X-Men Cyclops & Jean - Love you in the dark - Dark phoenix saga new 2019

Romario Patrice
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Been a fan of X-Men my entire life and for the first time on the big screen I finally get the opportunity to see the Scott Summers (Cyclops) x Jean Gray romance from the comics and animated series.
These kind of videos are not what my channel was created for but I just have to make and post it..
X-men dark Phoenix fox saga
Hope you guys enjoyed it...
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Song: ADELE - Love In The Dark | Kyle Hanagami Choreography (Leroy Sanchez Cover)
Artist: Leroy Sanchez
Writers: Adele, Sam Dixon
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Sep 3, 2019




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Comments 80
Romario Patrice
Romario Patrice 8 months ago
Thank you everyone for your love and support on this video. Really really appreciate it, and if you'd like to see more videos like this just let me know.
Starrock 28 days ago
I got 9.02K subscribers
Daniel Turner
Daniel Turner 2 months ago
I desire to see a video that captures love from the inner soul. A love so powerful and strong the very presence of it causes time to stop but move within the very moment of attraction. A solid unwavering love that is expressed through emotion prior to intimacy. That is a video l would like to see.
himel khan
himel khan 2 months ago
Romario Patrice yeah
Romario Patrice
Romario Patrice 7 months ago
Thanks buddy greatly appreciate your support 🤘🏼
Marvin Moore
Marvin Moore 7 months ago
yeah absolutely love this video and I love Sophie Turner as Dark Phoenix Force Jean Grey
The Skygazer
The Skygazer 2 days ago
Holy hell my mind is so confused after the dark phoenix! why do they have to make movies in backwards! what the hell was that?
The Skygazer
The Skygazer 2 days ago
How could they kill mystic in dark phoenix! while she was alive in the last stand
Anil Arora
Anil Arora 3 days ago
If you had seen last seen of dark phenix you will decently the last seen and that background music make this movie a master piece
Zeeshan Mirza
Zeeshan Mirza 4 days ago
I think wolverine and Jean are good
Aidan Salminen
Aidan Salminen 5 days ago
Who can remember that she killed Scott once to get wolverine
Asia Ver'na Cobb
Asia Ver'na Cobb 5 days ago
I love this movie!!💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 So emotional and powerful at the same time!!! Awesome job on the video!!!✌️✌️😊
Edgar Leonzalez
Edgar Leonzalez 9 days ago
Muy chida la cancion
Cube Eeg World
Cube Eeg World 16 days ago
Alright that's it!!! I hate thumbnail!!!
Lelouch Vi Britannia
Jean grey didn't die right?? Cause if she were.. Cable does not exist.. Because deadpool and the xmen occupies the same universe
ahmed fauzi
ahmed fauzi 18 days ago
Song name plz🤩
Angel Konadu Addae
Angel Konadu Addae 22 days ago
Considering the fact that Jean Grey died, she still lives in everyone's heart especially Cyclops. Hope another movie comes out and it has it that Jean didn't die, she was trapped in a dark world and someone rescues and she reunites with Cyclops and this time marry and have kids to tell their stories to them🙋😘😍😍
Albaxter 29
Albaxter 29 4 days ago
I don't think she died, because at the last scene there was something flying just like her , maybe it was her
thefakenoah 26 days ago
Shut up I’m not crying your crying
Citra Cute
Citra Cute 29 days ago
Super freak power
Rhea Durado
Rhea Durado Month ago
the love story scott and jean
SharP Month ago
Mental only dislike this video
megan mullis
megan mullis Month ago
This Is So Beautiful 😭😭😭🥰🥰🥰
Christmyre Rossignol
1:57 that’s a bit to close to the cucumber my friend 🤐
Christmyre Rossignol
0:37 instead of being roasted he just hit straight up fucked
SkilledAnt18 Month ago
I can’t believe there gonna leave us on that scene especially since we may never see another movie.
