Worst Haircut FAILS

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Worst Haircut FAILS! Have you ever seen someone with a really bad haircut? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch last video ruvid.net/video/video-Qahzhw5AItA.html Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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Comments 80
Popa Antonela
Popa Antonela 4 hours ago
0:46 it happen to me
Janae Ricketts
Janae Ricketts 17 hours ago
I’m a big fan but stop making fun of peploe it’s not nice treat people as you want to be treated
Madelyn Brooks
Madelyn Brooks 20 hours ago
I have a 3 head
Makayla Lee
Makayla Lee 23 hours ago
i thought that one big dread was a dog butt
Makayla Lee
Makayla Lee 23 hours ago
oh my god
Juliana Daugherty
Clap clap clap
Akram Sohail
Akram Sohail Day ago
Title: Worst haircut fails be baldly Me: and I will get going to die
- L ø v ê ł y -
That one dude be lookin like Mondo Owada from Danganronpa 😂
Miku 하세요 12
Me:I want to cut my hair My brother: are you sure? Me: yes My brother: ok if you want to Me: ok bye Me cuts hair bad: omg that damn good
Mr. Roach
Mr. Roach Day ago
I can't .........................................,???
saundra ruggles
0:51 that happend to me but i still had my hair
Eric Baer
Eric Baer Day ago
Virginia Valdez
Virginia Valdez 2 days ago
i kow the boy
Kinsley Brynn
Kinsley Brynn 2 days ago
I have a 3 head 😂😂
Mulyati Kusnadi
Mulyati Kusnadi 2 days ago
Happy 19M subscriber
My sis wakes up sis:yawns good morning ..me:OMG 😂😂 sis:WAS AS MAN HAIR!!
Valerie May
Valerie May 2 days ago
5:08 Lia: okay what am I looking at!? Me: sorry you're not looking at it ITS LOOKING AT YOU
CEO Of Egg Mart
CEO Of Egg Mart 2 days ago
Vinic_x 2 days ago
2:12 I swear to god he looks like my ex
Dark Fire 14
Dark Fire 14 2 days ago
I have a three Head
Hebah Abdulrhman
Hebah Abdulrhman 3 days ago
I have a 3 head
Dawn Bearcub
Dawn Bearcub 3 days ago
Poor old guy
Kamille Ortega
Kamille Ortega 3 days ago
I did that's one time and I have to cute my here but it was earth it
Crazy_ fandom_fan
Me at 8:21 : Dude this just reminds me of Mondo from Danganronpa-
Hermenia Roberts
Hermenia Roberts 4 days ago
Larnelle Stainbank
Leave alison alone
Kim ._.
Kim ._. 4 days ago
To the girl who got their hair stuck in that hairbrush... I feel your pain. lol jk, I got my hair out of it
Selene Duenes
Selene Duenes 4 days ago
I cut my bangs and they look fabulous
It's Not A Phase MOM
I have a four head
Amanda Underwood
Amanda Underwood 4 days ago
The one we're the brush was stuck and her hair was HORRIBLE after happened to me.😭
Black Goku
Black Goku 4 days ago
8:05 That's me! Yeah it's a bit shorter and more tame now but i do actually wear my hair like that everyday. I style it though, i don't cut it to look that way. 🔥
Adrianna Shamblin
The third one has happened to me with a comb it took about 2 hours to get out
Kimberly Perez
Kimberly Perez 5 days ago
Latasha Flenory
Latasha Flenory 5 days ago
Wham baam thank you maa,m Wham baam thank you next Wham baam digital next
Asamiii Chan
Asamiii Chan 5 days ago
Lia: I feel like a lot of thugs have this haircut Me: So is Jonny Bravo a thug? O-o
Elf World
Elf World 5 days ago
The chameleon
Aliyah Nhieu
Aliyah Nhieu 5 days ago
Sniper wolf be like :you know when you brush to much and it’s like it’s a knot?Me:Yea when I was little my mom Worked and a hair style store and I took a shaver and shaved my head...pray for me
•Kawaii Kitty•
I have a three head
Zoe Murphy
Zoe Murphy 6 days ago
Onion head
Zoe Murphy
Zoe Murphy 6 days ago
Poor people!!😕
A Swag
A Swag 6 days ago
I have to agree he do you look like a fool excuse my voice I do cats talk a good yeah me too sorry sorry I love you heard that well but sorry sorry my tongue goes up when I talk sometimes sorry yeah but he do look like a fool kid you look like a fool
Sully Dorr
Sully Dorr 6 days ago
5:15 this is harry potter after his aunt cut his hair (check the first book, its true!)
