Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime

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Are wormholes real or are they just magic disguised as physics and maths? And if they are real how do they work and where can we find them?
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Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime

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Aug 12, 2018




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Marley Desforges
Marley Desforges 16 days ago
Time Shadow
Time Shadow Month ago
A black hole exists, A white hole exists, what are the chances of their material showing up in earth in the form of exotic material arriving with a meteorite?
Aaditya Mishra
Aaditya Mishra Month ago
Can't we use dark matter as an opponent to gravity that stops the worn whole to be connected
Saberian Dream
Saberian Dream Month ago
It's really easy to make a wormhole! You just need a superconductive material, crystals, and a big honking circular ring.
AnimeShinigami13 2 months ago
I love the funky 80's techno music in the background, lololol. shame we'll never have real stargates though.
REHAN RAHEEM 2 hours ago
Simply Beautiful
God 5 hours ago
*Uh🗿 Ok*
JFex Painn
JFex Painn 5 hours ago
Just a Theory: if a Planet Can Warp Space like that, But a Star can only Warp a small amount of space then the Wormhole can’t connect to the other side .. But if Planets and Stars work “together” like forming a Big ass Galaxy then it can connect us to the other side ... and that other side is another Galaxy not a Deferent Dimension.
Wum Pus
Wum Pus 9 hours ago
What if Humans slowed the spin of a Blackhole?
Darwin Ramesh
Darwin Ramesh 11 hours ago
RUvid in 10000: Top 10 budget wormholes under 5$
Alex Grajeda
Alex Grajeda 16 hours ago
Blackholes were only part of Albert's formulas too.
Boosh. Inc
Boosh. Inc 19 hours ago
Theoretically passing through a black hole pushes time through your body. However, if we were able to survive long enough to pass through the white hole pushing time faster out of us making us younger and younger until we are no longer a being. Either way we would still die right?
Willo Deakin
Willo Deakin 22 hours ago
Y does this give me 90s vibes
Im Infinite
Im Infinite Day ago
What if we don’t age in space .
Ghost Stuff
Ghost Stuff Day ago
5:08, i have one of those "wormholes" its called a door
Yuvraj Singh-Mankoo
Yuvraj Singh-Mankoo 23 hours ago
Syed Uzaer Ali
But aren't black holes dead stars or smthn?
JavZion Kiahn
how many videos do you have
JavZion Kiahn
i already learn
The Melon Crusader
The Rules of reality are for nerds! *kicks a hole through reality creating a extremely unstable wormhole*
Dongjoon Shin
G a r f i e l d C l o c k
Gajus Latvėnas
finished watching Dark on Netflix few days ago, everything makes sense now after watching this video
Akashdeep Singh
Akashdeep Singh 2 days ago
Ben 10 tune
yassour yassour
yassour yassour 2 days ago
yea worm holes are in a speed of light it will work but its going to not just travel in time but its going to be a time line creater
chris sonofpear1
How so?
erykabala 2 days ago
5:31 It looks like a Portal
Ghoul 2 days ago
Woah.....that was groovy O_O....
Néo Chrónos
Néo Chrónos 2 days ago
6:01 “For man made wormholes , we need a new ingredient ...” Me: “A buttplug...?” Kurzgesagt: “Exotic matter” ehhh close enough
arthur parada
arthur parada 2 days ago
black hole impostor
125monty 2 days ago
My mask is a wormhole.
Windows XP
Windows XP 2 days ago
We can make one as be have already made a black hole
Normie Ortiz
Normie Ortiz 2 days ago
Pizza Applepie
Pizza Applepie 3 days ago
The 80s music
chris sonofpear1
It's Epic Mountain 'Wormholes' actually, which is quite a recent track, if retro.
Roll no:20, Chinmay
I'm quite surprised nobody has made a funny comment regarding doraemon's anywhere door :)
Ron Babb
Ron Babb 3 days ago
I'm just 8 yrs old and curious about everything
Simon Emeralds
Simon Emeralds 3 days ago
Does not exist...just sci fi
chris sonofpear1
@Simon Emeralds You mean inadvisable, yes. And I can respect that viewpoint. If it cannot be done without catastrophically violating the strong and weak energy conditions, among other things, then that may be for the best.
