Xi Jinping: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Chinese president Xi Jinping is amassing an alarming amount of political power. If only his propaganda videos made the idea of unrestricted authority seem as troubling as the concept of singing children.
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Jun 18, 2018




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Comments 16 357
sandile mthoba
sandile mthoba 12 hours ago
I've heard some disturbing things about that Nobel prize winner, maybe that's why they have a problem with him ....
Maybe consumers in the USA should stop buying goods made in china
brian babin
brian babin Day ago
there is nothing made anywhere else..
Harald Schuster
Well, in terms of lists there's also Mr. Schindler's ... not ALL lists are bad :)
Shazarah Ramesar
Anyone else thought about that one episode of Black mirror with the social rating thing
China is a materialization of 1984, and no one do nothing.
Alink Sherlock
Alink Sherlock 2 days ago
USA:OMG! Xi is so serious about jokes, anyway, all Chinese like that. China: So all you like Trump? scary.....
赵家辉 2 days ago
赵家辉 14 hours ago
@丶 凌 你这想法和我10年前差不多,我上初中高中时也是这个想法。感觉你可能还没有大学毕业或者才工作几年吧。中国现在就只有中国人民共和国,中国现在就是200年来最好的中国,政府也是200多年来最好的政府,有问题是必然的,任何国家都有各种问题,有了问题就去解决,然后继续进步。等你再多接触接触国内外的消息,你就知道了,帝国主义亡我之心不死。他们所批评的,就是我们必须要坚决支持的。他们所倡议的,我们是需要认真研判的。他们现在的所作所为,是他们掌握话语权的必然结果。国内已经开始重视话语权的建设,想必再过10年,那些所谓的大V和公知,再想贩卖焦虑,收钱舔美,收割韭菜就没那么容易了。如果这些话,你听着感觉像是在洗地,那就当我什么都没说。在国内,好好工作学习,不传谣信谣,有自己独立思考的能力,就已经是超越大多数人的爱国了。
丶 凌
丶 凌 16 hours ago
brian babin
brian babin Day ago
Michael e Haddad
Michael e Haddad 2 days ago
Surprised he didn't talk about the insane amount of stimulus and debt taken on to fuel the expansion. The next global crisis is likely to come from China as a result of the preceding sentence.
vince baldwin
vince baldwin 3 days ago
Donald Trump's IQ is between 65 and 75 that's on the high-end combined with dementia his demise is soon approaching!
brian babin
brian babin Day ago
i remember him on Howard Stern show he refused to take the IQ test.. so Howard asked him (if an egg and a half cost a penny and a half ..and you bought a dozen in a half how much would it cost..?) of course Trump had no idea. but his daughter spit out the answer..soon after. .18cents
vince baldwin
vince baldwin 2 days ago
I think if Pelosi and the Democrats would impeach then many in the GOP would grow a spine!
Michael e Haddad
Michael e Haddad 2 days ago
I hate him too but he isn't going anywhere.
hshs wonova
hshs wonova 3 days ago
coolascats 3 days ago
wait, wth??? is lwt costing of the money now?
jay getts
jay getts 3 days ago
Who would've thought that a disgusting country like china would something like that.... KAPPA
Trump wants to be Xi, he wants to control, he wants military parades, etc he just dont have the skillz
Josny13 4 days ago
Bit unfair; How is China supposed to use technology to get pandas to fuck? By creating a panda-speaking robot-AI marriage officiant?
HaleyHalcyon - Gaming Channel
china pre-xi: hide and bide chine post-xi: expand and command
HaleyHalcyon - Gaming Channel
“Kommunist Kars 4 Kids” Absolutely-they're both weirdly and unfittingly reggae.
