Wot Funny Moments #8

Wot Funny Moments
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WOT FAILS & WINS: #8 (World of tanks Funny Moments Compilation)
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Music provided by
ES_Leave It All Here - Fabien Tell
ES_Jump the Streets - The Fly Guy Five
ES_The Ambush - Dream Cave
ES_Never Get to Me - Deaf Election
ES_Good Evening Madam - Mike Franklyn
ES_Masterplan Gone Wrong - The Fly Guy Five
ES_Burn Out - Adua Blaize
ES_Puppy Tales - Stationary Sign
ES_Forever Twirling - Alexandra Woodward
ES_Swagger Stagger - Lucas Pittman
ES_Come Back Stronger - Mai Ligne
ES_I Happen to Know This - The Morning Report
ES_The Light Fades - Jon Bjork
ES_Tools for Fools - Mike Franklyn
ES_Razzmatazz - Jules Gaia
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Feb 13, 2020




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Comments 80
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SezamoPL 8 days ago
6:25 Pik Pik ha ha ha
Antonov Guf
Antonov Guf 13 days ago
How to change the language in WOT at English?
Pomidoreq 445
Pomidoreq 445 16 days ago
7:40 its amazing
Võ Lê Hoàng Duy
7:28 can anybody let me know what is the name of this song? thanks
Ismael Zelaya
Ismael Zelaya Month ago
Людмила Султанова
А знаете это я был там где про голден джойстик=), потому что там я был на ББ Битве Блогеров и ещё когда я был на каком-то танке не помню тогда я прочитал прям это всё и также он там перевернулся а ещё на той же карте=)
Arnie Pangan
Arnie Pangan Month ago
hahaha funny
Hung Nguyen autu
Chơi trên máy tính à
humam ١٩٠٠
humam ١٩٠٠ Month ago
Wonderful, great work. I hope that viewers will subscribe to the World of Tanks Games channel please.
Ян Month ago
Bojack Horseman
Bojack Horseman Month ago
Ones tank simply doesn’t run out of ammo
검은고양이 Month ago
그놈의 일루마티나 ㅋㅋㅋ 여기 한국인 찾습니다~~
Milky Play
Milky Play Month ago
iReVElB Month ago
Wtff 5:36 ;) 😂😂
Electro playz
Electro playz 2 months ago
I was OI at 7:20
Nomadian King
Nomadian King 2 months ago
Is russian server dead? 5 vs 5 in t10? man i thought the na server queue times for 10s were long but still get full games
Oscar Rodriguez
Oscar Rodriguez 2 months ago
4:30 LOL, One shoot and all need repair
Vova Wargamer
Vova Wargamer 2 months ago
3:00 жёстко, очень жёстко
Дмитрий Балавин
1:42 Илюминаты
Robot Nr.183
Robot Nr.183 2 months ago
Holy shit.... Finally a compilation that's actually funny
Julija Lojen
Julija Lojen 2 months ago
3:25 I would be chat banned cuz of this fore sure 😂
Nejkovic 2 months ago
too much retarded memes
Dark Lite
Dark Lite 2 months ago
Я взорвал бк от пожара это редкость?
Дима Щерба
Дима Щерба 2 months ago
Ооо наконец-то русский танкист: Чего блять? 5:48
false 2 months ago
Outdated memes...
Алишер Тохтаходжаев
У Е100 под башней ржавчина это реалистичная графика 😂😂
Łukasz Machniak
Łukasz Machniak 2 months ago
Whaaaaaat the fu... Cool episode
PoD TEAM 2 months ago
Jakub K
Jakub K 2 months ago
what is doing polish raper Malik Montana here !?!?!!?
Rotate Throttle
Rotate Throttle 2 months ago
Lol first clip
Fuchscraft Yt
Fuchscraft Yt 2 months ago
world of bugs
Coxu M
Coxu M 2 months ago
6:56 song?
