WOW! Genious idea

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WOW! Genious idea
Friends, my name is Vanya! I am the author of the channel HandCraft.
On this channel I present everything that I have done with my own hands.
Restoration of interesting old objects and much more you can see on my channel !
We turn simple things into unique ones! Subscribe, it will be interesting! #restoration #Unbelievable #diy
Video author ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-GImMduxrFPA.html

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13 фев 2019




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Penguin of Death
Penguin of Death День назад
pete nguyen
pete nguyen День назад
Wow so 'genious' that can't spell the correct word genius .
Dan Thor
Dan Thor 2 дня назад
Wow! It's amazing how you can lose so much of your life watching straight up bullshit. If you read your comments please stop making videos like this. Maybe no one has informed you of how dumb your are. Stop and live a good life. I've already lost to much of mine writing this for the sake of man kind.
Jeff polara
Jeff polara 2 дня назад
3 hours of work but available from China at Dollar store for a buck ..
Валентин. М.
Валентин. М. 2 дня назад
complete SHIT! FOOL! you fucking idiot!
Андрей Иванов
Андрей Иванов 3 дня назад
How do you like it, Elon Musk?
CosmikDebriis 3 дня назад
Would be nice if you'd put the finished result at the beginning of the video so people could decide if they want to know how to make it before watching the whole video. Just a thought.
ksafarian 4 дня назад
you can buy it from a Chinese shop for 0.99c, and better looking than your shit What a Dumb Idea, get a life!
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael Fitzgerald 4 дня назад
That's a ridiculous amount of work for a trivet. I can buy a piece of tile for a $1 or so.
k maddison
k maddison 4 дня назад
Very clever - though I have to ask why - too much spare time ?
Ed Heide
Ed Heide 5 дней назад
What a great idea. I laughed when you revealed the product. You have some good ideas and I think its better to build something than go to the dollar store and buy something made in china.
Rabbit Industries
Rabbit Industries 5 дней назад
I would have liked it if you spelled the name right
Colin Lyon
Colin Lyon 6 дней назад
9/10 of this was great DIY porn but then no happy ending . People watch porn for the happy ending, now I have to find another video and its not going to be as good as this one promised to be , kind of like when a She isnt a She but She looks like a hot she from the thumbnail , and then your like WT ,
IAWBA 6 дней назад
I think we have VERY different ideas about the meaning of "genius".
DataDawg59369 7 дней назад
I wasted my time watching this video, just like this guy wasted his time and effort making something you can buy at the store for a dollar...
Erik Serafin
Erik Serafin 7 дней назад
Genious. What a waste of data.
Cor DuRoye
Cor DuRoye 7 дней назад
Genious it is Vanya, your mom must be proud of you...
Shane Ownbey
Shane Ownbey 7 дней назад
That was a exercise for the sake of exercise. Did someone say genius?
Andy harpist
Andy harpist 7 дней назад
1.9m views for THIS!
Darko Dimitrijevic
Darko Dimitrijevic 8 дней назад
OMG, he started to make a spaceship, and than.....he trick me with his sence for a "genious idea"
Joseph Armstrong
Joseph Armstrong 8 дней назад
Wow I can not believe the shitty comments, this fella has made something if you don't like it watch something else make something yourself, better still get a life and be someone.
Catweasle 8 дней назад
Pot to kettle. Never kettle to pot.
George Stone
George Stone 8 дней назад
Funny thing is you can make more money on youtube from haters & complainers than anyone else. That's the genius part.
Bob Jasper
Bob Jasper 8 дней назад
lol great idea
Ruben Quincoces
Ruben Quincoces 8 дней назад
adlk001 8 дней назад
hát, nálatok sem a szomszéd a hülye...
Alex Hales
Alex Hales 8 дней назад
Jason Sanders
Jason Sanders 8 дней назад
I wish I could click thumbs down more than once.
German Roldán
German Roldán 9 дней назад
I don't know what I expected. What a creativity. I like it.
Joseph Pessotti
Joseph Pessotti 9 дней назад
tom holm
tom holm 9 дней назад
You have to love the spelling of "genius" in the title.😂😭😭😭😬
Martin Hedington
Martin Hedington 10 дней назад
I only came here for the comments, screw the video.
NihonDream 10 дней назад
Vanya, absolutely fantastic clip - simple and very explanatory. Вaм привет из Польши!
Wes Schimpf
Wes Schimpf 10 дней назад
You must not live anywhere near a store, I'm talking like a 2 day yak ride to get there, because in most cases, you could buy something similar for a couple dollars.
Mario R
Mario R 10 дней назад
....Huh..??? almost 2 million views..I'm now going to go and make a video how to make an ingenious paper cup..
jmcdvm 10 дней назад
I hope you get a job soon; maybe you can learn and learn and use some uhhhh... relevant skills.
