World Series G7: Giants vs. Royals [Full Game HD]

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Tim Hudson vs. Jeremy Guthrie

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Oct 30, 2014




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Raymond 5 years ago
SPOILER ALERT highlights: 0:15 Pre-game: Commentary, weather, game facts, etc. 0:43 Pre-game: Kansas City Royals starting lineup (defense). 1:33 Top 1st: First pitch. 2:51 Top 1st: Umpire lineup 3:47 Top 1st: Replay of Pablo Sandoval saying pre-game goodbyes to teammates. 6:10 Bot 1st: Kansas City Royals starting lineup (batting order). 22:35 Top 2nd: Michael Morse's sac fly gives Giants 1-0 lead. 24:17 Top 2nd: Brandon Crawford's sac fly gives Giants 2-0 lead. 27:29 Bot 2nd: Alex Gordon doubles in Billy Butler from 1st to make it 2-1 Giants. 28:35 Bot 2nd: Tim Hudson hits Salvador Perez; Perez slow to get up. 34:33 Bot 2nd: Omar Infante's sac fly scores Alex Gordon to tie the game 2-2. 37:35 Bot 2nd: Jeremy Affeldt gets out of the jam by getting Nori Aoki to ground out. 47:28 Bot 3rd: Joe Panik and Brandon Crawford turn amazing double play. 1:02 :58 Top 4th: Morse singles off of a 99 MPH fastball to give the Giants a 3-2 lead. 1:17 :20 Mid 5th: Madison Bumgarner enters the game, deflating the crowd. 2:07 :57 Mid 9th: Madison Bumgarner gets ready to close the door on KC. 2:12 :40 Bot 9th: Alex Gordon's hit and Blanco's error extends the drama. 2:16 :07 Bot 9th Final pitch. 2:19 :05 Postgame: Ken Rosenthal interview with Madison Bumgarner. 2:20 :13 Postgame: Erin Andrews interview with Buster Posey. 2:21 :24 Postgame: Ken Rosenthal interview with Michael Morse. 2:23 :47 Postgame: Erin Andrews interview with Joe Panik. 2:25 :41 Postgame: Ken Rosenthal interview with Jeremy Affeldt. 2:27 :58 Postgame: Giants fans celebrate in San Francisco. 2:28 :15 Postgame: Giants players celebrate in Kansas City, plus trophy presentation.
Cam Karicher
Cam Karicher 22 days ago
Raymond rgwrwgw
Ralfa Serenito Zebua
Angelo Mendez
Angelo Mendez 10 months ago
Perez was named Ws MVP next year when KC defeat New York Mets In 2015
Maya 10 months ago
thank you so much
GoGo Remakes
GoGo Remakes Year ago
You’re a legend
King EJ
King EJ 13 hours ago
So funny how Perez’s 9th inning at bat should’ve been a 4 pitch walk lol.
Saulo Barcelos
Saulo Barcelos 4 days ago
Não entendi nada kkk
Daniel Barwatt
Daniel Barwatt 6 days ago
The difference between Bumgarner and Kershaw postseason performances can be differentiated just with their facial expressions..Kersh just looks scared and uncomfortable and the moment seems to big for him while Bumgarner looks stoic and calm and feels like its just another day at the offoce
RockPhonic - VLOGS
Wake me up when someone actually hits a ball.
Uday Khanna
Uday Khanna 10 days ago
Why are baseball player dressed like prisoners and they are so unfit
ken dogg
ken dogg 11 days ago
Great game thanks for uploading in lockdown with my ex wife she hates baseball so makes even sweeter . 🤣 love from the uk
ShowMacher 12 days ago
Most stupid sports game what i ever seen...
Baseballplayer3 !
Baseballplayer3 ! 13 days ago
This keeps me on the edge of my seat go royals
Timothy Woods
Timothy Woods 13 days ago
you might as well delete this, you can't watch it with all these damn ads.
Jennifer Hamels
Jennifer Hamels 8 days ago
Learn how to internet better. 😂
Samuel Ortiz
Samuel Ortiz 9 days ago
Install uBlock Origin on your browser.
LIC. MEDINA 15 days ago
Sam Wiltshire
Sam Wiltshire 17 days ago
lets go royals
Nick Eddy
Nick Eddy 17 days ago
Chris Calzone
Chris Calzone 19 days ago
You sharing full games right now is the most essential business of all.
