Xi v Trump the Real Story of Their Florida Meeting with Godfree Roberts, China Rising Radio Sinoland

Jeff J. Brown
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Few people have the grasp on the inner workings of geopolitics as Dr. Godfree Roberts, who will be publishing "China 2020 - Everything You Know Is Wrong", later this year. Fellow author and host Jeff J. Brown gets Godfree's take on the just concluded visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping with American President Donald Trump, at the latter's sumptuous Mar-A-Lago private residence. On the surface, it seems to have been a non-event. But Godfree and Jeff explain that there is a lot to read in all those Florida tea leaves, left in their wake.



9 апр 2017

Jeff J. BrownChinaXi JinpingWestern EmpireImperialismRussiaPutinGodfree RobertsDonald Trump




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A Artisan
A Artisan Год назад
An interesting way to look at Trump is that he is easing the american people into the new world where the US will not be dominant anymore. This is good because a superpower in denial about it's relative decline is an extremely dangerous one. Hillary, and the people behind her want to keep americans asleep thinking it's still 1999 and that the US must and will triumph over every potential challenge. This type of megalomaniacal thinking was what let to the recent 'humanitarian' wars in the middle east and would invariably have lead to a US/china or US/Russia nuclear exchange.
Jeff J. Brown
Jeff J. Brown Год назад
You make a good point, A Artisan. I'm still trying to figure out Trump. He's is a really fascinating. He is much better than the Clintons, Bushes and Obama. Thanks for listening! Sharing is caring. www.chinarising.puntopress.com - chinarising.puntopress.com/2017/05/19/the-china-trilogy/ - @44_Days -facebook.com/44DaysPublishing - Jeff J. Brown in China
Jan van Laar
Jan van Laar Год назад
This guy, Godfree, cannot even correctly pronounce the name of Xi Jinping, doesn't understand what's happening in China. Godfree is all over the internet and is a paid China wumao. Goodluck!
Tekhelet75 Год назад
Trade between some nations are already being done in local currencies. Bypassing the dollar. Gold will be the thread that weaves through Eurasian trade. We are looking at a multipolar world. I don't think it would be decades till more and more nations do not store U.S Treasury bills in their coffers. Alternative structures are already up and running of late - AIIB, CIPS, MERS, BRICS, BELT AND ROAD, EURASIAN TRADE ZONE... so on. Guys need to take off the Trump blinders. Large amount of money was paid to the this admin to get the deed done on Syria. Syrians did die in the strike, even though not much damage to infrastructure.
Francis Liew
Francis Liew Год назад
Tekhelet75 There is not enough gold in the world to finance free trade dumbo, not even if gold goes up to a million dollar an oz
Jeff J. Brown
Jeff J. Brown Год назад
I hope you are right, Tekhelet75. Historically, the life span of a reserve currency is about 100-150 years. The US dollar started in 1945. It may take a while.
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