Wilhelm Taylor
Wilhelm Taylor 10 дней назад
The definition of "Genius" seems to have been devalued while I wasn't watching and without my approval. The new style of genius hasn't gotten the message that you can get the circumference of a disc by simply multiplying the diameter by π - no fumbling with a string required. And today is PI day - 3/14.
Ilui Correa
Ilui Correa 10 дней назад
PQP que perda de tempo e de material para fazer uma bobagem. complicou demais. use somente alguns discos , se quizer, de diametros diferentes. Qual o problema?
Methadras 10 дней назад
A large cork coaster from IKEA for about $2 would solve this problem.
Rover 10 дней назад
Wow - cool and beautiful too!!
Stu 10 дней назад
Too much time on my hands? It's ticking away with my sanity I've got too much time on my hands It's hard to believe such a calamity I've got too much time on my hands And it's ticking away, ticking away from me Too much time on my hands (It's t-t-t-t-ticking away) Too much time on my hands (And I don't know what to do with myself) Too much time on my hands Too much time on my hands Too much time on my hands Too much time on my hands
Chente Channel
Chente Channel 10 дней назад
Anas Anas
Anas Anas 10 дней назад
يا إلهي .. كل هذا من أجل هذه السخافة ... يمكنك توفير كل هذا الجهد بـ 20 سنت و هو سعر النزالة الخشبية الصينية .
shane jett
shane jett 10 дней назад
Disappointment starts at 5:15 ....... in 3 2 1.......... 5 minutes u will never get back........
&DER36 11 дней назад
Are you serious.... I waisted my time wathcing this. only how to make cup holder...😅🤣😋 anyway i like it... 👍🏼
trettietttjugoettnollsjunollsju 11 дней назад
WOW! What a waste of time.
Vogelkiller 11 дней назад
Sieht echt schön aus. Im Titel könntest du aber schonmal schreiben was du vorhast. Mir gefällt das Teil!
Wilhelm Taylor
Wilhelm Taylor 10 дней назад
Neu, desch g'fallt mir nidde....echter Zeitverschwand.
dhy5342 11 дней назад
You sure do work fast. Are you the "Flash" from the movies?
Paulo Kruger
Paulo Kruger 11 дней назад
Wow! Ridiculous!
Cost Nic
Cost Nic 11 дней назад
Megali blakia kai xasimo xronou
Les Walker
Les Walker 11 дней назад
That's nearly 6 minutes of my life that I'll never get back again!
abnhoz 12 дней назад
I so sad ldont . Thin you are. blleve. Yourself. . Cre Aze
Ayman Ghoujal
Ayman Ghoujal 12 дней назад
Putting something hot on wood is something genuis???how i dond get it🤔🤔
Aage152 12 дней назад
I think this shows ingenuity and resourcefulness, as it is simple and can be used for more than one object.
Sir FarSide
Sir FarSide 13 дней назад
Yep, genus ..right next to sliced cheese.
grepthis2000 13 дней назад
WOW, watch a Genius pwned by end result. I guess it's artisanal. Wonder if Etsy is still around.
Joseph Böhme
Joseph Böhme 13 дней назад
should I have seen that coming. I thought they were going to be shop worktable dogs for holding wood in place like a vise
Dalton Humes
Dalton Humes 13 дней назад
I really just spent 5 minutes watching a man make a fancy coaster
Giuseppe Giammusso
Giuseppe Giammusso 12 дней назад
1.793.028 people did it!
Michael E. Greene
Michael E. Greene 13 дней назад
And I thought this was going to be something cool....
Vladimir Bugarin
Vladimir Bugarin 13 дней назад
Six million dollar man - right there
Vincent Oliver
Vincent Oliver 13 дней назад
I guess I also had nothing better to do with my time, I watched this garbage
franco perona servicios integral y el,electricista
Malisimo jaaa
Uniquehome Eastern Tn
Uniquehome Eastern Tn 13 дней назад
I Like it - U must have been Bored - still - Cool Item - Haaa
jay custom
jay custom 14 дней назад
i was the 1,755,968th view smh!!!
Last Chance
Last Chance 14 дней назад
Entirely too much work for the end use.