TieDye13 20 days ago
ugh daddy joe
Jerome Ponce
Jerome Ponce 22 days ago
Home Run
kappa 22 days ago
I’m watching baseball matches to learn more about baseball. can someone help and tell me why the runner bothered to go to second base if the batter lineup was already finished? 16:52
kappa 8 days ago
Jennifer Hamels I see. Thank you! I didn’t notice that he was trying to steal the base, but I find it quite hard that the runner could’ve made it to home in any way unless the defensive team made a really huge error for the runner to score.
Jennifer Hamels
Jennifer Hamels 8 days ago
The batter wasn’t out before the runner on 1st base chose to run. If the batter got a hit instead of striking out, the runner already has a head start running the bases. It’s basically one of those gambles hoping the pitcher throws a ball or the batter gets a hit.
Joseph Marenco
Joseph Marenco 23 days ago
If they only knew Joe Panik went on to do nothing after this season... At least he has a ring.
FlyingHellFish99 23 days ago
True. Remember when Dan Uggla played 2nd for a few games? Giants were desperate at the position
james cooper
james cooper 24 days ago
ESPN just wrote that, had KC sent Gordon with two outs in the ninth, this WS would have been elevated to among the top 20 WS of all time, regardless of whether he’s safe or out at home. Gordon likely would have been out. But, as others have observed, it would have required a good throw, a clean catch, and a good tag, all under indescribable pressure. On deck was Perez, not George Brett. They should have SENT Gordon, pressuring the defense to execute.
Filip Delija
Filip Delija 24 days ago
I am from Europe and I love this sport who is not so popular. Can somebody tell me how many points team must have that it comes to change from defenders to attackers without three outs? What are the limit of points in one inning? What if team can not make three outs,you know what I mean. I think that you understand,english is my second language. I watched just one game in my life in live when I was in USA and saw how this sport is important,it is rank like soccer in Europe with really strong supporters. Thanks for answer.
james cooper
james cooper 24 days ago
Filip Delija there is no limit to how many “runs” (points) a team can score in one inning. It is difficult to score runs (points), and no team has ever been unable to get three outs. Sometimes the offense scores 10 or more runs before the defense can get three outs. But this is rare.
Zack Haselius
Zack Haselius 24 days ago
As a twins fan, I really should hate the Royals you think. But during that postseason run, I found myself rooting for them. They just played baseball the right way. The way I love it. They had three gold Glovers, and maybe two more that way well deserving. And they never struck out. I love teams that make contact and don't strike out a lot. put the ball in play make the defense do something. They revolutionize baseball with their lockdown bullpen of Herrera, Davis, and Holland. Every team started going bullpen heavy after they did it. And maybe the most important part of their team was their speed. Cain, Gore, Dyson, Escobar. All of those guys were capable of rattling the pitcher with their speed. Also had Hosmer and Aoki who could steal bases.
Andrew Talbott
Andrew Talbott 24 days ago
I'm kinda new to baseball, so I'm confused on something. At 22:42 , why did the runner at first base not try to advance to second? It seems like he could have made it
Andrew Talbott
Andrew Talbott 24 days ago
@james cooper that helps a ton, thank you very much
james cooper
james cooper 24 days ago
Andrew Talbott, on a fly ball into the air that is caught, runners cannot advance UNTIL the ball is caught. In the case you highlight, the runner would be required to stay at first base until the ball was caught. Once the ball was caught, the runner could attempt to advance. In the play you highlight, the runner was about halfway to second while the ball was in the air. The runner positioned himself this way in case the ball could not be caught. Once it was caught, he was required to run back to first base. Hope this helps.
Levi Bon Valera
Levi Bon Valera 27 days ago
Nice game😘😘
AxeSoccer 27 days ago
Suck it Royals!
Syed Awais Bukhari
Syed Awais Bukhari 29 days ago
What a boring game !
Syed Awais Bukhari
Syed Awais Bukhari 29 days ago
What a boring game !
Balaa Balaji
Balaa Balaji Month ago
I am here during the lockdown.... I am the only one who watching without knowing basics about the game 😅✋..