F2P Month ago
The song was so match with the video Well done
manganbor nungchim
Logan X Jean!!! ❤️ She won't bang logan if she truly loved cyclops !
manganbor nungchim
@sen sei cant really blame cyclops emma frost hot af!
sen sei
sen sei Month ago
Yup and scott is banging emma frost. Now scott and logan are banging each other on the moon. Lol
manganbor nungchim
Logan X Jean!!! ❤️
Arif Mozumder
Arif Mozumder Month ago
Abdelkader Bechare
this video reminds me to my girlfreind cuz she looks exactly like jean . But now we are separated cuz of the covid 😢
echo winter
echo winter Month ago
I swear to god i came expecting else but this is pure love
FuriousKing Gaming
I feel so bad for Joe Jonas
Lara Cristina Leandro Souza
EU AMOOOOOOO X MEN EU AMOOO DEMAS😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Roblox Rules
Roblox Rules Month ago
That is not who Scott should be wth ughh
spy Ninja mika
spy Ninja mika Month ago
so sad
Lovely Seto
Lovely Seto Month ago
Just by looking at Sophie's eyes i can say that shes the perfect Jean Grey.
Santino Rafael Serra
No offense but to me doesn't it look like that he has lip fillers sometimes
bluefoxchris 2 months ago
man , this timeline is confusing like , i don’t get it it was supposed to be cyclops who dies then jean now it’s the other way around ? i mean don’t get me wrong i feel bad for cyclops ): he lost his brother and girlfriend .
Tokyo Mercs
Tokyo Mercs 2 months ago
Cause this is so beautiful
Tokyo Mercs
Tokyo Mercs 2 months ago
I’m so sad
Tekad Bateras S45
Tekad Bateras S45 2 months ago
x-Men 🤗
JLR 1993
JLR 1993 2 months ago
How do you make these kinds of videos?
Jason X
Jason X 2 months ago
Why the phoenix chosed her. Then she ended up deing dead. I wish she and scott could be together forever. That's painful. I was crying when seeing the moment she died
Fandi Nanda
Fandi Nanda 2 months ago
I hope the character logan die in front of Jean Gray, so she (Jean) knows what it's like when Logan saw the dead Jean
Fandi Nanda
Fandi Nanda 2 months ago
As a fan of X Men, I'm disappointed that Wolverine is just an unrequited love. I think Wolverine can get women who are better than Jean. If Jean loves Scott, you shouldn't give Wolverine hope. You know, the character of Wolverine in X-Men is very strong, so dark phoniex without Wolverine, I will never watch again.🤬😡🥺
Bambi_ Het_gevaarlijke_hert
Or was that a deleted scene
Bambi_ Het_gevaarlijke_hert
In dofp he kissed with storm
Katik YT
Katik YT 2 months ago
Damn this feels good than movie
Cjee Padilla
Cjee Padilla 2 months ago
I like their chemistry ❤️ I hope thiers a next movie and Jean is alive ❤️❤️❤️
Jean is alive in the future haha and I still don't know how'd she control her powers and come back to earth in the future hahaha
De Artifex
De Artifex Month ago
Lol there will never be no another movies
ps b
ps b 2 months ago
i want a 30sec see you again tonystark tribute.plz🙏🙏🙏🙏
घर घर की रसोई
What is the name of this song. Pls tell me.
Samuel Carlos
Samuel Carlos 2 months ago
Is it true that Nathan Grey is their son? He's the kid who found the X mark at the beginning of Days of Future Past.
Chris Pap
Chris Pap 3 months ago
Jean and Scott there was a big love is born, from the first meet Jean and Scott the love is endless
Black IsMyColor
Black IsMyColor 3 months ago
This was so beautifully done! ♡♡
abigael djossou
abigael djossou 3 months ago
J'ai bien eevidefaidledex
Sheheryar Khan
Sheheryar Khan 3 months ago
This was better then the actual movie lol
Yeshua 3 months ago
@Sheheryar Khan That is the reason why they dropped X-Men from the title.
Yeshua 3 months ago
@Sheheryar Khan Something like Joker. But it wasn’t marketed that way and a lot people mistakenly believed that Jean was possessed.
Sheheryar Khan
Sheheryar Khan 3 months ago
Cosmogenus so something like the dark knight? Or the DC comics in general. Cause it really didn’t work here did it
Yeshua 3 months ago
@Sheheryar Khan They we’re trying to do something different and have it feel like a psychological drama than a superhero movie.
Sheheryar Khan
Sheheryar Khan 3 months ago
Cosmogenus I dunnu much about that. But as an X-Men movie and as a cinematic experience it wasn’t much tbh
MakoBeauty 3 months ago
what movie is this from?
Md. Mehedi Hasan Sadi
Is that sansa Stark?
