Would You Speak Up or Shut Up?

The Real Daytime
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The audience weighs in on a few shady situations - it’s Paddle Games: Speak Up or Shut Up. Ch-ch-check it out!


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May 29, 2015




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Lara Denim
Lara Denim 4 days ago
They all try to shine more zhan the others..
Sanelisiwe Myeni
Sanelisiwe Myeni 10 days ago
I'd probably help with the baby. Hate seeing a mom struggle.
Gavin Saunders
Gavin Saunders 16 days ago
Tamar: “ooh girl!!” 😂😂😂
Patrina Copeland
Patrina Copeland 27 days ago
helena, for God's sake, they were on an airplane, in the sky, thousands of miles off of the ground, wasn't like the baby could be taken anywhere. We are all strangers to one another, until we allow our humanity to lead!
ShahiMehndi 28 days ago
Unfortunately, I was unwillingly that friend. Coming from a brown family my parents wouldn't like me going out with friends much and insisted I take my baby sister (8 years younger) with me. I started getting excluded from things because of it and to this day, that is my biggest insecurity, being left out. And my friends all remained friends and chilled without me in the circle because of it.
Issa. Sparkle
Issa. Sparkle 29 days ago
Shaneka Watts
Shaneka Watts Month ago
Baby question... YASSSS SPOT ON!! Shut up 🤐 I am one mom who went to the store after having my 3rd child and trying to balance my “new normal” and my baby wasn’t being this outrageous child but she got fussy and she was told to hush up and see...... I definitely WENT OFF on the lady! Try to offer some words of encouragement. I was so overwhelmed.
heartslight1000 Month ago
I think the not interested in marriage part is that a true friend would have her friend and the guy get together and discuss in a good matter because going shuting up will make it worse. It sound selfish also.
Tobias Exarchopoulos
They have to bring back these segments with the paddles!!!
safiya hassan
safiya hassan Month ago
i had a bmw and it smelt dirt...………..I think someone needs a shower
It's bas luck to propose in public. Americans ignore that rule
ThatgirlAngela Month ago
Question 1~ shut up Question 2~ shut up Question 3~ shut up Question 4~ SPEAK UP (i hate that)
Jasper Paolo
Jasper Paolo 2 months ago
Adrienne looks so much better here before she got lip injections
Robert Blue
Robert Blue 3 months ago
Tamara looking absolutely gorgeous Jesus lol
Tootsie2890 3 months ago
They should have a women of Mideastern heritage as a host on the show
Arran Vid
Arran Vid 4 months ago
Hahaha they look like The Ginyu Force at the end
Arran Vid
Arran Vid 4 months ago
1st question: Shut Up 2nd question: Shut Up 3rd question: Shut Up 4th question: Speak Up
Arran Vid
Arran Vid Month ago
@ThatgirlAngela Thanks :-)
ThatgirlAngela Month ago
ArianaSaré P.
ArianaSaré P. 5 months ago
Oh they can give the crowd peices of paper to hold up but never give the crowd all that good food they eat.... Cheap af 😒
QueOnda 123
QueOnda 123 5 months ago
Compare these earlier episodes to the recent ones: the mood was so different here!
Ashley Merryn
Ashley Merryn 5 months ago
Adrienne is giving me Wilma Flintstone vibes 😂
Tedison Evans
Tedison Evans 5 months ago
They’re all speaking over each other making this hard to watch
mariana martinez jimenez
Is that Brenda Song
Krishti Bhattacharjee
Tamera just speaks to my soul xD
Kenia Garcia
Kenia Garcia 5 months ago
How about when they kick the seat for the entire flight? Speak up or shut up?
Halos and Horns
Halos and Horns 6 months ago
This would be better with an evote- they have apps and sites for these
Erica Bryant
Erica Bryant 6 months ago
The baby crying ..it depends on the age...6 hours I'm going to need some Tylenol
Tiffany Smith
Tiffany Smith 6 months ago
The one girl that said "Shut up" to everything needs to grow a pair 😂
Sarah Angle
Sarah Angle 6 months ago
Omg I remember two of those people from Disney channel!
