Elroi Albahari 8 months ago
Hello guys, i was searching for answers and I tried so many ways to fix the phone but i can't. I want to ask you for help. I updated the phone with the last update, which would be on android 9. The phone was downloading, and then installing the update, but in one moment it shut down, and have shown me a menu with 3 options - Reboot, Wipe Data, Connect with MiAssistant. I tried to reboot but nothing. Tried to wipe the all data, still nothing. Tried to connect with miassistant but miassistant can't recognize my phone and can't connect to it. The problem is that my bootloader is locked and i can't unlock it because miunlock wants me to access the options and verify that this is the phone, or something like this. Because of that i can't flash new ROM through the fastboot mode with MiFlash. I do not know what to do. I tried to enter the EDL mode, but it didnt work either(tried the way with the pins). I will be glad if you can help me with something. I need the phone these days. Best wishes,
I Love Clorox
I Love Clorox 8 months ago
Chinese be like :Nonono, its "Siao" not "Shiao"
ThanosCar Car
ThanosCar Car 8 months ago
Watching this with my redmi note 7
InsaneChef 8 months ago
I still have my note 3 because it’s so good. 2.5 yrs and no slowing down at all.
Victor Sosa
Victor Sosa 8 months ago
$1000 iPhone camera: 12 MP $200 Redmi Note 7 camera: 48 MP
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