Simon Emeralds
chris sonofpear1 nope that was unevolved science...see i like the same Ideas you do...but the older i get the more i recognize the importance of balance and our universe is a role model with that...something that powerful like a wormhole would tear that balance apart, thats why i don‘t think its possible...
chris sonofpear1
@Simon Emeralds Yes, but so was believing things heavier than air could every be more than a few feet off the ground, way back when...
Simon Emeralds
chris sonofpear1 no, thats philosophy!
chris sonofpear1
Suspension of disbelief is also an important cosmic element...
Patri the bro
Patri the bro 3 days ago
7:36 the citadelle of ricks
Samuel Skala
Samuel Skala 3 days ago
7:33 Where the Rick and Morty fans at?
chris sonofpear1
Urp - here.
Tasaki Hatake
Tasaki Hatake 3 days ago
In other it almost like portal gun except gravity being an ass
Bluejay _8076
Bluejay _8076 3 days ago
What’s the point in life
Vue Xiong
Vue Xiong 3 days ago
Hahaha, man made wormholes.... OK!
Jacob Glynn
Jacob Glynn 3 days ago
Just vibing to this epic music.
chris sonofpear1
(Epic Mountain - 'Wormholes')
Fahim XD
Fahim XD 3 days ago
I will get it will there be an invisible tunnel between two portals...if it even happens then why would it be a short or a longer path.... where does this path between these two portal exist
chris sonofpear1
chris sonofpear1 22 hours ago
@Fahim XD Probably not, no - but I am not fully sure of the definitions, yet. See also analytical continuation, Rindler, Kruskal and Riemannian coordinates, also.
Fahim XD
Fahim XD Day ago
@chris sonofpear1 so it is not in our dimension or reality?
chris sonofpear1
Potentially in another 'space' altogether. Or 'new' space is created between the wormholes, that is not dependent on our reference frame - or coordinate system.
Nicolas Bustarret
I love the Rick and Morty references
galaxies the youtuber
Do=1 Hd\7
Daniel 4 days ago
RUvid in 10000: Black hole prank GOES WRONG
Bradley Gonzalez
Bradley Gonzalez 4 days ago
Yeah science; bitch!
Ibnu Muharam
Ibnu Muharam 4 days ago
i’ m sending this message to myself in year 2021, hey how are you?
Jackson 2ndVH000
Jackson 2ndVH000 4 days ago
J o h n n y J o e s t a r.
Just a casual kit coming you're way
Bruh imagine imagining humans making wormholes while some of them don't even want to get a television remote while on a couch
Kangroo 22
Kangroo 22 4 days ago
If worm holes are possible to make in the future there is no doubt that a terrorist force would attempt to make one on a planet to remove its atmosphere through diffusion into space.
Henk De Metsenaere
Kangroo 22 indeed i read it wrong I can accept that. Have nice day
Kangroo 22
Kangroo 22 2 days ago
Henk De Metsenaere well you read it wrong and are now making an argument out of nothing. I won’t be responding to any more messages as I have better things to do than be a keyboard warrior over a RUvid comment
Henk De Metsenaere
Kangroo 22 no... I thought that comment was sarcastic to state your argument but your main comment seemed serious.
Kangroo 22
Kangroo 22 2 days ago
Henk De Metsenaere dude I responded to your first comment with a joke about you being from the future, how did I appear serious to you?
Henk De Metsenaere
Kangroo 22 wait... you say that now? So you almost ‘lose’ the debate and then you are like it’s just a joke bruh. There was also no way to tell if you were sarcastic or not. And you even were a part of the debate.
HqckQRMN 4 days ago
every episode of this channel: So, what is a "topic of the video"
Siddhant Shevkar
Siddhant Shevkar 4 days ago
Thanks , now I know why drugs were made
Stream binary
Stream binary 4 days ago
Jim's gas giant pizza. Just one worm hole away.