Em Custard
Em Custard 6 months ago
When a baby cries on a plane, my mom asks the parents if there's anything she can do to help. There was one flight where the mom hadn't slept in almost 24 hours and just wanted to sleep but couldn't calm down her son, so my mom offered to bottle feed him and watch him for the rest of the flight. The mom was so thankful; she was able to nap, but her son was fussy the whole time we were in the air. Sometimes babies just can't handle the altitude. Other times, they just need to pop their ears (drinking something or chewing gum can cause this).
Mudita Heaven
Mudita Heaven 6 months ago
blessed mahere
blessed mahere 7 months ago
I miss Tamar
AlfalfaWhale 7 months ago
This is the worst thing I've ever seen. And I've watched all of Shane Dawson's series.
YOUSRA ADLY 7 months ago
A- shut up although i hate to wear something others wear like it ,b- i would speak up because when someone gets hurt they would blame you of not telling or being involved c- shut up and cuddling the baby or listen to music D- speak up loudly he drives 😂😂
Dermeko Lewis
Dermeko Lewis 7 months ago
I love them but sometimes I can’t relate to the things they say because there all well off and very successful I can’t relate to most of the things they said with my partner due to the gap
Just WhoTheFuckAreYou?
I always figured if my partner proposed to me and I wasn't ready, I'd just say yes in front of the crowd and then get him into a private place and tell him im not ready and we need to date more
Purple Panda
Purple Panda 7 months ago
The one lady with a speak up sign at 2:31 after talking about the baby on airlines is making me laugh too hard.
Sofia Houh
Sofia Houh 7 months ago
2:31 that person in the back i-
シsandyyzzle 7 months ago
I wanna shut up but I always speak up bc I have a big loud mouth
K M 7 months ago
What is the issue with wearing the same dress as someone
Liane Layman
Liane Layman 8 months ago
THis girl and her niece worked at the Insurance Co. I worked out. The niece had on a dress and another co worker said hey Wendy has that same dress. She said no we just wear each others clothes sometimes.
soccerislife 8 months ago
I'm a guy but I get annoyed if my friends bring kids to hangout lol I want to speak up but you know, it's kind of mean to say they cant come lol
Alex G
Alex G 8 months ago
The only reason to speak up when a baby is crying on a plane is to tell the mom that it’s fine and to ask her if she or her baby needs anything. Period.
Katya 8 months ago
If it was a baby shut up, if it's a full kid you better believe I'm gonna speak up.
Nickelodeon and Disney fan account
Who came from the tia tamera music video?
morganp 8 months ago
On the baby one, is the parent trying to keep the baby from crying? Like a bottle, toys to occupy, etc. if they're just ignoring - I would be saying something
Caralyn Aufiero
Caralyn Aufiero 8 months ago
Angel Angelani
Angel Angelani 9 months ago
What about if your boyfriend brings his friend to your date? Shut up or speak up?
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 9 months ago
I’d be shady like Loni lol 😂 Train Wreck City
haddy haddi
haddy haddi 9 months ago
my sister said we hoing out for my birthday then she brought along some strange girl to take out instead and its like i was tagging along
Glo 100
Glo 100 9 months ago
As a parent, I would offer something for the kid to help calm the baby down.
Glo 100
Glo 100 9 months ago
As a parent, I would offer something for the kid to help calm the baby down.
Sonia s
Sonia s 9 months ago
Steph Powell
Steph Powell 9 months ago
Don't wear it at the same time? You only brought one lol you can't anyway?
Adetunde Babs’s
Adetunde Babs’s 10 months ago
Maybe should have married that dude instead of Freddie.😩😩😩
Beautiful Beast
Beautiful Beast 10 months ago
I speak up and never shut up🤣🤣🤣🤣
Conaday Sweet
Conaday Sweet 10 months ago
Well ide ask how could I help with the babby
Chica Arana
Chica Arana 11 months ago
They mentioned twinning with the same dress on and Adrienne and Jeannie are twinning. They look cute tho.
