Xi Jinping: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Chinese president Xi Jinping is amassing an alarming amount of political power. If only his propaganda videos made the idea of unrestricted authority seem as troubling as the concept of singing children.
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Jun 18, 2018




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Choi Julian
Choi Julian 5 hours ago
As a citizen who lives in Beijing for more than a decade, I have never heard of anything about this so called social credit. We do have credit system that document your financial activities and default histories, but that social score thing and that paper to be filled out answering questions like whether you prey and shit are just lie concocted by western propaganda. The closest thing we have is a competition system for Beijing Hukou, which looks into individual taxes, educational level, professional achievements. Other than that, I don’t see anything remotely resemble what this so called social credit is like.
Vinoth Shepard
Vinoth Shepard 5 hours ago
What about Uighurs
ilpalazzo3 13 hours ago
China, please stop calling yourself communist. You're really not. (I know you're reading this)
Dango Phantasma
Dango Phantasma 13 hours ago
When up against an authoratarian regeme you dont send in the troops, you send in... THE CLOOOWWWNNN...
Songa Saver
Songa Saver 14 hours ago
Damn! I hate this show as well as it’s host.
andrew Handwerk
andrew Handwerk 20 hours ago
I'm always happy when I watch John Oliver's videos and they are historically accurate. Having learned about China from the period of the Qing dynasty through Mao's cultural revolution in my Masters classes, I enjoy watching his videos on the subject because they are relating information to people that is not just nonsense.
Againstinjustice 22 hours ago
Xi is poop
Joaquin Machado
Joaquin Machado 23 hours ago
This was a good video.
nelson pleitez
what did rigoberta menchu did?
洨朱Red Day ago
ooooook a lot of people doesn't seem to know how does xi look like Winnie came from soooo here we go.... there was a game called “Devotion(還願)”, and it got really famous in Taiwan, so some Chinese people went to play the game, and saw 1 of the Taoist magic figure written “Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh(習近平小維尼)” the game got famous in China too bc of this mess and Xi soon knows about that and forced off the game and banned almost everything about Winnie the Pooh, but it seems just make things more funny. the memes about Xi the Pooh starts popping out everywhere in China and Taiwan, and soon, the whole world seems to know about this. sorry for the bad English, tell me if I got anything wrong.
NotRealJon Day ago
when are they gonna make hongkong 97 sequel? I need it !
a a
a a Day ago
Is john oliver standing up for china? Let me know when he starts cheering for china.
vvebvvaster 15 hours ago
9:38 on.
talin nalo
talin nalo Day ago
talin nalo
talin nalo Day ago
talin nalo
talin nalo Day ago
talin nalo
talin nalo Day ago
John Taylor
John Taylor Day ago
As funny as Xi Jinping looking like Winnie the Pooh is, do not forget that John Oliver's show brainwashes people by influencing people's opinion based on offering their desired opinion in the form of a "joke" and follows it up with approval in the form of "laughter" in order to play on your human social psychology to condition you. It's a serious business for these fucking influencers. Manipulative scum.
EzrealOver9000 2 days ago
idk who this guy is, but his jokes arent very funny, seems very forceful.
Steven Nevermind
Steven Nevermind 2 days ago
What about the people wanting to keep in Hong Kong?? Do an episode on that
frank abagnale jr
Barbara Steinberg
Egypt is not older than China. Neolithic civilizations in China go back 10,000 years or more. Early Bronze Age: Indus Valley Civilization, Mesopotamia, and China. Then came Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. Why did Xi say something like that? The Chinese are passionate about dating antiquities. WOW.
Tom VS
Tom VS 2 days ago
Jon Oliver needs to have his skull ventilated and a 9mm Luger will do that nicely.
Bailey Moreton
Bailey Moreton 2 days ago
2:45 what is that man doing
Justin Dieterich
Justin Dieterich 3 days ago
The republic of China aka taiwan is the true government.
dilbertgeg 3 days ago
This video is much much deeper on China now, China history, China future. Backs what Jon says. Search for Kraut Trump's Biggest Failure.
