Would YOU Rather Have A Lamborghini or This House?

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Aug 22, 2020




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Comments 100
MrBeast 8 months ago
Subscribe and you could be in the next would you rather!
Annalisa Goelst
Annalisa Goelst 8 days ago
Can you plz do me i have been waiting for this moment for my hole life
SxcJoker Gaming
SxcJoker Gaming 8 days ago
Can I work with you as my career
Eren Bilmiş
Eren Bilmiş 8 days ago
Ever visited Turkey or planning to?
Charlie Games
Charlie Games 9 days ago
With you
Anna Wehmeyer
Anna Wehmeyer Month ago
Piixiehollow's 21 minute ago
Mirza M.
Mirza M. 25 minutes ago
House i have to pay car insurence
juicy 57 minutes ago
I subed and I have been subed for a while
Jgabrielgr 24
Jgabrielgr 24 2 hours ago
Nguyen Phuc
Nguyen Phuc 2 hours ago
Hi mrbeast
Spukkiibukki 2 hours ago
house for sure, my family is struggling to pay rent, so a house would do us good. I have a family of 5 living in a 2 bedroom apartment. It sucks.
Caleb Lyles
Caleb Lyles 3 hours ago
Carl 8 months later still a twig
Kevin Bronish
Kevin Bronish 4 hours ago
Always the house!!! FOR THE FUTURE
Arshiya Azmi
Arshiya Azmi 4 hours ago
I asked ur moms for the pictures. Karl proceeds to ask where he got them
Kipster G
Kipster G 4 hours ago
I know I beat him on watching Mr Beast videos my list goes on crazy.
Beast Gamer
Beast Gamer 5 hours ago
❤️I luv the videos❤️
Sayan Das
Sayan Das 5 hours ago
Aren't this just bulling the safe opener?
VP Automobile
VP Automobile 5 hours ago
wei diden hi
The Life Of Sahavanna
Shoot can I get a house just askin thought it would work lololololol
Sam Rico
Sam Rico 6 hours ago
Ha Ha Ha Ha
Sam Rico
Sam Rico 6 hours ago
MTlife 6 hours ago
If Mr.Beast used all his money for something productive to the world that would have been a much better world...
ㄒ山ㄖ 千卂匚乇_
Aaron mercer
Aaron mercer 9 hours ago
I need a car
Ghost Undawn
Ghost Undawn 9 hours ago
Mr beast is in Utube 2 place I know is beating pew pie
Solo JagO
Solo JagO 9 hours ago
Hello , mrBeast ' What about your fans in another country😿😿😿
AMAZING MAAZ 10 hours ago
Give me 5,00000 in cash
Brinking_bird 11 hours ago
Dammit I cant be in a vid because I am in new zealand
Moosa Fairooz
Moosa Fairooz 11 hours ago
Can u gave me iphone 12 pro plx
Jax Schottke
Jax Schottke 11 hours ago
I was already subscribe
Ra_uf Kor
Ra_uf Kor 11 hours ago
i want a iphone :( i never had one before my whole family has a iphone expect for me :(
Iron Spider Yash
Iron Spider Yash 15 hours ago
daniel jones
daniel jones 15 hours ago
I am subscribe
Akhil Patidar
Akhil Patidar 15 hours ago
mr beast i want money paytm 9928500988
WeiZhi Yeap
WeiZhi Yeap 18 hours ago
Karl is weakest chris is strongest
Origami M4cker
Origami M4cker 18 hours ago
Neeraj patil
Neeraj patil 18 hours ago
Happy birthday Jimmy i am commenting on all ur videos 26
DHARSHAN D 19 hours ago
Mrbeast in 2069: Destroy the Great Wall and Suprass China With Bigger
Cloudy _ Boba
Cloudy _ Boba 19 hours ago
I love how concerned they were when that guy fell off the bar! So sweet!
