WOW! Genious idea

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WOW! Genious idea
Friends, my name is Vanya! I am the author of the channel HandCraft.
On this channel I present everything that I have done with my own hands.
Restoration of interesting old objects and much more you can see on my channel !
We turn simple things into unique ones! Subscribe, it will be interesting! #restoration #Unbelievable #diy
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Comments 100
Леонид Савенко
Наши руки не для скуки))) На протяжении всего видео удерживал интригу, а получилась подставка под горячее😁👍 Слушай, безумно круто! Молодец!!!
TheDrummie1 Day ago
Brilliant but a Cork tablemat out of Poundland does exactly the same!
South Brooklyn RR
That’s it!?! That’s what I waited for? Seriously !!!
klj2382 2 days ago
frog march
frog march 2 days ago
Do NASA know about this guy!!
Hernan Giayetto
Hernan Giayetto 4 days ago
Una poronga
hernan dalgo
hernan dalgo 5 days ago
Eso existe mas de 25 años atrás genio copion
Nick Case
Nick Case 5 days ago
More dubious than genIous (whatever that means).
skattergraph 6 days ago
Resourceful big waste of time. Just leave the pot on the burner or use a old dish towel.
12 12
12 12 6 days ago
Just use a brick instead
AKAClix 7 days ago
It's not a new design. You have been able to buy them in Denmark for over 20 years. salling.dk/bolig/borddaekning/tilbehoer-og-dekoration/bordskaanere/skagerak-foldbar-bordskaaner-teaktrae-2-stk/p-25372/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyIXFhOyW4gIVWOJ3Ch3CIQ3IEAQYAyABEgJSNPD_BwE
Pieter Albada
Pieter Albada 8 days ago
Pi x 3.14 !
Tom van Breukelen
Two tips: first instead of the rope just multiply the diameter with 3.14 or pi, second if you leave the rod long while bending it bends more easily
Dale Smith
Dale Smith 10 days ago
I made one for my wife in less than 2 days. Fergot to mention I burned my had charring the wood.
Alex Rass
Alex Rass 8 days ago
Less than two days...?! 😀
Rob Ot
Rob Ot 11 days ago
Or you could have used a piece of wood 1:44
gravelbags 247
gravelbags 247 13 days ago
All that fucking work for a coaster, seriously get out and meet a girl
Starebear100 14 days ago
Thanks for sharing your craft work. And as we can see, the negative comments below are from a group called "Geniarses".
Sadaqat Khan
Sadaqat Khan 16 days ago
muz dun
muz dun 17 days ago
Yew Fatt Yee
Yew Fatt Yee 17 days ago
Anniiket Pandit
Anniiket Pandit 20 days ago
You are not a genius but exactly the other way around. You can't even spell genius properly and this idea is utterly stupid. Too much work for
Мёд Сибири
какой камерой снимаете?
campmein 21 day ago
Nice Work. Thanks! 🙂😉🙂
antiquevintage retro4u
Michael 23 days ago
Cool idea. Keep doing what you're doing Vanya! Like the vids!
Wil Reyes
Wil Reyes 23 days ago
Cool, but you went through all that to make a pot holder. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Michael Mabajhac
Michael Mabajhac 24 days ago
For fucks sake I thought he was making some helpful tool so I watched the whole thing to find he made a pot stand Christ you've got to much time on your hands Get a job
J. Reusch
J. Reusch 24 days ago
Was ein Quatsch
Víctor Delgado
Víctor Delgado 25 days ago
LJaysPerspective 25 days ago
Very nice job. Looks really good too, thx for sharing.
Dan N
Dan N 25 days ago
why spend time if you could have round cork board placemat for a mere $1.50 each? :-)
Rhoman Mason
Rhoman Mason 26 days ago
Is that it?? I thought I was going to be a lot more exiting then that. Oh no is this what youtubers have to do for views now.
Giorgio Martina
Giorgio Martina 26 days ago
Simple, easy, nice and good idea . . .
bertkutoob 27 days ago
Well, maybe not "genius" but right up there with "supercalifragilisticexpiallydocius" How spending money on gasoline to go to a store to to spend more money buying some cheap crap can ever be more satisfying than making something yourself is beyond me.