Nero Noctis
Nero Noctis 3 days ago
How can he be mad at China for deflating their assets when he does the same thing to avoid taxes?
Nero Noctis
Nero Noctis 19 hours ago
Did you not hear Cohen’s testimony?
NinjaKED12 19 hours ago
How do you know if he avoids paying taxes
tubewatch59 3 days ago
In hindsight, I believe Trump's praise of Xi is a flattering tactic to avoid getting Xi off side unnecessarily, but of late Trump's trade policies and tariffs speak louder than his words. If Xi was worried a little about a slowing economy, he should be a lot more worried now. Trump means business.
Great Man. I love this show. Much Love from India.
jimbojims 3 days ago
The whole free world needs to do anything they can to limit purchasing Chinese products. Millions of small little decisions by us-the consumers will have HUGE impacts on Chinas economy. Make no mistake people, they are trying to take over the world.
Samantha Marie
Samantha Marie 3 days ago
I cant believe POTUS is that much of a blithering fucking retard, oh god damn.
Samantha Marie
Samantha Marie 3 days ago
Esti Obel
Esti Obel 4 days ago
Given the image he’s trying to project, you’d think he would want to embrace the comparison to a universally beloved, cuddly bear, who loves honey, and says cute things that are used as inspirational quotes on the internet.
SK007 J
SK007 J 4 days ago
Why don’t you ask Chinese who come from mainland, what they feel about free talking .ask their life in China? Please don’t delete, but keep them ID in RUvid, Facebook and Twitter, let them talk about their life in China, not you think what their life are. most of them active in those app, they are ordinary Chinese who want and believe the right of free talking.
FiN 4 days ago
im about to travel to turkmenistan, china or north korea with a gun and liberate the country...
Tony 4 days ago
There is no term limit on US presidency either. Unfortunately most Americans don't even know their constitution. FDR served 3 terms without rewriting any laws. The main reason Xi removed term limit is that he wants to reclaim Taiwan under his leadership.
rexmcdowd 4 days ago
Found this video hoping for a Winner the Pooh reference. Was not disappointed.
Lily Jiang
Lily Jiang 4 days ago
Okay~~~ and where do I??? Fit in?? Donald??
Justin Long
Justin Long 4 days ago
Oh crap, Eleven on Stranger Things might have to change her name..
Ornery Fpv
Ornery Fpv 4 days ago
I can't believe people watch this shit.
John Myers
John Myers 5 days ago
fucking black mirror
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson 5 days ago
[This comment has been removed for violating Google’s guidelines regarding comments about the people’s republic of China.]
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson 3 hours ago
@ron swanson r/selfwoosh
Sigma Stories
Sigma Stories 6 hours ago
Rob Baldwin r/trickwoooosh
Rob Baldwin
Rob Baldwin 8 hours ago
@Sigma Stories Incepwooosh!
Sigma Stories
Sigma Stories 2 days ago
Jesus Christ double r/woooosh
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 days ago
@Sigma Stories r/woooooooooooooooooosh?
Aymara Fan
Aymara Fan 5 days ago
Jinxing the eleventh.
pieface moonface
pieface moonface 5 days ago
Awwww my comment got deleted because I was speaking the truth. FREEDOM OF SPEECH MY ASS AMERICA. Sad hypocrites.
pieface moonface
pieface moonface 4 days ago
Anthony Robles you think I’m really that bored to go lie in a comment on some random video? Also what ‘vulgarity’ have I used? Ass? Wow big swear word.
Anthony Robles
Anthony Robles 4 days ago
@pieface moonface Again I say, Prove it. I doubt it was without some vulgarity because you've failed not to use some so far, but I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Post it back up, in it's entirety, and let's see if you truly justified. Assuming, of course, that there ever was an actual original message in the first place.
pieface moonface
pieface moonface 4 days ago
Anthony Robles hahahahah yes you believe they are the good people. Idc about ur opinion. Ur all brainwashed. Truly sad. My previous comment did not have any swear words, I was merely stating my point of how every country manipulates it’s citizens. You think that is a kind of comment that should be taken off? Unless it’s the truth and they don’t want to be exposed...