Amresh chandra Patel
Me to... Mujhe iss game k bare me. Kuch bhi nhi pta
Pollak Husby
Pollak Husby Month ago
didnt think it was gonna happen
Pon Klar
Pon Klar Month ago
perfect ending
felicia Streitlein
this is gold
Isac Svensson
Isac Svensson Month ago
22:10 Now I'm not a baseball guy but this seems like a bad spot for the pitcher
idahoan dude
idahoan dude Month ago
Call me crazy, but they should've sent Gordon home with 2 outs in the ninth. I know, he probably would have been out with the decent relay and you don't want your last out at home, but the chances of him making a good slide to avoid a tag were actually better than the chances of back to back base hits in my opinion.
james cooper
james cooper 24 days ago
Especially with Perez coming up! You gotta send Gordon!
Julian Dodwell
Julian Dodwell Month ago
Commentator is it Chris Rock?
DeAngelo Stevens
San Fran Giants Team of the Decade the 2010's
Aayushmaan Vishwanathan
I'm someone who is trying to watching a baseball game for the very first time. Earlier on a player hit the outfield and was caught. Wasn't he out? And around the end of the 13th minute, when it was inside the strike zone, why was it called ball?
Anyone here after Dream11 🖤🖤🖤🖤🙏
Kyle Langan
Kyle Langan Month ago
Felt bad for the Chevy guy he was so nervous
Sindarus Month ago
I'm a European first time watching baseball. What's up with everyone spitting on the field and chewing with their mouth open ? That's just fcking disgusting to watch... I guess i'll try watching japanese baseball now
Malang Tamboli
Malang Tamboli Month ago
Who is here.....After Dream11 added Baseball?
Fghj Dfghj
Fghj Dfghj Month ago
Sharqueesha69 Month ago
Imagine if it had been an inside the park hr
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson Month ago
It is refreshing to hear athletes who in awe of what has happened by thinking about their teammates.
ExclusiveLM Month ago
1:02 :38 in the crowd is a young blond fan seen to the left of the batter. That blond looks EXACTLY like a famous actress that used to be on TV who committed suicide fifteen years earlier in 1999 before this 2014 game. The actress name was Dana Plato. Dana used to be on a TV show called Different Strokes. The irony is that This game is in Kansas. Dana committed suicide over dosing on drugs after losing all her money in Oklahoma, that is the state right under Kansas. Creepy coincidence.
Praven Dixit
Praven Dixit Month ago
what exactly happened at 1:56 :53... why is he out ??? (cricket fan trying to understand this game)
Mike Lopez
Mike Lopez Month ago
Sometimes I still wonder if Gordon would have made it across home. I remember yelling at the TV as it happened, screaming Go! Go! And then he stops and I'm like WTF?
james cooper
james cooper 24 days ago
Totally agree with you. Weak hitter on deck. You had to roll the dice and for the defense to execute.
Damn Daniel
Damn Daniel Month ago
Can someone explain me what happens at moments like this 55:07 The batter hits the ball but then nothing happens; he doesn't run, he doesn't score a ball and the pitcher doesn't score a strike
Damn Daniel
Damn Daniel Month ago
@Lee Shackelford Thank you very much !! That was really helpful
Lee Shackelford
Lee Shackelford Month ago
It was a foul ball. ( swinging and hit it foul) If there are no strikes....or 1 strike...then a foul ball counts as a strike. ( If there are already 2 strikes, then a ball hit foul does not count as a strike. There are many cases where a batter hits 5 , 6, 7, 8 foul balls during his at bat....they only count as strikes if less than 2 strikes in the count) (The most pitches in 1 at bat...was 21 ..included 16 foul balls...B. Belt of the Giants did this record) In this situation that you asked about: The count was 3 balls..and already 2 strikes....since already 2 strikes...and he swung the bat and hit it foul, it's just a foul ball. (Oh, it didn't happen in this situation , but there is an exception. Note I keep saying "swing" and "swung". If there are 2 strikes and you BUNT the ball foul, it is a 3rd strike and the batter is out.) Hope that helped
Sriram L
Sriram L Month ago
This was such a beautiful series. Went till game 7 and was won by 1 run in the bottom of the 9th with a runner on third. That's when you know the teams are evenly matched
Met Up
Met Up Month ago
Hey @royals! Don’t mess with my giants.
