Worst Haircut Ever | Overtime 16

Dude Perfect
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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another FANTASTIC episode of Overtime!
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May 25, 2020




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Comments 80
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Day ago
1 LIKE = telling Coby you love him and that he'll bounce back from this 😂 ⬇️
Aimee Brayman
Dude Perfect haha
annabelle king
@Ayman SloanI don't know why but okays
Miranda Buana
Dude Perfect almost 10k
YunnieBee Day ago
Dude Perfect 460th reply
Ayman Sloan
Ayman Sloan Day ago
Melissa Collins
Melissa Collins 51 minute ago
ALEXON 52 minutes ago
Plot Twist:There's 5 cards saying the name of the twins
Me and the boys- with Yankeesam123
Anybody notice that one of the fake coins landed on Coby’s shoulder?
Evan and Hailey
Evan and Hailey 54 minutes ago
I’m waiting for own a cat like if you think Cory is gonna be next.
Movie Micah
Movie Micah 55 minutes ago
21:10 I want a full movie
Sarah Price
Sarah Price 56 minutes ago
Cory takes care of his brother so well
Samuel BEBB
Samuel BEBB 57 minutes ago
... Where is the social distancing???
Movie Micah
Movie Micah 57 minutes ago
Moriah Motyka
Moriah Motyka 59 minutes ago
the moutain is great
PENGI TnT Hour ago
anyone else notice his head has 2 humps 😂😂😂😂
666 subscribers with no videos challenge
Ty has obviously watched a couple of bob ross’s vidoes😂
666 subscribers with no videos challenge
I am waiting for "Own a Cat" We all are.
Matthew Rumans
frances ihogoza
can u please invite jace norman and cooper barnes and play some games
Shyniex XD
Shyniex XD Hour ago
Ty definitely watch bob ross.
Thumbnail be like : Hey ,Vsauce Miachel here.
shubh agrawal
shubh agrawal Hour ago
Who else is craving for pizza in this quarantine , after watching Taste Test ? 😋😂
Bradley Gaming
1 like Tyler has to shave his head bald
ZaWake Hour ago
please join my zoom meeting room in 5 minutes ID: 689 746 1501 PASS: 123456 please join and make as much noise as possible
Concrete Con
Concrete Con 58 minutes ago
I didn't think it was real
Concrete Con
Concrete Con 58 minutes ago
I joined for like 2 seconds lol
Jean Kisose
Jean Kisose Hour ago
Great, fun and entertaining video..I really enjoy all your videos DP, love u guys.
Everyday fun with Eli
I thought the ice cream was cool🥣
srey moch news
Hello my friend like your videos thank you keep going see you soon.......
Abhinandan Bang
He looks like Michael from Vsauce. Or does he?
Pony Chou
Pony Chou Hour ago
Je comprends rien mais je trouve ça drôle !!!!
Tarun Hrishikesh
*spoiler alert* When Ned threw coins at Coby one of coins landed on his shoulders😱🤣 XDXD
Law Cay
Law Cay Hour ago
Joshu can’t even have the worst haircut anymore
Jeremy Hubbard
I LOVE dude perfect
Nitin Thakur
Nitin Thakur Hour ago
If you would be the king of pizza.
Johannes Stadler
I love how ty is just acting like bob ross😂
🔥 FireGiggles 🔥
wear a cap coby and you'll be the "same".
🔥 FireGiggles 🔥
why did ned not make him own a cat ?
MAN'D'BAN Hour ago
Imagine Garret going to spin the wheel and getting 'shave your head'
Miguel Andrei Joaquin
I think panda is sparky
🔥 FireGiggles 🔥
It shows Tyler bald and had Coby as the wheel spinner?
Brock Lindorff
Surely tour Australia Like this comment for them to tour the land down under
Isaac & Bhuvana Rachel
Who are waiting for all sports golf battle 4?
Real Potato Gamer
Such a weird mix of energy on this show! Its like I'm in a constant state of smiling but also being in fear for their safety!