Paulo correia Correia
Ruivinha linda essa
Dandre Hines
Dandre Hines 3 months ago
This dumb ass music
Diego Live
Diego Live 3 months ago
Marlee G
Marlee G 3 months ago
How does jean die in dark Phoenix and x2: X-men United
Marlee G
Marlee G 2 months ago
Kevvb 1776 thank you :)
Kevvb 1776
Kevvb 1776 3 months ago
X-men 2 has an ambient in the 2000 but there is another movie X-men Days of future past that delte all this other movies, like they didn't happened and the only one who happened was first class so she's not dead because they went to the past after this movie starts apocalypse and the dark Phoenix when she died
Daniel Turner
Daniel Turner 3 months ago
It is young love that inspires. We were much younger yesterday just reflections of the past. We desire to relive passion. It is why we are! Think young or old we all cross the line of every age until time dies.
masih belajar
masih belajar 3 months ago
Kumar Prakhar
Kumar Prakhar 3 months ago
Still a better movie than twilight
King 3 months ago
God these timelines are so confusing
Kevvb 1776
Kevvb 1776 3 months ago
There's no much confusion 1- X-men First class (60's) 2- X-men Origins:Wolverine(80's) 3- X-men (2000) 4- X-men 2 (2000) 5- X-men: The last stand (2006) 6- The Wolverine (2013) 7- X-men: Days of future past (2023) This one delete all the past events like they didn't happened and starts another time in the (70's) with: 1- X-men: Apocalypse (80's) 2- X-men: Dark Phoenix (90's) 3- Deadpool (2016) 4- Deadpool 2 (2018) 5- Logan (2029)
LCRGarnet 3 months ago
Wait I haven’t seen dark Phoenix yet and I’m probably not gonna. Someone please answer this, did jean die?
Yeshua 3 months ago
@Kevvb 1776 No she doesn’t.
Kevvb 1776
Kevvb 1776 3 months ago
Yes, sadly
Lara Rodriguez
Lara Rodriguez 3 months ago
make more videos like this ❤️
Yo S
Yo S 3 months ago
Wolverine likes him a lot more
Joao Lima
Joao Lima 3 months ago
Poor logan
Jack Corpuz
Jack Corpuz 3 months ago
She's not dead you can see it ending of this movie
SLIMEY tv 3 months ago
Oh cmon how about logan
COUNTERSREET Jr. 3 months ago
Jean dead has jean grey school. Where is Raven school?
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious 3 months ago
COUNTERSREET Jr. Right?! I know they’re both heroes, but Raven had done more for her planet and her species in 19 years than Jean ever did in over twice that amount of time. Also, she’s not dead. Raven is. She died trying to help guide a a lost soul, a friend. She essentially became Charles in her caring nature and devotion to her loved ones. Where’s her memorial? All Jean did was absorb a cosmic force that she spent literally her entire movie whining about not being able to control and LEFT EARTH AND HER LOVED ONES FOR DECADES!! It’s almost like Raven never existed after Beast threw a fit at Charles during their argument over whose fault it was that she was killed (100% Charles, by the way). God, I hated that movie. What a waste.
ZBG Channel
ZBG Channel 3 months ago
What music
Adri KingsMan
Adri KingsMan 3 months ago
Logan:Hold my claw
Subscribe to me
Subscribe to me 3 months ago
Such a sad time
Marvel DC
Marvel DC 3 months ago
Do you think you could upload the X-Men Apocalypse deleted scenes please?
WALTER MOSS,JR. 3 months ago
I hate Jean grey because of fucking Logan.
Katie Blackmon
Katie Blackmon 3 months ago
Rest in peace
Beatrice Jianu
Beatrice Jianu 3 months ago
I love this couple so much
Cirineia Busch
Cirineia Busch 4 months ago
Love you😍😍😍
Ka Brasileira
Ka Brasileira 4 months ago
O óculos do ciclope está ENORMEEEE kkkkkk
Serban 4 months ago
Umm in the last scene Phoenix (Jean) was flying on the sky..
Staytham 4 months ago
I love you Sansa Stark 😘❤️
Riya Islam
Riya Islam 4 months ago
Editing was too good.. thanks bro.. keep making this type videos.. thanks
RebekahC Edits
RebekahC Edits 4 months ago
I really get confused woth the whole x-men time lines. It’s sioooo muddled
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious 3 months ago
RebekahC Edits There are technically two timelines in this universe after Wolverine went back to 1973 to change the past in X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014). The films from the 2000s and early 2010s, as well as X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), are original timeline films, while X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) and every other film that came out after it are revised timeline films.
Relaine Roque
Relaine Roque 4 months ago
I love the music perfect to the movie (bye bye xmen and jean)i wish the director of xmen repeat it.
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