WOW..HOW TO ATTRACT A CROWD IN 5 SECONDS - I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor | Allie Sherlock & friends

Allie Sherlock
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Every time I play with these guys everything is improvised, as we are all individual Buskers.
Fabio Rodrigues, John Mahon & Jason McNamara - HOW TO ATTRACT A CROWD IN 5 SECONDS - I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor | Allie Sherlock Cover.

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Sep 3, 2020




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Comments 100
Jennifer W
Jennifer W Month ago
Holyshit. Yeah, that was amazing.
Forty-one Shades
Forty-one Shades 2 days ago
@Mehar Chatha 😭😭😭😭
Wayne J
Wayne J 5 days ago
Very impressive. Allie's highly talented and has a nice style. And she's singing with solid folks. Wonderful rendition! Keep 'em coming. Greetings from ths USA. 😎☘
ZIKRY gaming
ZIKRY gaming 5 days ago
How old are you
malka Kinn
malka Kinn 6 days ago
I love this song, and Allie, you sing it beautifully ! Really amazing. Just love the depth of your voice and your energy. Keep moving/dancing in your videos. Just great!
OhYauDah 6 days ago
priceseeker 58 minutes ago
Парни супер сыграли.
Guillermo Pastrana
What a pair.... of vocal strings
David Thompson
David Thompson 3 hours ago
Go girl, you are truly Amazing !
Aureli Casabona Deig
Amazing voice. Espero llarga vida musical. Salut per tothom.
moba noob
moba noob 4 hours ago
sudah 6x putar dan sya tidak bosan,kolaborasi yg mantap ❤️ from🇲🇨
Mimoza Morina
Mimoza Morina 5 hours ago
There was a time where this song kept me alive and it was this song giving me energy and keeping me strong! I simply love it! This performance is amazing and I love Allie:)
Nilesh Lodhi KW
Nilesh Lodhi KW 5 hours ago
U super dear
Harikishor Chaurasia
Wahoo imaginable voice
Pepèga 7 hours ago
**Auto generated captions** : [Music]
Honda Cabok TV
Honda Cabok TV 7 hours ago
I'd tap that. All day long
Yael Castillo
Yael Castillo 7 hours ago
She sounds a bit like Sia :0
griffin jr
griffin jr 8 hours ago
the old song that has been arranged is good, where is the show place?
Mitch Davis
Mitch Davis 10 hours ago
Love ur sound great voice Aillie ,band really great y'all make me happy with ur talent keep the vibe alive love y'all Mitch from Woodbury Tn.
Theo Chiu
Theo Chiu 10 hours ago
dam! 0:43 gave me goosebumps/chills....
ivan segura
ivan segura 13 hours ago
Pure magic!! Awesome voices, touched by angels
Nevets Gnil
Nevets Gnil 14 hours ago
Brilliant 👏👏👏👏
Sherri Weeks
Sherri Weeks 14 hours ago
great musicians!!
clacsonornamental 15 hours ago
Dear Lord, please help me find a woman like this.
hhhk20 16 hours ago
If they are so great, then WHY are they begging for money in the gutter?
hhhk20 16 hours ago
Sorry....Mediocre at best.💩
Samantha Tyldesley
Samantha Tyldesley 17 hours ago
I saw Gloria live at the apollo in Manchester fantastic when she brought this song out, these guys are awesome love it 💕💕
jGirl Aldrich
jGirl Aldrich 17 hours ago
wow,Wow, WOW - that's just wonderful you and your singing partner playing the guitar!!!!
Sakib Islam
Sakib Islam 18 hours ago
Definitely Allie is amazing but I like the drummer too...
Valdemir keyboard player
Todos os dias assisto esse vídeo umas 10 vezes 👏👏👏👏
metamud 21 hour ago
Audience: face masks, however little protection they may give, are absolutely USELESS when worn under the chin. And with zero fashion points awarded for wearing them like this, you might as well ditch 'em. Either use them, or loose them. Sorry ... Allie: Great singing :-)
Anto mandala.l.
Anto mandala.l. 23 hours ago
floweckurt Day ago
the guitarist has an incredible sense of timing 👍
Bryan Wilcox
Bryan Wilcox Day ago
Fabio crushes that song. Amazing talent. Dude you rock!
Carol Constantine
Wowwwwww Love,love,love!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Leka Lmao
Leka Lmao Day ago
I wish my voice cracks were as perfect as hers😩 it’s like... a upper register yodel almost and, and it don’t sound like she’s dying- it sounds sensational asf😔🤝
Pepèga Day ago
2:46 that guy is so tall
Jusjeet Singh
She has a million dollar smile.
Pranjal Babbar
So many emotions 🤩😭
Marissa Williams
Beautiful music .. such a beautiful unifier of such beautiful people. We will survive.
Hans G
Hans G Day ago
Jaw dropping' Latin groovin' cool cover.
AhoraTeTocaATi Hermano Peruano
Santo dios Esta niña canta como los angeles
Peter Terry
Peter Terry Day ago
Fantastico worked very well together
MrHotey Day ago
Павел Day ago
Девочка , просто офигенная )))))))
Tyler Pe Benito
I’ve watched this 10 times in the past 2 days.
