X-Men Cyclops & Jean - Love you in the dark - Dark phoenix saga new 2019

Romario Patrice
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Been a fan of X-Men my entire life and for the first time on the big screen I finally get the opportunity to see the Scott Summers (Cyclops) x Jean Gray romance from the comics and animated series.
These kind of videos are not what my channel was created for but I just have to make and post it..
X-men dark Phoenix fox saga
Hope you guys enjoyed it...
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Song: ADELE - Love In The Dark | Kyle Hanagami Choreography (Leroy Sanchez Cover)
Artist: Leroy Sanchez
Writers: Adele, Sam Dixon
Licensed to RUvid by: VISO Music; UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, LatinAutor - UMPG, UMPG Publishing, LatinAutor - PeerMusic, Abramus Digital, LatinAutor, UMPI, and 7 Music Rights Societies


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Sep 4, 2019




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Comments 230
Romario Patrice
Romario Patrice Month ago
Thank you everyone for your love and support on this video. Really really appreciate it, and if you'd like to see more videos like this just let me know.
Romario Patrice
Romario Patrice Month ago
Thanks buddy greatly appreciate your support 🤘🏼
Marvin Moore
Marvin Moore Month ago
yeah absolutely love this video and I love Sophie Turner as Dark Phoenix Force Jean Grey
Javier Debanhi
Javier Debanhi 2 days ago
Wow nice song and lyric perfect Phoenix
natasha parkinson
The song that is playing is so beautiful!
Valeri Souza
Valeri Souza 9 days ago
Queria tanto poder assistir esse filme
enayat Noori
enayat Noori 9 days ago
Jean lover hit the like❤❤❤😘
Lalit Sharma
Lalit Sharma 18 days ago
3:40 She always has been eagle Phoenix. A true goddess.
Bobby Depriest
Bobby Depriest 22 days ago
Love is love died is died
Jayden Lionel Ingram
Loved this video
My Self
My Self 27 days ago
Love the song lol I thought I was watching the movie until music played. I know how it feels to have that special someone to accept you for who you are whether you are weird or not I have a gif and I used to be telepath too and it's not easy but it's nice when someone loves you understand LOVES YOU UNDERSTAND 😍❤❤ I met my soul mate forever
Celeste Ortiz García
Son buena pareja
sumeet biswas
sumeet biswas Month ago
Wolverine leaves the chat room ......
Astro Gaming
Astro Gaming Month ago
Sepia Roy
Sepia Roy Month ago
Can someone please help me? I don't understand. Mystique died in this movie when everyone was young. Then how was she alive in those movies which are based on their future lives.
rain cerelle
rain cerelle Month ago
I hope they will make another of this and there will be a plot to make jean alive again but cyclops will do anything
Pamela Martins
Pamela Martins Month ago
Mano ela morre em todos os filmes meu
Romario Patrice
Romario Patrice Month ago
Eu sei bem, eu realmente espero que o MCU faça justiça ao seu personagem quando os X-men fizerem sua primeira aparição como um filme oficial da Marvel. Obrigado por seu apoio, eu realmente aprecio isso.
Jade Omayao
Jade Omayao Month ago
Jean and Scott is the real one since before...after I saw Logan and jean it is definitely fabricated..
Hasan M
Hasan M Month ago
loved the song and perfect voice matching to it congrats to all the people who helped in making this song
Irfan Sherif
Irfan Sherif Month ago
My favorite character in x-men jean grey and charles
Irfan Sherif
Irfan Sherif Month ago
Sophie turner is the perfect jean
Rich D'play
Rich D'play Month ago
what The tittle of Soundtrack on this video? .,
Gryffindor Princess
The confusion about the Phoenix force is everywhere. I perceived it as she’s had it throughout the films, it’s mostly been dormant (with hints of power) but erupted out once the solar flare came into contact with her.
Mike Basil
Mike Basil Month ago
Whatever problems that Dark Phoenix had with its reviews, it’s worth enjoying for the beautiful love story between Scott and Jean. Thank you for reaffirming that with this lovely music video. 💖
Romario Patrice
Romario Patrice Month ago
No problem buddy, greatly appreciate your support
Amber Alexis
Amber Alexis Month ago
😢 tye and sophie as cyclops and jean had great chemistry for me. I hope it won't be the last time we see them in X-men movies
djinnov8 Month ago
Yes - ruin the scenes by adding a cheesy song that is way too loud for the scenes! Brilliant!!!
Gwen M
Gwen M Month ago
They could've casted a better Scott. J/s 😒
bryan j.
bryan j. Month ago
What song was used in this video??
Romario Patrice
Romario Patrice Month ago
ADELE - Love In The Dark | Kyle Hanagami Choreography (Leroy Sanchez Cover)
See Cha
See Cha Month ago
Song Adele song cover by Leroy Sanchez
i love this song
Tommy GanVEVO
Tommy GanVEVO Month ago
我讲过我是 “ 祸国之女 ” 日莲大圣人 时也说过此话 ruvid.net/video/video-wk3FZuQO_Dw.html
Sade Smith
Sade Smith Month ago
So technically wolverine meet Jean as a teenager wonder what age they start liking each other lol
Sam Ash
Sam Ash Month ago
So much potential wasted......
Arber Bucpapaj
Arber Bucpapaj Month ago
Name of the song please!?
Jeanette Bristol
I'm loving the song cuz, I'm so proud of you. Send the song for me plz thanks 😛. Keep doing what you doing
Alika Adrira
Alika Adrira Month ago
Did she love both Scott and Logan ?
Isabella Soloni
Isabella Soloni Month ago
I love it Sophie Turner 💜
manuel steven
manuel steven Month ago
Someone please tell me the music background
manuel steven
manuel steven Month ago
@Marvin Burks thank you
Marvin Burks
Marvin Burks Month ago
Leroy Sanchez- Love you in the dark
Nuzaha Fathima
Nuzaha Fathima 2 months ago
Awnhhhh cuuute...🥰🥰🥰🥰
Sofia Figueiredo
Sofia Figueiredo 2 months ago
Melhor casal
trever2244 Nels
trever2244 Nels 2 months ago
Holy shit, good song choice man.
Romario Patrice
Romario Patrice Month ago
Thanks buddy
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