Laila Kurji
Laila Kurji 28 days ago
You didn't spell genius right.
800Viffer 25 days ago
Or understand its meaning
Aaron Singh
Aaron Singh 28 days ago
bent540 29 days ago
more like design theft! this folding trivet is desgined by douglas ross
Thomas Shaw
Thomas Shaw 29 days ago
What a waste of time ...speaking of....I wish I could get mine back.
EZ4U2Say11 29 days ago
Lol a coaster for coffee creamer
Sabian Drumski
Sabian Drumski Month ago
Simple and cool.
Carla Clarke
Carla Clarke Month ago
Your mad but addictive can't wait to see the next madcap creation love from Burnley x
jean pierre fontaine
d r
d r Month ago
I can get the same thing at discount store for 1 or 2 dollars. GOTTA stop with the "genius" ideas bud. You're just ripping off an already existing idea. Get a life.
Abelardo Serna Perea
Buena idea
Reaper Game over
All of that for a pot holder. Well cool but you could’ve Bought one at Walmart Probably wouldn’t look like that one. LOL
Stan .Rarick
Stan .Rarick Month ago
MEASURING the circumference? 3.141592653.....
Robin Pilcher
Robin Pilcher Month ago
Impressive wide range of tools, great job..
Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis Month ago
id go to hardware store and get some tials
Patrick Brander
Patrick Brander Month ago
I only wish I could give two thumbs down.
A mouse after digging the whole mountain?
Nas Mader
Nas Mader Month ago
All these works for this.....????you must have plenty of free times...
Dg Syakilah
Dg Syakilah Month ago
really Genius 😒😍😍👌👍
John Mills
John Mills Month ago
A trivet. Wow, I think you have too much time on your hands.
Boyntonstu Month ago
Trivet Trivia.
Erich Kaltenbrunner
To stupid to know the circumference/ diameter relation. Idiot. His father and brother are the same person.
Virgilio Noble
Virgilio Noble Month ago
It is rather difficult to comprehend where the 'genius' lies in breaking up a fairly good sized wood block into small pieces, taking only a set of four small bits of it, and in the end rendering 'as a waste' a significant portion of the woodblock.
Virgilio Noble
Virgilio Noble Month ago
+Mosul Iraq LOL
Mosul Iraq
Mosul Iraq Month ago
The "Genius" is in the 2 million views. $0.7 X 2 million / 1000
PMJ4EVER Month ago
What da whoa so cool
PMJ4EVER Month ago
Whoa strength of steel
john jschaefer
john jschaefer Month ago
3 seconds in..."I don't believe in Pi"
Bakthavathsal Kadambi
brilliant idea
Leo Verran
Leo Verran Month ago
Jason Kotolski
Jason Kotolski Month ago
Where's the genius idea? Particle board? Really? Brown skin, must be third world retards.
Michael Phillips
Radius x 3.14 = circumference
Michael Phillips
+Margaret Stephens ☄nope... R3.14=C
Margaret Stephens
I thought Pi x diameter = circumference or 2 x Pi x radius
Tob Hab
Tob Hab Month ago
What a waste of material...
Stan Webb
Stan Webb Month ago
Keurig for hot water!!!!! but great Idea!!!!!!!!!! Not living in the 50's or 60's!!!!!!!!!!
Dave Little
Dave Little Month ago
You’re full of it
Jure Macola
Jure Macola Month ago
Ur are more creative than a womans womb
J Stewart Proulx
Or I can go to the dollar store...
Buettner Burritt
Great to see that... I made it too. Plans from wood prix helped me a lot :)
Meticularius Month ago
3/21/2019 USA "Grandpa Bill" Vanya, excellent! Thank you. Old Saying: "Those who can, do. Those who can't: teach. Those who can't teach, administrate.
Владимир Клещев
Похоже,что когда снимали видео,число ПИ(3.14) ещё не знали?
williecosgrove Month ago
Is this person retarded ? You can buy something like this for 1/4 of the price of a cup of water
Doug van der Hoop
Cool. ?:-)
ct.widget Month ago
I am a former handcrafter stopped by arthritis in both hands. It's very soothing to watch your videos, so creative and well done. Very tidy too! Keep up the good work! I love your channel.