I Benthe
I Benthe 4 days ago
6:20 I, m attractive and you to and earth is also attractive and and my phone is attractive. waht THAT UHLY FAT MAN IN MY CKASROM IS ATRACTIVE 🤢HE DRIKS 6 OF THOSE SUGAR Y KID DRINKS (eaths of the indeuvideal ones have 9 schugar cubes in them and thats only one meal)
Henk De Metsenaere
I Benthe r/youngpeopleyoutube
Muhammet 5 days ago
Astro_Zehra 🥺
Dolfan 2
Dolfan 2 5 days ago
If we create a wormhole, I'll go to Milliways, because that'll be the end of the universe
elonToast 5 days ago
Wormholes teleports you. They doesn’t exist. We can “create” one if you have something with negative mass that pushes things. That shit breaks time travel paradox, and we don’t have a fucking clue how scientists even thinks about that.
Bazooka Level
Bazooka Level 5 days ago
If i time traveled and created a time paradox i would tell all my paradox to make the pyramid now that would be a body building challenge for all my paradox and then make my own space ship that can hold all my paradox like the inside of the moon lol. Wink wink ill make history but let human beings wonder how and who made this then they land on the #### and a who paradox comes out and threat the whole world make the whole world government say nothing and we won't let you make a base on the moon maybe one only for science one 1 base tho lol hahahhahahahah.
Brandon 5 days ago
Plot Twist: They exist about as much as Star Trek's Dilithium Crystals.
Alex Preisler
Alex Preisler 5 days ago
Are any Christians on here cause I believe the "BIG BANG" IS FAKE
Henk De Metsenaere
Alex Preisler I believe your brain is fake. I can believe what I want right.
amol jadhav
amol jadhav 6 days ago
Any one here after watching Dark?
Stefan Heller
Stefan Heller 6 days ago
I like your graphics that much!!! 2:59 I loved the old flash homepages back in 1998 that sometimes had a similar animation style. Pepworks or 2advanced for example.
Rabita 6 days ago
Who's here after dark?
Madzia Es
Madzia Es 6 days ago
Saksham 6 days ago
My head is spinning in a wormhole
Humorous Feeds
Humorous Feeds 6 days ago
If wormhole then time travel also exist Me: mom , I gonna see my friend in another universe. Mom : bye....
ItSmEmArIO 6 days ago
Good videos for science lol
Subhadeep Paul
Subhadeep Paul 6 days ago
Who is here after season 1 of DARK ?
MrRed9zz 6 days ago
I learned a lot from this compared to my last year in highschool
Omar 6 days ago
Maybe I should rewatch DARK 🤔
Samrat Chatterjee
The music is the most impressive thing in the video...
Kevin 7 days ago
5:24 that bird getting ripped apart by gravity is brutal and I love it.
Tri H. Utomo
Tri H. Utomo 7 days ago
This video reminds me that Dark series Season 3
SV-Moon 7 days ago
firtdudecoolman PLAYER
What if a worm holes opens during 1 timeline and allows you to travel to another timeline?
Random Karen
Random Karen 7 days ago
doors are overated
Music Matters
Music Matters 7 days ago
The birds faces when they hear wormholes may be impossible to exist.. I actually feel bad for them 8:00
hamzahs gardening channel
I am every 1 in the comments
Zain Haider
Zain Haider 8 days ago
Happy music Kurzgesagt "you will only die" more happy music
adarsh gaurav
adarsh gaurav 8 days ago
I never knew those birds are that smart.
wenshuling 8 days ago
And also two types of cloning machines
wenshuling 8 days ago
If wormholes are real we could have two types of teleportation in the future
Ador Sen
Ador Sen 8 days ago
The best science channel I've ever come through in RUvid💜😊❤👌✌😍😇
Work of Art 87
Work of Art 87 8 days ago
I like the background music... ❤
Red Hydra
Red Hydra 8 days ago
Peep the tardis at 7:25
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