Stealth Bucket
Timestamps Wheel Unfortunate - 2:07 Taste Test - 6:17 Get Crafty - 14:15 Cool not Cool - 16:48 Thank me later
Muned Issa
Muned Issa Hour ago
Italiani fatevi sentire
Trend Hunt
Trend Hunt Hour ago
i feel bad Coby
pitipong warakul
Tyler is the best at art
Stealth Bucket
3:19 see the coin on the shoulder.
Akhil Bj
Akhil Bj Hour ago
Is it me or does Ned Forrester looks like Tyler ?
Growth Mindset
**** To whomever is scrolling: you can achieve an abundant lifestyle! It's possible! Sending love and positivity to you! **********
Tylor Lau
Tylor Lau Hour ago
Tyler the artist
єlfιи943 Hour ago
I feel like ty can do anything🤣
veer manuja
veer manuja Hour ago
wow i didnt know u already had 51 mil
Kybercrystal Kk
I basically shake my head by choice right before this video was posted
Yah Yak
Yah Yak Hour ago
Anyone else see the coin land on cobys shoulder when Ned threw the money at him on the wheel unfortunate segment
Gabriele Ricci
Wait, I didn’t know Alex Caruso was a member of Dude Perfect 😂
Plzz do cool not cool in first it’s my favourite 🤣🤣🤣
Nima Burgard
Nima Burgard Hour ago
Day 5 of asking dude perfect to do board game stereotypes, please like that they can see
Professor Gaming
Can your next overtime have bloops: Stereotypes.
Moudi Maram
Moudi Maram Hour ago
Coby can wear a cap🧢
Alexander Hour ago
For get crafty who thought Cody's was the best
ModernCRISTAL Hour ago
If this doesn’t get 1k likes, Dude Perfect will stop overtime...
DARK Snout
DARK Snout Hour ago
2:03 will be a meme for Indians. You know what I mene 😅😅😅
Jeff Wheel
Jeff Wheel 2 hours ago
Whos waiting for own a cut😅 GUYS SPPORT MY CHNNEL🔔
Country Boy
Country Boy 2 hours ago
So obnoxious. Has turned into a kids show and sellouts
dimitrididas 2 hours ago
You all are Bob rosses 😂😂
C J Y 2 hours ago
Who else really wants to see own a cat.
jahangir alam
jahangir alam 2 hours ago
Hi. Bro please aplode pubg APEX same video
2 bros
2 bros 2 hours ago
Sociallllllll distensinggggggg
A cat person I like cats
I want one of them to bring a uno revers card to wheel unfotinet
Zak Miah
Zak Miah 2 hours ago
First time Tye not cooled a food item
shital shitole
shital shitole 2 hours ago
elijah monaghan
elijah monaghan 2 hours ago
idk about you but i was the first subscriber for d.p
Gorilla 2 hours ago
but I mean Jason Statham looks badass with this kind of hair.
Ben Huang
Ben Huang 2 hours ago
Alex caruso?
Luke Simmons
Luke Simmons 2 hours ago
Cody’s painting was so underrated
NCT IN THE HOUSE 2 hours ago
Shaving eyebrows and shaving a head the brothers had the shaves
Mohammed Rameez
Mohammed Rameez 2 hours ago
karthik surya style👨‍🦲
kevin dang
kevin dang 2 hours ago
Ty is the new Bob Ross
Ibrahim Idris
Ibrahim Idris 2 hours ago
cody: bring out massage gun my parents: *come running*
Mystical 2 hours ago
What happens to Ned if Tyler gets chosen?
HiDiddilyDoodily 2 hours ago
Alestorm anyone?
misa misa
misa misa 2 hours ago
Coby looks like a 30 years older
Adrian Lei frio
Adrian Lei frio 2 hours ago
12:56 It's Bob Ross' signature move.
Phillip Hoffman
Phillip Hoffman 2 hours ago
What about the nylon sign for wheel unfortunate
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