Maciej Bud
Maciej Bud Month ago
This sport is hard to understand rules...for example 1:40 :47 I see that ball was catching out of strike zone well should be "ball" but i don't know why there's strike Or....when ball's falling down players in field throw to player on base or sometimes they catch and match is stopped....why
Maciej Bud
Maciej Bud 26 days ago
@Adam130694 jak najbardziej :) baseball jest fajną dyscypliną niestety niezbyt popularną w Polsce, w TV nie puszczają więc jedynie moge sie zadowolić powtórkami z przed paru lat ale tak kanał taki byłby super! bo i tak jest wiele rzeczy których nie ogarniam :D
Adam130694 26 days ago
@Maciej Bud dokładnie, takich zmian jest łącznie 18, czyli 9 górnych części inningu (w której pałkują goście) i 9 dolnych części (w której pałkują gospodarze) dlatego w meczach jest nr inningu i pokazana góra lub dół żeby było widać kto palkuje. Byłbyś zainteresowany kanałem YT w języku polskim który omawia takie rzeczy?
Maciej Bud
Maciej Bud 26 days ago
@Adam130694 czyli dopiero po 3 autach jest zmiana stron?
Adam130694 26 days ago
@Maciej Bud To jest "out" każdy inning składa się z 3 "outów", wtedy następuje zmiana stron.
Maciej Bud
Maciej Bud 26 days ago
Now I can see that on HUD is some 2 circles and sometimes they have white color why?
Carl Stieren
Carl Stieren Month ago
the story was finished 12 months later......
Francie Williams
Love watching this game but girls should still have the right to play baseball at any age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J Boaventura
J Boaventura Month ago
- 2:33 :00 one of my favorite parts: THE CHEVY GUY
Lee Irby
Lee Irby Month ago
I know Infante was with the Braves when they bid farewell to Turner Field in 2016 question is when was he traded from the Royals the team he was with in 2014 when they went to the World Series?
Gold Berg
Gold Berg Month ago
Too much confusing game just try to understand...🤔🤔
Hari Nandan
Hari Nandan Month ago
I dunno what baseball is and wuarantine made me watch this whole match
Cam Olson
Cam Olson 2 months ago
Perez just couldn’t resist chasing that high cheese at the end :/. I know that feel
Emanuel Rodriguez
Emanuel Rodriguez 2 months ago
This performance was well worthy of technology and stuff.
James Sinclair
James Sinclair 2 months ago
Thinking about Gordon not going home at the end, he definitely made the right choice. The chances he’d score would be less than 10% and if he ran into the last out of the World Series in game 7 with his team down 1 he would always be known as the guy that choked
james cooper
james cooper 24 days ago
James Sinclair, I agree that Gordon PROBABLY would have been out. But NO chance Perez would get a hit (in my opinion, shared by some), so send Gordon.
James Sinclair
James Sinclair Month ago
james cooper the chances are he would be tagged out to end the world series, and if that happened Gordon and the coach would be go down in history as choking away the World Series
james cooper
james cooper 2 months ago
Respectfully but totally disagree. Decent chance Gordon scores if the third base coach sent him. No chance the next guy was going to bring him in. I have many Royals supporters who are friends. They all think the third base coach choked. It was obviously a triple when it rolled to the wall. Once they guy booted it, we all assumed the game would be tied. Third base coach left it to a weak hitter that was utterly and predictably overmatched by a strong pitcher.
FlyingHellFish99 2 months ago
Yep. Crawford would have gunned him down
ALF Raydough
ALF Raydough 2 months ago
Kauffman Stadium is the best ballpark to watch baseball. Hands down, Kansas City fans Royals or Chiefs, are the most loyal fan bases in sports. Even when the Royals are doing awful, people show up! Sorry St. Louis but Baseball Heaven is NOT in your City.
ALF Raydough
ALF Raydough Month ago
Labrador 67 That and St. Louis is a violent Dumphole; ShiThoLe.