Kahil akbari
Kahil akbari 19 hours ago
I’d choose the hose
Hiradexo 21 hour ago
that man:i never thought i will be in the Mr beast vid me living in iran : I still have my hope🥲
Lps ._.Elłïé
Lps ._.Elłïé 22 hours ago
i just subscibed to your channel
carl is so funny
6:46 this is what chandler does when someone takes his food
Michelle Josephson
I love you💖😻😻😻😻😻💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💖💖
Melven Gallon
Hi MrBeast I'm from the Philippines how I can win?😥😭
Leonardo Magana
Brandon Brandon Brandon Brandon Brandon
Awatif Alshanbari
بس انا الي موجود
Saleh shaban Shaban
انت عربي
Siena Friend
Siena Friend Day ago
Karl is my type of guy when chandler punched you but he was dressed so welllll
Syro The Dipper
Mr Beast 2500 : Last to leave the sun system keeps it
Syro The Dipper
Bro, i think if i sell this house, ill can buy a another house, car, gaming pc , and more lol
Cori Tokyo Ghul
Karl jimmy and chandler are my favorite
The Diamond Steve
i’m subscribed
Naomi Allen
Naomi Allen Day ago
I just wanna say poor Karl
Ahsan Saleem143
I wish I can join u in ur coming videos God help 🙏
William Price
Whoooooo hoooo
John Stocum
John Stocum Day ago
I deliver for Doordash, And I pick up and deliver food from a Mr. Beast restaurant. In New York
Irod Nicusor
Irod Nicusor Day ago
Oi what
Peter Davis
Peter Davis Day ago
Thats sweet what you do for people in need your the best mr beast
Зерфикс :3
Kolifej Kolifej
To kesku koulu 3a tats my klaas
Kolifej Kolifej
Can you kam to finland to porvoo
Kolifej Kolifej
Sory peeple butt sub piudipay and mr beast
Non stop vlogs
brothers plz give me any job plz plz plz
Ogbe Tsemami
Ogbe Tsemami Day ago
Your videos🔥🔥🔥
Heart Of Love ART
So love the McDonald’s one have a good day 🙏💚💚💚🙏
Chandler Simms
I subscribed
Namrata Singh
mr.beast in 2080 would you rather keep earth or mars
Nintendo Fan44
8:47 the walking pro right here bois
Abraham Blessings
Three steps can change my life
vasanth ravichandran
A fan from India❤️
AiNoUnmei Day ago
Omg, you just gave him a house?!
ich_mag_gurken youtube
The house
I hope this man came india and do challenges with me
Pluginer Gunpowder
Money tree confrimed 16:12
ninja gamer
ninja gamer Day ago
danii !
danii ! Day ago
they abused karl more then they gave away money-
Daniel Luzzio
The house
Kaczor 0321
Kaczor 0321 Day ago
Andrew should've tried to break the safes hinges
Zoe Comer
Zoe Comer Day ago
I am subed to all of your channel s and PLS say hi to Chan Chan😁
Haya Haya
Haya Haya Day ago
THE PUN CH 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭
Hussien Ask
Hussien Ask Day ago
MrBeast I Love you
salut Day ago
karl is so funny ahahahahahahahahahah
Adam Gordon
Adam Gordon Day ago
I am subscribed
Denali Ellefson
icsept im nine
Denali Ellefson
dude yes!
Parth Patel
Parth Patel Day ago
Henry Coker
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Jameson Yvonne
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Aahan Arhan
Aahan Arhan Day ago
most people don't invest due to ignorance and bad advice from friends a nd family
Aahan Arhan
Aahan Arhan Day ago
You are right, there is only one reason which will make one invest in
paytyn littrell
hi ppl
Brother Soto
Brother Soto Day ago
I Subsribe
Peter Day ago
You are actually torching him
Golden Bullet
Those 3 steps were the most important steps of Orlando’s life lol
Tyson Simard
Tyson Simard Day ago
Paris Adi
Paris Adi 2 days ago
I pick home hahahah
NIZAM ALI 2 days ago
Mrbeast is faking his video's
crazy loco
crazy loco 2 days ago
LilMissWho 2 days ago
I love how mr beast make his friends do crazy challenges but also cares about his friends when they get hurt or feels sad🥺
Your Man Jerry
Your Man Jerry 2 days ago
If it was me, sure would go for the house over the lambo
Lillian Abney
Lillian Abney 2 days ago
i need a house a lot more than a car lmao
Adiyan And His Mom Do Everything
jimmy is so awesome
Ryan Todd
Ryan Todd 2 days ago
Karl lost an 🏝
Jake Dylan Vlogs
Jake Dylan Vlogs 2 days ago
Mr. Beast you are awesome and I would love to be in a vid I may be 10 but maybe a easy challenge I first started watching when “Walking into random stores as dinosaurs and how do u join a Minecraft challenge in ur server? If I can’t it’s fine man
Homeless Man Buys A Lamborghini
I Survived On $0.01 For 1 Week