Anthony Robles
Anthony Robles 5 days ago
Prove it. If your statement wasn't vulgar & didn't violate RUvid's terms and conditions, you would have no problem posting it again. Unless, of course, you were just being an A-hole & are now playing the role of victim now that you have received your comeuppance.
Son Gohan
Son Gohan 5 days ago
Is this the episode that got banned in China?
cheesybread 5 days ago
Over a year later and we are seeing the exact fruits of Xi's labor Oliver touched on...
Janusha 5 days ago
Yeah. Chinas economy growing by nearly 10% a year. By propping it up with RIDICULOUS projects like building 100 cities that nobody lives in.
Spaceman 101
Spaceman 101 6 days ago
Pls talk about hong kong
michellejean11 6 days ago
One question is xi jinping violating disney TM by looking like Winnie the Pooh?
M D Day ago
Disney wouldnt care, since they bow to China anyway
Hypothalapotamus 3 days ago
No. American IP protections don't extend to China.
Nick Scheper
Nick Scheper 6 days ago
and people are curious why Hong Kong is worrying about more integration with China and taking to the streets in protest.
Patrick Jenkins
Patrick Jenkins 3 days ago
😎 Great point, Nick. Being under British rule from: 1841-1997 (except 4yrs. of Japanese rule during WW II,) the people had a taste of western democracy for several generations. Although they were a British 'colony' the cultural differences from people of mainland China clearly were ENORMOUS. 🗿
Reach Holline
Reach Holline 6 days ago
Yep and social credit idea was failed because we still see some Chinese asshole roaming around the gaming community and the internet
bela katootz
bela katootz 6 days ago
trumpperr has done damage to usa the likes of which has never been seen, many people are saying this, and the damage may last for many years to come
Eddie 6 days ago
Mesopotamia is the oldest civilization...
Anthony Robles
Anthony Robles 5 days ago
Mesopotamia was one of the first civilizations but, since it collapsed, it's not considered one of the oldest. Granted, they could have gotten pedantic and said "Egypt and China are two of the oldest still standing civilizations" but that's taken as a given.
Evgeni Georgiev
Evgeni Georgiev 6 days ago
Trump 2020
Andy Chow
Andy Chow 6 days ago
Little Johnny learned his lesson after this. Now he hates on America, and sucks on those sweet chinese balls.
ekmschaefchen 6 days ago
yes, that's why he literally did a second china piece just last week.
Darià Artiola
Darià Artiola 6 days ago
Hello Mr Oliver. You've done highlights of Italy, France, Turkmenistan, and a couple pieces respectively on Brexit and China (Xi & One Child Policy); however, you haven't made a single peep about what's been going on over the last years in Spain, specifically regarding Catalonia and the independence movement. It's not a hoax, this is democracy vs fascism. Look at the history, I am sure you can dig up some absurd examples of how the Spanish government has egg on its face from the last decade alone. Explain how it's not just a country to come and get wasted on sangria, but rather a hot bed of the cultural clashes that are symbolic of the world as a whole. I am asking that you please look at the situation and consider doing a piece. Last night there were fires all around Barcelona, and this has only just begun. Thanks for your time. - Darià Artiola
Seraph B.
