XFL Biggest Hits of Week 1 || HD (2020)

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Thank you for watching my XFL hits video. In order to make this, I watched every play of XFL week 3 in order to make sure i brought the best hits into the video. For the thumbnail I searched through google for the image, then used phonto and picmonkey in order to make it more appealing. I edited this video on Final Cut Pro.
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Feb 9, 2020




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Comments 80
Wy477_S_2_ _
Wy477_S_2_ _ Month ago
90% of these hits would've been called in the NFL... XFL>NFL
Mats Hansen
Mats Hansen Month ago
This is how the NFL should be
Albert Cortez
Albert Cortez Month ago
Just got into this league but is Head to Head allowed? If it is that's pretty dope
Cesar Espinoza
Cesar Espinoza Month ago
Finally some real football and the refs know when to throw flags and not. I miss real football :( (vontaze burfect does take it a bit to far tho w the head targets lol)
Johnny Gagliano
Johnny Gagliano 2 months ago
Literally all of these would get penalized in the PussFL
Domminick Bradley
Domminick Bradley 2 months ago
I love this lege no kneeling for the anthem, no baby back QBs who scream when the get love tapped by a lineman and no soft flags every time a good exciting hit happens just because it "looks bad" and thank goodness for the no leading with the helmet flags that pissed me off I hope the nfl changes its ways to the xfl rules it would bring in so much more money plus xfl wouldnt have anything to compete with because the NFL would actually be exciting again
QB creamer#44
QB creamer#44 2 months ago
Real ground and pound football. Love it already.
Jayden Tran
Jayden Tran 3 months ago
What is the name of ur intro song
Quentin Power
Quentin Power 3 months ago
Anyone else feel like the xfl is looking like the nfl before all those stupid new rules like excessive safety for the QB
Coach Dude
Coach Dude 3 months ago
What ...........................it's tackling in professional football wow I thought it was outlawed
zan geif
zan geif 3 months ago
Wtf cant Vince fix wrestling he trying save football fix wrestling
Ant Ven
Ant Ven 3 months ago
NFL is so soft
Bob 3 months ago
1:04 bruh
Joseph Football
Joseph Football 3 months ago
Glad they are allowing football players to be football players....it is great to see some risk back in the game
Gary Oak
Gary Oak 3 months ago
and that’s only week 1
Matt S.
Matt S. 3 months ago
Brooooo where is week 2?! Dragons vs viper was full of big hits! I'm so hungry to see the game I missed today Just noticed the st. Louis and Houston is still ongoing lol nvm!
remi9Xer 3 months ago
The Guardians are a better team then the Giants
Jay D
Jay D 3 months ago
This league will never maje it the qbs in yhis league suck and couldnt make it in nfl and not even good in xfl what a joke just something to watch cause nfl not on wont last again
Jay D
Jay D 3 months ago
@Dechef Mane Like really,what are you a english teacher with no life?Lame!
Dechef Mane
Dechef Mane 3 months ago
Where is your periods and grammar?
Nolen Pelaj
Nolen Pelaj 3 months ago
Is the xfl gonna be like the g league or something
Icyhot 571
Icyhot 571 3 months ago
Something good to watch when no nfl
Icyhot 571
Icyhot 571 3 months ago
Techn9cian123 3 months ago
Logan Yeung Houston
Elijah Rucker
Elijah Rucker 3 months ago
4:50 madden reference 😂😂😂 tried to hit the circle button headass
Elijah Rucker
Elijah Rucker 3 months ago
XFL makes me wonder why the NFL is the face of the sport💀💀
Semper Fi Productions
Check out my RUvid channel for easy guide to make Madden coins. I'm counting down the days until I can make XFL coins!!
SilverNBlack Productions
Litterally didn’t see a single flag 😂
Moe Better Grind
Moe Better Grind 3 months ago
How come when they get hit they bounce right back up? But when nfl players get hit they act like there dead....smh nfl is gay
kaptain krunch
kaptain krunch 3 months ago
A lot more hitting compared to the NFL which is a lot more grabbing....
Stephen Bermudez
Stephen Bermudez 3 months ago
anyone else hear the moan?? 1:04
Tony Ch33cks
Tony Ch33cks 3 months ago
The crowd after a big hit “woah!!!” 👀😂
Ron Money
Ron Money 3 months ago
Now this is real football! Not that soft ass NFL crap! Fuck the NFL! XFL All Day!
Matthew Lopez
Matthew Lopez 3 months ago
1:04 1:06 1:03
Dustin Platt
Dustin Platt 3 months ago
5:07 is it just me or does he look like Jon Grudens' creepy uncle who shows up randomly to family get togethers about 6 beers in asking for money?
