Would You Rather Have $100,000 OR This Mystery Key?

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Honestly, this is probably the most ive spent on a video so please subscribe
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Jun 13, 2020




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Comments 100
MrBeast 3 months ago
Subscribe and you could possibly be invited to the next one!!
MiST 6 days ago
prove it
New Herto
New Herto 22 days ago
Love from Indonesia mrbeast please$1.000.000 for me @nyuherto
Grazie Pennacchio
Grazie Pennacchio 26 days ago
I need a new car so badly lmao, put me in coach
Ruben Leal
Ruben Leal Month ago
How can i get invited if i never get messages from here? Only way would be for you to 👍 my comment and reply...
Yeetdatshulker1 2 months ago
cool i want money lol , but of course im already subbed
the duck goes quack
the duck goes quack 22 minutes ago
Mr beast 3020: one of these universes are worth infinite and one universe are worth nothing which one is infonate
Kiskey 39 minutes ago
Can I have your car? *Mr. Beast* Hold up, let me get some cups and cheese balls.
One punch AMV
One punch AMV Hour ago
3,6,5,8,9,10 lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
One punch AMV
One punch AMV Hour ago
No no no no no don't risk the 10k bro don't man.
One punch AMV
One punch AMV Hour ago
Bro Honestly I would settle for the $1,000 instead of taking a chance and lose that $1,000 for the 10k. If i was disparate for the money I would have taken that risk. i wouldn't know if i was going to get the 10k. I wouldn't take that chance really man
Chris Barnett
Chris Barnett Hour ago
I love you vids I use to watch them everyday hope you make more
Current Catcher
Current Catcher 2 hours ago
This was a good one
Carving Life
Carving Life 2 hours ago
Aurea Bart
Aurea Bart 2 hours ago
Moose The Goose
Moose The Goose 2 hours ago
# grannyshot lol
Gilad Sorek
Gilad Sorek 2 hours ago
Fun fact: The chances of me winning is one out of 43.6 million. I hope I eventually do though.
Lee S
Lee S 2 hours ago
Yo Javier is packing some serious heat
10 000 subs with only funny videos.
Mrbest in 2069: destroying chandler island And giving him a city!
jose ortiz
jose ortiz 3 hours ago
Hey 👋
Adam DaRocha
Adam DaRocha 4 hours ago
Oh man is it too late to get in on the next one. Let's googe duo this man !
Hasan R. Saadeldeen
I don’t know why I laughed so hard when he popped the balloon 17:13
JosephYT678 4 hours ago
Mrbeast before: 🚗💥🔨Mrbeast now: hErEs yOuR mOnEy
Nelson Kabangu
Nelson Kabangu 4 hours ago
Ok already did
Yan in USA يان بامريكا
ReRe 5 hours ago
I wish Mr. Beast would come to my town. But I’m still happy to see other ppl bless.
Collin Hart
Collin Hart 6 hours ago
This is the strangest gameshow I've ever seen...
Me me me lol
Himanshu Golwalkar
Himanshu Golwalkar 6 hours ago
Sir please I need a gaming laptop
Car Creations
Car Creations 6 hours ago
Too bad he didnt win the MINI, they are so much fun!!
Justin McGlone
Justin McGlone 6 hours ago
Chris is the best thing that has happened to this channel.
SAMEIRX JED 6 hours ago
This is crazy omg
Roberto Sanchez
Roberto Sanchez 6 hours ago
I wish I had a Tesla.
Ge In
Ge In 7 hours ago
Beast is awesome. He doesn't make u jump through hoops to get the money.
Timothy Does Music
Timothy Does Music 8 hours ago
Legends says to this days those two girls are still counting
Hayley Brownjohn
Hayley Brownjohn 8 hours ago
can i have some money please??
Johny Kash
Johny Kash 8 hours ago
Are you hiring???
Edwin Ebubedike
Edwin Ebubedike 8 hours ago
Mr beast can you help me I love your videos I'm a subscriber from Africa
Sonia sgonzalez
Sonia sgonzalez 9 hours ago
Go to the Children’s Hospital and pay all their bills
Lisechem Sangtam
Lisechem Sangtam 10 hours ago
I wish I would get invited
Saken 10 hours ago
chris you ruined her chance to get 6000 dollars
aladdin 10 hours ago
jimmy's car says trans rights
John Wright
John Wright 10 hours ago
Aisha Usman
Aisha Usman 10 hours ago
I subscribed 😍
Luis Becerra
Luis Becerra 11 hours ago
Uhhh mr beast do you have 18 mil dollars cause I searched up on safari and it said you have 18 mil
K Y R E E 11 hours ago
Does anyone know where this dude MrBeast get all this money from?
MehGaming2020 11 hours ago
Mr beast 2070 destroying earth and surprising them with a new one.