Tristan Wolfe
Tristan Wolfe 4 days ago
I think the surveillance of wiggers is probably a good idea
TWSTF 8 5 days ago
Our President is arguably the best thing to happen to Xi Jinping in the last few years. As embarrassing as he is lol he's definitely, "making China great again." Besides being a TOTAL fraud, So far, in just over two years in office, he has already; ▫️Implemented and enforces a border policy that literally puts kids in cages. ▫️Overrode American National Security decision to give security clearance to his daughter and son-in-law. ▫️Repeatedly humps the American flag. ▫️Actually called Nazi's, after a fatal domestic terrorism incident; "Very fine people." ▫️After promising to do so on multiple occasions, he STILL hasn't released tax returns. ▫️He began his 2016 political career by starting a racist conspiracy about the first African American President's birth certificate. ▫️Thought Frederick Douglass was still alive. ▫️Tried, multiple times, to ban an entire religious group, Muslims, from entering the United States. ▫️Gave a speech about a sex boat to boy scouts. ▫️He ruined Kanye. ▫️He has continuously sided with dictators over his own US intelligence agencies. ▫️He spelled, "Melania," wrong. ▫️He threatened to jail his political opponents. ▫️COVFEFE ▫️He is beloved by White Supremacists, White Nationalists, and Neo-Nazis. {Exhibit A; This Video} ▫️He is surrounded by convicted criminals. ▫️He fathered Don Jr. ▫️He is a highly public and well documented pathological liar. {Over 10,000 since Jan 20th 2017 as of April 30th 2019} ▫️He couldn't remember the words to, "God Bless America" ▫️He CURRENTLY faces 19+ credible sexual assault litigations. ▫️He threw paper towels at hurricane victims. ▫️He paid to silence a Porn Star and a Playboy model with whom he had affairs two weeks before his election. {spending a total of $130,000 each to avoid publication and electoral transparency.} ▫️He regularly insults John McCain while still refusing to say an unkind word about Vladimir Putin. ▫️He regularly insults long-time US allies. ▫️He publicly attacks private American citizens on Twitter. ▫️He publicly insults and undermines his own US Intelligence Agencies. ▫️He publicly denigrates Gold Star families. ▫️He gets in Twitter fueds with Saturday Night Live. ▫️He is currently under State and Federal investigation for violating multiple campaign finance laws. ▫️He claimed to be, "very stable genius." ▫️He called African Nations, "Shithole countries." ▫️He buried the taxpayer Government report on Climate Change. ▫️He endorsed alleged child molester Roy Moore. ▫️He can't close an umbrella. ▫️He regularly calls the Constitutionally protected Free Press, "the enemy of the people." ▫️He claimed, without evidence, that 5 million people voted illegally in the 2016 election, and that all of those illegal votes were for his opponents. ▫️He was recorded, on tape, bragging that, because he's famous, he can get away with molesting/sexually assaulting Women. ▫️ After more than two years in office, he STILL hasn't put forth nominees for over half of the Senate confirmed; Cabinet, Government, or Executive Branch positions. ▫️After agreeing publicly to sign a bill that would add 1.5 Billion dollars for border security, he watched backlash from Fox "News," Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter and the very next morning reversed and refused to sign, causing the Federal Government to shut down for OVER a month. I mean, Whether Trump's acts were, "criminal," or not, whether his conduct regarding Obstruction of Justice rose to the, "criminal," legal standard or not, and whether his Campaign's contacts with Russians during the Campaign were sufficiently illicit, or not, to rise to the level of a, "Criminal Conspiracy," they are without QUESTION; Dishonest, Unethical, Immoral, and Unpatriotic, and should be condemned by EVERY American. But, really. There's literally hundreds of reasons to objectively consider Trump a complete disaster every American should be at the very least embarrassed about, but some comments are just too, "wordy," lol
TWSTF 8 5 days ago
I looked up, "Optimism," lol in the Oxford English Dictionary and it read; optimism /ˈɒptɪmɪz(ə)m/ ◽Origin ▫️Mid 18th century from French optimisme ◽NOUN ▫️Hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something. 'the talks had been amicable and there were grounds for optimism’ ◽Philosophy; ▫️The doctrine, especially as set forth by Leibniz, that this world is the best of all possible worlds. ‘His early optimism was soon overshadowed by a radical doctrine of grace.’ ‘Candide, Voltaire's critique of optimism, is itself an ineliminably upbeat book.’ ▫️The belief that good must ultimately prevail over evil in the universe. (what's the comments section for lol if not shit like that, eh?!😂👍)
Stardust Nothing
Stardust Nothing 5 days ago
I wish john would make another piece on china
Stardust Nothing
Stardust Nothing 2 days ago
zhulia yeah, especially with their citizen rating system I’d like to see a piece on that
zhulia 4 days ago
I do too. China isn't going away.
mr. JDP P
mr. JDP P 5 days ago
I've been keeping up with the social credit system. It's a fucking dystopia nightmare not funny at all. What's the saddest part u have middle class parents with a typical.9-5 job with a kid, they just think it's so dandy (obviously u cant be 100% certain since saying u disagree in on camera probaly lowers your score) thinking it's a good way to automize cops jobs.
Paitoon Suriyawongpaisal
The then deputy primister of China mr.Li ke qiang said that China's GDP figure was man made and unreliable figures especially the local ones.
Paitoon Suriyawongpaisal
The then deputy primister of China mr.Li ke qiang said that China's GDP figure was man made and unreliable figures especially the local ones.
Beena Plumber
Beena Plumber 6 days ago
Something I look forward to on every show is the obligatory picture of an adorable, innocent kid in a creepy situation. It's way better when it's over the top like this video, and that boy singing "Fuck the European Union!" Wouldn't you like to be that ten-year-old who gets to go to school and say, "Did you see me on TV? Yeah, I sang 'fuck' nine times in three minutes. How was your weekend?" Some cool parents out there. :)
Suraj Pradhan
Suraj Pradhan 6 days ago
How good is he! Salut Mr Oliver
acebasespace 6 days ago
lmao is that video real? so embarrassing that how china sees Westerners. white corny rapping. theyr not all wrong but so bad
Samantha Brown
Samantha Brown 6 days ago
"let's just put America to the side for a minute" Maga boi: 😡 noooooo America first
Blue Sky
Blue Sky 4 days ago
I roam around my house shouting America first in trumps accent 😂😂😂😂
joshua ooroth
joshua ooroth 6 days ago
*this video may not be avalible in your country*
The Brothers Blue
lol this woulda had way more upvotes like four months ago.
