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I can't believe what we found...
We decided to eat at the worst reviewed buffet in my city, then go to the best reviewed one to compare them! It was a horrible idea...
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Feb 19, 2020




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Comments 80
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 4 months ago
Gaming on I pad
Gaming on I pad Month ago
Gxngerbread Gx hi
Faze_markreplayzYT gaming
I liked your old girlfriend
Megapixel Yeet
Megapixel Yeet 4 months ago
Just go poop
totinos pizzarolls
totinos pizzarolls 4 months ago
He ate at old country buffet
Adrian Cortez
Adrian Cortez 4 months ago
Reem Almarzooqi
Reem Almarzooqi 46 minutes ago
Faze rug are you ok ? I feel bad
Hunting Kid447
Hunting Kid447 2 hours ago
That looks so nasty the spaghetti does and I hate spaghetti and that looks like the worst spaghetti I’ve ever seen it was like the spaghetti from school and that’s nasty
Jesse Sauceda
Jesse Sauceda 6 hours ago
She said if it’s pink it’s not cooked man I’m dead it could be medium rare or rare or medium
Kitty Lover
Kitty Lover 7 hours ago
Dude this video made me so hungrey
Nugget 8 hours ago
Ate ares we get cuotincandy
Baked Cookie
Baked Cookie 9 hours ago
18:02 here what Jessica says boi u said it wrong
hubi 11 hours ago
When you copy sssniperwolf
Jovani Correa
Jovani Correa 18 hours ago
I think the thing he ate was blood sausage or in Spanish morcilla
WiZ ShadowZZ
WiZ ShadowZZ 20 hours ago
You are worse than yelp reviewers
Name Name
Name Name Day ago
AJ dhh hdueueuebr yrisiowp2kebtvhrud8d8ei3vcrteoow
Brendan Nuttall
She really ate spaghetti with a spoon😂
charymane Day ago
I used to eat here all the time as a kid :(
Unlimited FOXZ
This is how much time Jessica said “Not to shabby”
itsDex Day ago
The color of the chicken don’t really matter. It has to be a certain temperature before it is done. Color dont necessarily mean it is or isn’t done. BUT AGAIN IT DEPENDS HOW YOU COOK IT.
Gru The GOAT
Gru The GOAT Day ago
The worst reviewed buffet has another location in my state the food isn’t that good I agree with everything rug said about it
JayOnGrind 9 hours ago
What is it called
BOSS YT Day ago
I wish you have a nice 🥘
Abigail Cruz
Abigail Cruz Day ago
Abigail Cruz
Abigail Cruz Day ago
I'm From Daygo all Day
I been to Both if those before Rug
Happy_ Plays
Happy_ Plays Day ago
My favorite noise 18:46
mallory mcintyre
its a hibachi grill i love those
Moldy scroll
Moldy scroll 2 days ago
難Rehxn 2 days ago
she probbaly has never cooked chicken cause the pink is safe to eat and its bone marrow sooo never trust her to cook chicken
Rudy Gutierrez
Rudy Gutierrez 2 days ago
Hey that soggy cereal taste is good for your recommendation it’s called flan and you disrespected my culture and you just made me a hater😡😡😡
Help me reach 500 Subs
Rudy Gutierrez I was just saying gosh lol your so dumb
Rudy Gutierrez
Rudy Gutierrez 2 hours ago
Also I wasn’t talking to you
Rudy Gutierrez
Rudy Gutierrez 2 hours ago
Who is this and why are you bothering me at this time
Help me reach 500 Subs
Woah chill... Its only food they have opinions they don’t have to like what you like to eat I eat soggy cereal and I didn’t get angry
Life with the JJ squad
In my hometown everything that is superclean and super delicious
Life with the JJ squad
You went to hometown buffet
Life with the JJ squad
You went to hometown buffet
malik michael inuusuttoq
is it just me or does the worst reviewed food looks better than the best reviewed btw dont call me wierd
Tuesdaymoon tuesdaymoon
me screaming over here that brian knows ICarly lol
Andrea Goodson
Andrea Goodson 2 days ago
Who was that guy in the intro?
Andrea Goodson
Andrea Goodson 2 days ago
Oh nvm
Kareem Halbouni
Kareem Halbouni 2 days ago
Yo you shouldn’t do that because poor people would die to eat that type of food and they can’t even afford it
Nba_ Legend
Nba_ Legend 16 hours ago
Are you talking about the 1 star place?
Nba_ Legend
Nba_ Legend 16 hours ago
V1bez-_- 2 days ago
Bruh that makeup she uses is horrible
Serve Danny
Serve Danny 2 days ago
This was days or weeks before quarantine.