David Matamoros
David Matamoros 2 months ago
PlayStation 4???
cozy 2 months ago
This is good and all but please cut down with the memes.. there's nearly one after every clip and it's quite annoying
corumz bro
corumz bro 2 months ago
CzoseG YT
CzoseG YT 2 months ago
6:27 pik pik hahaha Malik montana Poland rapper XDD
Emre 2 months ago
russians drive like on the streets
Salmer 2 months ago
Nah, I go back to wows
Мое время 2 мая суббота 00:05
The Vegan Skunk Gaming
Keep on moving hey ;) good job on this one !we're here to stay!
Oreo Fox
Oreo Fox 2 months ago
Best clip 8:46 XD
Not_pedo 2 months ago
3:26 that tank belike "get down mr president!"
Viktor Schimitz
Viktor Schimitz 2 months ago
Who they make these cinematics scenes?
Как Дела
Как Дела 2 months ago
Корбен Тим♥
JRdonda XXX
JRdonda XXX 2 months ago
I swear the fucin phyzics in this game is bullshat. How tf do u flip when u turn on a wall?
Kallen Lacroix
Kallen Lacroix 2 months ago
4:30 wow holy shit
Erik Vratislavski
Erik Vratislavski 2 months ago
What's with the 5 year old memes? Please get new ones.
Jägerstaffel 2 months ago
Ich habe ein Video das richtig spannend ist. Ich habe beinahe gewonnen doch dann passierte das...
Shamil KryToY
Shamil KryToY 2 months ago
Shamil KryToY
Shamil KryToY 2 months ago
Shamil KryToY
Shamil KryToY 2 months ago
(((: Hybmzathx usthsg nzrhg XD
FAT BOI 2 months ago
I was 12k like
BANZAI Night core [Thai]
2:33 BANZE!!!!!
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 2 months ago
1:10 Moral of the Stories Never give up when your tank on condition like that lmao, KEEP SHOOTING
BREADPIT 2 months ago
Show off
Ride The Lightning
Ride The Lightning 3 months ago
1:32 👍💪👏😂
TeLL SToRY 3 months ago
Good work, bro!) 👍👍👍
Michael 3 months ago
Murazor 3 months ago
Очень классный канал,жаль видео так редко выходят !
_VViktooR 3 months ago
Pik pik siema siema haha
crippling depression
3:51 did I just hear GACHI? Pog
Илья Devil
Илья Devil 3 months ago
в этой игре все танкисты любят переворачиваться
Cipri Brincoveanu
Cipri Brincoveanu 3 months ago
Can anyone tell me what mode is he using for incoming dmg ?
バが毛咪メコ 3 months ago
4:28 When WOT became WT...
Adam The Turtle
Adam The Turtle 3 months ago
3:50 thats what I like to call Popping the cork, and the cork popping you! 😂
Samsam Samfghj
Samsam Samfghj 3 months ago
С 0.30.как раз помню этот бой играл в этом бою.только был с этими оленями которых он убил😁
Panda 3 months ago
Я заржал от Голден джойстика ха-ха-ха-ха ха-ха-ха-ха ха-ха-ха-ха :)
Flamma 3 months ago
3:08 they way arta whent out like british battleship giving his last salvo before sinking lol
cranelus PC
cranelus PC 3 months ago
O Wszystkim i o Niczym
1:33 fkng how, 420 pen isn't enough? :/
World of tanks bliyz logic Can kill a heavy tank Cant bring down a house
Тимир Кадеров
6:06 it's LTTB bro)
RuslanShadowtimeHD 3 months ago
Mario Hernandez
Mario Hernandez 3 months ago
This game sucks ass compared to War Thunder
Ich Bin Nicht Du
Ich Bin Nicht Du 3 months ago
Ach du Scheiße. Das Game ist ja extrem schlecht geworden.
hans peterson
hans peterson 3 months ago
Radzio 3 months ago
6:25 Bądźmy szczerzy... nikt nie spodziewał się tutaj Malika...
Ignacy Sekuła
Ignacy Sekuła 3 months ago
What do yiu have with this russian
Geebon 4 months ago
"Wot funny moments" - It;s in english, right? Zoom to russian fucking text? What for?
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