BruceLee Sir
BruceLee Sir 14 дней назад
So boring,
72BlackRayne28 14 дней назад
PLAN A = List of tools and materials used = 1 length of string , 1 grinding disc, 1 tape measure, 1 pair of clear Safety Glasses, 1 yellow marking pen, 1 length of 1/4 inch steel rod, 1 hammer , 1 piece of sand paper, 1 cordless drill with a 1/4 inch wood drill bit, 1, 3 inch bench mounted Vice , 1 shop work bench , 2 3/4 inch wood screws, 1 , round press board Jig to bend the steel rod, 1 more screw to keep steel rod in place, 1 small 4x2 piece of scrap wood used to hammer against steel rod to help bend into shape, 1 small piece of 1x4 scrap wood, 1 carpenters marking pencil, 1 tri square, 1 metal ruler , 1 small round washer used to mark wood, 1 bench clamp to hold wood, 1 jigsaw with wood cutting blade, 1 steel cookie sheet like tray, 1 compressed can butane blow torch , undetermined amount of butane used, 1 pair of green and white work gloves, 1 wire brush for brushing carbon off of 4 small cut wood pieces, 1 small blue hand broom and dustpan to clean mess, 1 video camera to record video, 1 computer to upload video to RUvid , plus 3 estimated hours of time for build, 20 additional estimated minutes to upload video to RUvid. PLAN B = Go to Dollar store and buy a folding silicone pot holder for 2 bucks.
christina brine
christina brine 15 дней назад
Old idea... was a common mid-century item,
Mark Duncanson
Mark Duncanson 13 дней назад
christina brine the trouble with tribbetts
Victor Londono
Victor Londono 15 дней назад
really? all that work....
jesuswouldkilhimself 15 дней назад
Greg Bernor
Greg Bernor 15 дней назад
Stupidest thing I’ve seen in a long time what a waste of time can’t believe I wasted my time watching it
NdrHrlnd 15 дней назад
You misspelled genious, genius.
pippo pippi
pippo pippi 15 дней назад
Esperaba algo más 😒😒
scrapwire1 15 дней назад
I'm exhausted from watching this video, I think I'll just spend 3 bucks at the store for something similar, or leave the kettle where it was so it will stay warm longer.
Nottincommand1 16 дней назад
There's NO 'O' in Genius.
Spuds 16 дней назад
Put it this way, there are trendy hipsters out there that would buy it at an "antique store " only if you tripled the price or more!!!! 😃😃
Toseca Des
Toseca Des 16 дней назад
tutto sto lavoro per un cosa cosi?
Maurizio Viscontini
Maurizio Viscontini 16 дней назад
Ma vaffanculo!
LaLanne Surfboard Couture
LaLanne Surfboard Couture 16 дней назад
Those pieces of wood will never hold political office after having black face like that !!!!! Im offended !!!!!
Joe Skinner
Joe Skinner 16 дней назад
susan erickson
susan erickson 16 дней назад
This is one useful tool. I wish more kids in shop would make it. They'd learn more.
Jeffrey Craig
Jeffrey Craig 16 дней назад
Lemme save you all a LOT of wasted time: he's making a trivet. Spending a whole mess o'time for something you can get for like, a dollar. (Yawn)
mousy mouse
mousy mouse 16 дней назад
reported for bullshit!
tamarockstar customamber
tamarockstar customamber 16 дней назад
good job
randy cox
randy cox 16 дней назад
whereas a dictionary is only a good idea
Ted Puckett
Ted Puckett 16 дней назад
Interesting piece. Ignore the haters.
patrick shore
patrick shore 16 дней назад
watching paint dry more exciting
Mark Sena
Mark Sena 16 дней назад
A: leave the tea pot on the stove B: use a coaster
BayArea Exploration
BayArea Exploration 16 дней назад
This type of video sucks. Show what you are making before the video starts. Seems like this is a trend now days. Regarding this project.... to much work for little advantage. Not so unique at all.
ALAN LEE 16 дней назад
What a load of crap
John Smith
John Smith 16 дней назад
Not genius at all, sometimes even circumstantial, and the result is just crap.
Lothar Mayring
Lothar Mayring 16 дней назад
aus Baustahl echt einen Rundstahl geschliffen...nich dein ernst
George Gamentzy
George Gamentzy 16 дней назад
For what it's worth, I liked it.
John Myatt
John Myatt 17 дней назад
Being a craftsman, I found found the best part of the video was watching everything being done at high speed. lol. That was fun.
Matthias Sobottka
Matthias Sobottka 17 дней назад
filthy animal
filthy animal 17 дней назад
For fucks sakes,I watched this thinking I was going to my workshop to replicate something brilliant. Something brilliant that would help me no end in my workshop,our kitchen worktops can take any amount of heat also we have an electric kettle............
Agri Gento
Agri Gento 17 дней назад
L Duranceau
L Duranceau 17 дней назад
Stroke of genius, indeed. As Mark Walberg said in 'the Gambler', 'Genius is magical not material. If you don't have the magic, no amount of wishing will make it so'.
Hugh Moore
Hugh Moore 17 дней назад
I am a Vanya fan! Great work.
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