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It's time for the triumphant return of our rookie soldiers, as we join forces once again to take on Aliens in XCOM 2! We may have failed on the first attempt, but this time we're sure we will win! Or will we?
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Comments 80
Mikia Christian
Mikia Christian Month ago
I just saw these and they're amazing!! I'm currently purchasing this game because of you guys! Please bring this back into 2020!
Juah 2 months ago
Can't believe I've only just found this. Great watching.
John .C
John .C 2 months ago
I just wanna say, thank you guys at ACCESS for introducing me to the XCOM series! especially you Dave, for bringing it to the channel. Since watching this video and all the other XCOM streams, I have played XCOM everyday! Starting with XCOM: Enemy unknown on the PS3 I have always loved the tabletop, strategy, turn-base type of games since the PS1 days with Final Fantasy Tactics. that was my first ever 1000+ hours game! but I have not found a single game, style wise similar to FFT that has interest me as much as XCOM, so thank you!
LETS_ROCK_N_RIDE 3 months ago
After watching these Xcom videos I went and bought the game with all dlcs for 33$ Canadian. Thank you Dave and the whole Access team for this much FUN. I will have to crete you guys in my game aswell. 😀
MARSOFGODS 4 months ago
KickAHobo 4 months ago
Squad mates can form bonds? Maybe Rosie can reach the mysterious colleague level bond.
JCAnimus 5 months ago
Whose dog is Jess? She's my new favorite member of Access!
Michael Mede
Michael Mede 6 months ago
Love this game. Love watching you guys play it
Michael Mede
Michael Mede 6 months ago
Why did we never get more of this ?
King Class
King Class 6 months ago
Make this a series please!! It's my absolute favorite thing to watch!
BLUE DELPHIN 7 months ago
I want Dan to be in the Xcom 2 team as well
SuperScotty1974 7 months ago
Great stream. I’m now downloading xcom2 again 🤓
Andrew Strick
Andrew Strick 7 months ago
Quote of the day "You'll be in tongue range for sure" - Rob 1:16 :35
Gregory Otema
Gregory Otema 7 months ago
This was really good, guys. I'd watch more of it, for sure.
Steve Malone
Steve Malone 7 months ago
I bought XCom 2 because of your streams. It's as good as if not better than XCom. Hoping for more Squad Stream!
Gigin fierce
Gigin fierce 7 months ago
more xcom 2 please, it's really nice to see you guys all group up and kicking alien butt's
Stories of my heart
Stories of my heart 8 months ago
I'd love to see more 😃
anynomosghost 8 months ago
MORE XCOM 2 !!!!
MsEvilsasuke 8 months ago
Please do more of XCOM2.....
Renxiems Gaming
Renxiems Gaming 8 months ago
X Com 2 MUST become a ongoing series, loved it! Thanks to Dan for Dog Cam and great animation.
George Bonfield
George Bonfield 8 months ago
Spent nearly 4 hours watching these XCOM streams, hope you do more soon
Jordan Riley
Jordan Riley 8 months ago
Rosie that is a dope Metal Gear Solid shirt.
Henrik Hovden
Henrik Hovden 8 months ago
More XCOM please!
Cam Williams
Cam Williams 8 months ago
Elle is just so HOT 🔥
Marion Watkins
Marion Watkins 8 months ago
I am not usually a zombie shooter game gal, but the rpg type elements and turn by turn system makes it really interesting! I'd love it if you did more (but let poor Nathan get a bit more of a go maybe lol)
Joel Godbehere
Joel Godbehere 8 months ago
Loved this stream! Thanks guys keep up the great work 💪🏼
angelo leonard
angelo leonard 8 months ago
We need more!!!
Abraham Arthemius
Abraham Arthemius 8 months ago
Man, that was some great game play! Definitely can be a great series.
