WOULD YOU RATHER?!! w/ Ben Azelart and Lexi Hensler

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"In this episode of VS, Ben Azelart and Lexi Hensler decide to play ""Would You Rather"" with an EXTREME twist!!! They both have to guess the best answer amongst a pre-polled group of people. The twist is the person who guesses incorrectly must actually do the crazy activity. So, who's going to have to text their ex? Who's getting their internet history searched? Who's getting worms placed on their face?!! You don't want to miss this episode on AwesomenessTV! Be sure to like, comment and subscribe!!!
The LEXI or LEXI Challenge w/ Ben Azelart and Lexi Hensler - ruvid.net/group/PLBQgA3Kndk7eINh99NE6OoJZPn95El0f3&playnext=1&index=8

The show where AwesomenessTV influencers play fun internet challenges against each other!
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Ben Azelart @benazelart
Lexi Hensler @lexihensler
Executive Producer: Christopher Babers
Director: Justin Johnson
DP: Sevdije Kastrati
Production Designer: Jamie McGuire
Editor: Jacob Gehnert
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Jun 11, 2019




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Comments 2 971
e t h a n a u t h s
EXTREME WOULD YOU RATHER? This isn't even bad
Thisekh_ 2 days ago
I hope Blackpink going this show 😢😂❤👏
Stephanie Weinman
Who stopped to see what lexi text were it’s also weird because the guy said how’s it going babe to Lexi and he’s his ex
Jamaican Panda
Jamaican Panda 6 days ago
They actually act like siblings 😂😂
xxhalogamer22xx 6 days ago
Ha! I incognito everything...so I have no search history.
Sophia Williams
Sophia Williams 8 days ago
Pancake or challenge
Janice Hamilton
Janice Hamilton 8 days ago
OMG BEN COME ON DO BETTER! Lexi u go girl!
Taylor's Way
Taylor's Way 9 days ago
4:11 is when she eats the butter 🧈
Kaitlyn Long
Kaitlyn Long 11 days ago
I miss lexie and ben
Grace Adams
Grace Adams 12 days ago
7:24 wait till you meet David Dobrik
Amanda Needhami
Amanda Needhami 13 days ago
I feel like lexi likes Ben a bit
Jilani Mrad
Jilani Mrad 15 days ago
Liar ben Did you serched on internet on lexi rivera!!?
Silver_Wolf 16 days ago
bts army me
bts army me 18 days ago
Ben and this lexi is very good
Arielle 21 day ago
lexi is pretttyyy, her whole look is friggin pretty 💓🦋
SamKytez 28 days ago
my brother would eat a stik of butter
Lesley Hawkes
Lesley Hawkes 29 days ago
Yea shecwas
Chloe Month ago
Lexi I hate bugs too and im a kid
daveyt Month ago
lexi is doing the ice pack one wrong
Tulla Fraise
Tulla Fraise Month ago
Lexi's face when Ben tries to laugh uncontrollably 😝
Lisa Wahry
Lisa Wahry Month ago
Sandy Wilson
Sandy Wilson Month ago
In Jamaican front means ur private parts
TK crazy
TK crazy Month ago
Hi, bitte likt mein Kommentar ich bin soooooooo lost!
Georgina McWilliams
Same with 9;47 look at bens face
Georgina McWilliams
2:06 😂
Georgina McWilliams
9:47 exactly pause your vid then press it it’s so funny
Meghan Prutzman
Meghan Prutzman Month ago
This is like fear factor for Lexi
GG Gun Killer
GG Gun Killer Month ago
I love ketchup just like Ben also great vibeos i love Them so much Can you maibie do a video with 100 layers for 24 hours please and give mi a shaud out if you Can and i hope you do it Kos if koment this to mane other youtubers bot they never do it so kan you mabie do it please 🙏🏽🤞
Eu Jo Kido
Eu Jo Kido Month ago
Why is there two lexi
Mohadesse Alizadeh
Butter can’t but if you throw it up flies butterfly😂
Damara Parker
Damara Parker Month ago
I say Lexi is a liar because when she texted her ex it said how it going BABY
Safiyah Iqbal
Safiyah Iqbal Month ago
Ben and lexi Just "best friends yeah" Lexi Rivera 😀😑😑😑
astara potter
astara potter Month ago
Ben's laugh did make me laugh uncontrollably for 20 seconds
Celeste Calais
Celeste Calais Month ago
9:45 turn on the captions... I'm dying
Jamaican Panda
Jamaican Panda 6 days ago
Taylor's Way
Taylor's Way 9 days ago
Arielle 21 day ago
Celeste Calais
Celeste Calais 26 days ago
@{pink qillers} Ikr
{pink qillers}
{pink qillers} 26 days ago
Murat Burak
Murat Burak Month ago
They look cute together❤
Darlene Martell
Darlene Martell Month ago
Oml like if u think Ben is crazy | | | \/
Tiara Sok
Tiara Sok Month ago
Wow Lexi's ex said she was his Babe😌😌
Fiona Leitch
Fiona Leitch Month ago
Omg Ben loves butter
Joyce Kamau
Joyce Kamau Month ago
Love you guys
Heather Dunn
Heather Dunn Month ago
this might be lexi henslers worst day of her life because of what she had to do but with the worms on MY face i would be perfectly fine with it but i would not want to eat a choclate coverd cricket because iv had SENTAPEADS IN MY house like 10 times. But these dares for Lexi and Ben are so EXTREME and i feel so bad for what they had to do in this veido are so bad who ever came up with these dares they went HARD on Ben Azelart and Lexi Hensler still if you wach this you have to feel bad for them.
Ava Rimer
Ava Rimer Month ago
This is how many times Lexi said no 👇 (You don’t have to like)
It most likely was lexis ex because the date on the last text said - sun mar 18 So she probably didn’t respond
Maansa Jaiteh
Maansa Jaiteh Month ago
Kaela Cakes
Kaela Cakes Month ago
Give a like Here👇
Shraman Noodles
Shraman Noodles Month ago
This is how many times Lexi said no. Arrow sign below
EmilyAndMakenzie’s World
Lexi is probably taking a shower now after there were worms on her face
EmilyAndMakenzie’s World
I bet Lexi is taking a shower now after the worms
megan feyka
megan feyka Month ago
I did it too 🤣😂🤣😢
Leanne Taylor
Leanne Taylor Month ago
My name is lexi to.
Palahuddin YT
Palahuddin YT Month ago
1:53 Lexi's Face tho 😂
Sophia Aviles
Sophia Aviles Month ago
Lexi cheated on the ice cuz she put it over her shirt
Lauren O'Farrell
I love butter two
Malak Haidar
Malak Haidar Month ago
Ur ex called u babe
Riley Peltz
Riley Peltz Month ago
Im lexi
Sophie Taofinu'u
I’m pretty sure when Ben people caked up his shirt he wanted us to look at his abs(that he Doesn’t have)
itz Le Mellows
itz Le Mellows Month ago
Are lexi and Ben related?
Aykut Dogan
Aykut Dogan Month ago
That is not her ex when she showed her phone it littarly said babe!
Ava Rimer
Ava Rimer Month ago
Aykut Dogan Your okay and I’m sorry
Aykut Dogan
Aykut Dogan Month ago
Ava rimer i knew that but I don’t know why i comment this!
Ava Rimer
Ava Rimer Month ago
Aykut Dogan it might have been before they broke up
Holly Golding
Holly Golding Month ago
So funny
rodolfo torres
rodolfo torres Month ago
Lexi gets an excuse to touch Ben's six pack
Shania Causey
Shania Causey Month ago
when ben put ice on his front it looked like he was giving birth lol
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