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Billie Eilish is one of the most popular artists in the world and the talents on The Voice love singing her songs! Here are the best Billie Eilish covers on The Voice in 2021. Which performance is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below👇

🚨 This video features the following performances:
00:00 Eva Donielaitė sings “Therefore I Am” (Lithuania)
02:00 Alex Harry sings “idontwannabeyouanymore” (UK)
03:43 Ryleigh Modig sings “when the party’s over” (USA)
05:34 Thomas Vankriekelsvenne sings “bad guy” (Vlaanderen/Belgium)
07:22 Maria Marzano sings “No Time To Die” (Norway)
09:33 Dim de Groot vs Dionne Damen sing “lovely” (Netherlands)
11:44 Kay sings “i love you” (France)
14:13 Okulaja sings “everything i wanted” (UK)
15:50 Anna Grace sings “my future” (USA)
17:37 Magda Ivanishvili sings “when the party’s over” (Georgia)

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May 1, 2021




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Comments 414
Best of The Voice
Best of The Voice 4 months ago
How excited are your for the new Billie Eilish album? 🤩 And, what’s your favorite Billie Eilish cover on The Voice? ✌️
Nana di
Nana di Hour ago
I love it
Abi Studio Dotcom
Abi Studio Dotcom 25 days ago
I love u by Kay from France is a jaw dropping cover 👏👏💪
Nebula Month ago
Am I meant to choose?? Help. I cannot choose.
ibr.789 Month ago
@COURT (: now 3 omfg I really can’t believe it
Tanisha Maheshwari
Tanisha Maheshwari 2 months ago
Nana di
Nana di Hour ago
Black and white girl...she's incredible....
ZumKuscheln 3 days ago
Thomas Cover of Bad guy Was amazing ! 🥺
Peter CADD
Peter CADD 8 days ago
Kay was the best.
Cristal Perez
Cristal Perez 8 days ago
“I love you” es realmente genial
Kim Jisoo
Kim Jisoo 9 days ago
I'm from Brazil and I'm loving it ❤️❤️❤️
BC VC 16 days ago
Wow 🤩
Reewa 17 days ago
no time to almost like billie love that
Lisa 18 days ago
How To Become swag Know the code of swagy 😂
Mayra Palacio Otero
El mejor video de sus covers que he visto
Billie_Eilish 💚
Billie_Eilish 💚 20 days ago
is no one gonna talk about the 3rd performance 'when the party is over ' it's such a difficult song to sing that girl rocked it
Kate 21 day ago
hi, i from Belarus, where can i watch this show?
Serena Gentili
Serena Gentili 22 days ago
Love them all❤️
viih 22 days ago
Alva Liinanki
Alva Liinanki 23 days ago
Alex absolutely nailed it. Judges didn´t turn because he already has a personality that can´t be changed.
Marudut Ivan Bernardo
Enak bgt denger gitar bazz nya
Med rash Mar
Med rash Mar 25 days ago
Alex harry's performance was my favourite
i love the girls cover of no time to die
Dafnne Pamela Quintero Betancourt
Wooo Maria with No time to die is fireeee🔥🔥🔥
Dafnne Pamela Quintero Betancourt
Thomas singing bad guy with those Jason Mraz vibes
Sadaq studio
Sadaq studio 29 days ago
I think she would
I love u was d best
György St
György St Month ago
The last one was amazing, but they talked loudly under the performance Bro, just listen and dont try to do the runs (sidenote:at the wrong time ) Disgusting
Zodiac DevilHeart
OKAY BUT HONESTLY- No time to die was the best in my opinion Edit: I wrote this before I actually finished
No Name
No Name Month ago
The guy who sings bad guy and the girl who did no time to die are on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
10:52 sent me, that passion had me balling for a min lol
fan de billie elish
Vineoo Month ago
The girl who sings my future gives me goosebumps
Xalifasteh Month ago
Maria and Kay ❤️❤️❤️
Zeze Zo
Zeze Zo Month ago
I really liked the first one
viannie torres
viannie torres Month ago
my favorites were ryleigh “when the party’s over”, anna “my future, and the girl who sang no time to die.
Eva Isabella
Eva Isabella Month ago
I had a dream and I got everything I wanted ahhh I love him
A. B
A. B Month ago
11:48 todos quedamos: 😦😍
CJ Llo
CJ Llo Month ago
That last singer was amazing.
Victor Guerra
Victor Guerra Month ago
Kay's voice seems like an angel's
Diogo Borges
Diogo Borges Month ago
O segundo amassou D+
Letícia Arruda Freitas
i just cry EVERY TIME that I listen those "no time to die" and "I love you" performances! It's like a key just waiting for it
Isabella vasari
Isabella vasari Month ago
Is no one talking about the “lovely” duet?
Limelight Music
Limelight Music Month ago
a n
a n Month ago
and again one beautiful curly france singer looking right into the soul
Kamarpal Singh Tiwana
Every cover song
gabriel campos
gabriel campos Month ago
the bad guy cover!!!!!
Simone La Bella
Simone La Bella Month ago
maria marzano🛐🛐🛐🛐
Hiro Shima
Hiro Shima Month ago
I love the Girl who sang "I Love You"
michael kurland
michael kurland Month ago
I like the first guy and the guy that did Bad guy cuz they put a spin on the song
Alice Vanhaele
Alice Vanhaele Month ago
I love Billie Eilish's songs so much! And I love these covers too !
oceanie Month ago