Sebastian Price
Sebastian Price 8 months ago
This was very enjoyable. Loved watching how much everyone was into the game. It was like watching friends have game night. So dope. More please 🙏🏾
Arabian Lannister
Arabian Lannister 8 months ago
Remember guys to upgrade your barracks, so the five of you can play together.
Vermel Silk
Vermel Silk 8 months ago
Sub for effort.
Bryan Cadents
Bryan Cadents 8 months ago
I'm watching this post-stream, but every several minutes I find myself wanting to enter suggestions into the non-existent chat! I'm inspired by your run at the black site. I'm halfway though a VIP escort mission right now. I started with a 5-man squad, 2 men are down, two others are injured, I know there's at least 1 alien left and likely more, and I've only got 3 turns to get the VIP to the exfil site. I'm a bit nervous I won't make it.
Jonathan Walmsley
Jonathan Walmsley 8 months ago
Apart from the over-long decision-making at times, this was a very fun stream. I really want to play X-com 2 myself now as well.
tonyAJ420 8 months ago
Dave got off easy. Any soldiers under alien mind control should be put down immediately.
Christopher Wesel
Christopher Wesel 8 months ago
XCOM 2 is one of my favorite games, this stream got me playing a new game myself. I loved this stream, you all did a great job.
RoSkO riMoTO
RoSkO riMoTO 8 months ago
Absolutly Loved this stream. Having your crew be a different squad member. Damn, i want to do this with my friends. i got the game. Now all i need is friends xD
Alexander Ford
Alexander Ford 8 months ago
I love and hate these XCom streams. Love them because watching you all interact is amazing. I hate them because I loved the look of the game so much i had to go and buy it...the wife shall not be pleased.
101Mimic 8 months ago
Bloody Brillant guys. You have to do more xcom streams they are fantastic!!!!!
Fabian Schäfer
Fabian Schäfer 8 months ago
Very good video concept. Please more :) Really learned to love XCOM throughout the video
Zach Mcvay
Zach Mcvay 8 months ago
I don't normally comment, but I just started playing xcom 2 at the recommendation of dave in a previous video and am really enjoying it.. So it was great watching the stream and would love to see more xcom 2 like this on the channel!
woteveruk1 8 months ago
so, i was trying to think of the scariest things you could see on a battlefield or in a war zone, and then rob says " i've got hot pants and a mini gun and well, i REALLY cant think of anything scarier to see in a war zone than a guy wearing only hot pants carrying a huge mini gun running towards you, also, i will agree with everyone saying more of this but ONLY if next time rob comes in dressed just like his character
Leigh Steedman
Leigh Steedman 8 months ago
Another great stream from the Access Team, thanks guys! Always entertaining, and I’m constantly looking forward to the next one. The recent Rocket League & XCOM 2 streams have been some of my favourites. Keep them coming, you’re all awesome! 👍
endorbr 8 months ago
This just needs to be a regular two hour weekly stream.
AC Mild
AC Mild 8 months ago
More this, plz
Bryan Cadents
Bryan Cadents 8 months ago
I dove into XCOM 2 over the weekend for the first time. It's an exciting game! It does carry a bit of a learning curve. I successfully destroyed my first alien facility yesterday. I'm enjoying the field tactics and how they evolve, but I do have to say the difficulty spikes can hit pretty hard. See vipers and mutons
Cynder Log
Cynder Log 8 months ago
This is Legit good, i want to play it, and watch it at the same time.
shinrahunter 8 months ago
These are great, I really hope you keep it up. I watched the first video and decided to try the game out for myself - loving it but man is it hard!! Hope to see another episode of this in the near future, Elle needs to slash all of the things and Dave needs a better sight, GG.
Corey Holdbrooks
Corey Holdbrooks 8 months ago
These are awesome, you should actually start a new campaign and stream this. Reroll characters to get different classes from each other to each have a unique twist.
Mark Hutton
Mark Hutton 8 months ago
That was awesome! Great teamwork and so much more decisive than your first run! :D
Franjo Radakovits
Franjo Radakovits 8 months ago
Thanks! Please continue these streams!