Maxwell Eddy
Maxwell Eddy 2 months ago
The greatest postseason pitching display of all time.
scott michaels
scott michaels 2 days ago
@Daniel Barwatt lol ill tell you what s NOT supposed to happen don Larson throwing a PERFECT game in the world series not really talking about Larson oral Hershiser really other then gibsons home run beating the A s that were probably as stacked as the 27 yankees and beating the met s AND getting a save in the 7th game or Glavine s game against Cleveland another team that was stacked like the 61 yankees tom 1 hitted and won the world series doing so if you think this is even CLOSE to being the best pitching performance in a world series your either very stupid or just don't know SHIT about baseball so STFU with it already you can try all you want just you cant win and history proves it
Daniel Barwatt
Daniel Barwatt 6 days ago
@scott michaels Bumgarner won 2 games giving up only 1 run in the process and came in game 7 on 1 day rest to throw 5 scoreless innings to clich the series..thats not suppose to happen
scott michaels
scott michaels Month ago
really ???were you even alive or just to fucking stupid to remember oral Hershiser vs the amazing met s and power packed As in 1988 or tom glavin against the murderer s row Cleveland Indians throwing 9 innings of 1 or 3 hit ball you are THE biggest dumbass that doesn't know CRAP about baseball
Joe Month ago
@Robert Poen Lol ok little guy.
Maxwell Eddy
Maxwell Eddy Month ago
Robert Poen but black people weren’t allowed to play back then. 😊
James Sinclair
James Sinclair 2 months ago
Man I forgot how fucking amazing hunter pence is
Mikey Thing
Mikey Thing 2 months ago
30:35 I am so satisfied at how their legs are so synchronized.
Dark aszx
Dark aszx 2 months ago
not agree with hunter pence approach......too agrresive
Abe Arambula
Abe Arambula 2 months ago
Pablo was a foolish to leave but I get it, just glad he’s back in orange and black
Aaron Gonzales
Aaron Gonzales 2 months ago
lawful evil!
Aaron Gonzales
Aaron Gonzales 2 months ago
mortal manly
윤형일 2 months ago
die coronavirus.
rumahbunga trully
rumahbunga trully 2 months ago
i love baseball but i want to be a surgeon :)''
Yo. Yo! Yooo!
Yo. Yo! Yooo! 2 months ago
This game right here is what made Bum my favorite player of all time. The way he came in and kicked absolute ass. I was sad to see him go but I can’t thank him enough for what he did for the franchise. Thank you Bum.
Trick Tide
Trick Tide 2 months ago
2:16 :12
Gordon Ashacker
Gordon Ashacker 2 months ago
I remember these games. Back in the old days, before covid19
Nate Nate
Nate Nate 2 months ago
You know what this is copyright I’m out of here I’m going to watch the cubs vs Indians World Series game that those games where better
Nate Nate
Nate Nate 2 months ago
1:28 streaming live but funny part is this is from like 50 to 100 years ago both teams suck haahahaahhha
Nate Nate
Nate Nate 2 months ago
Air I not going to subscribe
Nate Nate
Nate Nate 2 months ago
I want some cubs games
Derek Davis
Derek Davis Month ago
Cubs are gay
J.W. Hunter
J.W. Hunter 2 months ago
Watching now. Saw it mentioned on twitter. Nice to see this again. Have games on DVD so haven't seen in a while. Great game.
Joe Bledsoe
Joe Bledsoe 2 months ago
This may be all we get this season.
Coop and Hunter
Coop and Hunter 2 months ago
Who's watching in 2020. I gotta watch baseball on here because the dang coronavirus.
Dana Regan
Dana Regan 12 days ago
I have watched the entire 2010, 2012 and 2014 Giants postseasons..entire games
Baseballplayer3 !
Baseballplayer3 ! 13 days ago
I know right
Captain Loser
Captain Loser 21 day ago
Coop and Hunter yep
delcy28 29 days ago
I have been watching 2020 college baseball.
James Goss
James Goss 29 days ago
That's me. I had the 2010, 2012, 2014 postseason games on while doing housework over the past month.
Kenen Everett
Kenen Everett 2 months ago
I appreciate the lack of commercial breaks
Daniel Barwatt
Daniel Barwatt 6 days ago
Great close competitive games like this dont need any damn commercials
Zigor Campos
Zigor Campos 2 months ago
Throwing snowflakes. That’s a good line
Joshua Lakshmanan
Joshua Lakshmanan 2 months ago
holy shit i was there in civic center haha
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