Mel Burnett
Mel Burnett Month ago
Screw all that. Just buy a Pot Holder or just put it back on the stove. Duh.
Joe Bowers
Joe Bowers Month ago
Hey genius, diameter times 3.147.
Benjamin Logsdon
Joe Bowers Pi is 3.1415 genius.
Craig Braley
Craig Braley Month ago
Cool idea. Really liked it. Nothing like the creativity of a person.
Lorraine DesMarais
No matter what people might say about this video, I bet that you can 'circle the entire globe' and not find another item quite like it! Now that's cool and unique! Once again, such a pleasure to watch you work and the fun part is to try and guess what will become of these 'pieces of scrap metal or wood' most people would throw away. Thanks for this video, and "Thumbs up, Sir!" :)
Harry Lee
Harry Lee Month ago
Just use the blank of wood at 1:43 to put your kettle on. All that work I thought you were building a 4 bedroom house.
WhatIsKenDoing Month ago
That must be some seriously hard wood to need a hammer drill to get through it. Also, can I get my five minutes back?
Donna Fields
Donna Fields Month ago
cool ideas for scrap wood😀
Bob Loblaw
Bob Loblaw Month ago
Glad I skip to the end in these "Geni-o-us" videos.
billy jenkins
billy jenkins Month ago
Penguin of Death
pete nguyen
pete nguyen Month ago
Wow so 'genious' that can't spell the correct word genius .
Dan Thor
Dan Thor Month ago
Wow! It's amazing how you can lose so much of your life watching straight up bullshit. If you read your comments please stop making videos like this. Maybe no one has informed you of how dumb your are. Stop and live a good life. I've already lost to much of mine writing this for the sake of man kind.
Jeff polara
Jeff polara Month ago
3 hours of work but available from China at Dollar store for a buck ..
Jeff polara
Jeff polara Month ago
+Mosul Iraq yea right lol...you believe that?
Mosul Iraq
Mosul Iraq Month ago
Why? do you make more than $500.00 in three hours like him?
Valentin Month ago
complete SHIT! FOOL! you fucking idiot!
Андрей Иванов
How do you like it, Elon Musk?
CosmikDebriis Month ago
Would be nice if you'd put the finished result at the beginning of the video so people could decide if they want to know how to make it before watching the whole video. Just a thought.
ksafarian 2 months ago
you can buy it from a Chinese shop for 0.99c, and better looking than your shit What a Dumb Idea, get a life!
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael Fitzgerald 2 months ago
That's a ridiculous amount of work for a trivet. I can buy a piece of tile for a $1 or so.
Mosul Iraq
Mosul Iraq Month ago
you are missing the point. it is for youtube views money.
k maddison
k maddison 2 months ago
Very clever - though I have to ask why - too much spare time ?
Ed Heide
Ed Heide 2 months ago
What a great idea. I laughed when you revealed the product. You have some good ideas and I think its better to build something than go to the dollar store and buy something made in china.
Rabbit Industries
Rabbit Industries 2 months ago
I would have liked it if you spelled the name right
Colin Lyon
Colin Lyon 2 months ago
9/10 of this was great DIY porn but then no happy ending . People watch porn for the happy ending, now I have to find another video and its not going to be as good as this one promised to be , kind of like when a She isnt a She but She looks like a hot she from the thumbnail , and then your like WT ,
IAWBA 2 months ago
I think we have VERY different ideas about the meaning of "genius".
DataDawg59369 2 months ago
I wasted my time watching this video, just like this guy wasted his time and effort making something you can buy at the store for a dollar...
Erik Serafin
Erik Serafin 2 months ago
Genious. What a waste of data.
Cor DuRoye
Cor DuRoye 2 months ago
Genious it is Vanya, your mom must be proud of you...
Shane Ownbey
Shane Ownbey 2 months ago
That was a exercise for the sake of exercise. Did someone say genius?
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