Uli Sammet
Uli Sammet Day ago
Ugly trousers... but the Song was covered very well
Vinse Day ago
Everyone: * She is soooo talented! Her voice sounds amazing! What a great performance! * Me, typing this with only one hand: * Yea.... voice...*
King CAS
King CAS 15 hours ago
shes 15 👀 although i’ll admit i thought she was like my age
Helix 54
Helix 54 Day ago
It is hard to survive without good music...🤣🤣🤣
Aqui está o comentário em português que você estava procurando. #BRASIL
Mr.BubblePop Day ago
>:O discord server required
Kiran Gurung
Kiran Gurung Day ago
God bless you guys
xx zz
xx zz Day ago
Shameless promotor "how to attract............ 5 seconds.😜
Moh shii
Moh shii 2 days ago
Wooow!@4:07 That finger stringing
Robert S
Robert S 2 days ago
enjoyed talent
A CA 2 days ago
Wow Amazing!!
David Jones
David Jones 2 days ago
As long as Allie sings...otherwise like me you should leave...!? :)
Blair Kuneman
Blair Kuneman 2 days ago
We love this song.
Phạm Hùng
Phạm Hùng 2 days ago
She so amazing
Trilingual Gal
Trilingual Gal 2 days ago
Wow. Impressive. I love you Allie. Keep going
aaah tex
aaah tex 2 days ago
Alivia Joiner
Alivia Joiner 2 days ago
Who was just watching the mannequin in the back spin around???????
Joel Ramirez
Joel Ramirez 2 days ago
Even the mannequin in the back was feeling it!! That was so good!
Lifestyle Nourish
She is so pritty
Joel Teixeira
Joel Teixeira 2 days ago
lovetocheerx0x0 2 days ago
You guys are f’n amazing!!!!!!!! You should be famous. I was around for Gloria Gaynor singing this song. I’m pretty sure she’s still around, and I hope she hears this. Just incredible rendition. She would be honored and proud. I also loved your rendition of creep. Another incredible rendition. Best of luck to you all!!! You’re just GREAT!!
Seven Three
Seven Three 2 days ago
4:34 look back people enjoy
Tarot Medium
Tarot Medium 2 days ago
You are my favorite singer! Such talent!!! Love your youtube channel!
James Suel
James Suel 2 days ago
Does this woman have any full length shirts? Jackets? Coats? The midriff look is dumb
Sunil Radia
Sunil Radia 2 days ago
She has such a beautiful smile...
Carole M
Carole M 2 days ago
Awesome 👏
G Mail
G Mail 2 days ago
No one wears 😷
Vinao Vinao
Vinao Vinao 2 days ago
Show de bola
Savasan 2 days ago
With age will become understanding of such songs... and then she will sing with soul...not just performing...
gunga ross
gunga ross 2 days ago
Can’t believe she’s only 15
Ewgeny Bazarov
Ewgeny Bazarov 2 days ago
Элли шикарная девушка, всё держится на ней. Станок у неё своеобразный, на любителя. Но харизма есть.
Riitta Toiviainen
Oujes!!! :D
vuyo ngcobo
vuyo ngcobo 3 days ago
I dont know why, but she always seems to perform better when she is with Fabio or the the band
Christopher Davis
like she singing
topjolly 3 days ago
You guys are good and here's a good name for a group that could be - "Rodrigues" :)
Diego Chirino
Diego Chirino 3 days ago
where are they playing?
RZHELL 3 days ago
Thats why i lost focus in my Homeoffice. ;)
Mikhail Onyekachi
Mikhail Onyekachi
rickaholloway 3 days ago
She is way ahead of her time..
Jaime Mejia-Peña
Allie Eres una chica Lindísima y tienes una voz privilegiada!!! y tu colega es un gran guitarrista. ...les deseo lo mejor!!!! un abrazo!!!
karl Bikinger
karl Bikinger 3 days ago
wonderful i wish that in austria
OPT 3 days ago
My Jaw Just dropped!!!
tomasino212 3 days ago
Eu Faço
Eu Faço 3 days ago
Show, show 👏❤👏
Dina 3 days ago
Um this is one pf the best things I’ve ever seen in my life
Deb Deb
Deb Deb 3 days ago
Is there anything this girl cannot sing. Amazing guys ❤️
J.D. Berends
J.D. Berends 3 days ago
If all seems lost and you 're down to the bottom: Just hit an Allie Sherlock video and life is worth the effort again.
Jose Torres
Jose Torres 3 days ago
Yo tengo el talento del baterista
Ageu Pereira
Ageu Pereira 3 days ago
Bravoooooooooo ✌️ ❤️
Soren Son
Soren Son 3 days ago
Allie you are amazing, ty for upload your performances
Catmat Tucci
Catmat Tucci 3 days ago
Bravo, She's awesome 👍
Leah W
Leah W 3 days ago
3:50 ughh this guy is crazy talented
Римидалв Вешаген
Переигрывает. Ужасно.
Thomas Rohde
Thomas Rohde 3 days ago
Wow. WOW. You folks are awesome, and I … am in tears. Thank you.
Amanda King
Amanda King 3 days ago
Guido Sarduci
Guido Sarduci 3 days ago
Nicely done!
Stewart Tawi
Stewart Tawi 3 days ago
love you voice girl ! ..absolutely
Joshua moses
Joshua moses 3 days ago
When the camera was panning around, there's one guy who flashed the devil sign.
me encanta la interpretación de Allie y Fabio. Bendiciones
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