Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.

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(Cash Rules Everything Around Me
C.R.E.A.M. get...)
Yeah, check this ol fly s**t out
Word up
(Cash Rules Everything Around Me) Take you on a natural joint
(C.R.E.A.M. get the money) Here we here we go
(dolla dolla bill y'all) Check this s**t, yo!
I grew up on the crime side, the New York Times side
Staying alive was no jive
Had second hands, moms bounced on old man
So then we moved to Shaolin land
A young youth, yo rockin the gold tooth, 'Lo goose
Only way, I begin to G' off was drug loot
And let's start it like this son, rollin with this one
And that one, pullin out gats for fun
But it was just a dream for the teen, who was a fiend
Started smokin woolies at sixteen
And running up in gates, and doing hits for high stakes
Making my way on fire escapes
No question I would speed, for cracks and weed
The combination made my eyes bleed
No question I would flow off, and try to get the dough off
Sticking up white boys in ball courts
My life got no better, same damn 'Lo sweater
Times is rough and tough like leather
Figured out I went the wrong route
So I got with a sick tight clique and went all out
Catchin keys from across seas
Rollin in MPV's, every week we made forty G's
Yo brothas respect mine, or anger the tech nine
Ch-POW! Move from the gate now


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Jan 21, 2014




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Comments 99
𝑀𝑦 𝑂𝑝𝑝𝑠 𝐵𝑒𝑔
Who else got this from watch dogs?
mirri 32 minutes ago
Wuhan clan- Corona rules everything around me
Christopher Reid
This is real rap not the crap playing nowadays.
missdee 2 hours ago
Grew up with this...still love this and still think I love this....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah miss thissss ....who is with me?
Björn Weindorn
Björn Weindorn 2 hours ago
Wu tang 90 forever Gruß aus german
White Side
White Side 2 hours ago
Lucca TV 055
Lucca TV 055 6 hours ago
Watch dogs
SVLVMON BEATS 13 hours ago
2020 still listened to today
Nach C
Nach C 13 hours ago
Artist of their crafts artist !
Lego freak Azlan
Lego freak Azlan 14 hours ago
When u are fed up of your life:
Ryzen 15 hours ago
Im here becuz of watch dogs 1
Adrian Aguilar
Adrian Aguilar 15 hours ago
J Marte
J Marte 17 hours ago
Now this is REAL hip-hop. Wu-Tang was way ahead of their time in building a BRAND...
DOGRA GUY 18 hours ago
Inky Frosty
Inky Frosty 21 hour ago
Bro this is a book now it’s who can flex the most and can make fun of their girl miss dis
Indigo Child
Indigo Child 21 hour ago
If you listening to this Dap in 2020 you are a legend in them streets
Abigail Peterkin
Clinton Walker
I miss rap music with substance 🙏🏻
Hip Hop
Hip Hop Day ago
Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. Recording in the studio ruvid.net/video/video-tsHhL5nJock.html
The Gamerologist
They don't make music like this anymore...
E Stevens
E Stevens Day ago
"We got stickup kids, corrupt cops, and crack rocks" - best delivery ever
Robert zaremba
Still one of the best :-)
EBYTE Day ago
Sierra Holt
Sierra Holt Day ago
Rip odb 💯🙏
꧁༺Misanthropic Genital Hammer༻꧂
Most overrated Hip Hop group in history...
GrassyOregon Day ago
tf u doin here then
Артём Инкогнито
Помню как плевался в 2012 когда пытался найти тут такую вот "dirty" версию, а щас набрал---и опа...сразу она.
J D4eva
J D4eva Day ago
So hot when I put this on and my husband knows every word. 🥰🥰😍
wonton_soup Day ago
Story being better then authors
Anderson Glenn
cash rules everything around me...
pequemaquina 2 days ago
Amazing!!! :Vo
laddarman 2 days ago
bopping in the og WD
PenzijaPnzMarxman TM87
Manny Taylor
Manny Taylor 2 days ago
Derek Weinert TV
Derek Weinert TV 2 days ago
I got a towel from method man 5hat he threw
daniel duncan
daniel duncan 2 days ago
Cash still rules everything around us. Get the money Yal.
Devin Mathews
Devin Mathews 2 days ago
I'm the only 17 year old listening to slick rick, eric b& rakim, Big daddy kane, and method man💯💯💯
Devin Mathews
@Michael Goldstein true, and the dirty south
Michael Goldstein
Cali has its own forms
Devin Mathews
Devin Mathews 2 days ago
NYC makes culture and spreads it to the Rest of the U.S.#Washingtonheights
Martin Delcid
Martin Delcid 2 days ago
Justin Downs
Justin Downs 2 days ago
Sad blacks reject their message
Ofserbia 2 days ago
I was listening to no Vaseline then a Vaseline ad came on before this. That’s one hell of a coincidence lmfao.
Michael Goldstein
You think its coincidence?
Elchamuc020 2 days ago
I hope we make it that far... But I'll see you guys in 2030 Good luck everyone wish you the best 👌