Mr. Soft Saint Mary
Mr. Soft Saint Mary 11 hours ago
Elhadi Family Home
Elhadi Family Home 12 hours ago
galvanic dust
galvanic dust 12 hours ago
Paul Nero
Paul Nero 12 hours ago
MrBeast i dare you to give me 10 harley davidson motorcycle. Im from philippines hahahahah
Jude Columna
Jude Columna 12 hours ago
Hey mr. Beast could i ask a dollar thank you
vinay mudhiraj
vinay mudhiraj 12 hours ago
would you rather have mr beasts channel or 100000000dollars coment below
Cat Vo
Cat Vo 13 hours ago
Go to children’s hospital and pay for medical bills
whiskyTube 13 hours ago
chandler were is your teddy bear
Raj Robin
Raj Robin 13 hours ago
please invite me from India.. watching you guys from years😂
John wey
John wey 14 hours ago
I dont have nothing to eat mr beast pleas hellp me i will pray for you🙏
Barry Everson
Barry Everson 15 hours ago
i would absolutely love to be on this.. with the way life is going i def need a good distraction, lifes gone severely downhill lately. MRbeast rocks !
Rek scrubs
Rek scrubs 15 hours ago
I told you I play before (shoots granny shoot)
Zahra Nikpour
Zahra Nikpour 15 hours ago
Me: I’ll have the money and buy the key and use the key and keep my spare money
Salty Huntá
Salty Huntá 15 hours ago
Make this Comment most liked!
Salty Huntá
Salty Huntá 15 hours ago
Mr Beast in 2078 Destroying the solar system and surprising with two Solar systems! 😂😂✌
lalindu sathmina
lalindu sathmina 15 hours ago
Dress up as a homeless man and give $10k to anyone who donates to you copy and post so mr beast can see this
Cus Nath Channel
Cus Nath Channel 16 hours ago
Love Mr. Beast from Philippines.
Siri Mathias
Siri Mathias 16 hours ago
We here too sir don’t forget us from Kcmo
Slicc Widdit
Slicc Widdit 16 hours ago
Now this is perfect sh1+ science
The S
The S 17 hours ago
So lucky:( :)
Jay a rockstar
Jay a rockstar 18 hours ago
I WANT TO STEAL CHRIS TESLA Sorry Chris Tesla’s are really cool iPad car things
Nil Dhruvo
Nil Dhruvo 18 hours ago
Pls invite me
Just Randomness
Just Randomness 19 hours ago
2:42 "once in a lifetime opourtunity here" -chandler
Hello chicken
Hello chicken 19 hours ago
Cherish 4E
Cherish 4E 19 hours ago
I am in Kenya trying to earn
boring stuff
boring stuff 20 hours ago
Lil OoWop
Lil OoWop 21 hour ago
Never picks me
Lee64 animation
Lee64 animation 21 hour ago
Open Your Mind
Open Your Mind 21 hour ago
slim odds at 43.5 million to one ;)
Open Your Mind
Open Your Mind 21 hour ago
damn and my car just died :(
music7354 21 hour ago
You guys are dope af
Johnny o218
Johnny o218 22 hours ago
Hey mr beast your a beast bro!!!
Vinay Thirkapnoru
Vinay Thirkapnoru 22 hours ago
Chris is feeling very bad
Micheal Bills
Micheal Bills 23 hours ago
Always good, rip chandler
World_Champ_Jr 23 hours ago
Please invite me
ch ill
ch ill 23 hours ago
Sum Solus
Sum Solus 23 hours ago
SANA ALL?!!!😉😆😍🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Aki ASMR 23 hours ago
I wish you can buy me lambo and send here in japan
Gen Manabat
Gen Manabat 23 hours ago
I LOVE YOU MR. BEAST! 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️
idrxp Day ago
such a great man .
Edward’s Factory Band Channel
You guys are so addicting. I’m on the way to watching all your videos.
xxxtentacion_ Fan
lol 😆 I just guess the car 26k
OG Curly
OG Curly Day ago
Dude got super lucky with the cheeseball Tesla game
Syron Delacuesta
Mr beast 2021 destroy the earth and surprise us new one
Mr.W Day ago
Most of the time when i see chandler i just want to give the guy a hug.
Makaila Marbles
Day 16 of trying to get mr beast to give me a shoutout or notice me
Ghost boss
Ghost boss Day ago
I love to watch your videos 😊
King Wizard
King Wizard Day ago
Karl sucks
hiツ Day ago
these girls are gold diggers
Darren Holcomb
yo I need to win
Dan Tapia
Dan Tapia Day ago
When are you coming to Salt Lake City Utah?
Sindrom 71
Sindrom 71 Day ago
Next vids : Slap people for unknown reason..and say You're welcome.
Jack 2000
Jack 2000 Day ago
There are 41 million views and yet they are only 1 .7 million thumbs up
Ashish RR
Ashish RR Day ago
Mr. Beast 2030 buying you all. and giving away to your parents.
Niko Prisco
Niko Prisco Day ago
Can I eat that computer
T.J. White
T.J. White Day ago
this is crazy! congratulations guys
Wesley David
Wesley David Day ago
MrBeast in 2080: I bought my mom a whole country.🤣😂🤣😂
Jarrett Fandel
I don’t think I could do the counting thing XD
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