Unbaked Bread
Unbaked Bread 6 days ago
1:09 I've seen this one before, she actually said she had to leave once her uncle was out of the restroom.
Kenneth Egleston
Kenneth Egleston 6 days ago
im a 2 head and lol my hair looks my king kongs butt
Morgan Barnhart
Morgan Barnhart 7 days ago
Zaalika Arobinto
Zaalika Arobinto 7 days ago
Yeah me too
fire bull boy
fire bull boy 7 days ago
Is it. True that YOU WERE caught playing with you're self ?????? 😷😨💩💩💩
John Tsakos
John Tsakos 7 days ago
One guys hair be lookin like a peanut butter cup
i love jack dylan grazer and finn wolfhard
2:29 "Uuuuh I want the thing that uuh... Spongebob lives in."
i love jack dylan grazer and finn wolfhard
If I was sitting behind the girl 4:45 I would start googling: Giant doggy doo bags.
Bogdan-Iulian Budean
He had Salvador Dali on his head and I'm learning about Salvador Dali at school
Lori Jackson
Lori Jackson 7 days ago
I have a 3 head
Im A Weeb Doki Doki
8:24 thats mondo hair or corn head
Dreydyn Pakkoo
Dreydyn Pakkoo 8 days ago
If u cut ur hair too short BUST OUT AN AMAZON weave/wig and problem solved
Raynah Mccoy
Raynah Mccoy 8 days ago
8:20 he looks like Elvis Presly
Barta Júlia
Barta Júlia 8 days ago
0:53 that happened to me when I was little and I fell asleep while my parents took it out... Same with slime lmfao
games & animation
Me i try that and i wass lucky beacuse its summer if its not im done my classmate will laugh and that summer wass today i cut my hair it wass so ugly now i have go put jell in my hair so it will not stand.
Kerin Egan
Kerin Egan 8 days ago
Ashleys hair is likeirish dancers hair
Layla Smith
Layla Smith 8 days ago
Me when I was a kid : mum whats on his head.. 😧 IS IT A MUSHROOM?!? 🍄 : MUM : honey that’s a man bun.. me: EW WTF
syhrups 8 days ago
8:23 dAngAnroNpa
ElMaria J1n_00
ElMaria J1n_00 8 days ago
4:02 Pokémon fans wanna be like bulbasaur Me: there you go
koro ama
koro ama 8 days ago
I have a 3 head
Animal girl
Animal girl 8 days ago
For the first one I feel like that man went oof
ayla the vampire
ayla the vampire 9 days ago
damn jo jo siwa got some serious bad hair competition
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 9 days ago
5:36 this guy dropped out of school for his dream job as a brush
MoviesSeriesMe 9 days ago
The second video, where the girl gets this brush stuck in her hair, actually happened to me 2 years ago, i spent 5 hours trying to get it out, and then i had to get a haircut😂
LongRead9 9 days ago
8:21 Josuke's hair looking on fleek
Alice Stewart
Alice Stewart 9 days ago
i have a six head
Marley Rose
Marley Rose 10 days ago
why does the girl in the title kinda look cute...it's just me?ok
zailyn cooke
zailyn cooke 10 days ago
Wow those haircut are stopped
LeAnn Apachito
LeAnn Apachito 10 days ago
5:15 that's called a government handle haha that's how you got handled back in the day when you didn't listen grabbing you by that patch of hair
LeAnn Apachito
LeAnn Apachito 10 days ago
5:02 that's Mike Wazowskis chick from Monster Inc. Or nah hahaha
Mariah Weatherspoon
Whatever the girl got a hairbrush stuck in her hair I have done that before it hurts
Xx ice playzxX :3
Xx ice playzxX :3 11 days ago
1:08 dosnt she look like Joey from friends but the girl version....anybody XD
plutotears 11 days ago
8:35 my dude be looking like mondo
BOOGIE YT 11 days ago
5:37 Why his hair look like a Reeses cup😂😂😂
Ruben Master
Ruben Master 11 days ago
9:30 All I can say is THAT'S OBVIOUSLY PHOTOSHOP. Cummon Lea u dumb for that😂😂
Jesus Freak
Jesus Freak 11 days ago
3:52 is a lizard
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