The Most Interesting Man On Youtube
China's president is the first one to Identify as Xi
Grungepuppy 99
Grungepuppy 99 7 days ago
Having children dropping f bombs in a song is disgusting not cute
Naod Mesfin
Naod Mesfin 7 days ago
xi jinping is the greatest ruler .
Jose Borjas
Jose Borjas 7 days ago
Very much anti-chinese
Doye Ratliff
Doye Ratliff 8 days ago
China doesn't waste money on bullshit wars.
Scaitan 8 days ago
Xi's cake?
qrppdc 8 days ago
Sorry John Oliver and company did not touch on the debt trap of the belt and road initiative, as third world countries upon default of loans turn over infrastructure projects such as ports to China. Or the illegal harvesting of human organs of practitioners of the outlawed religion, Fong Gong.
birdman33369 8 days ago
As always. Partial truths from a snake tongued rat. Trade war with China = BAD for China you purposefully dumb fuck. Trump sais EVERY politician is a friend and great. Prime minister May of Britain: ruvid.net/video/video-Vo6nGm5K4Lk.html at 15:50 (who he hates) Kim Jong Un: ruvid.net/video/video-j9oPaL4EsOg.html at 0:40 (who he called a small dick rocket man like a year back) Angela Merkel: ruvid.net/video/video-OI3TSF8emZI.html (who he holds responsible for the destruction of Europe) Putin: you sheep have heard edited sound bites China: just heard it Justin Trudeau: ruvid.net/video/video-a8RHXvRPLfw.html Literally anyone is a friend and a strong lead and great. It's called fucking diplomacy. You may think Trump sucks at it, but at least the guy is trying.
Edward Wood
Edward Wood 9 days ago
Avians do not have external genitals. Chew on that John.
Manchester Is Blue
Scott C
Scott C 9 days ago
I suspect this appraisal is biased. If you detailed what corporate entities do in the USA I think China may emerge on top ...morally that is. The US doesn't imprison people for their beliefs, like China, but for the color of their skin. China manipulates business deals ..big freaking deal!....what then do we make of US imperialism, invasion occupation of the middle east, vietnam, Iraq etc etc. One can go on and on, ...and Trump or the US is in no way in a position to call out China. Seriously John, (kiwi to pom) I think you're blind - for sure the US (meaning it's controlling military industrial complex - the corporations) is an order of magnitude the greater peril to the world than anything China does currently or has done. China of course is in this/acts for itself - as a nation - and probably has a mind to be a great nation, the US, is a cabal of astoundingly selfish interests - each of which will sell their grandmother if required (or find an african american grandmother to send in her stead...etc, you get the idea ...we live in western allied countries - it's almost impossible to see the US imperialism from within that world. But any fair examination surely paints the US as the thing to worry about.
sailorxbd A
sailorxbd A 9 days ago
Like watching a live version of Charlie Hebdo,there is ever so much hard work goes into the show business in states.
Frisk Dremurr
Frisk Dremurr 9 days ago
What is really interesting is when foreign exchange students visited my school, and I asked them if censorship in China, they said it didn’t bother them.
Everybody Sucks Tho
They're brainwashed. Scary.
1manuscriptman 9 days ago
You can LITERALLY go to prison in China for referring to XI as Winnie the Pooh. China is literally becoming a Police State .
Star Fyodperor
Star Fyodperor 10 days ago
GB also has great "technological" advances, yet no female is found to fuck with this excuse of a journalist-comedian.
mr internet
mr internet 10 days ago
This unfunny shill is unbearable
Adam 10 days ago
It’s like having power overly centralized is a bad idea, eh comrades?
Databender 10 days ago
Political correctness
wayneyang1 11 days ago
now matter what you say, we chinese like him. more the you like Trump, haha
Caden Benton
Caden Benton 10 days ago
wayneyang1 What does that Xi boot taste like?
winnie xi
winnie xi 11 days ago
hmmm 11 days ago
Most westerners tend to overestimate Xi’s power, the structure of the Chinese government is way more complex. But nobody cares, can’t make a meme out of it after all.
qing zhang
qing zhang 11 days ago
终于知道为啥国外这么多人反中,仇华了, 一派胡言的脱口秀节目这么多人信以为真。 I finally know why so many people don't like, even hate, China. It was just a show, a joke, but people believed it was the truth. If you really want to know the truth, then come here to China. I really hope people could know and understand and respect each other more.
DOC 5 days ago
Samagra Dev
Samagra Dev 10 days ago
qing zhang Do you seriously believe that this entire video was a joke?
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