Rebecca Torresan
Rebecca Torresan 11 months ago
With the baby on flight question id speak uponly to offer to help the parent. In fact i have done so many times
Hiiroxanne 11 months ago
She shouldnt be with him if she doesnt ever want to marry him UNLESS he knows marriage was off the table prior
Mc F
Mc F 11 months ago
I was gonna catch up with one of my friends in town but then last minute she told me she was bringing her boyfriend so I had to go to town and hang out with her and her boyfriend it SUCKED I hadn’t spoken to her in ages and I’d never spoken to him and it got to the point where it was so awkward that I had to make up an excuse to go home early
Gibby Gibbs
Gibby Gibbs 11 months ago
I never understood why people get so worked up about being dressed the same? I had a friend in jr high who freaked on me one day because she was wearing a very SIMILAR outfit, not the same, similar. When I first saw her I literally laughed and started saying how this was a funny coincidence and she turned it into this huge deal. I just don't get it. It's stupid in my opinion.
Asha 8 months ago
I guess for me it would be the fear/annoyance of comparison and “who wore it better” type stuff
Jocelyn Wright
Jocelyn Wright 11 months ago
I speak up a lot but with the situation with the mum and her baby and being a mum too, It wouldn't bother me, infact I would try and make the baby laugh as I've done that before.
Josalyn 11 months ago
I miss Tamar she brought the extra sass and ratchetness 😒
Lexy L
Lexy L 11 months ago
Okay but what is the mom gonna do about a baby crying?
Just an ugly sack of potatoes
I’m the person who speaks up but wishes they’d shut up 😂
MrsK Love
MrsK Love 11 months ago
I honestly dont mind the baby crying thing. The only time I get pissed is when the parents just ignore them and do nothing. They're literally telling you that something is wrong, comfort them you asshole!!!
BilvyBeckett IsPrettyBoyGoals
Me playing this game: Shut Up all the time cuz I have anxiety and don’t have the guts to speak up woohoo !!
Kennedi Renee’s Channel
On the baby one of course the one chubby white lacy named Karen says Speak Up😒
Anna A
Anna A 11 months ago
*Am I the only one being recommended this in 2019?*
mulifandom 8 months ago
Mohammed Yakub
Mohammed Yakub 11 months ago
Cheyenne Stevenson
Cheyenne Stevenson 11 months ago
Bianca Davis Taylor
Bianca Davis Taylor 11 months ago
Me and my friend got the same dress and planned to wear it on twin day 🤷‍♀️😂👑
Påstêł Içë
Påstêł Içë 11 months ago
4:02 Exactly
lynn ramadan
lynn ramadan 11 months ago
Adrienneee! London! Sister sister . Love this !!
Tessie Scharf
Tessie Scharf 11 months ago
So is that the girl from twitches
N_16 11 months ago
Me and my friend hang out a lot,like a lot, so one time we were planning to go out like always and one my friends suddenly tell me "Oh you *name* is coming with us" You see normally I don't make a big deal out of this,but out of ALL people, the person they invited WAS MY EX. My friend and my ex are best friends and I don't mind cause yeah that's not my problem but they invited them knowing that we ended in bad terms and it was a really toxic relationship and NO ONE IN THE GROUP LIKES THEM. I was pretty mad so I didn't end up going.
University Of Houston16
2019... Glade tamar gone... Horrible attitude .. Im the person will just shut up because i will not go if i am not 100% comfortable... The baby... I'll pray for...
Ana-Maria 11 months ago
I’ve never understood what the problem with accidently wearing the same clothes as someone else is
Lluvia DeOtona
Lluvia DeOtona 11 months ago
genie’s makeup is 10/10
Studio of Special Effects
This is like a positive version of the view
Ariana Hetemaj
Ariana Hetemaj 11 months ago
g- 11 months ago
Bitch I always shut up 😐
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