Kzip247 8 months ago
Oof XCOM 2 on PS4, I expect lots of crashes if they play into the late game.
AtomicAnt 8 months ago
Best stream ever seen
Chris West
Chris West 8 months ago
This was really good, I'd probably never play X-COM but this was a great watch, really hope you do some more!
Burnsy 8 months ago
Enjoyed this. You should make xcom 2 an ongoing campaign and come back to it every few weeks for a stream. Keep a kill tally and memorial if you lose them. Make dan and Jess too (stick a helmet on Jess no one will ever know)
Nicklas Edvinsson
Nicklas Edvinsson 8 months ago
It's painful to see Dave being wrong about so meny things when he's leading the team
Calvin Caesar
Calvin Caesar 8 months ago
There’s a dog in the back
Matthew Crow
Matthew Crow 8 months ago
Really enjoyed these streams guys hope we get to see some more of them!
Ross McIntyre
Ross McIntyre 8 months ago
More Xcom please. That was amazing!
wassy doing
wassy doing 8 months ago
£44 on Store but £10-14 everywhere else?! What the hell is that about?! How is the hard copy cheaper than digital?
Pillock 8 months ago
This could be the game for Dave's first platinum.
Martin Kaloki
Martin Kaloki 8 months ago
Awesome stream guys. Then with Jess the dog added in, I am totally utterly completely fully definitely dead 😍😁
Christopher Penner
Christopher Penner 8 months ago
84% chance to hit = 50% chance to hit hahahaha that's XCOM for ya!
oj_diego 8 months ago
so more ?
Mark Ahlbaum
Mark Ahlbaum 8 months ago
more XCOM and more Rob Snake Eater Rob: The Viper Must Die.
Eugene Bender
Eugene Bender 8 months ago
Yes more XCOM
Filipe Silveira
Filipe Silveira 8 months ago
You are very brave to stream xcom 2 on ps4 since the game is super broken on console.
Chishannicon 8 months ago
Really great job on this stream, guys!!! Makes me want to boot up XCOM2 again and play through it on a harder difficulty (I did beat it, but only on "easy"). Loved how you all got into character, loved the Dog Cam, loved everything.
CapeFury 8 months ago
CapeFury 8 months ago
I Love the puppy in the background !!Best streams! up there with Easter and Christmas snake
UJDSP 8 months ago
well played, great to see the whole team on a stream
Jak Daxter
Jak Daxter 8 months ago
More please!
Ry Man
Ry Man 8 months ago
Get to a point in the game where you can unlock the 5th member then play through with all the access team
Sixfigurematt 8 months ago
Please, please, please make this a regular series! I’m even re-downloading XCOM2 because I loved this video so much! 👍🏻
Craig Stipec
Craig Stipec 8 months ago
Nath has way more patience than I
abdulla kamal
abdulla kamal 8 months ago
You guys hit the jackpot with this series! Alot of fun to watch!
San Juan Horst
San Juan Horst 8 months ago
The dog cam was amazing and you guys being stupid with it just shows once again why there's no other channel like yours. Said it often already but have no problems saying it again: you guys never fail to put a smile on my face.^^
Sol 8 months ago
Rosie: combat shorts Rob: All in! combat leather hotpants!
Anonymous Bob
Anonymous Bob 8 months ago
I know I should be watching the gameplay but I noticed the dog legs shuffling on a dog bed and made me realise your jobs are the best jobs in the world now that you can take you dogs to work too 😊🙂☺️
Joshrooms13 8 months ago
I never thought of playing Xcom in this way but it is an absolutely perfect way to livestream the game! I hope we get to see more of this. If you do decide to continue may I offer an idea? Maybe make back up versions of each Access member in case you all get seriously hurt on a mission and need to swap multiple people out.
Sol 8 months ago
Considering Elle is involved it is a "Happy axe-ident"
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