lovely duo for lovely... mesmerizing voices
Fans of Aidan and Five🍋
"No time yo die" and "l love you" are my favorite Covers
Maram Ashoor
Maram Ashoor Month ago
With all due respect to the other fabulous singers but Maria was the only one that gave me goosebumps.. Kay was great but it was Maria for me
i'm BUFFALO Month ago
Aarish Month ago
All of these were horrible except 'No Time to die' and 'ILY'
RustyNubs Month ago
Netherlands voicers not expected holly molly
Jhoice Reis
Jhoice Reis Month ago
Tae Winter Bear
Tae Winter Bear Month ago
I see no one's appreciating when the party's over cover. She's amazing 💜
Tae Winter Bear
Tae Winter Bear Month ago
The guy who covered "I don't wanna be you anymore" was really talented too💜
mansonsmom Month ago
Haha. Wth!? First one is horrible. Not even going to watch the rest. 😳😬
I am Eilish
I am Eilish Month ago
4:55 what's her name
Kimberley Boyd
Kimberley Boyd Month ago
Maria and kay ❤️😩
Kimberley Boyd
Kimberley Boyd Month ago
Thomas was very breathy like ya know what I mean
Sir Leh
Sir Leh Month ago
No time to die is the best one.
Bella Montoya
Bella Montoya Month ago
Anna and Kay-
Edward Miles
Edward Miles Month ago
Maria kinda sound like Billie maybe it’s just me and the ending was very Billie like at 8:57😭😭😭😭
Halcyon Sikes
Halcyon Sikes Month ago
Kay is on a different level.. So much quality in all the contestants, but Kay is special
Alex Harry really made that song his own wow
chloe turko
chloe turko Month ago
the girl singing when the party's over, just wow. her voice is absolutely beautiful! immaculate.
Master Oogway
Master Oogway Month ago
That Dim de Groot is well sick
Master Oogway
Master Oogway Month ago
That judge on Norway looks like mumbojumbo 😂
parker brittain
parker brittain Month ago
The blocked judge when the other judge blew the kiss at her during Kays preformance, "What have you done?"
parker brittain
parker brittain Month ago
Bad guy singer didnt even know the meaning to the lyrics of the song he was singing
Erivelton Rezende Monteiro
Joel Rivero
Joel Rivero Month ago
where's celia babini's blind audition wth
Diandra Duarte
Diandra Duarte Month ago
Okay but the guy that sang bad guy, dude- Wow
lavan galu
lavan galu Month ago
I really love Maria's and Kay's covers, but aren't Anna's and Magda's covers of my future and when the party's over absolutely insane as well? And I really stan the energy of Okulaja's performance (you can tell I admire them all:))
April G Queen-A
April G Queen-A Month ago
8:59 this girl killed it
April G Queen-A
April G Queen-A Month ago
Scratch that they were all 👍
Frr1skyx Month ago
The Netherlands one
Bad guy cover was so diffrent I love it
Teo Gugushe
Teo Gugushe Month ago
18:14 Me filling in the ad-libs for Billie Eillish
Lilian Carvalho
Lilian Carvalho Month ago
Esse vídeo é um show completo de talentos
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Month ago
I don't see anyone talking about lovely so here I go: that was one of the best duets i've ever seen on a show like this. they mixed very well together. defiantly two people who are amazing singers on their own and with a partner.
Max Tabiaat
Max Tabiaat 3 days ago
High praise from Jesus Christ himself
oceanie Month ago
both of them was great they have charismatic and charming voice like they should be singing in musicals kinda phantom of the opera
Sam_257 Month ago
One word: Goosebumps🥶
Pete Prachaya
Pete Prachaya Month ago
Kay is beautiful
Chtzu pu
Chtzu pu Month ago
U guys literally forgot the winner of The Voice France (2020 I think) he sang „lovely“
Nathaly Pérez
Nathaly Pérez Month ago
Solo escuche el principio, y mi piel se puso gallina.
Mercedes G.
Mercedes G. Month ago
Great compilation and an amazing memory to know how COVID affected the shows throughout the planet
steven yang
steven yang Month ago
why would anyone ever want to perform therefore i am. such a garbage song
Jocelyn Palacios
Riley was my favorite !!!
Eva’s was not it
Caitlyn Month ago
When the party’s over 😩😩😩
Caitlyn Month ago
Sorry but 1 wasn’t it
Cherry Kitty
Cherry Kitty Month ago
HOW the second guy got only one chair???
Travis Fletcher
Travis Fletcher Month ago
I’m ready for Ariana to be a judge👏🏻♥️♥️♥️
Tomas Soules
Tomas Soules Month ago
The Two guys singing Lovely were incredible. I'm crying know, that were so moving
Jackie H
Jackie H Month ago
But like can we get links to where we can get these outfits. Specifically the dim vs. Dionna fits
Lolo Silver
Lolo Silver Month ago
9:40 please don't sing lovely it just made for Justin
Tanaka Yuko
Tanaka Yuko Month ago
18:29 la encuentro barata a esta xD se paso el pibe
Angeliki Month ago
Maria did amazing!
Anthony Richardson
00:00 - 2:00 is awful
coi 梁珈瑜
coi 梁珈瑜 Month ago
5:36 fantastic
Timikox✔ Month ago
6 the bestttttt!!!!!!!!!
Lorena Month ago
“Lovely“ duets on the voice are always soo beautiful
Ty ne moya para
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