David Dicicco
David Dicicco 3 months ago
At 1:04 I stopped the video and started looking for the "how I moan in my girls ear" comments lol
This is BLITZ in real life I love it XFS
luckyracer 13
luckyracer 13 3 months ago
Bro, this is only week 1, its going to be harder! #XFL
Chancy Hales
Chancy Hales 3 months ago
If the NFL isn’t careful, the XFL is going to take a majority of their fans and be the most popular league in the country. You gotta let people hit each other, that’s what fans want to see
Pain Elemental
Pain Elemental 3 months ago
The more successful the XFL is it will force the NFL to clean up its trash and improve, everyone SHOULD want this, competition is good, maybe the XFL can make a video game and the Madden series wouldnt be garbage anymore
Dawson Ruiz
Dawson Ruiz 3 months ago
5 minute video and that’s just week one
Desecrator6 3 months ago
Bunch of bitch ass hits lol
Nathan Zhang
Nathan Zhang 3 months ago
NFL: you dare oppose me mortal
MICCARONI GAMES 3 months ago
1:03 sounds like the puffer fish lmao
Robert Schwartzback
Robert Schwartzback 3 months ago
Absolutely 100% of these hits would been a flag at the least in the NFL.
FadeZ 3 months ago
this is way better than i expected
Blackmegagun 3 months ago
There better be 16 teams next year
Mauricio Morro
Mauricio Morro 3 months ago
I saw 2 big hits...……….. JV Football LOL
ASIAN My home guy
ASIAN My home guy 3 months ago
1:39 everyone says “ohhhhhh”
Dekari And Daja
Dekari And Daja 3 months ago
The first dude could've caught the pick 🤷🏽‍♂️
Kill Roy
Kill Roy 3 months ago
So you know, vid starts at 0:18 . Your welcome
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 3 months ago
5:19 why you gotta do him like that...
trying to find a cougar
only one flag in this video that’s crazy because if it was a nfl video would’ve seen all flags in it
Jacob Homer
Jacob Homer 3 months ago
Honestly I think it’s just Vince McMahon spewing out his “tackle porn” to a bunch of clueless people. Check out 4:35 and look at the offensive line. Dude on the right legit falls apart after the ball is hiked. Plus all of these players are trying to look good for the camera and get good b-roll for the company. Stick to men faking that they are hitting each other in tights, Vince.
Eric Raines
Eric Raines 3 months ago
Dudes came to play, love it!
G Ramos
G Ramos 3 months ago
Most underrated league
Trumpenstein 3 months ago
as hard as these hits are, notice none of them wrapped up. what i saw in these games highlights was a lot of attempts at hard hits that missed, and a lot of no-wrap sloppy tackling.
Rock 3 months ago
Alot these logos I seen on old school madden ps2 create a team
erasmo garza
erasmo garza 3 months ago
I like how the Houston Roughnecks had the most highlights on this, HOUSTON ROUGHNECKS!!!
ai Spadez
ai Spadez 3 months ago
This helps everyone people who cant play get a chance and nonstop football great for american football
Clickhawaii 3 months ago
I’m watching this this is how football was a decade ago lol
Yo Read
Yo Read 3 months ago
Let’s go Vince McMahon 🤘🏼
Eers Link
Eers Link 3 months ago
I hope the XFL can make it this time because I really miss good pro ball. I haven't watched the NFL in three years just because of all of the endless politics. Sports are supposed to be an escape from all of that crap; I don't care where someone stands politically.
Benjamin Havkin
Benjamin Havkin 3 months ago
Dal Noon
Dal Noon 3 months ago
A hitters league..good action 👍
Tyler Petty
Tyler Petty 3 months ago
Hit that circle button lol
Dolf Dervish
Dolf Dervish 3 months ago
@ 04:52 When the Coach can't even be mad at a *savage* azz *HAT!* 😀
Loco Panda
Loco Panda 3 months ago
Can anyone tell me how I can watch this without basic cable. Willing to pay but not for cable
Athisio 83
Athisio 83 3 months ago
Ouch 55k a year not worth it....
Porca PuttanaJimmie
Porca PuttanaJimmie 3 months ago
Shit quality fuck you
Keegan Ammon
Keegan Ammon 3 months ago
They can actually hit the qb
Matt Wohlers
Matt Wohlers 3 months ago
Bout time we get to see some actual hitting no flags everytime a good hit is made
Cesar Espinoza
Cesar Espinoza Month ago
fr tho
Dwight Cook
Dwight Cook 3 months ago
Wow some old school type big hits. Didn't see bullshit flags either. Nice.
UncleMatt 3 months ago
I love the XFL
Marceline Ingot
Marceline Ingot 3 months ago
What unecessary roughness?
Ryan Brandnu
Ryan Brandnu 3 months ago
This is what football use to be. Glad to see someone else missed it as well!!
Chris Coates
Chris Coates 3 months ago
Cody Brown is a Boomer💥💥💥
Nicholas Jacobs
Nicholas Jacobs 3 months ago
Wonder what team Vince has to win their whatever type championship game!?
bigsmokiee55 3 months ago
This is refreshing to watch. Hard nosed football. No refs butting in. Def tuning in next week
David Sanchez
David Sanchez 3 months ago
So why do people hate the XFL
ELNARCOJAVI 3 months ago
Is funny how ppl are making fun of te XFL I knew it was gol a be good bc of the hits and I’m happy we can watch football in the spring
eduardo torres
eduardo torres 3 months ago
Is this better than the others & easier to follow? Yes I'm a none American football fan
Dansterz 3 months ago
It’s bearly the first week of this and it has harder hits than football in a long time.
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