Miz - Roblox
Miz - Roblox 2 days ago
I love Noah when he acts funny! xD
Gujju Bhai
Gujju Bhai 3 days ago
Noah’ s rating on the spaghetti: 10/10 Also Noah’s rating on the best reviewed restaurant: 9/10 “ 10/10 is something that I’ll come and eat every day” -NOAH
lando shamando
lando shamando 3 days ago
i feel sick waching butt i love loveeeeeeeeeeeeee rug you are the best
tcollier32 3 days ago
17:16 I can't get that face outta my head lol!!!
Archer Williamson
I loved there dessert
Archer Williamson
I threw up12times that day
Archer Williamson
But it is very nice over there so don’t ever hate on the place
Archer Williamson
I’ve been there and I got sick and 112.5 fever
Archer Williamson
Man bra I hope you feel better
SUERGEE 3 days ago
The desert come on
SUERGEE 3 days ago
I’m so hungry
Jonathan the vlogger Cartagena
You should go to the dynasty buffet
PanCake Gaming
PanCake Gaming 3 days ago
someone make is into a meme please do it 17:16
Toxic T
Toxic T 3 days ago
Lol I was eating when I was watching this
Wolfy 3 days ago
Navy_JJ 3 days ago
I think ik what it is cuz I've been to others one and isn't that bad but this is hometown buffet
Joys shi Ski
Joys shi Ski 4 days ago
Face rag I'm going to look this dirty. Viewers 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Joys shi Ski
Joys shi Ski 4 days ago
I give you a like because I felt bad that you looked it I'm sorry that that happened to you ☹️☹️☹️ I also subscribed
Hyped Vance Gaming
reaction of brian and jessica at 18:47 to a crying baby😂😂
Anthony Gastelum
Anthony Gastelum 4 days ago
Faze rug: I Don't like flan Me:*clicks* off the video
Dr Dangles
Dr Dangles 4 days ago
17:16 when I finally do my homework but forget it at home
Jameson. 4 days ago
"Well if it's pink it's not cooked" so does that mean rare steak is raw 🤔
ŚĆŠ Squad
ŚĆŠ Squad 4 days ago
👀 Like da video Like like like! 👄
ŚĆŠ Squad
ŚĆŠ Squad 4 days ago
Like the video for a special surprise 😏👍
Final cookie 6451
That is home town buffet
Hi I am bro -
Hi I am bro - 4 days ago
That is not even close to Mexican food
Pablo Rodriguez
Pablo Rodriguez 4 days ago
What aré mash potaters 😂
Erick Soto
Erick Soto 4 days ago
Brian and Jessica taking small bites Noah: nahh fammm big bites in my house
Isabella Fernandez
ME:Omg is that even mexican food in the 1 review buffet(I went to that Buffett and tried all the Mexican food and this is my reaction🤮🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮)
Arianna Dominguez
No one asked 🤦🏽‍♀️
Jana Al zaabi
Jana Al zaabi 4 days ago
Noah eating the dessert 🥶 👁 👅🍦👁
Justin Verdin
Justin Verdin 4 days ago
Flan is good
Ick studios
Ick studios 4 days ago
the bad one looks like a golden corral it's one of my favorite buffets.
Dana Thomas
Dana Thomas 4 days ago
I liked the best buffA
Alonzo Rico
Alonzo Rico 4 days ago
Jessica bad son
Jaideep 4 days ago
No one: Jessica: MASH POTATOERS!!!!!!!!!!!
Carlieee .R
Carlieee .R 5 days ago
That’s definitely a Golden Corral
KittyPlayz 5 days ago
What did u expected from the best reviewed buffet a “water park”
Nick Raya
Nick Raya 5 days ago
I am pretty sure the worst is home town buffet
Marisol Guillen
Marisol Guillen 5 days ago
KittyPlayz 5 days ago
The worst review Buffet I KNOW FOR A FACT WAS HOMETOWN BUFFET I’ve been there before and that place is my second fav buffet my first fav is Golden Corral buffet 🍔🍟🍕🌭🍗 😋🤤
lando shamando
lando shamando 3 days ago
kittyplayz you said wrost and then you saied fav like what
Shaun Holland
Shaun Holland 5 days ago
The black stuff was fish egg
Dave the 13
Dave the 13 5 days ago
When face rug said put some more don't be shy I just laughed so hard
Godly Mystical
Godly Mystical 5 days ago
o my fracking god there’s 10k comments.😱
kairav the cuber
kairav the cuber 5 days ago
If it’s pink it is slightly overcooked
Dunbun 5 days ago
Rug eats less than me and I'm 14 😂😂😂
Joshua Alexander
Joshua Alexander 5 days ago
First place obviously is a golden corral
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