Seraph B. 6 days ago
It's cute, but another thing John Oliver is failing to mention is that most of the "shady things happening under the surface" are being either made up (or overblown) by...oh! You guys! The western MSM! What an amazing coincidence! Things like: 1) The TianAnMen square massacre wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/89BEIJING18828_a.html (Thank you Snowden!) 2) The "40 millions of dead under Mao" being 15 million according to recent estimates, (en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Chinese_Famine) and that is without considering that for implementing a clearly wrong set of policies, Mao is being equated to Hitler as if killing his people was his GOAL! 3) The vocational schools in XinJiang being called "internment camps" (why not "concentration camps while we're at it? It's more Nazi sounding amd scares people better) Here, along with a pic I'll show you a wonderful piece of white colonialism accusing China of having denied western fake news for months. Oh, how dare they! www.theguardian.com/world/2018/oct/22/from-denial-to-pride-how-china-changed-its-language-on-xinjiangs-camps In short, "we need to talk more about China" is right and wrong at the same time. It is right because China needs to be the topic, sure. Wrong because it implies that us westerners will be doing the talking, when it is in fact our turn to shove the filthy neocolonialist condescending attitude up our arse and start doing the LISTENING. There's a lot we either misinterpreted, got completely wrong or were lied to about. Treating China better and interconnecting China and the west is in our best interest as westerners not just because of the money, but because some of the philosophical confucian elements are exactly what we need to set our highly dysfunctional society straight - or straighter at least. Unless a LOT more of the chinese mindset becomes widely known among the public, it will never happen though.
Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis 5 days ago
Get tf outta here. No we don't need to take on any of this craziness. If anything we should be fighting so we dont end up in surveillance states such as China. The fact that people's greed created this mess is dumbfounding
FBB 6 days ago
Guess we are all going to forget that the media made fun of Trump for calling out China.
FBB 6 days ago
​@OHCAM5 Communism cannot exist without fascism.
OHCAM5 6 days ago
yeah but he did it because he was mad they were making more money than us not because they are fascist. And you forget he talked all that trash and then bent over when Xi came over to the US
William White
William White 6 days ago
14:04 John Oliver: "That's pretty chilling, because generally speaking, whenever people are placed on lists, it's not really turned out well for anyone involved." Also John Oliver and Dems running for president: "We DoN't WaNt To BaN GuNs. BuT wE wAnT tO sTaRt A gUn ReGiStRy." And now you know why Republicans don't buy that "We just want a gun registry" bullshit. Even Democrats admit it eventually fucks over those who are on the list.
William White
William White 6 days ago
@ekmschaefchen I didn't realize that a list, that currently hasn't been used since our founding, and one that Dems have admitted they will use to confiscate guns or inflict "consequences" was a privilege. It doesn't sounds like a privilege. In fact, I was pointing out that even John Oliver admits "generally speaking, whenever people are placed on lists, it's not really turned out well for anyone involved." Also, guns are not a "privilege", they are a constitutional right. A "privilege" means the government is allowing you it - something they can take away if they feel like it without having to say why. A right, means you have a right to it as a citizen. What if someone said the 1st Amendment was a privilege, and that you needed to sign up on a list specifying what you wanted to speak about freely, your 'established religion and/or how you exercise your religion', and also to exercise your right to peacefully protest.... Because that's what is happening in China and, as Oliver pointed out, "That's pretty chilling". So, obviously, that's bad. How about the other Amendments? What if the people and the government considered the 13th, 14th, or 15th Amendment a privilege that they can take away from a person - especially without due process.
ekmschaefchen 6 days ago
@William White Getting onto that list is a privilege, not a necessity.
William White
William White 6 days ago
@ekmschaefchen Imagine thinking that registering is "voluntary". Even in the debates last night they admit in mandatory and that they want to take guns away, and if you don't comply, "there will be consequences." That's the whole point of the list. To know who to go after.
ekmschaefchen 6 days ago
imagine thinking registering voluntarily and being put on a blacklist are the same thing
Rosie Parker
Rosie Parker 6 days ago
This is supposed to be funny?
Anthony Robles
Anthony Robles 3 days ago
@dakobbz Are you seriously stupid enough to actually believe the BS you're spewing?
dakobbz 3 days ago
@Anthony Robles If "informative" means "containing common Western talking points", then yes. Very informative. Does a great job of reinforcing the official "CHINA BAD" narrative. Similar to John's coverage of Venezuela or his bit about AMLO being analogous to Trump. Neoliberal propaganda perfected.
Anthony Robles
Anthony Robles 5 days ago
Yes. Funny AND Informative. Humor is the sweetener people use to help swallow the most bitter of truths.
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