Elfman Gomez
Elfman Gomez 2 days ago
when your freind get murder in egypt but you make it out and study starfish
Mateo Marimon
Mateo Marimon 2 days ago
this beat is so fire
Mioriduhduh duhduh
1990: rappers 2020: garbage wrappers
Fucking cool…
Brasileiro honesto Fé em Deus
these guys there knew about gangs
Tyria Richardson
Tyria Richardson 3 days ago
This is when these niggas were hungry, love it! 💋
Flowesexual777 3 days ago
when i went to el cairo i saw some man kicking a dog but a french boi killed him
Sondre Karlsen
Sondre Karlsen 3 days ago
Can someone remix just the beginning of this?
Dog 3 days ago
Watch Dogs be like:
Jessy 3 days ago
This is one of my favourite Wu-Tang Clan Songs.
Aghaaz Ahmad
Aghaaz Ahmad 3 days ago
101 Barz, Killer Kamal
Lio Mezzi
Lio Mezzi 3 days ago
No es musica , es droga
1:10 Does my man have phone with a landline in the whip?
urmom is hot
urmom is hot 3 days ago
So smooth. Nowadays rap is just so weird. Shit should just go back to this
Kenneth Richardson
La dadadada
Kai Kai
Kai Kai 3 days ago
The other day I caught my son watching this, I said (I knew what it was, and thought he finally got good taste in music) “what are you watching”? He then said “it’s C.R.E.A.M; duh! Enough to make a grown man cry
Bill Cosby Touched My Doodle
Recently on “Family Feud,” one of the questions during the Fast Money round was a fill-in-the-blank: “Dollar ____.” White woman waved her hands in the air and said “Dollar dollar bill, y’all.” Respect. 👍
Jeremy YT
Jeremy YT 4 days ago
Temon Breooooo
Teague Caton
Teague Caton 4 days ago
Throw back
Daniel Pereira
Daniel Pereira 4 days ago
Um dos Sons + Lokos q tem !!! WU TANG CLAN !!!
Ooki Cooki
Ooki Cooki 4 days ago
West coast rap is best for the summer while east coast captures the feeling of winter
Benjamin Cherix
Benjamin Cherix 4 days ago
Its when you see the 24K dislike on CREAM that you know this world is really going bad... WTF is wrong with you people?????
jona fave 8
jona fave 8 4 days ago
Hitting the streets with paint while listening to this tune makes you trip like a muttafukka
Isaiah Scobel
Isaiah Scobel 4 days ago
This 1 second is better than 6ix9ine's entire career
Moose from Pluto
Moose from Pluto 4 days ago
Who else found this song from play watchdogs
Jefrin Turcios
Jefrin Turcios 4 days ago
I just bought an infiniti q50 and this is the first song I played coming out of the dealership.....
Walter Granada
Walter Granada 5 days ago
lo mejor la wu tang clan
Zbocz 5 days ago
Yes, nothing about money !!!!
Zbocz 5 days ago
Hey!!! Nice song!!!
Gasp77 R
Gasp77 R 5 days ago
I feel so close to ny and this rap song i almost feel the cold.
Gasp77 R
Gasp77 R 5 days ago
This song is soo NY hood. Kool.
The final boss
The final boss 5 days ago
Yes its official. This is the song that will be played at funeral. Your all invited
Paul Arlukiewicz
Paul Arlukiewicz 5 days ago
Where yall been
Sirjay86 1
Sirjay86 1 5 days ago
Back when rappers came from the streets or jail not Instagram like today rappers do
Nachoㄗ 5 days ago
sounds in the slums of Argentina
Nachoㄗ 5 days ago
sounds in the slums of Argentina
Nachoㄗ 5 days ago
sounds in the slums of Argentina
Sickest tune
alfonso mendoza
alfonso mendoza 5 days ago
We out here kill,me first before you kill my dad!!!
Andrew 5 days ago
Old school
Old school 5 days ago
wu taaaangg
Jody Johnson
Jody Johnson 5 days ago
Jody Johnson
Jody Johnson 5 days ago
Wu Tang I can hear you so much now my heart beats inside of me cause love is life forever
Carmelo Arroyo
Carmelo Arroyo 5 days ago
Came here from the song Kream.
Евгений Веселов
Всё круто, рэпрулит, всемреспктиуважуха
Kyle Barnes
Kyle Barnes 6 days ago
Psychedelic Pikachu
Every year that goes by just proves that Wu Tang is forever
Messaouda Brahmi
Messaouda Brahmi 6 days ago
R S 6 days ago
Sgt. Giddyup Carruthers
David McDaniel
David McDaniel 6 days ago
im a travel agent planets like crenshaw is what im into water parks amusement parks parking lot pimping all planets hit me at creepin planets.com planet creepin.com or street pimp.com cream
Christopher Maith
End of the video is the best when they show all the members
Cristian Ramirez
Cristian Ramirez 6 days ago
Quien vino por cacha
Daris Johnson
Daris Johnson 7 days ago
Hi sweet King 👑💋🦢 🎶
Tropolo OG
Tropolo OG 7 days ago
Stop asking "2020 still here?". We will be here till 3020.
Paula Ramírez
Paula Ramírez 7 days ago
I'm here for the Nerve movie 😎👌
Mike Hoff
Mike Hoff 7 days ago
d c
d c 7 days ago
wickrme //: dcweed for some good stuff
FUKKDBQ YT 7 days ago
*Cash Rules Everythin Around Me*
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